Mouthing Off at Morning Tea


It was a casual comment that led to one of the best nights of my life.

Andi and I had developed a casual friendship, five minutes here and there, catching up as we went about our work. Andi is a quite a lot younger than me, and engaged. I was single. Even if I wanted something to happen I knew there was no future possible.

On one occasion I learned she liked to run to relieve tension, another time it was that her engagement was in a sort of limbo, her intended living on the other side of the world. She was working with our company for experience she couldn’t get at home. It was high powered and required dedication, but she told me the result would set her up when she returned home.

One Wednesday I ran into Andi in the corridor, and suggested a coffee. Once we had settled I asked her about stress release and she told me she liked fencing because it allowed her to release her pent up aggression. I casually suggested that if she liked hitting things she might like trying a cane, or something to that effect. I might have even mentioned a BDSM club. The conversation moved on, and then it was time to go back to work. I walked away, but then realised it might become a workplace issue. I returned to her and apologised for any discomfort I might have caused her. She waived me away, adding ‘we’re good. I know a joke when I hear it.’ I gave it no more thought.

About two weeks later I was making a coffee when Andi approached me and told me she was leaving at the end of the week. It was time. She was having farewell drinks on Friday afternoon, and I was invited. ‘We’re meeting at 5, and I’ll probably only have one drink. You should definitely come along, and don’t plan too much for later. Just quietly, some of us might go to dinner. Keep that to yourself.’

Drinks rolled around, and after an hour most people had left. Andi, Joanne, Rachael and I were sharing a bottle. Joanne and Rachael went to the bathroom, leaving Andi and me alone. She took the moment, telling me to meet her an hour later at her place for dinner. With that she slipped me a sheet with an address and suggested I leave soon.

I arrived a few minutes late bearing Chinese takeaway. After she buzzed me in I made my way up to her apartment. Just as I was about to knock the door was opened. I barely recognised Andi. Gone was the woman in the jeans and button up shirt, replaced by a vixen wearing a black t-shirt, tight gold shorts and stiletto heeled studded black leather ankle boots.

‘I usually only do this with my fiancée, but I am making you an exception. This will happen only once. My toy chest isn’t here so I will be making do. Are you happy to submit, or do you want to eat and go?’

‘I’ll stay and play, thank you.’

‘I’m glad, after the hints you’ve been dropping. I bet you never thought this would actually happen. So, a few things. You call me Goddess, and you do what I say. You talk when I speak to you. I’ll tell you when we are out of scene. I take out some frustration, and you might get fucked if you’re good. If not, no coming for you. Then we’ll eat the food you brought.

‘I do consensual femdom. If you’re okay and I ask you how you’re feeling say “green”. “Yellow” means slow down or ease up, and “red” stops everything immediately. Say it if you need to. Is there anything you don’t want to do?’

‘I don’t know Andi.’

‘Well have a think. I’m going to put the food in the fridge while you get naked. I want to see what I’m playing with.’ She picked up the bags and turned away, adding ‘by the way, there’s a punishment coming for your disrespect’ over her shoulder.

She returned to find me blushing, hands over my hardening cock, looking like an embarrassed teenage boy.

She launched straight in. ‘Things I don’t do are pet play, electro and scat. I will do anal, maybe, and I want to hit you, and torture your cock and balls. I might put your tongue to a lot of use. And I choose if I give you a blow job, so don’t beg. Does all that that sound alright?’

‘Yes Goddess, if it pleases you’ I answered, the form coming to me from years of watching femdom porn. ‘I would only add, Goddess, I cannot have visible marks for work, and I would prefer my skin isn’t broken.’

‘Ok, good. One more thing, you will satisfy me. If you do a good job I’ll be nice, if you do an excellent job you might come too.’ She paused, then ordered ‘hands by your side.’

‘Yes Goddess’ I intoned as my hands moved to my side, exposing my rampant cock.

‘This will be fun’ Andi said, adding ‘you have five minutes to get into the bathroom and shave your cock and balls clean of hair. Clean up after yourself, or there will be punishment. Every minute late will earn punishment. Tipobet I don’t won’t tell you how to it, but remember that any hair left will cause you a problem. You have been warned. Go’.

