Mother Masseuse Pt. 01


Dawn Dennings looked at herself in the mirror, it had been three years since her divorce and she felt that she was finally ready to get back out there. Well that isn’t exactly true, but as a woman in the prime of her life she could not go any longer without sex. After her husband had walked out on her, she had been devastated. For sixteen years she had dedicated herself to her husband and to raising their son. Then out of the blue her husband sold his business, filed for divorce, and moved to California with his secretary. Looking back, Dawn knew that she should have seen it coming, but she had allowed herself to be blind to all of the signs.

When her husband had stopped making love to her, she had convinced herself that it was just because he was getting older and had his business to focus on, so she gave him more support and encouragement. After a year without sex, she had convinced herself that it was because she had put on a few pounds, so she started a gym regimen and turned her body into a tight and toned, sculpted masterpiece. After two years she convinced herself that it was because she needed to spice things up in their lives, so she had begun to dress in ways that better showed off her body. She took classes in massage therapy, and sexual awareness, and even added pole dancing to her workout repertoire.

Just after their son, Chad, had turned sixteen her husband didn’t come home from work one day. One day became two, became three, and then a lawyer came in his place. The lawyer informed Dawn that her husband was filing for divorce, and presented her with settlement papers. Her husband had been in the tech industry and thanks to a game app that they had created, his business had sold for north of eight figures. The lawyer presented her with a settlement offer that was roughly 50% of what he had made off of the sale of the business, and a letter from her husband. In stunned silence she accepted the offer and signed the papers for the lawyer, who arranged for the transfer of funds into her account and took care of arranging to switch the titles and deeds for the car and house into her name.

The letter would sit unopened on her dresser for weeks as she fought to deal with her new reality, and to help her son transition through it. When she finally opened the letter, she thought that she was fully prepared for whatever she would read, she was wrong. She had already figured that he had left her for someone else, but never imagined that someone would be his secretary, Brian. The thought that she had been passed over for another woman hurt, but she had been coming to grips with it, but she did not know how to deal with being left for a man. It should have been easier to take, she simply didn’t possess the equipment that her husband desired, but it wasn’t. The questions that it brought up sent her into a whole different battle within herself. Had he always been gay, had she done something to cause him to embrace that lifestyle? Why had her care and dedication not been enough to make him love her?

Over the past three years Dawn had come to terms with the questions she could answer, and learned to live with the ones that she could not. She added a room onto the side of the house, and opened her own massage studio. Though she could afford to be particular about her clients, she became very popular with many of the married woman in town, so she was able to turn away male clientele. Secretly Dawn wasn’t certain that she would have been able to control her sexual urges if she was constantly massaging male clients. With some semblance of stability returned to their lives, she was able to give her son the support and guidance that he needed, and also put off moving on with her romantic life until Chad was older.

Although Chad had been close to his father, their relationship had largely focused around computers and gaming. When his father left, Chad had turned away from his life online and taken his talents into the real world. With the help of his mother, her knowledge of fitness, and lots of hard work, Chad had transformed from an overweight couch potato, into a hard bodied young man. Chad had become a top athlete at his school lettering in both baseball and basketball. He had also studied hard and was set to graduate in the top 15% of his class just two months from now. Dawn could not be more proud of her son and the way that he had dedicated himself to school. He had also stepped up big time around the house, filling the vacated shoes that his father had never quite filled anyway.

Mother and son worked well together, keeping a yard and a house that were both nearly immaculate. Although Dawn could easily have paid someone to take care of the lawn, or had a maid service for the house, she saw how much pride Chad took in helping out and she came to enjoy the quiet symbiosis they had developed. Like two sides of a coin, they seemed to complete one another, and as his graduation approached, Dawn knew that Chad would soon need to move on to a life of his own. That meant that it was time for her to get back on with beylikdüzü anal yapan escort her life as well.

