Subject: Moving in With My Son, Part 3 Moving in With My Son, Part Three ===================== My meeting with the potential business partner had gone well the night before. Really well, in fact. We had decided to move forward with the proposed idea and so dinner and some drinks turned into more celebratory drinks. I didn’t get so drunk that I lost all decorum or anything (this was a professional outing after all) but we both were feeling no pain and we ended up at some karaoke bar that probably wasn’t a place either of us would have gone if we were sober. He was a nice guy with a wife and three kids, one of his daughters was a lesbian so we bonded over having gay kids a little, among many other things. I stumbled home at about 1am and Kevin was watching TV in his briefs. Jake was tending bar tonight and wouldn’t be home for a while. I was in no shape to do anything but fall asleep so just said hey to Kevin, grabbed a glass of water and headed off to my room. Kevin just smiled and said “Thanks again for a fun afternoon, Tom”, referring to the crazy events of earlier that day. I smiled and mumbled, “Yeah Kev that was fun…I hope everything’s cool.’ “It definitely is,” he said. He smiled big and sweet and said “Get to bed, old man. You look like you’re about to pass out on your feet.” I feigned offense, laughed and then almost ran into the side of the doorway trying to enter my room. I shut the door, set the water on my night table, stripped off and then crashed out. I was probably asleep in about 2 minutes. The next morning I was pulled out of my slumber when I heard Jake’s voice. “Dad? Hey Dad? You okay?” My eyes forced themselves open and I saw my son standing over me, wearing some sweat shorts and looking a little amused. “Huh?” I said. “Jake? What time is it?” “It’s about 10:30. We’re supposed to go the park today and I just wanted to see if you were still up for that? Kevin said you were a little tossed last night when you got home and if you need to take it easy today it’s cool, I understand.” “No, son. We’re still gonna go” I mumbled as I cleared my dry throat. “Just gimme a little bit to finish shaking this off and to get cleaned up. I could use a nice day in the sun, actually, I’m not hung over or anything, just did some celebrating last night.” I started to get out of bed and realized that I had never even gotten under the sheets. I was laying naked on my stomach on top of the duvet. As I moved to a sitting position and grabbed my water for a swig, I noticed that not only did I have to pee like a racehorse, but I had good old fashioned morning wood, my cock rock hard and jutting out of my lap. Jake had been picking up my clothes from the floor and was tossing them in my closet. He turned around and looked at me and I saw his eyes get big. He smiled (but also looked a little nervous) and said “Whoa dad, did I interrupt a good dream? Sorry about that.” “Shut up, kid. Not like you’ve never see your old man with a piss boner before.” As I said that though, I realized that even when he used to live with me, we hadn’t shared a bathroom since he was 14 or so, since we had moved that year. So it probably had been quite a while since he’d seen me in that state. What the hell, I thought. We’re roommates now and this is how things are. I stood up and walked past him, my hard cock flopping back and forth. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Jake’s eyes didn’t leave my crotch, even as he said, “I’ll be ready whenever you are, and Kevin already made us some sandwiches to take. Lemme know when you’ve got yourself together.” “Yeah maybe like 30 minutes, buddy. Looking forward to a nice day.” I looked back at him and smiled, and then headed to take a shower. A bit later I was feeling much better, and Jake and I were strolling through the park, having just jumped off the Muni train that brought us there from our neighborhood. OUR neighborhood. It still seemed like such a new thing in some ways, to be living in San Francisco and living with my son. I hadn’t been to Golden Gate park in years and there were things that I had never even seen before. As we walked around, Jake showed me the buffalo pen — who knew there were buffalo living in the middle of the city? — and we walked by the some of the newly renovated museums that sat in the middle of the park. There was no shortage of things to talk about. Jake caught me up on how school was going and what his plans might be post-graduation. I talked about some of the struggles I’d had during my first week or so setting up the new office, and what I had coming up. After that subject wound down there was a pause and I said “How does Kevin like apprenticing at the restaurant?” Jake smiled and looked over at me and didn’t say anything for a minute. Then he just laughed and said, “You haven’t asked him yourself? Seems like you guys have, uh, been getting to know each other pretty well lately.” There it was. While I didn’t feel like there was anything heavy or unspoken hanging over our outing so far, I had definitely wondered if we were going to talk about this today. To be honest, I had hoped we would since I think it *would* have been weird to leave it unmentioned for days or weeks. “So he told you about yesterday, huh? He said he was going to.” I said while looking straight ahead. Even thought Kevin had assured me things would be cool, I was feeling a little nervous. “Yep.” Jake said. “Are you okay with all of that?” “Am I okay? Me? Shit, son. I’m still just worried if you’re okay with all of that. I mean…I had some crazy jerk off session with your boyfriend, Jake. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and you know I like Kevin a lot. But nothing like that’s ever happened before and… I don’t know. I don’t want things to be all fucked up between us. Any of us.” As I spoke I could hear my own worries coming to the surface, my voice wavering a little. I guess that was part of the reason I was so ready to get drunk last night, I probably wanted to avoid thinking about some of this. Because while Kevin had indeed told me that it wasn’t going to be an issue, I needed to hear that from Jake before I could really believe it. “Dad, look” Jake said. “I’m not going to pretend that it didn’t surprise me a little, and I guess it weirded me out for a second. But…it really is fine. Roommates jerk off together sometimes. Guys watch porn and like to have fun and all that. And yeah I guess the fact that he’s my boyfriend and you’re my dad should probably make things more complicated and … I dunno, fraught? But it’s not. We all agreed that we’re friends and roommates and we’re respectful and honest, right? So let’s just keep it that way.” I sighed in relief and felt myself relax a little bit as we kept walking. Jake started down a trail and I followed him, still quiet for a moment. “Yeah, we did say all that when I moved in, you’re right. I guess I’m just…I mean it’s not like Kevin and I had sex or anything like that, but jerking off with anyone is a pretty intimate thing. I haven’t known him that long and he’s your boyfriend, son. So I don’t want YOU to feel like any trust was violated or something. Am I even making sense?” He stopped, and because he did, so I did I. He turned to fully face me and said “Listen to yourself, dad. What you’re doing his being the same loving and caring man who’s watched out for me my whole life. Even now you’re saying that you’re more worried about how I’m feeling than your own feelings. And I’m telling you now, it’s fine.” And then he stopped up and gave me a great big hug. Which I hand’t been expecting at all. At that moment I knew it really was alright, and hugged him back tight. I swear that little shit was gonna make me cry or something. A few seconds of having flashbacks to the million other hugs we’ve had since he was little, and that was all it took to make me a little misty. So like a good American male, I countered all that emotion with a firm slap on his back and a final tight squeeze. And then I pulled away and said, “Ok then, enough of that or you’re gonna get me all sentimental. Let’s find a spot to eat those sandwiches, huh? I haven’t had breakfast or anything.” Jake grinned his perfect smile and said “Yeah I was thinking the same thing. There’s a good spot right up this way.” We walked a few more minutes and came to a beautiful little meadow nestled among some trees. A couple other guys were also having a picnic lunch at the far end, and we spread out our little blanket and sat down. Jake took off his shirt and made a comment about getting a little sun while he could. I figured I could use some color myself and did the same, and soon we were both nibbling on our sandwiches, sipping water and enjoying a quiet moment together. There was something I’d been wondering about and I figured I might as well bring it up Jake since we had this moment together. “So I don’t want to pry into any place where I’m not welcome, but can I ask about your and Kevin’s relationship? I mean, obviously you guys are serious, but are you…exclusive? You’ve both made a couple comments since I moved in and I’m just curious. Do you guys have an open relationship or something?” Jake looked slightly amused at my question and I could tell he was trying to figure out how to start the answer. “I guess I’m not sure what term I would use. We’re not polyamorous or anything like that. Neither of us are interested in dating anyone else or having some other set of partners hanging around. But…we’re also both still pretty young and horny.” We both laughed at that. “Early on Kevin and I talked and found that we were both okay with the other one having fun with other guys. Or in Kevin’s case, the occasional girl.” Jake rolled his eyes a little at that, which was funny. Clearly it was only Kevin who was interested in both sides of the field. “Now and then we like to find a guy together and have a hot 3-way. That’s always my favorite thing to do. We’ve had some really hot times actually. Maybe one of us brings someone home, or we’re both out and pick up some stud who’s into both of us. But I also like hearing about what Kevin does on his own.” “You never get jealous?” I asked. “Maybe when he’s with a guy who I