Moving Closer and Closer Ch. 02


All participants in the sex are over 18. This is a fantasy dealing with sexual matters between a step father and daughter. If the topic offends you, move along. To paraphrase dezurtdawg, this is my fantasy and there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD’s in my world. Thanks for the feedback. I am looking forward to your comments on this chapter. And, please vote.


I was on my way home still trying to deal with the case of jitters that I had been feeling all day. I could not push last night’s happening from my mind. My daughter Kimmy and I had moved our relationship in a different direction. Kim was my step daughter actually but I had always treated her like my true daughter.

We had always been close, she and I. But, last night moved us even closer. Starting with a back rub, I had progressed to rubbing her ever so shapely and inviting ass. It was addictive. I couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t stop myself. Any time I did try, Kim would push me to start moving my hand more.

When she grasped my cock, it was already hard and standing straight. As I caressed he ass, Kim stroked my cock faster and faster. We were both surprised when I came relatively quickly. The strength of my ejaculation was so strong that it shot up past her hand and hit her face. Although Kim stopped stroking my cum continued to spurt all over her face.

I was shocked and mortified when Kim said it was gross and ran off upstairs. I sat on the couch for quite a while before I dragged myself upstairs. The bedroom level was dark and quiet. Getting into my bed, I soon fell asleep.

I woke up early this morning, quickly got ready for work and left as soon as I could. There was music playing in both kids’ rooms so I knew they were awake. But, I didn’t stay to see either of them.

Throughout the day, my mind’s eye kept seeing pictures of what had happened the previous night. Reluctant to face Kim, I stopped at a coffee shop on the way home. How would Kim react when I got home? My mind was churning, remembering her exit last night and her comment about being grossed out. Would this end our relationship? Would she hate me? Should I just move out? I couldn’t find an answer to satisfy my jitters and, finishing my coffee, decided to go home and face the consequences.

Walking in the front door of the house, it seemed like no one was home. The house was silent. I walked upstairs to my room and began to change out of my work clothes. I was down to my boxers when my door was pushed in and Kimmy walked in. I was shocked since I didn’t realize anyone was home. I looked at Kim, struggling to say something. A squeaky hello came out of my mouth.

Kim didn’t say anything in response. She stepped right up to me and wrapped her arms around me. Gently she pulled my head down to hers and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Looking me in the eyes, Kim pulled me down to her face again and kissed me again. This time with passion. Her tongue slithered between my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues began to duel and my jitters started to subside.

Shortly, I felt at ease and wrapped my arms around this gorgeous daughter of mind. I began to rub my hands up and down her sides from waist to the bottom of her boobs. Kim moaned her approval into my still kissing her mouth. Breaking the kiss for a moment, Kim said, “Daddy, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, babygirl. And, I am so sorry for what happened between us last night.”

“I’m not sorry, Daddy”, she responded.

” But…but…I came all over your face. You said I was gross.”

“I didn’t say you were gross. I said your come on my face was gross.” Kim was smiling at me by this point. “And, I thought about it for most of the night and decided I really liked it. I liked being sexy for you and making you cum.”

Still dealing with my insecurities, I asked her, “Are you sure, honey”

“I’m very sure, Daddy. I want more of it too.”

Seconds later her tongue was back in my mouth. My hands had drifted down and were caressing her ass. Kim pulled herself tighter against me and rubbed herself against my rapidly hardening prick.

With my stomach settling down and my cock settling against Kim’s crotch, we pushed ourselves off one another hurriedly as the front door slammed and Michael started up the stairs.

“Hi, I’m home,” he said. I’m sure Kim and I looked startled and both of us were blushing as he continued, “Mom is just pulling into the driveway too. What’s for supper?”

My daughter rushed out and into her room. I told Mike I had just gotten home and would be down shortly eve gelen escort to scope out the fridge for dinner. He turned and went into his own room apparently not having noticed the compromising position Kim and I had been in when he came home. Slipping into a pair of sweatpants, I went downstairs to start our supper.

Carla, my wife, was just coming in the door. “Hello”, I said, passing her and continuing to the kitchen. My daughter and I did the bulk of the cooking so it was no surprise when my wife went up the stairs with just a muttered “hi”. Soon after I heard the shower come on.

It was a quiet dinner. Carla told us about her and her friend Claire’s adventures for the past few days They had gone to garage sales, flower exhibits, and tea parties. Only Mike looked like he believed her. Kim and I didn’t. Kim kept rolling her eyes whenever her mother wasn’t watching. Claire was newly separated and constantly celebrating her newfound independence. She had even come on to me a few times.

It was a quiet night. All four of us watched tv. Carla sat in the big chair and Mike sat on the floor between her legs. Kim and I were on opposite ends of the couch.

It was close to ten when Carla announced she was going to bed. She playfully kicked her son telling him to head upstairs too. Once they were gone, Kim and I met in the middle of the couch and started a very passionate make out session. There was some fondling but somewhat tamer than the night before. Kim rubbed my legs while I tickled her back.

Suddenly, there were footsteps on the stairs coming down and we were back at opposite ends of the couch. Her mother stuck her head down the stairs and suggested Kim head up to bed as well. Not arguing, Kim got up and went upstairs giving me a look that conveyed her reluctance.

