Moving into a New Town

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This was my third new city in the last ten years. It seemed like every time I got comfortable in a city I got transferred to a new location to try and sort out the issues at the office in the new location. It was a challenging job to lean the ins and outs of the office and the people there, and learn a new city and culture at the same time. Having just spent a two and half year stint in Philly sorting out a Bank of America processing center, getting sent to the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as rural Missouri, I was faced with a whole new set of challenges.

The first think I learned a long time ago was to find the closest grocery store followed by the closest big box home improvement center, in this case a Lowes store. I used the GPS mounted on the handlebars of my V-Star classic to get me there to pick up a few packages of command strip hangers. I loved riding, especially on warm summer days. Although today seemed to be just a bit warmer than I preferred, the temp pushing ninety five degrees. With the heat I left my full face helmet strapped to the small pack and used my silver skull cap helmet on the way over. I’d have taken the full face off and left it home if it hadn’t been for the growing clouds and the forecast for scattered thunder storms. Riding a motorcycle in the pouring rain with an open face helmet was just plain painful!

I was just stuffing the bag of hangers into the saddle bags when the lady walking down the parking lot aisle behind me walked around to the driver’s door of the car parked next to my bike.

“Nice ride!” She said politely as she stood next to her car with the back door open, depositing her bags onto the seat.

I turned to look over at her, and realized that it was the same lady that I had been admiring in the store as she bent to pick up something she had dropped at the register adjacent to mine. The light weight cream colored jumper she was wearing was pretty short, and pulled up even shorter as she bent over. “Hi. Thanks!” I answered, taking another quick survey of the curves encased in the lightweight dress.

“So what size is it? Seven-fifty?” She asked, stepping away from the car and closing the door.

“Six-fifty.” I answered as walked around my mother of pearl and green cruiser.

“Pretty nice bike. Sits nice and low, I bet it cuts the turns pretty nice.” She said.

“Yeah. A lot more comfortable ride than one of those racing bikes. Those things tear up my back.” I said as I stood holding my helmet and watching her eye my bike.

“Been a long time since I had a chance to ride on one. My husband used to have one but we got rid of it when the kids came.” She told me as she continued to walk around my bike, playing with the end of one of the strings that held the stretchy top of her dress up so it wouldn’t slide down over her fairly large breasts.

“Sorry to hear that.” I answered. “Too bad you’re wearing a dress; I might have given you a quick ride.” I said jokingly as I eyed the short dress, the sunshine showing through the thin material and giving me a tiny glimpse of her profile under it. I wished I could see more of her breasts, but the frilly ruffle attached to the stretchy top covered her breasts and prevented a closer inspection.

“Really?” She asked in surprise, looking up at me.

“Sure. Not all that sure where to ride around here, but yeah, I’d take you for a quick spin.” I answered with a shrug.

“Don’t know where to ride? Why not?”

“Just moved in yesterday. If it weren’t for my GPS I wouldn’t even be able to find my way back to my rental house.” I said with a chuckle. “More than likely I’d head down a road here and end up in the next state!”

“Oh, I doubt that. Seems like you have things pretty well under control.” She said as she walked up next to me and stood looking down at my bike. I wondered what she was thinking as we stood there silently for almost two minutes before she spoke again. “You know. You should go out five bridges road. That would be a sweet road for a bike ride.”

“Five bridges? Where’s that?”

“Up north of town a little ways. It’s called five bridges because it crosses the creek five times. The real name is Blacket road.” She said looking over at me.

“Blacket road huh? I might have to check it out.” I said.

“I see two helmets, you got someone you ride with?” She asked.

“Me? No. I just don’t like riding in the rain without a face shield. No, I don’t have anyone riding with me.”

“Really?” She said looking over at me in surprise. “That’s too bad.”

“Well, I really should get back to the house and start unpacking boxes.” I said as I started putting on my helmet.

“Unpacking? That doesn’t sound nearly as much fun as taking a ride down a curvy highway. You should go check out Blacket road first.”