I erupted from the bathroom, my hard shaft and scrotum now hairless. Andi looked at her watch and said ‘nine minutes. Four minutes of pain coming you way soon. Stand still, hand behind your head.’

She stepped behind me and warmed my cheeks with her hands. Andi worked me over until she was satisfied I could probably take more. ‘How are you feeling? Are you ready for something harder?’

‘Yellow Goddess.’

‘Okay, so some more hand for you?’ With that Andi started again, working across my cheeks, her hand hitting me time and again with a hard flicking slap.

After a few minutes the slaps stopped. ‘Ready?’

Ready for what? I thought. ‘Green Goddess’ I replied, jumping off my personal cliff.

I heard the whistle and it didn’t register for a split second, and then the red searing pain burned itself across my arse. I yelped.

Andi came around to face me, holding the feather duster she was using as a cane. ‘There’s more coming for being late, and because I want to.’ She reached across to the table and picked up two clothespins. After pulling my left nipple she attached the clothes peg. Another sharp pain, soon repeated on my right nipple. I grunted as they went on. ‘Do I need to gag you so you don’t annoy my neighbours?’ she asked rhetorically.

Before I could even think about an answer she had left the room, soon to return.

‘Open’ she demanded.

‘Yes Goddess’ I started to reply. The words stopped in my throat as Andi filled my mouth with a pair of used panties.

‘Be good and hold these. I wore them at work today, while I imagined what tonight would be. Do better, or that is the only taste you’ll have of me.’

I nodded in affirmation. She disappeared from my sightline, so I prepared for what was coming.

‘Ready for more?’ I answered with a nod, and the next few strokes exploded across my cheeks.

‘Two more, okay?’ again a nod, then two of the of the hardest strokes. Tears welled, but I was grateful I didn’t need to call red.

‘Lie down on your back’ was the next instruction. Once I settled she plucked the used panties from my mouth. As I stared up I watched blatantly as Andi slowly unbuttoned her shorts. As she dropped them I found it impossible to draw my eyes away from the panties she wore now. The transparent panel exposed her wide landing strip.

She reached for a handful of pegs, and then deliberately moved to plant her arse on my face. She gave my semi hard cock a few cursory tugs, as though testing it. Before it could rise further pegs were systematically attached along the shaft, crown to balls, nipping the loose skin in.

‘Eat’ was the instruction. As I set my tongue to work on the gusset of her pants Andi added more pegs. She pulled the flesh of my balls in, capturing folds in the tight jaws of the pegs. Once four or five were on I could feel her rubbing the tight exposed skin. I was ready to call ‘red’ if she started slapping, but the worry was needless.

Instead of more torture she hopped off, and before I could gather my wits I realised she was taking photos.

‘Goddess, no, please’ I pleaded, worried about where these images might end up.

She rose out of her crouch and showed me it was my phone she was using. ‘I thought you might like a memento’ she smiled at me.

‘Can you take a few more minutes of the pegs?’

‘Yes Goddess, yellow’ I replied.

I had the image of her perfect cunt burnt into my memory. As she shrugged her panties down the dusty blonde triangle was exposed. As she moved I could see her plump excited folds, inner lips just poking out. I knew more about it as Andi settled on my face, this time giving me open access. She encouraged me to get her off with the promise of the pegs coming off. I knew in the back of my mind that would be agony, but right at the moment I was working with my pride to satisfy her.

‘Is this going to an orgasm I remember for a long time, or are you like most men who have no idea what they’re doing?’ she asked as my tongue flicked across her. Unable to answer verbally I stepped up the action, forcing her enjoy the physical sensations I was offering. The shuddering clenching orgasm came quickly, a surprise to me. As Andi rolled off me she smiled again, as she caught her breath. She then said ‘one to remember. I also reckon you’ll remember this as she flicked the pegs of my nipples, and then whipped them off. With barely a second to register the searing blood rush she repeated with my cock Tipobet Giriş and balls. Later I realised why some people got off on the rush. I was almost eager for more punishment but Andi chose to slow the pace, to plateau the scene.