Carla was still asleep when I got up in the morning. Just as I was getting out of the shower, Kim surprised me by walking into the bathroom. We weren’t a shy family and I often shared the bathroom with the two women. With just the towel covering me, Kim walked over to me and started drying my cock and balls.

“Good morning, Daddy.” A smile lit up her face. It was obvious she was enjoying herself as was my hardening prick.

“Good morning, daughter mine,” I responded. “Your mother is still in bed.”

“I heard her,” she answered. “I think she’s getting up.”

“Arrrrghhh”, I muttered.

“Maybe she’ll go away soon,” Kim said.

Carla said good morning as she passed the now open bathroom door. Finished drying and dressing, I went downstairs to the kitchen for a final cup of coffee before heading off to work. Carla was at the table reading the newspaper and drinking her cup of breakfast tea. She wasn’t a coffee drinker.

“What are your plans today?” I asked her.

I fought extremely hard to not look disappointed as Carla told me she was going to catch up on the housecleaning and laundry. Nothing was mentioned about her going away. Off to work I went.

I was relieved to not see Carla’s car in the driveway whe I returned home that night. And, as soon as I opened the front door, Kim was there to welcome me. Wearing gym shorts and a tube top, I was fixated on her sexy body. She quickly wrapped her arms around me and started grinding her pussy against my swiftly hardening cock. Our lips met and the passion in our kisses was amazingly uplifting.

Kim broke off the kiss and my lips tugged at her ear lobe and moved down to licking her neck. My hands were all over her ass, pulling and pushing her cheeks apart and together.

Without warning, we heard Carla’s car pull into the driveway. Pulling apart immediately, we went our separate ways casting wistful glances at one another. In my bedroom changing my clothes, Carla entered to tell me she had been shopping for new shoes for Mike and had brought home dinner from the fish & chip place we favoured.

We all watched TV and went to bed at the same time. Carla indicated she wanted sex from me but I claimed to be too tired. I really couldn’t remember the last time Carla and I had sex. And, it was just sex. We no longer made love as a husband and wife should.

The next night was very similar starting off. Carla was out but came home shortly after me, forcing Kim and I apart again. However, after dinner she told us she was having a migraine and was going to bed. That left the three of us, Kim, Mike, and I watching TV. It was just after 10 o’clock that Mike said he was going upstairs to his room to play a video game.

He couldn’t fatih escort have been in his room before Kim was sitting across my lap with her legs spread out the length of the couch. Before I had a chance to react, her lips were on mine and our tongues were wrestling again. While we made out, my hands were brushing the length of her legs. They were so smooth and inviting.

Kim was kissing me everywhere her tongue could reach. Nibbling on my earlobe just like I had done the day before. Running her tongue up and down my neck. My already hard cock only got harder. My travelling hands had finally reached my daughter’s thighs. She moaned into my mouth. Before we could move further, there was the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Kim almost leaped to the other end of the couch, landing just as Carla’s head poked around the corner to the rec room.

“What are you guys doing up?” she asked.

“Just watching the end of this show,” answered Kim.

“Why are you interested in a news show?” her mother asked. I thought I heard a suspicious tone in her voice. Probably just my imagination though.

“Daddy is interested in it and I’m just keeping him company,” said Kim, improvising a quick answer.

“You’d better get to bed, young lady. It’s a school night,” said Carla in her firm mother’s voice.

So ended another day of unresolved passion.

For once, the following morning, Carla joined me at the breakfast table. Ever the concerned husband, I asked her how she was feeling, whether her headache passed. Hah! She said it had and that her friend Claire invited her to an office function the following day. If I didn’t mind, she would head up that evening and stay for the weekend. Yaaaay! I fought hard not to grin as I told her that was fine with me.

I came home as early as I could escape from the office that evening. Wanting everyone to be in a good mood that night, I stopped to pick up pizza on the way home. Mike was out playing soccer with friends and Kim had already heard the news. She grinned at me and said, “She’s already gone. She won’t be back until Monday.”

A whole weekend without the bitch being around. Handing over the pizza, I said I would get changed and be right down. Kim gave me a quick peck on the lips and went into the kitchen. By the time I came back downstairs, Mike had come home and the two were anxiously eyeing the pizza box. We all got slices and moved to the living room to watch TV while we ate our dinner. We shared the events of the day and told jokes.

Kim asked if anyone wanted a soda and Mike and I both said yes. She climbed over my legs and I gave her a quick smack on the bum causing Mike and I both to laugh. After dinner, Mike asked if he could go to his friend’s house to check out a new video game he had just bought. There was not a second’s hesitation as I agreed and Mike was out the door.

Kim leaned over to me and gave me a long kiss. One a daughter was not supposed to give her father. “Let’s get changed, Daddy,” she said. “Put on your robe and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

We both hurried up to our bedrooms to get changed. Of course I was done first and stopped on my way downstairs in the kitchen for more soda. I was sure we would be building up a thirst. Hunger too so I grabbed the rest of the pizza and went downstairs.

