Mother-in-Law Ch. 02


My wife and I had been due a holiday after working long hard hours at our jobs in the city. My wife Jane asked me if her mum could come with us as we all get on well and it seemed like a good idea to go on holiday together. Jane is 23, 5′ 10″ with long blonde hair, 36d tits, lovely long legs and a fantastic ass. Her mom as you know is Janet who is 50 yrs old with a 36dd bust, nice shapely legs and a really cute derriere

So during the summer we booked up to fly out to Tenerife for a couple of weeks of sun, sea and having a fun time. Little did I know just how much of a fun time I was about to enjoy.

Anyway during the second half of the first week things were going great, lazy days by the pool, meals out etc and then a weird opportunity arose from nowhere. During one afternoon by the pool I decided to go back for a lie down in bed to get out of the sun, so I went and crashed on my bed for a couple of hours. Not long after I had dozed off there was a knock at the door, it was my mother in law Janet.

“You’ve Ankara escort forgotten your book,” she said holding out the novel I had been reading.

I thanked her and asked if she wanted a drink while she was here. She accepted and sat on the side of the bed in her black bikini as I poured the drinks. She looked pretty great sat there, still had a slim waist and nice big tits. Her ass and thighs had got a little bigger over the years but she was still sexy. I gave her a drink and noticed that her shoulders were looking a bit red from the sun so I offered to put some cream on the ease it off a bit.

She agreed with me so I sat behind her on the bed, slowly rubbing the cream into her shoulders and neck. As she sat there sighing quietly I couldn’t help but notice her nipples were stretching the material of her bikini top as I peered over her shoulder. By this time my cock was rock hard and sticking through my shorts, the adrenaline was rushing through my body. As I did the tops of her arms she Ankara escort bayan reached for my hands and placed them firmly on her tits it felt so bad but we couldn’t help it.

“What if Jane comes back?” I asked.

“Don’t worry Jane’s sleeping out by the pool” she replied

That was it. I untied her bikini top and let her tits fall back into my eager hands, pulling on her rock hard nipples. She groaned and let herself fall backwards on the bed. I got off the bed and whipped my shorts off and knelt at the end of it just in front of her open legs. Down came her bottoms and I buried my mouth into her glistening mound. It didn’t take much tongue work before she came in my mouth, the smell of her cum mixed with sunscreen covered my face. I got up from the floor and moved her leg over indicating I wanted her on all fours.

She turned over exposing her rounded ass and pussy lips to my aching cock. I got behind her and couldn’t help but ram my full length into her soaking hole. I fucked her with Escort Ankara long deep thrusts, quickening as I went. Soon enough she cried out

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” she cried out as I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft as she spasmed in orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum too” I said as I felt my balls getting ready to shoot my cum into her hot wet pussy.

Janet quickly turned herself over and resting her head on the pillows pulled my cock towards her mouth and started sucking hard and wanking me at the same time. I couldn’t take anymore and gasped.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum right now” I said as I felt my load about to shoot.

As my cum shot into Janet’s mouth and hit the back of her throat she gently squeezed my balls as my spunk filled her mouth in rhythmic spurts. She swallowed the lot and sucked my cock clean and I collapsed on the bed next to her exhausted, wondering what would happen now.

“Not a word to anyone about this” was all she said as she quickly got up put her things back on and left.

After that afternoon Janet would flash her tits to me when no one was looking during the rest of the holiday and let it be known that once we returned home there would be a lot more of what we had done to come

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