Dawn had developed a few single friends through her business and they were always pushing her to go out on the town with them. So tonight would be the night. Dawn had transformed through the years from a love struck teen at marriage, to a young mother at 20, to years as a dedicated wife, to the now sure and self sufficient woman who stared back at her from the mirror. Dawn would never be called conceited, but she knew that she was still a very attractive and liberated woman at 38. Short, at just 5 foot 2, she kept her body perfectly toned, from her perky 36C breasts, to her 32 inch hips. She had chosen a red long-sleeved knit dress, with a loose ruffled neck, for her evening out. Beneath it she wore a light tan colored slip just to ensure that it would not be see through, but because she loved to feel unencumbered, she wore nothing beneath the slip.

The thought of going out in public in a short-ish dress, while going commando and possible bearing her cleanly shaven pussy, excited her more than she thought it would. As did the thought of meeting someone that she may choose to go home with. She hadn’t been with a man in more than six years and was by no means a woman of easy virtue, but one benefit of the marriage she had been in was that she no longer associated sex with love. The ability to go home with a man for sex and not worry if he calls again was something that her mind told her she was prepared for, and a huge part of her was dying to test out the theory. Six years of fingers, vibrators, and dildos was quite enough, she thought, bring on the flesh.

Caught up in her own thoughts, she only lightly registered the sound of the front door opening to signal that Chad was home from his baseball game. She had not expected him to be home before she left, but slipping on a pair of 4 inch heels, Dawn made her way downstairs to get her son’s opinion on her dress and make sure that nothing was wrong since he was home early. Following the sounds, she found her son standing in the kitchen still dressed in his uniform. Dawn knew that it was unusual for Chad not to shower and change before coming home, adding to her suspicion that something was wrong.

“Hi mom, Damn, nice dress!”

“Thank you. How did the game go?”

“Okay I guess, but Coach sent me out early.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Well, I caught a fly ball as it went over the fence, and hit the wall pretty hard, been having trouble lifting my arm ever since. Coach thinks I pulled a muscle in my chest, so he took me out of the game and sent me home to make sure I didn’t do any more damage to it. He gave me some ointment and told me to ice it down good.”

As if to emphasize the fact, Chad winced hard as he tried to lift a glass of water to his mouth, and nearly dropped the glass.

“Okay, I’ve seen enough.”

Dawn walked over and took the glass from her son’s hand. Lifting it to his lips, she slowly helped him drink several sips from it.

“I could have just used my other hand, mom.” He laughed.

Dawn smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry, sometimes motherly instincts are impossible to fight.”

Setting the glass down, Dawn began to examine her son’s chest with light poking and prodding. Making a note of his reactions as she touched around his chest, she quickly finished her examination.

“Okay, go grab a quick shower, and then meet me in my studio. You need to get the muscles loosened up before you put on any ice or that ointment.”

“Don’t sweat it mom, I can’t let you give up your night out just for this.”

“Give up my night out? It’s not going to take that long to work out that knot in your Pecs. Sherri and Barb aren’t coming to pick me up until around 8 and its only 5:30 now so there is plenty of time.”

“No really, mom it’s alright.”

“Don’t make me pull rank on you!” Dawn smiled, “Now strip down and hit the showers while I get my table ready.”

Chad rugged his shoulders and walked down the hall to his bedroom, where he began to take off his uniform. Easing his shirt off, he thought about his mother and the strong woman that she had become. Not that she was ever weak, but he still marveled at the way she had come through everything that his father had put her through. She had always taken care of him, but after his father left, she had become his everything. He made his way into the bathroom wearing just his boxers and started the water to let it warm up. Removing the boxers, he pictured his mother briefly in that red dress, specifically how well it fit her tight body. He shook his head momentarily to keep his thoughts appropriate for a son about his own mother. Chad was happy that his mother was finally going to get back in the saddle by hitting the bars tonight. He knew that it must have been difficult for her to be without companionship for so long. Though he wanted to see her happy, a part of him was jealous that he beylikdüzü balıketli escort may have to share her if she found someone that she was interested in.

