Mother’s Therapy Ch. 02

August Ames

Doctor Carmen Monroe looked down at the eighteen year old boy who was contentedly licking her stockinged calves and grinned. It had been all too simple to get Josh, a teenager who had been living with depression during his teenage years, to submit to her will. She sat back on her therapist’s couch and watched the naked young man worship her legs with his tongue. Moments earlier she had watched his young cock spurt all over her and now she wanted more.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, Josh?”

Josh Maven looked up at his therapist, resplendent in her lingerie, stockings and high heels. He felt truly alive, kneeling at this MILF’s feet was the most exhilarating thing he’d ever done in his young life. He nodded at her quickly.

“Up higher, please, kiss my thighs.”

The teenager responded instantly, kneeling up higher, his hands slid down her silky thighs, he began to plant little kisses along her stockinged legs. Carmen let her fingers snake around Josh’s hair and pulled the boy towards her. She wanted his lips on her pussy, hers would be the first he would ever taste.

Spreading her thighs wider, Carmen leaned back and closed her eyes. She felt incredible, the burning in her loins was so intense, that she wasn’t going to need much to send her over the edge, even an untrained tongue could be of good use. When it came to pussy-licking, young men were like dogs. Very little clue what they were doing but bags of enthusiasm. Her own son had been the same…

“You’re going to eat my pussy now, Josh. Just push your mouth against my panties and start licking.” Josh moved ahead a lot slower now. He was nervous, Carmen could tell. She widened her thighs a lot more and pulled his head in. She felt his tongue furtively begin to probe her pussy. “Lick it!” Carmen hissed. Josh increased his laps, grazing his tongue against the wafer-thin material of the Agent Provocateur panties.

Carmen began to moan, the previously cool blonde therapist leaned back and revelled in the pleasure of having the young man between her legs. His tongue touches, uncultured, but effective, sent shivers up her spine. It was the eagerness that Carmen craved, full of stamina and need. He was lapping at her pussy with such ferocity she could feel each tongue lash throughout her body.

She told him to keep going. Encouragement was important, he would need to grow to love this, learning to worship was key to the development of any young man, especially if his Mother was going to enjoy him too. The thought of incest shook Carmen to the edge of orgasm, she squeezed beylikdüzü escort her thighs together, ready to ride out the wave of pleasure that was crashing towards her.

When Josh’s tongue grazed over Carmen’s clit for a final time, she squeezed her thighs together hard and trapping his head between her legs as she groaned in ecstasy. She rocked back and forth, her fingers in his hair “Good boy, good boy…” she whispered.

Rolling her head, relaxing in the dizziness her orgasm had caused, Carmen slowly relaxed her legs and let Josh come up for air. “Stand up, Josh.”

The young, naked man did as he was told. Carmen pulled on his cock, pleasingly noting it was hard once again. Taking hold of it his throbbing member, Carmen stood up in front of the lad. In her heels she was a few inches taller than he was. She smiled at the power she currently had over him. “This cock belongs to me, understand? The only other person who’s allowed to touch it is your Mother.”

“But-but I,” the boy stammered.

Carmen put her finger on his lips. “Shh, little one. Your cock belongs to me and your Mummy and trust me, she will touch it. Now your turn to lie on the couch.”

She let go of the hard cock and Josh slid down and onto the couch, lying on his back. Carmen stood over him and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. “You see, Josh, I like young cock and enjoy making it my own. My husband is an unimaginative bore and I like to set my fantasies free…”

The therapist threw the unclasped bra on to Josh’s chest. He gasped at the wonderful breasts that bounced in front of him. “Mmm, I can see your happy out that…” Carmen knelt down, putting her beautiful breasts in line with Josh’s erect cock. “Don’t think I’m a bad person, Josh, I’m really not, I simply know what I want… and when my own son got to be eighteen, I knew I wanted him too.”

Josh’s eyes widened with surprise at her admission, as Carmen leaned forward and pressed her breasts against his cock. As he moaned, Carmen began to slowly tit-fuck the young man, kneading her tits up and down his prick. “Yes, Josh, I seduced my own son. He came to worship me, he still does, in the same way you will too. I’ve been waiting for the right cock to come along and when I met you and your mother I knew…”

The boy continued to groan with delight at the tit-fuck he was receiving. Carmen grinned. “The thing is Josh, your Mother, who has put up with so much raising you, deserves your respect, she deserves to be worshipped. She just doesn’t it beylikdüzü eve gelen escort yet. And I know you, you want to serve, you want to worship her. It’s all perfectly natural, Josh. Most mothers ignore this desire in their sons, which I believe is foolish… Everyone like to be pampered, why not exploit. The way to a boy’s heart is through his cock, eh, Josh?”