“Yeah. Well. Maybe if you were being my tour guide.” I answered jokingly as I buckled the strap on my helmet.

“You mean you’d go if I were showing you?” She asked, her eyebrows raised as she looked a little sideways at me.

“Sure, why not. You sitting on the güvenilir bahis back in that short little dress? I’d be crazy not to.” I laughed. “But we both know it’s only a sweet idea.”

“Well, it is a sweet idea. Just think. The wind blowing up my dress as we rode down the highway? Yeah. I bet you would like that!”

“Yeah. You never know, a stranger like me? I might end up playing with that naked leg.” I joked.

“Ohhh? Are you a leg man?”

“Actually I’m a bit of a breast man, but I pretty much enjoy naked legs, butts or breasts. Pretty much naked anything.” I answered with a laugh.

“Really? You’d take advantage of such a situation?” She asked almost shyly.

“Well, you have to admit, any woman getting on a motorcycle wearing an outfit like that has to expect a man to explore a little.” I said, pointing to the short dress.

“Well, not every woman that wears a short dress is easy you know.”

“I’m quite sure you’re anything but easy.” I answered her.

“You know, I was actually thinking about showing you that road, but now….I’m not at all sure I can trust you to keep your hands to yourself.”

“Who ever said you could in the first place?” I asked with a laugh, knowing full well that this was going nowhere, but having fun with it none the less.

“Well, a woman likes to know if she can expect to be molested, teased or just enticed and then left unfulfilled. I’m not at all sure which to expect from you.”

“Well, a guy hates to be too predictable. I guess you’d just have to wait and find out.” I said as I swung my leg over my bike.

“Well maybe I will.” She answered, reaching for the helmet on the back of my bike.

“Will what?”

“Will have to find out.” She said with a laugh. “You were inviting me, weren’t you?”

“I guess I was.” I answered, standing up and leaning forward to allow her to step across the bike behind me.

She reached down and flicked the back foot pegs down and stood astride the bike behind me. “So, you going to take the bike off the stand so I can sit down?”

“I guess so.” I answered, twisting myself back toward the handlebars and grabbing the grips. I hoisted the bike off its side stand and balanced it upright, feeling it settle between my legs as she sat down on the tiny rear seat. I sat down on the seat and looked down under my right arm at her bare knee, splayed outward several inches from my hip, her foot tucked back under her and her high heel shoe hooked on the rear peg.

“Well, you point and I’ll drive.” I said as I settled back slightly and hit the starter button.

“Sounds good to me!” She shouted through the full face helmet, her hands closing around my waist. “Take a right at the exit.”

“You got it.” I answered, kicking the bike in gear and easing the clutch out. I drove across the parking lot and turned right at the stop light onto a little two lane highway. Half a mile later I was passing the city limits and driving out into the countryside. I could feel her legs pressing against my hips, and her hands squeezing my waist as the wind whipped around us, the windshield of the bike blocking the bulk of the air, leaving only the swirling vortices to ruffle and blow our clothing. I could only imagine what it looked like, how far the wind had pushed her skirt up, probably exposing her bare leg all the way to her thigh. I wondered if anyone looking could see her panties as we rode along.

I had to admit I was getting quite a hardon as I drove, picturing in my mind how her flapping dress must look. The image was jerked from my mind as I felt her large round tits press into my back, her helmeted head leaning close to mine to shout that I was to turn at the next road.

I slowed down and made the next left turn, leaving the wide two lane highway for a much narrower two lane road asphalt road that had only tall weeds for its shoulder before even they disappeared into low brush and tall oaks who’s branches reached out for sunlight, leaning over the road to create a broken umbrella of green leaves. Even in the first half mile I could see why the road was considered fun to drive, the gray black asphalt twisting and turning with barely a straight section between the curves. I leaned the bike steeply as I wove back and forth on turns that varied from long sweeping curves to tight little s’s. I had to hold my concentration on my driving at the speeds I was going even though she was doing her best to pull that attention away.

