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Mother & Son indiaRajiv was only 19 years old. Rajiv’s father name was Dipak and rich businessman in city. His mother Rupa was the house wife. Rupa was 39 years old now. She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly visit to clubs and gim. Rupa like to dress very conservatively. She understood the modern concept of sex and liked it better. Her husband Dipak was busy most of the time with his business, cannot give much time to his wife. Rupa was happy, but her sexual life was far from what she desires.As a mother of a grown up son, Rupa hardly let her sexual urge to surface. She maintains a regular happy mother, happy wife kind of all around her all the time. Rajiv was a very good looking young boy and college student. Both Rupa and Dipak were very proud for their son. Rajiv plays hocky and was very athletic. When Rupa watch her son playing at the hocky on ground, running behind ball with hocky stic like a bull and Rupa could not hold back her tears from joy. She cannot believe that this handsome boy once was her little son who sucked on her breast. Rupa loves Rajiv more than anything in this world.Rupa had slim and tight figure even at the age of 39.Her tight round big boobs add to her sex appeal. Her tight round ass something to die for she is just a sex goddess. Rupa think- I was fair, eye catching personality with added weights at appropriate parts with appropriate proportion I measure 37/29/39,I weight 64 Kgs,stand 5′.6″tall, I had firm boobs, with brown nipples, good big swaying ass. Rupa had been thinking about her own life many times. Her husband Dipak had lost his Interest in sex almost due to business from years ago. For many years she had been without sex or with little sex.Somehow it had seemed tolerable for these long time but tonight it somehow seemed unbearable. She wonder if she will never again had sex in her life. She had thought of sometimes having an extra marital affair but it scared her What if somebody finds out? She did not want to take all those risks. But yet the fact remained that she yearned for a man today as she lay there beside her money powered husband. She need someone between her sexy strong legs. Her body urge for sex. Why so strongly? Rupa did not know that her son Rajiv was already dreaming for his charming sexy mother. What he say -The strange thing about it was that….. I really want to do pornographic things to my own mother.I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to had my mother warm lips pressing on mine. I want to do gently massage her bare breasts. I want my mother with me on bed. Rajiv likes his own mother as lover. Where did it all come from? I grew up in India. My business man father was a mild mannered man who always worked in a mood of money. I show him many night he would pass out for business and He was good to my mother and I can see that my mother respected and loved him. But I sensed there was also sadness in her and at that time, I could not understand why. I helped mother out at every opportunity. I had a crush on her and this way it kept me close to her.Mother always looked up to me for help. I was constantly chatting her up; I could see that she appreciated this as it helped to break the boredom of her day. Dad would go to business in the morning and the next time we show him after days passed. When he would come home tired after which he would proceed to rest. It seemed to me that the spark had gone out of my parents marriage. Don’t get me wrong, dad was loving father and husband also. but the romance that the earlier part of the marriage was rare in my parent life. All this started when I was studying in BBA college; so many friends of mine were waiting for me as usuval.But From last 6 month I am spending more time with my mother not with friends. Six month before when I have completed my BBA 1st year exams and I had one month holidays. I get bored at home during the day time. Even my friends left for their places to see their parents. So I told about this to my mother. She said me to go to movies and go to your favorite play hocky as long as I want or go to grandfather’s house or visit your sister. I was not interested in going to grandfather’s house as my mother would be left alone. So I started to go to play hocky, than to movies and go to internet and spend lot of time at the net, nearly 2 to 3 hours daily.I started to see all the sites about movies, education and some porno sites etc. One day I found this site as the someone who came before me might had opened this site. I opened one of the stories and started reading and this became my routine from then on. I used to read all the stories in all the categories with i****t category also. I mostly like mother son stories. This makes my attitude changed towards my mother when I unexpectedly found this site. I read all the categories of stories but most liked i****t from the first time. Initially I didn’t like this m-s stories but after some times I like only mother son stories.After habituating to reading the stories, I started reading the i****t stories only and really liked i****t stories. I cannot explain the feeling I felt after reading the i****t story. I was unable to see at my mother’s face in the evening. I couldn’t behave normally with my mothes. I cursed myself for reading such a story. My mind started to think only about the i****t stories. I started reading only Mom-Son stories as I find them very interesting than other stories. From then I was seeing the woman in my mother. I saw the beauty in my mom. Her figure used to make me mad.So I used to hug my mom for some reason or the other and satisfy the devil in me. But she thinks