As the warm water washed over him, Chad reflected on all of the happiest memories he had with his mother over the past few years. Their trips to the beach, shared workouts and yoga lessons, birthday dinners and lazy Christmas mornings, Chad cherished every moment of the time he spent with her. His mother had no other family to speak of as her parents, who had been older when she was born, had both passed away. She had a few cousins out west, but they rarely kept in touch other than through social media. Yet even through all of what must be great loneliness, his mother always had a ready smile and a cheerful disposition. Chad suddenly realized that he had been fondling himself while thinking of his mother, and stared at his hands in disbelief, as if they had minds of their own. Rinsing off the soap, Chad quickly exited the shower and dried himself before wrapping a fresh towel around his waist and heading to his mother’s studio room.

Dawn admired her son’s muscular chest as he entered the studio. She had seen it many times before, but rarely paid it much attention. She had always known that her son had a fit body, but had never given thought to it as a “man’s” body before now, but what a body it was. Surprised by the thought, she blamed it on her mind being focused on the possibility of getting laid tonight, and shook it off.

“I’ll start on your shoulder to make sure that your latissimus and trapezius are loose before working directly on your Pecs, so undo the towel and face down on the table.”

As Chad prepared to remove the towel, he realized that in his hurry and confusion, after groping himself in the shower, he had forgotten to grab fresh boxers from his room.

“Crap, I forgot to grab fresh boxers when I got out of the shower, I’ll be right back.”

“Nonsense, I’m your mother and I’m a professional. Besides you will be covered by a towel from the waist down anyway.”

“No, I’ll get some shorts it’ll only take a minute, mom.”

Dawn walked up to her son with her hands on her hips.

“Hope you don’t talk back to your coach that way! No need to be shy, Chad, I have seen it all before. I’ll even turn around if it will make you more comfortable, now up you go.”

Chad knew when there was no arguing with his mother, and this was one of those times. Turning toward the table he unfastened the towel, and lay face down on the table. His cock glided smoothly across the soft sheet covering the table, as he shifted around before laying the towel across his waist so that it draped down both sides of the table. With the long sleeves of her dress pulled up, Dawn dipped her fingers into some warm oil and began to massage her son’s shoulder and upper back. Chad found himself enjoying the feel of his mother’s hands on his skin, although he had received rubdowns at school after games, this was his first real massage. As Dawn worked the oil into her son’s skin, the sleeve’s of her dress kept sliding back down and she worried that they would get stained by it.

After several minutes of massaging Dawn walked to a nearby faucet and washed the oil from her hands. Chad watched his mother as she bent over slightly at the sink and he found himself admiring her ass. He had never really taken notice of how firm and natural it was, very nicely rounded without being too big for her frame which seemed to be the trend these days. Chad allowed his eyes to roam from her backside, down her toned legs, to her cute manicured toes and back to her ass. He felt his cock begin to stiffen and quickly looked away.

“Okay time to flip over.” His mother said as she walked back toward the table.

Chad swallowed hard, and began trying to control his stiffening cock through sheer force of will. Dawn reached for the towel.

“What are you doing?” Chad asked with panic in his voice.

“I am just going to lift up the towel while you turn over.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“My word you are jumpy today. This is just the normal way I do things. I hold up the towel, blocking my view, while the client turns over and then I put the towel back in place.”

“Sorry, I am just a little self-conscious I guess.”

“Well get it under control, and turn over.”

Wondering why her son was so nervous, Dawn glanced at a mirror on the far wall, while her son flipped over. In the mirror she had a clear view of the table below the towel, and though she would never do this with a customer, her son’s nervous demeanor had her concerned. As her son rolled over, she immediately understood what he had been nervous about. Dawn found herself briefly in awe at the sight of her son’s erect penis. Although his cock was not fully hard, it was already larger than his father’s had been. She felt her body’s long sexual hiatus get the better of her, as her pussy began to tingle at the sight of her son’s beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş organ.

Shaking her head she replaced the towel across her son’s waist, noting the pronounced bulge that now appeared. Doing her best to ignore the bulge, and not embarrass her son, Dawn walked around the table to her work desk and started to dip her fingers in the oil again. Dawn stopped as she looked at her sleeves and decided that the only way to keep them from getting stained would be to get them completely out of the way. Pulling the sleeves down her arms, she slipped them out through the wide neck of the dress, and then slid the top half of the dress down to her waist and tucked the loose sleeves back into the neck to keep them out of the way. The off-white slip that she was wearing pressed tightly against her chest, and her nipples began to harden beneath the feel of the soft silk. Satisfied that her dress was now safe, Dawn dipped her hands into the oil a made her way back to her son.