As I lay, dishevelled, on the floor, Andi disappeared into the kitchen. She returned with two glasses of water. I rolled over and sat up, but remained on the floor while we sipped our drinks, while Andi sat, rather primly, on a chair wearing boots, a singlet and a smile.

We both let the silence hang for a couple of minutes. Andi then asked ‘how are you going. Ready for dinner, or do you want more?’

‘More please Goddess. Green.’

‘Are you okay? Can you take a bit more?’

‘Yes Goddess. I reckon I’ll be fine, but I’ll use a safeword if I need to’ I replied.

‘Okay, stand and bend over the table. Push your arse out.’

‘Yes Goddess’ I responded as I moved into position.

‘This is for the lack of respect earlier. I haven’t forgotten. This is the way bad boys are punished.’ she said, showing me her hairbrush.

So began a deliberate paddling of my arse cheeks, two to the left, and two to the right. Each set was harder than the last, the warmth growing with the intensity. Andi took her time. She allowed me to absorb the blow and ready for the next one. The blows were starting to make me catch my breath. After half a dozen sets on each cheek she checked in. ‘Okay?’

‘Yellow Goddess’ I responded through the deep breathing I was doing.

‘Only six more.’ I didn’t know she had turned the brush around to use the bristles until the first of the blows fell. The hard spikes bit as Andi hit me with a flicking action that wasn’t so much hard as designed to bite and dig, torturing the soft flesh. Four swats in and through the tears that were forming I called ‘red.’ The spanks stopped immediately.

I stayed as I was, unsure of what to do. Andi stroked my back and spoke quietly for a minute, calming me. Then she asked me to stand and turn around.

As I faced her I felt a funny mix of vulnerability and pride in what I had done. She stepped up and whispered to me ‘well done.’ The real surprise was the kiss, starting with a peck that soon became a proper pash. After we stopped she continued to hold me close while she gently asked ‘want to fuck me?’

‘Yes please Goddess.’

‘I’ll be honest, you’re not as big as I usually like. I’m a bit of a size queen. I don’t want a horse cock, but a couple of inches more than you have is what I really go for.’ Andi paused and then added ‘I don’t do SPH but I tonight I want to feel full with what I’m fucking.’

I had always thought I was okay for size, and I certainly had never had any complaints or sniggers. I was sure this was part of the scene so I answered ‘Thank you for the honour Goddess.’

‘I’m going to carry through as long as you can stand what I’m about to do. If you can’t then I won’t fuck you. What do you think?’

‘I’ll do my best Goddess.’

With that she asked me to check if I was as hard as I normally got. ‘Give it a few strokes’ she commanded as she removed her t-shirt and bra, revealing small perky breasts with large nipples. Each nipple wore a bar piercing. This look certainly ensured complete hardness.

‘Okay, feet spread and hands behind your head.

‘Yes Goddess’ I replied as I complied. She moved over to the small table and picked up half a dozen big, wide elastic bands. The first was doubled and went around the root of my cock and balls. The second was wrapped around the base of the shaft, and the next went on further up the shaft, the next further up the shaft, until my length was encased in tight rubber stripes. The final band was the top ring of a rubber gates of hell. My cock felt tight and ready.

Andi slipped a condom over my tight and ropey cock. ‘On your back’ she ordered, and I quickly obeyed. Despite the pain of my seared flesh meshing with the floor I relished what was coming. A quick slick of lube across her cunt lips and then, with an slow ‘oooof’ intake of breath, she was balls deep, working my cock as her hips traced a figure eight. She reached for my phone and took a snap. ‘A final souvenir.’

Some more figures eight. ‘Don’t you dare come without permission’ Andi commanded, following up with a breathy ‘there is a punishment if you do.’

As Andi rolled her hips one last time, then started to move up and down my shaft. I could feel the tension building within me. She could obviously see what was happening because she urged ‘hold as long as possible, edge for me, then ask for my permission.’

‘Yes Goddess’ I grunted in reply, already holding off release.