would have also liked to do.” escort bayan he said with a half-laugh. “But not in the sense that I feel like some part of Kevin is being taken away from me. And he’s said he feels the same way. The important part is that we talk about it and keep the communication open and honest.” I was pretty amazed to hear my son talking like this. And I also felt proud. I don’t think I had the emotional maturity at 21 to be in a relationship like that. I was a pretty sexually liberal guy in general and had certainly had a few hot 3-ways in my life, but once I was serious about someone I was definitely a one-woman man. And while I was never some crazy asshole about it, I had been jealous in the past when seeing a guy flirting with my wife or girlfriend. “I’m impressed with both of you, Jake. You should be proud of your relationship and how you have that level of honesty. It’s hard to find that. You guys are really a good match.” I said. “Yeah, I know. And thanks for saying that, dad.” “So where do you go to find other guys?” I asked, really curious about how all this worked. Jake shrugged. “I mean, wherever. The same places you’d go if you were single. Sometimes a bar or a club or just walking down the street. Sometimes one of us will get on Grindr or another one of those apps. Just depends. I meet plenty of guys at work who are interested…” After he said that, he got an odd look on his face and looked down at the ground for a second. Then he paused and looked at me with a teasing grin. “Clearly all Kevin has to do is go across the hallway in our own apartment.” I laughed but also felt myself turning bright red. “Oh come on…are you saying I’m that easy?” I teased back. “You wouldn’t be the first straight guy Kevin’s charmed into a jerk off session,” Jake answered back. “Actually when he was telling me about that, I admit that was one time where I did feel a little jealous.” “What do you mean?” I said, honestly not sure. “Like jealous of me jerking off with him?” “No, you dork…” Jake replied. “I was jealous of Kevin getting to jerk off with YOU. I kind of always wanted to do that with you.” I wasn’t sure what to say back, since I was surprised to hear that. But maybe I shouldn’t have been. When Jake was growing up, we had never been shy about being nude around each other, in the house in the mornings, or at the gym, or really any time, but it wasn’t like we hung out at home in our underwear or even naked, like we had been now since I moved in. But back then we’d certainly had our share of catching one another jerking off. It had always seemed accidental, and for sure was on my part. But thinking back, I now remembered several instances when it seemed like Jake could have been way more careful about things if he wanted to keep it private. Several times — maybe more than several, thinking about how it added up over his teen years — I had come home from work at my regular time and he’d been buck naked on the living room sofa, pounding it out. Sometimes with his clunky old laptop next to him, or maybe with some porn on the TV (I had allowed him to order a few DVDs after he became sexually active, figuring what the hell). But sometimes he’d just be laying there with his eyes closed, playing with his cut cock. Slicked up with lube or even just dry and natural. At the time I always wrote it off to careless youth and him losing track of time. And frankly it was nice to find him doing it without porn, I had always tried to instill the idea that you should be fine with nothing but your own imagination. But now I wondered if he had meant for me to catch him? And…if maybe he had hoped I would join him and have a session together? And certainly there had been a few times that seemed a little more intense and “unusually accidental”. Once I had come home from a night out, not too late but I also hadn’t said I would be home at a specific time. Jake was 16 or 17 at this time. I’d come in and walked back to my bedroom, thinking Jake was probably in bed. Turned out he was, but not in his bed. I entered my room and found him on his back, on my bed with one of his DVDs playing on the TV I had in there. He was not only jerking off, but his legs were spread wide, knees bent, and he was using the dildo I had bought him, one hand on his cock and the other one working the molded penis into his ass. I remember that all of him, down there, was super shiny and slicked up with lube. His cock, his hands, his smooth balls and of course his hole and the dildo. At the point I came in he was clearly right at the edge and was working the dildo into himself pretty intently, getting almost all the way in and then pulling it mostly out again, nailing himself pretty hard. I say he was right at the edge because about 5 seconds after I came into my room and caught him, he looked right at me and then started shooting his load all over himself. I figured he would have been a little embarrassed at being caught like that and stopped, if not for being past the point of no return. He had kept working both his cock and his hole, moaning loudly as the spurts of teen cum covered his chest and