as a son’s love towards her. I and my mother used to go for shopping and movies. We behaved like best friends. I used to hug my mother on occasions like on her birthday or my birthday etc. whenever I hugged her she too used to hug me tightly. Rupa need sexual satisfaction but she never thought i****t even she didn’t know about it. One day when I was in internet I got an idea. I thought of sending these i****t stories of mother and son to my mother’s email id so I created a new mail id to send the stories. After sending i****t stories to his mother,Rajiv tries to note the changes in attitude of his mother. But I can’t find any change. I began to pay her compliments on her looks at which she would blush. As days passed my desire increased to had my mother in bed. I was regular to send her all types sex stories. Days went I can see changes in mother as she use to wear her nightwear in the absence of my father. First I thought I might be due to summer she might had wore the nightwear. After few day I found she had brought some new nigh ties and she even wears in day time also. Which exposed her big boobs. Now I also had collected lots of mom and son i****t’s and send them to my mother. I fall on love to her and I want her body to love.But I was very confused how to approach my own mother who had given birth. But due her dressing which revealed most of her big boobs. As she looked very beautiful now a day as she is just grandbetting giriş 39 and this was not a oldies age. And now a days I was thinking more and spend more time in house with her helping in some way to other. So after long way I thought I had to do something to get her so I decided to expose my cock to her but how? Rajiv do not know that his mother will find him naked twice within short time.Rupa was well educated woman and used computer daily. One day when I was checking my emails on net.I received a mail from unknown mail address I opened it and saw there was a file attached to the mail. I click on it and saw there was sex story. I started reading it. I like that story. Every day I got this type of sexstories in my a/c. Rupa was habitat to read sexstories. She likes stories of sex between relatives. When she read love stories and sex stories of relatives like Bhabhis, SIL,MILFIL… she got hot and excited. Once she got strange story……After reading the first page I was shocked to see the content of the story. It was a son in love with his mother and trying to fondle her.I was really disturbed by the story. I was unable to behave normally that day. After two days I think to read the story again. I started computer and I checked the other mails I received some more mail from the same unknown mail id in this two day. All those had some files attached of mother son. I thought them has an i****t story and opened some of them. And they were the i****t stories slowly but steadily I liked i****t stories. So I planned to read story whenever i am alone at home. I spend the days reading these stories. I like all stories but thought about my own son was impossible and rare for me.I was Indian woman where relation of mother son were prices. But my thought was changed due to some incident took place. A week later my son’s collage started and I was regularly reading sex stories on net. Every thing was normal and up to the topic until that day. It was Saturday I was home and my son had gone to his classes. I had finished all the home cores and had taken afternoon nap, at 4 o’clock I was awake. I thought to take a bath, I had took the bath, thinking no body at home and as the main door was locked I came out from bath semi naked and wiping my body with a short towel,I was shocked to see my son sitting in sofa, he had entered home with a duplicate key he had and he was little early to home than usual. I was stormed, stood few seconds ashamed, and my son was glaring on my body, I was quite surprised he stood from sofa continue to see me. My son gazing at me as he gave me the surprise. He stood there for no longer than few second. However, I never forget the look on his face in that instant. He was speechless, stunned, his eyes wide open. He glanced at my large breasts, the nipples erect in the moist heat. His gaze then drifted to my whole sexy body. He looked up at my face. Immediately I ran back to bath room,Then asked him to get my petticoat, sari and blouse from my room, he got me and I was out. After that we were failing eye contacts there were no much talks between us on that day. After this incidence, my son got his manly behavior?.He started to glare at me. I noticed him looking at my breasts, and ass at all possible times. I even had observed him displacing my inner wears. I never objected him. From When Rajiv was sixteen, with friend we already enjoy porn movies many times.We read adult stories. I had been now daily visitor of ISS but I was too aroused from the day I saw my mother semi nude after bath. I saw the size of her breasts and her beautiful navel. My mom’s figure was 38-29-39.Imagine a beautiful lady dressing only in towel. Thought I had seen her body showing her breasts along with the exposed navel her thick satin legs for few seconds. I couldn’t take out her sexy figure from my mind. There was mother in her wet body wiping with towel around her waist and naked on the top.I might had seen her semi naked boobs before but never saw her in that position. It was getting blood pressure me my head was shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she come out bathroom into passage to room. As she raised her leg, I could see a hint of her pussy shape underfed. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation toward room and I then saw her big breasts with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her tight nipples surrounding her most sexiness. My cock was pushing the fabric of my underwear to the limits.She slowly turn back and her lips parted in a surprising as She find me gazing her. Her head titled back and her breasts jump up. I felt dizzy and confused at that time. This was my own Mother here. But she was half naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching my mother as she looked beautiful and voluptuous. My mother was an average horny lady. My mother figure is perfect, she had firm tight belly long sturdy legs, big breasts and wide hips to match. Her big boobs were bit tight and her waist was a bit normal.Her shape was sexy than among most house wives in India. Her sexiness was more displayed with her buttocks and her body was moist with some after shower sweat. After that I was unable to behave normally with my mother for some days. She asked me the reason as I was not normal these days. I said nothing. She said if you had any problem say it to me and I will solve it. I said nothing. By the time I started noticing my mother’s feminine assets. I was already nineteen years old and built like a bull. At that age I was too possessive about my mother and always thought about keeping her safe between my thighs. After some days I used to go to internet to read these stories.I was really getting hot after reading the stories. My attitude changed towards my mother. I use to observe her body in all the way possible. I use to watch the woman in my mom. I began to notice my dear mother in a different light. I was growing aware sexually and with some incident that bought, him to the realization that his mother Rupa was very sexy. She was really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. She was fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two could not be kept within her Bra and Blouse.Most of the time when she was doing household work her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage was always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. As usual she was watching the T.V. movie and I couldn’t resist the temptations of seeing her boobs and fleshy thick thighs. Her tight ass was a bit big but goddamn sexy. All the males whomever seeing her will definitely dreams about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking her real hard. No exceptions. Then think about me. She was my fantasy woman. I know she was my mother. But couldn’t resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her.To tell you the truth I was dying to had sex with her but always scared and think about the divine relationship grandbetting yeni giriş of mother and son between us. Most of masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only. She had long dark hair, hair that reached to her round huge butts. And even having birthed two c***dren she had a killer figure- 38-29-39. Her eyes were very dark and twinkled in good humor. But I don’t know how to get her.I planned for so many things to get her. But dropped on those options as I want her in bed with her approval. I was thinking how to get her without concentrating on studies. Next early morning I walked into the bathroom and when I open the door I saw my son Rajiv drying off with a towel and the position he was in I could clearly see the his big cock, “O h my god”, his cock had to be at least 7 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, it was an incredible site, I never thought about my son like that before in fact I was totally against it, but the thought’s running through my head was making me a little dazed, I was dying for sex from long time.It was very difficult to explain the thrill which ran through me as I watched Rajiv drying his strong body.I was tired of fucking myself with my finger. As any proud sexy mother, I kept to see his wonderful manly body. At night in bed I thought about morning incident. To be honest, he looked extremely handsome. That whole day and than nights, I got reimage my son’s strong body in mind specially his manhood. I also pictured in my mind’s, the image of my son as he gazed at my wet, half naked body after the shower incident.It very quickly became clear that his expression was more than just normal adolescent male curiosity. It was the undeniable expression of lust that seen from men a thousand times for sexy look women. What was perhaps most surprising was not this realization but my reaction to it. I found myself pleasantly excited whenever I remained my son expression during that incident. The thought that I actually turned on my own son became strangely thrilling to me. My sex life had remained irregular to say the least. My husband perhaps assumed that we weren’t young anymore to had our share of fun once our son came out of the high school.He was content with his quota of business, transcendental meditation and yoga. He seldom revealed his horny side and when he did, it was more out of his own personal compulsions. He had always remained predictable on the bed. He looked so methodical while having sex and it was never enjoyable from the start till he eventually groaned shooting his cum inside me. He wasn’t getting anywhere closer to what I normally expected from him. I kept telling lies to him that I had enjoyed his intimacy as was expected from a typical Indian housewife.At 39, it was humiliating to resort to masturbating although it seemed the only option available to me. The fantasies about having a loud orgasm remained a distant dream. I had noticed even young guys and now I believe my handsome son staring at my rather large breasts also my full and round butt. Like most of the women who were born and brought up in