It Tipobet Güncel Giriş was a matter of a few short minutes before I asked for release. Andi’s response was to hop straight off me. I thought she was leaving me hanging, but instead she bent over the table, inviting me. I accepted the invitation, starting with a tentative entry.

‘Hard and fast, like you have nothing to lose’ Andi said over shoulder. I found a pace that was getting me close. Andi pushed me over the edge when she told me that ‘if I had my strap on you’d be the one over the desk. Now.’ As I imagined this blonde goddess armed with eight inches driving into me I exploded, filling the condom

I was worried it was all over but Andi had one last task for me. I pulled out and collapsed to the floor after my knees gave way she turned around and perched on the edge of a dining chair. Watching me intently she lewdly spread her legs and rolled her hips. This exposed her erect clitoris. ‘Entree’ she invited, her eyes dropping from my face to her desire. ‘Can you go again?’ I nodded, unable to speak.

Somehow I managed to crawl over to her and engage my tongue. ‘Softly, slowly, until I tell you different.’

I nodded my continuing understanding, not willing to break the groove I had going, in what I believe would be the final part of the scene. Andi used her hands to apply gentle pressure, guiding me to her sweet spots. As she got closer she crossed her legs behind my back, drawing them together to bring me closer to her excited cunt.

‘Bring it home’ she panted, urging me on, tightening her legs more until her orgasm broke. I kept working as a series of small orgasms seemed to follow the big one. After what seemed an eternity Andi lifted her heels to my shoulders released me, pushing me back. I enjoyed a view of Andi, splayed, ruffled and flushed.

‘Grab a shower and I’ll sort the food.’

‘Yes Goddess’ I intoned, standing and grabbing my clothes.

‘When you return the scene is done.’

In the bathroom I cleaned up and dived into a hot shower. When I returned to the living area Andi had the food was ready.

We sat and ate and chatted. After a quick check from Andi I asked the question that had started spinning in my head during the shower. ‘What is it with size?’

‘It was a bit of play really. My partner is about the same as you, and he’s always satisfied me. I actually don’t care too much if the guy I am with has some idea of what he’s doing.’

‘The rubber band Gates of Hell was inspired. It will be something I will remember for a long time.’

‘I made my partner wear one for hours one day. I edged him and ruined his orgasm three times before I let him get off. I was riding him at the time so then I had the pleasure of giving him a cream pie. That was a great session.’

‘So you’ve done this a lot?’

‘I guess so. At Uni there was this group of us girls who became dissatisfied with lousy fucks from boys who didn’t care about our pleasure. So we did some research and played a bit with each other. Some of us found we enjoyed being in charge.’

‘So are you in charge all the time?’

‘No. We play once or twice a week, and otherwise we share everything. I am in charge when I want to be. We have an agreement of sorts. I find a sub when I need one and I tell him all about it. I’ll fill him in next week when I see him.’

‘Ok, so why so close to seeing him and being able to fuck him would you want to fuck me.’

‘You kept hinting and I thought you might enjoy it. I know I did. I also know it was your first actual time. Do you want to do more of it?’

‘Yes, I think so. I enjoyed tonight. It hurt a bit, but the pleasure and the sex were outstanding. I reckon I could go for some more.’

‘I’ll text you a name and number of someone I know who might want to play with you.’

‘Cool, thanks.’

As I left I kissed Andi on the check, and wished her ‘good night and bon voyage.’

The next afternoon Andi sent me a text. I was drinking with friends so all I did was send a thank you. I wanted to wait until I was alone. On the Sunday I had a family thing, hardly the time for talking to a prospective domme.

Monday was busy, and I was tied up on an urgent job at work until after 5. The office had emptied out so I rang the number, but to no avail. There was no answer, but I left my details. As I packed up a text came through in reply to my message, simply naming a bar close to working and nominating 6pm for a meeting.

I arrived early and sat at the bar. A smattering of people I knew of from work, but didn’t mix with, was present in some booths at the back of the room. I wanted to be alone in case I was contacted so I sat at the bar and sipped a red wine. Just after 6 our red headed receptionist Neve approached me. I was worried about meeting my prospective femdom, and hoped she would be quick. That was until she said to me ‘Andi tells you’re up for some fun…’

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