stomach. I remember that even while shocked to be seeing the whole scene, I also had been impressed at the size of both his erection and his load. Your cock’s always the most engorged at that final moment, and while I had seen him hard previous times catching him, or even with morning wood now and then, it was then I realize that like me he was definitely above average in that department. And damn, I swear he had produced at least a quarter cup of jizz by the time his orgasm subsided and he collapsed back on my bed. After that initial moment of shocked eye content, he had closed his eyes and lost himself in the moment. But then he took a deep breath and opened them again and looked at me. I had been so shocked I had basically just stood there for the 45 seconds or so that it took him to climax and come down from it. I expected him to freak out a little in embarrassment at this point, but he totally didn’t. In a sleepy and almost slurred voice he just said “Oh shit…hey dad. I, uh…I didn’t think you’d be home yet. Sorry I’m in here, but I wanted to lay down and enjoy myself with the DVD and the couch just wasn’t cutting it. I’ll get out of your way.” “it’s,’s cool” I had said, not really sure just how to respond. Should I be mad?, I remember thinking. I didn’t really have a reason to be. It’s not like my room was off limits to him or anything like that, and he had even been courteous enough to lay out a big towel, so there wouldn’t be lube all over my bedspread. “Maybe you need to get a TV of your own for Christmas this year” I joked, hoping to relieve any awkwardness, though it was clear I was the only one feeling slightly awkward about what had just happened. I proceeded to hang up my coat and take off my shoes, if only to have something to do besides stand there and stare at my lube and cum-covered son laying on my bed. Jake proceeded to slowly remove the dildo from his ass, which resulted in a small “pop” sound when the head finally came free. I recall being slightly fascinated at how his hole remained open for a moment after, at the shiny wetness and darkness of it before it closed back up. I even saw Jake slide his other hand close and move some fingers around to feel the lip of his hole a little as it contracted back, and he let out a little moan as his fingers teased at the edge. The `gaping asshole shot’ was a favorite of mine, both in the (straight) anal porn I watched and in real life when I’d pull out of a hot chick’s ass myself. So it felt…odd…to be observing the same thing but on my own son’s body just a few feet away from me. I remember seeing that and then looking back up at his face and noticing that he was looking right at me again. Not embarrassed, just staring at me as he started to stand up. I proceeded to pull off my shirt and head toward my bathroom area to toss it in the hamper. I myself was starting to feel slightly embarrassed about the whole situation, and maybe a little by the fact that I had been staring at his hole for a moment. Jake started to gather up his things — the towel, the dildo and the small bottle of lube. As I took off my socks and pants near my sink, I remember being surprised that he wasn’t using the towel to wipe off the substantial amount of cum running down his torso. He didn’t seem bothered at all that it was still covering him. I also noticed his erection hadn’t gone down one bit. Oh to be a teenager again!, I remember thinking to myself. Jake slowly walked closer to me — he had to since my bedroom door was right there by the entrance to my bathroom — and stopped right in front of me. I just stood there in my briefs, while he was about a foot away, holding his gear and dripping with jizz, hard as a rock. He seemed totally calm and cool and just looked me right in the eye and said, “Goodnight dad. See you in the morning.” Then he smiled his cute little half smile and headed off to his room, not even closing the door behind him. I remember just shaking my head in disbelief at the whole situation. I threw on some sweat shorts and went to the kitchen to get myself some water before I turned in myself. That’s when I noticed that my bottle of whiskey was out on the counter, definitely not where I had left it a few days before, the last time I had poured myself a glass. Suddenly things had clicked for me at the time — Jake’s uber-relaxed demeanor, slightly slurry speech and his complete lack of inhibition about the whole scenario. The next day, while we didn’t directly discuss that he had been masturbating, I made it pretty clear that it wasn’t cool for him to be drinking alone at home. It was less about his age or the legality and more about me being able to trust him to be responsible. He said he understood and promised not to do it again. Coming out of my brief sun-soaked reverie in the park with Jake now, I saw that whole memory in a new light. Jake had always wanted to jerk off with me? Maybe all those times when I “caught” him at home, he was doing that on purpose and hoping I would join him? And maybe that night when I found him on my bed, the whiskey tuzla genç escort wasn’t just a