We were only a couple miles down the road when we crossed the first bridge, an old iron bridge spanning a freely flowing creek about thirty feet or so wide. Over the years the water had cut the channel deep into the rocks and ground so that the surface of the water was nearly as far below the bridge as the creek was wide. After we crossed the creek on one of the longest straight stretches we had so far found, I felt her lean forward again, her tits pressing into my back and her hands sliding around so her arms wrapped around my abdomen.

“Having fun?” She shouted through the helmet.

“Oh yeah!” türkçe bahis I answered back as I leaned us into the next twisting curve.

I couldn’t hear her answer, but rather felt it as her right hand slid down from where it was wrapped around me to rest on the bulge in my shorts. She squeezed and massaged it inside my shorts for several sweeping turns before I felt her hand start tugging at the belt buckle. It didn’t take too many more curves before she had my belt open and the front of my shorts open, digging into them and my underwear to work my hard cock out.

“Holly shit!” I muttered to myself as she wrapped her hand around my fat cock and began to slowly stroke it while I drove along the twisting road. By the time we crossed the second bridge over the creek she had both hands sliding and twisting up and down my shaft as I drove, her right hand occasionally sliding all the way up over my mushroom head to collect the precum that was oozing out to lubricate her hands.

“Slow down up here!” I heard her shout as I slowed down for a particularly tight turn. Doing as she told me I eased off the throttle a little more until I was down well under twenty miles an hour, shifting down two gears as I did. “Take that little dirt road on the left!”

“Ok.” I answered as I slowed even farther and turned across the pavement and onto what I could only loosely call a road. It was closer to two dirt tire tracks cut through the thick oak forest with high weeds growing up both around and between the tracks.

I eased down the goat path of a road for almost half a mile before the road abruptly ended in a wide round dirt patch at the end of a grassy little meadow. The creek gurgled along through the middle of the grassy clearing. A fairly large spring bubbled up near the edge of the creek and added its churning flow of water to the creek after cascading down and around a myriad of large rocks and boulders.

The view of the creek was only partially on my mind at that moment though, her still stroking hands grabbing much more of my attention as I reached down and turned the key off, dropping us into the relative silence of the birds and gurgling water.

“And you were worried about being molested by me?” I asked with a slight groan, reaching up to undo the strap of my helmet.

“Well, it’s been so long since I had a ride on a bike, I just couldn’t help myself.” She said in a helmet muffled reply. Her hands disappeared from my cock as she reached up and worked the strap of the helmet loose and then pulled it off, letting her long brown hair free again. “You can touch back you know.” She said as she dropped the helmet on the ground and then reached back around for my cock.

I hung my helmet on my mirror and then reached both hands down for what I could reach, which was her bare legs next to my hips. I allowed my fingers to stroke her legs from her calves up around her bent knees to her thighs, reaching up as high behind me as I could. Her dress was indeed blown up her legs and as I twisted myself around to look I could see her skimpy white panties pressed against the seat as her thighs pressed against my ass.

“If I ask you not to move, will you do it?” She asked softly.


“Good. Don’t move.” She said as she let go of my cock and eased herself off the bike. She stepped around in front of the bike and turned around to face the creek. She slowly pulled the hem of her short dress up to her waist, exposing her panty covered butt. Hooking her fingers in the sides of her panties she slowly slid then down over her butt, keeping her legs straight and slowly bending over while she pushed them down her legs. As the panties uncovered her ass, the dress slipped down to cover it again, teasing me with the thought of her bare ass and pussy. She continued to bend over and push the panties down until she had them at her ankles and stepped out of them. Staying bent over, she slowly ran her hands up her legs again, catching the dress with her fingers and slowly pulling it up until she had it pulled up to her waist, exposing her entirely bare ass and pussy to me, her meaty outer lips pushing out at me enticingly.