I was waiting on the couch with my legs on the ottoman when Kim started down the stairs. Watching her long legs descend the stairs captivated me. She wasn’t wearing her regular sleeping panties I soon saw but a sexy looking pair of boy shorts. Her cheeks were hanging out and I took a deep breath. Again, she was wearing her cut off t-shirt.

In a moment, she was back to sitting on my lap with her legs stretched along the couch. We were soon kissing ever so fervently. Our tongues were dueling, her hands were on my chest, and I was rubbing her legs again. The kisses progressed to nips here and there followed by licks of our tongues everywhere they could reach. I so enjoyed Kim nibbling on my ear lobe.

My hands had progressed in their caresses of her legs as again I had reached her thighs. Moaning into my mouth, she spread her legs. I took the invitation and began to gently caress her pussy. My daughter was on fire.

Again, fate intervened with Mike returning home earlier than expected. Quickly, Kim jumped to the other end of the couch and curled her legs up underneath her. Calling up the stairs, I asked Mike why he was home already. His play with his buddy was interrupted by his parents deciding to go out for dinner halkalı anal yapan escort taking their son with them. I told him to go get changed and we could all watch a movie together.

Kim adjusted her position so her back was against the arm of the couch and her legs towards me. I threw the cuddling blanket across her and she pulled it up to her neck. Mike sat in the big chair when he came down. Turning the lights down low, we argued good naturedly about which movie we would see. Somehow, Mike won. It would keep him focused on the big screen for a couple hours anyway.

As the movie started playing, I shifted my right arm under the blanket covering Kimmy. In no time at all, I was rubbing her legs again, caressing them gently, using my nails scratching lightly to energize her skin. I slowly caressed from her ankles upwards, moving slowly upwards with her pussy as my goal.

The couch was long. Kim spread her legs wide allowing one to fall to the floor and making her moistening, I hoped, pussy available to my questing fingers. But it was too far from me. Kim was moaning quietly so Mike wouldn’t hear her and I stretched as close as I could to my daughter’s inviting pussy.

But, I couldn’t reach the vee between her legs. It was just too far away. In order to touch it, I would have to virtually lay down on my side and stretch my arm as far as I could. Or move more to the center of the couch. Mike would definitely notice that kind of positioning.

Sitting back up, there was no doubt my daughter could see the disappointed look on my face matching the one on hers. Taking matters into her own hands so to speak, she got up and turned herself around on the couch. Again, she covered herself with the blanket and lay her head on my stomach.

Knowing the process, I began to gently rub and lightly scratch her back. Moving so slowly as to not attract Mike’s attention, I rubbed from her shoulders down her back to the waistband of her boy shorts. I smiled to myself realizing I could reach further below her waist than the last time. My fingers trawled across the upper portions of her firm ass cheeks. Spreading them as widely as possible, I pushed her cheeks together and rubbed my index finger in the cleft between those cheeks. Rubbing and caressing my daughter’s ass was totally enthralling to me.

We continued the events throughout the movie. We had spent the better part of two hours going through these sexy motions. I had long added rubbing caressing her pussy lips ad rubbing Kim’s clit lightly through her panties. I was careful as I didn’t want her to get too excited or too loud.

As the credits rolled across the screen, Mike yawned and stretched. He announced he was going to play a video and go to bed. I urged him to take what was left of the pizza with him. No argument there.

As soon as we heard his footsteps above us, Kim moved so she could begin kissing me again. Her passion increased as I rubbed her thighs, palmed the cheeks of her ass and slid my fingers along the outer edges of her pussy. My daughter’s tits were almost in reach as well but they were crushed against my chest leaving only the sides of them free to caress.

Time seemed to stop as my daughter and I kissed and caressed each other. Kim startled me a little when she reached out and grasped my hard as steel cock and moved to rubbing and squeezing my balls. She stretched out, lying on her stomach and putting her beautiful ass in full view and reach of my wandering eyes and hands. I still couldn’t reach those firm tits of hers but I enjoyed her ass.

Kim moaned, “Daddeee” and continued with my cock. She tugged it upwards and rubbed it against her cheek. I could feel her breathing on it. It was fast becoming too much for me. Here I was a thirty something man and felt like a teenager trying to hold my cum in.

My daughter was stroking me faster and faster. She had to feel the cum gathering in my balls. She rubbed harder and stroked faster. My daughter was becoming quite good at making her father cum. And cum I did. And, once again, it was all over her face. Kim even aimed it so that the spurts hit directly on her face drizzling daddy’s cum across her cheeks and down to her lips.

I couldn’t stop my cum from spurting. Finally it ended but Kim kept rubbing forcing me into trembles and jerks. Letting me go, she rubbed her finger across her face and dipped it into her mouth. “I like your cum, Daddy,” she said. “I want more.

As I was leaning back and catching my breath, I was picturing making my daughter cum. My wandering thoughts were interrupted by Mike thundering down the stairs and into the kitchen. Soon, he was back in the rec room with his sister and I. “I can’t sleep. What’s on?” he asked.

Kim announced she was going to bed. She kissed me with those cum covered lips of hers and went upstairs hiding her face from her brother.

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