teenager home alone, but also some liquid courage? Crazy. Was I clueless for not catching on? And if I had…would I have joined him in a jerk off session? It wasn’t difficult to imagine it now, given our recent lack of inhibitions with one another as roommates, and certainly after what had happened with Kevin yesterday. But back then? I wonder. I realized that in the few seconds that I had been thinking back on all of this, a weird silence had settled on the conversation. I felt a little bad, suddenly. My son had just told me that he’d always wanted to jerk off with me and I had said nothing in response. But what was the right response to that statement? Before I could figure out what to say, Jake started talking again and didn’t seem any worse for the wear, or to regret what he had just said. “So anyway dad, you asked me about mine and Kevin’s relationship and you got the answer. So now I have a question for you.” “Uh, sure.” I said, secretly relieved that I didn’t have to come up with a follow-up to Jake’s admission, at least not right now. “You know I’m an open book, buddy.” “So you were always cool with gay stuff and me being gay and all that, and I know you always had gay friends, but I never really thought you were into anything but women yourself.” He said, ending it with a slight questioning tone. I shrugged a little and said “Yeah that’s pretty accurate, son. You know I don’t have many hang ups about people’s sex lives, but it’s always been about the ladies for me personally.” “Ok”, he said. “So then what was the deal with yesterday? I mean I know jerking off with a buddy is something that guys do sometimes, no big deal. But Kevin said you didn’t have any trouble standing up and shooting your load all over him. Which, dad…I gotta admit that was fucking HOT to hear about.” His face got a little mischievous and I noticed he subtly adjusted his crotch. In his tight little shorts I could see he was probably slightly hard. “You gotta acknowledge, dad…shooting your load on another dude is kinda gay.” I laughed out loud at that, and was glad that there didn’t seem to be an weirdness in the air — either about what Jake had said just a few minutes before or about what had gone down with me and Kevin. “Yes. Yes, son. you’re right, it is kinda gay. And it’s also not something I’ve ever done before, to be honest. I don’t know, I guess it was just the heat of the moment. Kevin’s also very…charismatic. He had kind of taken charge of the whole situation and I was maybe just along for the ride. I’ll be honest, I have a little bit of a sub side that comes out now and then with the right woman. And in the moment I guess Kevin tapped into that a little bit. And I guess it also turned me on in a way. Not like looking at him or even the idea of cumming on him, but more like…knowing that he was turned on by it got me kind of turned on too. You know? He was real adamant that it was what he wanted and needed right at that moment.” Jake was nodding and I noticed his hand was back near his crotch again. “Yeah”, he said. “I know exactly what you mean. I really love it sometimes when Kevin takes control and even gets a little selfish like that. Seeing him do it with other guys is hot too.” There was a pause and Jake and I just looked at each other. We were both starting to get a little sweaty in the sun, even with a cool breeze coming off the ocean that was only about half a mile away. “So did you ever do any gay stuff with your college buddies, or anyone else, dad?” Jake asked. It was a question that, perhaps surprisingly, he had never asked me before. “No, son.” I replied. “Well, I mean…not really. Just a few moments I guess. But not really anything…” “Tell me.” He interrupted sternly. “I want to hear about it.” I noticed that he was clearly more erect now in his shorts. I admit I was a little chubbed myself after thinking about the hot scene yesterday and maybe just from the heat and general tone of the current conversation. “Well, okay,” I began. “So you know I had two roommates, Max and Jose. Max was straight and he and I would often go out to the bars and clubs to pick up chicks. Sometimes Jose would come along too — he could always suss out the gay or bi guys out at the clubs — but this one weekend he was out of town so it was just Max and I. So we were at some dance club and both kinda striking out. We were getting more drinks and this really hot girl came up to the bar. Max or I — honestly I can’t recall who — offered to buy her a drink. She said yes and started talking to us. We all hit it off pretty quick and had another round of drinks. After that she had us follow her out onto the dance floor. We were like puppies, she was so fucking hot. In this little back strapless dress, perfect tits, round ass…and she really knew how to dance and look sexy.” I was starting to get my own boner in my shorts, thinking back on this hot memory. “So we were out on the dance floor”, I continued, “and just really going at it. She was in between us and we were both pressed right up on her, grinding to the music and really enjoying it. We were all fairly drunk as