India, I had dark, long hair that nearly touched my waist. My eyes were black and had long hairs. I was having milky white complexion. I like to wear bra and panties of latest design. I dress in nighty when at home in night. I pass my time in household work.I was a housewife. I was missing the prince of the house very badly. But the fact that I am a married woman in a respectable family, had always prevented me from falling into relation to other than my husband. But some incident occur between me and my own son that and due to reading of sex stories more specially when I came across some fantasies of MOM and SON i****t relationship. After reading stories which i got regularly in my email and read them, so that my desire and lust to had sexual relation with my son increased and started working to make it true.I often get urge for sexual acts, helpless in those nights where I was having desperate need for manly pleasures on my body. I was passing those hard days with masturbation, fingering myself. I too started fantasizing about my son when I saw him naked in bathroom. Rupa’s mind get horny. She noted sometime her own son gazing my breasts. I thought It was after he saw me in towel that day, from same day that I noticed that, while alone, Rajiv started paying more than usual attention to my breasts. Being used to living alone,I was a little careless about my dress at home and on more than a few occasions, I found him peeping and staring at them. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on my tight boobs. I noticed that even while talking to me, his eyes made a regular stares on my succulent breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that, he would be embarrassed and then try not to look again. But again after some time, his eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. After all, he was also a sex-starved young man, I thought and did not give it much thought.At first I thought, it must be only my imagination but when I observed and confirmed it, it excited me too in a strange way. As a Indian woman and a mother I was feeling little awkward but after reading fantasize for mom I too got daring to get my son inside me. I clearly note that my son finding woman in mine. I was really getting attracted towards my son. I was moving very close to him. But it was not enough to satisfy me. Rupa was thinking for her son.Today noon I was alone at home. While going to college in morning Rajiv during breakfast told me that he will back in evening. Today she check her all email. With the new i****t story of mother-son there were some images of i****t fucking. Rupa had just checked thumbnails of images. She want to see all images but one of her neighbor came to meet her. So she had decided to check all images at night as her husband was out of station. In evening Rajiv checked history in computer when his mother was busy with neighbored. His mother had got story with images which he email to mother.That night, Rupa was reading a story, an erotic i****t of mother with her son. I found it fascinating and finished it in one go. After finishing the story , I realized that my cunt was dripping with excitement. My choot was on fire and I had nothing else other than my fingers to satisfy my urges. But I wanted something real inside me. My fingers were not able to satisfy my desires.I put off the table lamp and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. She did not know that her son was just left from the her bedroom door. He was there when rupa was fingering her cunt…..As Rajiv came to kitchen for drink water. When he pass near her mother bedroom heard some noise. It’s late night so he surprise and he turn to door. He peeped through key hole. Rajiv’s penis get erection. Her mother nude body was hot in room. She was reading mother fucking story on computer. She open images which she got with story. There were so many image of mother taking her son lund in her cunt.Rajiv watching his mother’s horny fingering her own grandbetting güvenilirmi cunt. He was unable to get all view of her sexy mother. He now know that his mother likes i****t and she was so sexy and too hungry. He get too hard on. He left when her mother finger stops. Now he has to relax himself. He was back in his room and open hidden box in cupboard and print out of i****t stories and some pictures. He sit on bed holding his large penis in hand. In other room Rupa was try to sleep for some time. Then left the bed. I came out of my room. The mild cold air in her balcony had a freshening effect on me and I feel my body energized.I noticed that the light is still on in my son’s room, which was at the up stair room’s balcony. His windows were though d****d, but it was clear that he was awake. I feel curious. It was surprising that Rajiv was awake till now. I return in my room and go to up stair. I reach to my son room near the windows and try to sneak a quick look through the gaps between the curtains. What I see inside make me to excitement and embarrassment. Rajiv my dear son was lying on his bed completely nude. His eyes were in to a papers in his one hand and his other hand was massaging his rigid penis vigorously.Rajiv was busy with his papers with some pictures of fuck and his hand was moving in rhythm. I feel ashamed in seeing my own son in such a condition but an underlying excitement prevent me moving away from the windows. My eyes were watching on his massive hard meat between his fingers. Rajiv’s penis was long and thick looking. My son has dark and thick hair and his balls seemed large and heavy on his thighs. A wild shiver pass through my body. I was witnessing the first penis after my husband’s.My fingers automatically move between my