He moaned as pre-cum began to leak and splatter over Carmen’s globes. “So here’s the deal young man, you will obey me, completely unquestioningly and in return I will turn your Mother into the woman you want her to be: sexy, commanding, loving but authoritative, a woman who you respect, please and fuck.”

As Carmen had predicted, the thought of Josh fucking his hot, dominant Mother was too much for the young lad who proceeded to spunk uncontrollably. Carmen pressed her tits together tighter as his young cock splattered across her gorgeous globes. His cock throbbed as the last splatters of cum jerked from the red cock.

“There, that’s better isn it, Josh?” Carmen pulled her cum-covered tits away and smiled at the boy. She began to rub the cum into her tits. “The best thing will be hugging my husband when I get home tonight, knowing my body has been covered in boy-cum. Now up you get, Josh and then kneel down.”

Josh, still dizzy from his cum, did as he was told. Carmen stood up in front of the kneeling boy. “You will go home tonight, but you may masturbate but you may not cum. Understand me? No cumming, unless I say so.” He nodded. “Now you may show your appreciation for our little session today, kiss my shoes.”

The boy bent forward and began to plant kisses on her black stilettos. Carmen felt her pussy tingle once more, this had been a delicious evening and better yet, she had broken another boy.

It had gone nine o’clock when Josh had returned home and Diane had left several messages with Carmen to explain just why he had been so late. The concerned mother was beginning to wonder who was more in need of therapy, her or her son. This is idea of Doctor Monroe’s about using her own body to control and make her son happy just seemed so absurd! Yet Diane’s other feeling, the guilty twinges she’d been having were caused by another reason – she was enjoying the notion that someone, albeit her own son, found her sexually attractive.

When he came home she was sat on the sofa, dressed in comfortable jogging bottoms and sweatshirt, eyes flicking between the TV and the clock. Josh had been very quiet when he beylikdüzü masöz escort eventually got home. She had tried to engage him in conversation, but it was clear he wasn’t interested. He mumbled something about ‘having talked’ and then scurried off to his bedroom.

Diane wasn’t impressed, how dare he stay out this late, visit his therapist and then not pay her any attention?! She went to bed annoyed with her son and Dr Monroe. She shouldn’t be left out of this!

Then Diane had another thought, this time about her appearance. She had been showing off her legs to her son when he had done something positive and that was giving good results. Maybe he just needed a little more encouragement?

That morning Diane decided to have another chat with Josh. She picked out an outfit that she had no intention of wearing to work, but simply to see her son. The black skirt ended mid-thigh and nicely showed-off her legs, she’d decided on a pair of black stockings to enhance the effect. Her blouse was tight on her, showing a little cleavage. On her feet she wore a pair of patent black stilettos with three inch heels. Looking at herself in the mirror she nodded, let’s see the little bastard ignore me now!

She click-clacked in her heels down the landing loudly. She wanted him to hear her approach. Diane flung open her son’s bedroom door.

Josh scrambled for his duvet to cover his nakedness. He was clearly startled, but not fully awake yet.

“M-Mum? What’s wrong?”

Diane strode into the room. His eyes were glued to her. She stopped in front of his bed and put her hands on her hips.

“I want you to tell me what happened between you and Dr Monroe last night.”

Josh tried to keep his breathing under control. He nodded slowly. “We just talked…”

“About what?”

“Just about me, my likes, dislikes, that sort of thing.”

The mother changed weight on her legs, pushing her hips out. She folded her arms.”And what did you tell her, Josh?” She looked down at Josh, was that a bulge underneath the duvet?

“That I like women… come on, Mum, this is embarrassing…”

“Well I pay for these sessions, Josh, I think I’m entitled to know what goes on.”

“Of- of course, Mum.”

“OK, good… well as long as we’re clear.”

Mother and son looked at each other, the atmosphere in the bedroom was imbued with electricity. They could both feel it.

“I’ll be going to work in a bit. The kettle’s on if you’re interested…”

Diane turned on her heel and strode back out of the room, this time quietly shutting the door behind her. She felt dizzy, her heart beating fast. She leaned back against the door, her palm pressed against her chest. Then she heard the slapping noise, the one she heard at night. He was masturbating! Shaking her head, Diane quickly began to walk down the stairs. Her pussy was becoming moist, moist for her own son…

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