well, which helped of course. But it was hot…I was rock hard and grinding into her. Both her crotch and her ass, since she kept turning around and alternating facing Max and I as we danced.” “Mmmm” I heard Jake say, and saw him nod a little. “I know that spot…I fucking love being the middle of a dance floor sandwich with two hot guys.” He was now openly groping his boner through his shorts. I was surprised at how turned on he was getting by the story already, though I guess given the question that prompted it he was anticipating something juicy coming. I was fully hard myself, now seeing that my story was getting him worked up, and while my own erection was probably apparent to Jake if he were to look, I didn’t feel the need to take my hand to it at the moment. I continued to recount that Saturday night from my past. “After some more dancing we took a break and she just came out and asked if one of us lived close. We told her that we were roommates and lived only a few blocks away. I remember her eyes lit up and she said `Perfect’ and soon enough we were stumbling back to our house. At that point it was pretty clear that we were in for a three-way and I know I was pretty excited about it. I had never had a `one girl, two guys’ three-way at that point, and had only had two instances of the other kind. So it was a pretty charged scene, for all of us I think. She was clearly comfortable with the whole idea and was taking the lead, which worked fine for us two horned up college boys. We ended up in Max’s bedroom and before we knew it we were all naked on the bed. We tried out a lot of different positions that night and it was probably one of the hotter experiences of my whole life, I have to say. This girl was confident and knew what she liked, and Max and I were only too happy to oblige. Once we got to the point of both being inside her, it was pretty intense. Me in her ass and Max in her pussy, all just going at it hard.” I noticed that Jake had moved his hand from outside his shorts to inside at this point, and I wondered if he was trying to get his wish about jerking off with me, right here in the park. I was a little alarmed about where this might be going, with us out in the open and everything. I had no trouble indulging my exhibitionist tendencies most of the time, but I didn’t want us to get cited for indecent exposure. I took a quick look around, and there was still no one else except the two guys at the far side of the meadow. But after a double take I noticed…shit, one of them was jerking the other one off as they were laying on their blanket and making out. I could see the one guy’s hard cock coming out of the fly of his pants, the other one stroking it slowly and sensually. So this was “that kind of place” I guess. Jake knew his city. And, I suddenly realized, he probably had this planned to some degree before we even left the house. That little fucker! I proceeded to continue telling him the story, knowing he would like what came next. “So we had a hot DP going and all of a sudden she came quick and hard. She moaned loud and we both felt her clench on our cocks, but neither of us were there with her yet. She kept writhing and we kept fucking her as she purred like a kitten and kissed Max on the mouth. She started to pull off of us both and the three of us kind of fell back on the bed together. I was afraid we were done and was kinda bummed that I hand’t cum yet, but the whole scene was still hot, and so was she, so I wasn’t gonna stress about it. Max and I were both still idly stroking our hard cocks, wet from her holes, as we both nuzzled up to her and she got a big smile on her gorgeous face. She said something like `Don’t worry boys, I can keep going but I just need a minute to catch my breath.’ Then she looked at us and got out from in between us, and move to the far and of the bed and sat facing us with her legs spread, and started fingering herself and playing with her clit. She told us that we should `entertain ourselves a little’ while she got ready for us to fuck her again. I thought she just meant that we should keep stroking ourselves and keep our juices flowing. But then she surprised me by suggesting that Max and I should make out and stroke each other.” “Oh fuck” Jake said, and he clearly was doubling down on stroking his cock. “I can’t fucking believe this” he said, and I saw him undo the button on his shorts. As he slid them down his legs a little and let his cock see the sun, he also said “Take yours out too, dad. This spot’s cool, you don’t have to worry. And I can see you’re hard under there too. Let’s do it. And jesus, keep telling me what happened.” I figure I would just go with it, but told my son “Don’t cum till I finish the story Jake, it might not end when you think it does”. As I spoke I undid my own shorts and pulled out my cock, which was now fully hard from the story, the public setting, knowing that Jake was turned on, and just the whole scenario. Jake didn’t say anything tuzla kendi evi olan escort but I noticed his eyes were locked on my erection, “I think Max and I were a little shocked