thighs. I was getting wet very wet down there. My body was shivering with excitement. My fingers rubbing my wet cunt and I insert two fingers inside my hungry cunt. Looking at rock hard penis of my son I try to feeling as if my fingers are my son’s penis moving between my hungry cunt lips. Rajiv was busy in working on his tight penis now faster. I can guess that he may about to shoot at any time. I too sense my approaching orgasm. Suddenly, Rajiv moan “oh maa take it” excite in ecstasy, and large white cream start spraying from the tip of his penis on his chest and stomach.His penis keep on jerking and shooting his love cream .My fingers were moving in and out of my cunt and intense orgasm shook through me. I was shaking frenziedly, and I feel my juice moving out of my hot cunt wetting my hair, my panty and then moving downwards towards my sexy thighs. I never feel such a state of delight. I remain there till I get back to my senses, my son had already wiped cleaning his penis and his thick cream from his stomach and was putting his nightdress back. Then he open his hidden box to keep all papers which I don’t know till now. When I lay on my bed, my mind was filing with the excitement of what had happened few minutes ago.I had watched my own son masturbating and it had turned me on. I just could not believe that I too had masturbated while watching my own son. For a moment, I feel a guilty. “What am I doing?” I thought. “He’s your son idiot and you’re thinking of fucking him.” As I had read so many stories of mother son fucking my mind thought about morality of our culture. Image of penis of my own son’s didn’t erase when I fell asleep. It was a disturbed sleep and I kept dreaming about my son’s hard penis until I woke up next morning. Next day as soon as my son left out for his college, I quickly go into his room.I open his hidden box and pick up papers and images and lying at the same place where my son had masturbate last night. I quickly flip through the pages; the paper were full of photos of fucking in every possible manner and papers with full of the i****t stories, but what caught my attention was the captions of those all stories of mother son which I got in my email. Rupa highly surprised as she came to know that All these stories were download from that email address from where she got all i****t stories in her email.Each one photos appeared to be depicting the fucking between family members and among them most of the pictures were of mothers fucking their teenage sons. Last night my heart asking that you need sex, you may ready to fulfill your desire with Rajiv. But how Rajiv accept you? How I would ask my son to fuck my choot? I didn’t know whether he would agree to fuck the cunt of a thirty-nine years old woman. I was busy weaving my plans to seduce my son and never realized. It was difficult to say whether those photographs were of real mother and sons, but the message from the captions were crystal clear.My mind began feeling with excitement; I could feel my cunt getting moist. My problem was solved by itself. My own son send me mother son sex stories. I could not believe it; last night my son was masturbating while probably thinking about fucking me. I felt euphoric. Last night, I had been thinking about my son’s handsome lund and now I realized that it could be possible. The papers of stories convinced me that my son also wanted to fuck his mom’s cunt. Just imagining that my son was thinking about fucking me, my cunt began twitching, and I again had to use my fingers to relieve the aching in my cunt.Later I take all papers keep in as it is in box. Both mother and son were in search of man and woman in each other. Till now Rajiv loves his mother as a son and now he loves his mother as a lover. He desire his mom to make love as sexy woman. Rajiv wants his gorgeous mother in bed. He want his hand, palm to move on mother’s marvelous body. Till today Rupa loves her son as a mother. She was sexy by looks and more sexy by nature. Since long Rupa was unsatisfied from her husband. She had read so many sex stories. She like i****t stories, specially mother gets satisfaction by their own son.Rupa was getting excitement when she read this types of mom-son story. She thinks about her handsome son after story reading but she can’t more because she was mother of him. She born him. Now all her thought vanished as she know that Rajiv her own son send her mom son fuck stories. Rupa now know that Rajiv love her as woman. She fill proud for her self as her handsome son want her. She could clearly remind his big cock, his cock had to be more than 7.0 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, it was an incredible site last night. She never thought about her son like that before she came to know i****t.In fact she was totally against it, but the thought’s running through my head was making me a little dazed, I was dying for sex from long time. She was tired of fucking herself with her own. Her mind was now think what I was fantasized about son was bad, this was sin. I should not think this type of relation with my son. This was not possible. She was very confused and in same manner she sleep because yesterday night was sleepless. She don’t know that tonight also will be sleepless for her.Yesterday night Rajiv sleep well after masturbation watching photos of m-s fuck and reading m-s stories while imaging own mother as usual but last night he got more pleasure as he saw her mother naked and fingering herself. Her mother’s every part was so sexy. Tonight he also wouldn’t be sleep. What will going to be happen in next 12 hour due to that both mother and son will not sleep

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