Chad had been lying quietly with his eyes closed and focusing on trying to regain control of his erection. Opening his eyes when he felt his mother’s hands, he sprang up on his elbows, wincing in pain, when he saw that she had partially removed her dress.

“Where did your dress go?”

“I couldn’t get the sleeves to stay out of the oil, so I took the top half down so that it wouldn’t get stained.”

Resting her hands against his chest, Dawn eased her son back down on the table. She began to work her fingers around on his chest and watched for his reactions to guide her to the damaged area. Identifying the area, she concluded the pull was likely on the underside of the muscle mass, so she would need to do a harder massage to reach the deep tissue area affected.

“I can feel the knotting in the muscle,” she began, “but it is pretty deep.”

“Well, thanks for trying I’ll just put some ice on it and…”

“Hold your horses. What I was about to say is that I am going to need to shift around a bit to get at it.”

“Oh, okay what do you need?”

“First wipe your fingers off on the towel really good, and then put your hand on the small of my back while I bend forward a bit to support it.”

“Put it where?”

Chad could feel his erection begin to grow again at the thought of touching his mother, even if it was innocently. Frustrated, his mother took his hand in hers, and wiped them both off with the towel. This had pushed the towel further down on Chad’s waist, and drew his member into a slightly more upright position. Then Dawn pushed her buttocks out away from the table and arched her back to create something like a little shelf. She then placed her son’s hand palm down on the small of her back, directly above her right cheek.

“Now keep your hand right there.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if I just held it out here in the open?”

“Okay, look, I know that you are nervous because of how your body is reacting to the massage.”

“Wha, I… No… It’s just…”

“Shh… honey listen, what’s happening is perfectly normal. Your young, it happens, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Chad wouldn’t meet his mother’s eyes, but he stayed quiet and listened.

“I need you to have your arm out, so that I can get better leverage on your chest, but if you let it hang down it stretches the muscles out too much, and if you hold it up yourself it flexes the muscles. Either way keeps me from being able to help the way that I need to. Okay?”

“Okay, mom, I’m sorry.”

Chad looked away as his mother went back to work, and tried not to focus on how good her hands felt on his chest, or how good his hand felt on her back. Opening his eyes, he noticed the mirror on the wall and his mother’s beautifully sexy ass reflected in it. Swaying and gyrating as she worked, her perfect ass soon had Chad mesmerized, and had his cock growing even more rapidly. Dawn noticed the rising monster out of the corner of her eye, but did her best to ignore it. Unfortunately her best wasn’t good enough as she felt the lips of her vagina begin to moisten. Bearing down hard upon Chad’s chest, Dawn’s hands suddenly slipped and sent her chest mashing into his, coating her slip with oil.

“Sorry, baby.” She said as she straightened back up, “I am having trouble getting the right leverage to really do much good.”

Chad was oblivious to the words that his mother had just spoken. When her body slid forward, his hand had slipped off of her back, and when she stepped back, Chad’s hand been left fully palming his mother’s ass cheek. He quickly removed his hand, but the damage was done as his cock continued its journey to full mast.

“This is going to take some drastic measures honey, so don’t freak out on me okay.”

“Whatever you say, Mom, that’s fine.” He mumbled while keeping his eyes glued to her luscious ass.

Turning back to her work shelf, Dawn cleaned off her hands once again and then removed her dress the rest of the way. Chad gasped silently, and grabbed at the towel to hold down his erection. As Dawn turned around, she was mildly amused at the way that Chad was staring directly at the ceiling. She empathized for him though as she fought to keep her thoughts away from his cock. Bringing a chair over beside the table, she told her son to rest his hands behind his head. Chad reluctantly released his grip on the towel and did so, sending his cock skyward once again.

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