at first” I continued. “Neither of us had done anything like that before, or at least with each other. Showing off our boners and jerking off together was one thing but what she was suggesting was taking it to a new place. But…I’ll be honest Jake, we were both still pretty drunk and definitely super horny, and we both wanted to get back inside this hot chick and finish off. She saw our hesitation and added that she’d be `extra turned on’ if she could just watch us play around with each other for a few minutes. Max and I looked at each other again and then he moved closer to me and leaned in and we started making out. It was…it was hot, just because if was new and different and taboo and all that.” “We were kissing and I felt his tongue enter my mouth and we got really into it. She didn’t even have to encourage us again to reach out and grab each others’ cocks, it just felt natural to do it. So fuck, there I was making out with my straight roommate on his bed, and we were both stroking each other and really getting into it. It was fucking crazy, and this hot girl was sitting right there playing with herself and moaning and egging us on, saying shit like `yeah boys you look so hot’ and `keep feeling your cocks like that’. That went on for a few minutes and then she had herself worked up again and slinked her way in between us. After that, the three-way was even hotter, Jake, in a way I never thought it could be. Since Max and I had crossed a line already, I found my hands on his body way more than before, rubbing his back or on the back of his head, or on his ass…Max had a nice ass, i remember. Then all of us got into this three-person kiss which was…damn it was truly something else, Like nothing else I’ve done before or since really. I’ve kissed two girls at once during a three-way but even that was sort of a back and forth thing. This was really all three of us together, lips and tongues and…mmmmm it’s making me harder just remembering it now.” “Dad…uhhhh. Fuck your cock looks so big right now. And I am so fucking horny listening to this,” Jake said, a little breathlessly. “It’s so hot that you and Max were making out for this chick and getting all into each other.” “I love that it’s turning you on so much, son. Your cock looks pretty hot too, a lot like mine. Lemme finish the story and then I wanna see you cum, boy.” Jake just closed his eyes for a second and I heard him say, almost in a whisper, “Oh fuck”. I hoped I wasn’t crossing a line with him here, but he seemed to be pretty into it so I wasn’t worried. “So we worked both of our cocks back inside her and started right back into thrusting and writhing. She seemed even more into it then before and pretty soon we were all close. It was intense and we all came within about 20 seconds of one another. Whole lotta moaning and shouting from that bed. We all passed out pretty quick after that. Max and I woke up later in the bed alone, she had shown herself out, I guess after getting what she wanted…heh. And no, we never saw her again, Jake…which fucking bummed us out. Neither of us had gotten her number and she never showed up at that club again. But here’s the part I bet you’ll like. “So on Sunday nights, me, Max and Jose usually had our `roommate night’ and it’s when we’d hang out and drink and talk about who we banged over the weekend and all that shit. We were all such players and at least one of us would usually have some hot story to tell. And Jake…often we’d end up jerking off after having a few drinks and talking dirty. Sometimes we’d toss a porn on the TV, but just as often not. And it became our Sunday night tradition. Circle J Sundays, we started called it. So that Sunday, Jose got back from his trip, visiting his parents or something. He hadn’t had any action that weekend so he was ready to hear about what Max and I got up to. We were all hanging out in our underwear and starting to get drunk, and Max and I traded off telling parts of the story. When we got to the part where the chick had us making out, Jose interrupted us and started yelling a little. It sounded like he was really mad at first, and we realized it was just an act, but I think he actually was a little pissed. He kept saying that `it wasn’t fucking fair’ and how the one weekend he’s gone, his hot roommates `get up to gay shit’ without him. We eventually were all laughing about it but could tell Jose was a little put off and also turned on. Not just by the boner in his briefs but also how he kept asking us questions about the details. “Finally he said he’d had enough and that he needed to even the score. I wasn’t sure what he meant at first. But he went on to say that we were all best friends, the three of us, and now things were out of whack. And that since he was `the gay one’ anyway he should get to kiss both of us too. I know it sounds funny but the way explained it then, plus with us all being drunk, it made some kind of sense at the time. So right then and there Jose proceeded to climb on top of me and we made out for a few minutes, with Max sitting right next to me on the couch. There wasn’t a lot of touching or groping, just some intense kissing and tongue play. I think Jose had his hands in his own briefs the whole time…at least he did when he pulled off of me and moved over to lock lips with Max. They kissed the same way for a few minutes and then Jose collapsed back into his chair, out of breath and hard as a rock, his cock fully out of his briefs by that point. `Fuck, boys’, I remember him saying. `That was nice and just what I needed. Now you show me how you did it.’ Max and I laughed and then — cuz what the hell — we kissed for a bit so Jose could see. “Jose beat off watching us and shot his load right then, and so Max and I pulled apart and started whacking our own cocks to catch up. Most of those Circle J Sundays we’d always try to cum right around the same time, it was just kind of how we did things.” “Dad, fuck, I’m gonna cum right now. Uhhhh”, Jake cried out, and I guess he really couldn’t stop himself because a few seconds later he started coating his tanned stomach with a nice thick load. It didn’t spray out all over like Kevin’s had the day before, it was more like it was bursting out of his swollen cockhead like a toothpaste from a tube, and there was actually quite a bit of it. “Damn Jake, that’s a big load, son” I said, near the edge myself. I happened to glance over at the guys across the meadow and I saw that one was going down on the other one. I could see that the one getting blown was looking our way with obvious interest as his partner deep throated his cock. I looked back at Jake as he was slowing down his own strokes and saw that his eyes were locked on my cock (again) as I sped up my strokes. Everything came up together for me right then — the story I had told, knowing that Jake was tuned on looking at me, and that those other guys were watching us, and that someone else could walk by at any moment and find me jacking off (with my own son!) — that all sent me over and I let loose with my own torrent of cum, which made it up to my chest and got all over my stomach as well. Jake watched every second of it and kept playing with his own cock even as it was starting to soften. “Holy shit, dad, that was hot!” he finally exclaimed when we both had had a moment to recover. “I mean everything. That story — jeez. And jerking off in front of you like that. And seeing you cum.” “That was really nice, Jake, yeah. I’m glad you like the story.” I said. I tossed him some napkins and we both cleaned ourselves up a little bit. “So I gotta ask” Jake said, and I was pretty sure what the question was going to be. “Did you guys ever do stuff like that again? Make out or anything more? You and Max? Or you and Jose?” “Well, sorry to disappoint you, son” I replied, “but we actually didn’t. I know we all felt a little closer after that, and we were probably a little more touchy-feely with one another, but it was really in a brotherly male-bonding kind of way. There was nothing awkward about it, and I remember occasionally we’d joke about it as a crazy story or memory. `Remember that time the three if us got drunk and made out’ and shit. And Max and I sometimes joked with one another about our `bi weekend’ and the hot chick who had us doing whatever she wanted. But no, nothing like that ever happened again.” “Too bad, dad. But then again I’m not sure if I could take it” Jake said as he stood up and fastened his shorts. “I’ve already got plenty of new material in the spank bank just from hearing about this one time.” “Well, now you don’t have to be jealous of Kevin anymore, son. Hope it’s not too weird for you that we jerked off together just now.” I said, knowing it wasn’t weird for him at all. “No way, dad. In fact…maybe we can start up Circle J Sundays again at our place?” he said with a wide grin and mischievous tone. “You dirty fucker” I said, and pulled him into a half hug. “We’ll have to see about that, I guess.” Our warm and semi-hairy chests pressed up against one another felt nice on the sunny afternoon. I think a little leftover cum I missed got onto Jake’s chest but I wasn’t going to worry about it. We gathered started walking back, reluctantly pulling on our shirts somewhere along the way. “You’ve got work tonight, right, buddy?” I asked as we neared the edge of the park. “Yeah…” Jake replied, sounding almost sad, but also unsure of himself. “What’s wrong, son?” I asked, feeling a little concerned. “I thought you loved the bartending job. And you said it pays well. You having a rough time there?” “No, it’s just….” Jake said, pausing and sounding frustrated. “We’re being so honest with each other and I’ve been feeling really weird about this, so I just need to tell you about something, Dad.” We stopped walking and he looked at me with an apologetic and sincere look. “I do tend bar, but…that’s not all I do that that place.” ================= Ready for more? Did this most recent part make you cum? Sorry it took so long to get Tom and Jake having some fun together, but I hope it was worth the wait. Still more to come, as hopefully the ending of this part teases. 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