I wanted to just jump off my bike and run over there, but I had said I wouldn’t move, and I didn’t as she slid her hands around her hips, leaving the dress hooked up over her ass so I could see as she slid her hands between her legs and teased one finger along and then inside her obviously wet pussy. She gently stepped her legs farther apart, stopping when they were a bit more than shoulder width, both hands now slowly stroking and playing with her own pussy.

“Damn.” I mumbled as I sat astride my bike, watching her slide a finger into her hot tunnel.

“You like that?” She asked, looking around at me with a grin.

“Oh yeah!”

“Then you’re really going to love this!” She said as she stood back up and turned toward me. She stepped over toward the bike and gently pulled my left hand from the handlebar. Using my hand to help herself balance and reaching for my right shoulder, she stepped onto the left foot peg and güvenilir bahis siteleri lifted herself up, carefully swinging her leg over the fuel tank. She carefully sat down on the tank facing me and then kicked off the high heel on her left foot, wrapping her leg around and pushing against the little backrest. She let go of my hand and put her right hand on my left shoulder while shaking her high heel off her other leg. She grinned as she wrapped her leg around to rest it with the other behind me.

“Now then. I want this.” She cooed softly as she slid both hands down to my exposed cock wrapping around it again and slowly stroking it. After several seconds she let go my cock and reached for my hands, tugging on my right arm to loosen my grip from the handlebar. “Why don’t you play with these?” She asked as she pulled my hands to her breasts, placing them over the dress covered soft orbs. “Much better.” She practically purred as I started massaging her tits through the dress while her hands went back to my cock. She stroked my cock with one hand while she slowly slid her dress up the front of her body, easing the hem up until it was above her mound, her wet pussy fully on display for me.

“That’s a very nice looking pussy.” I said as I looked down at the mostly shaved mound and glistening pussy lips.

“Thank you.” She whispered. “You’ll have to tell me how it feels.” She finished as she aimed my cock down toward her pussy and let her ass slowly slide down the sloped gas tank.

“OH shit!” I groaned as my mushroom head nestled between her wet lips. She let more weight press against me until I felt my head slip into her tunnel, my fat head expanding her tunnel and her soft walls caressing my cock as she allowed herself to slowly slide down farther.

“Oh god yes.” She moaned as she used her feet against the little backrest of the back seat to push herself up the tank again, sliding herself part way off my cock and then sliding back down again. “Ohhhhh fuck yes. Start it up. Start the engine and rev it for me!”

I reached my hands back to the handle bars, and pulled the clutch and hit the starter button. With the engine started I let out the clutch, the transmission still in neutral, and reached my left hand back to her chest. I tugged on the strings holding the right side of her dress up, untying the bow and then sliding the material down until I could hook it under her round breast.

“Sexy breast.” I told her as I started squeezing and massaging her bare tit, gripping her nipple and squeezing and twisting it.

“Yeah. Oh yeah.” She moaned, her feet pushing her up and down my tank, and with the motion, up and down my hard cock. She let go of my shoulders, and reached up to untie the other shoulder string and then pulled the dress down until it was bunched around her waist from both below and above. “Gun it. I want to feel it vibrate my ass!”

I goosed the engine, revving it up several times as she continued sliding up and down my shaft, her velvety wet tunnel caressing the full length of my cock.

“Ohhhhh fuck yes!” She squealed in delight, throwing her head back and letting her long brown hair cascade down over the tank and speedometer. “I’m going to cum! God yes you’re going to make me cum!” She cried over the sound of the engine. I could see her whole body trembling as she continued to push herself up and down my shaft. “OHHHHHH FUCK ME!” She squealed into the trees.

“OHHHH SHIT!” I grunted as her pussy clenched around my cock, her ass banging into my thighs as she bounced herself up and down my shaft.

She let herself slide all the way down my cock and lay there for a few moments before twisting herself around to reach the handle bars. She hit the kill switch and then slowly lifted off my cock to stand up on the foot pegs. She balanced herself carefully while she pulled the dress up and off, leaving her completely naked in front of me. She held onto my shoulders for balance and climbed off the bike walking over to where she dropped her panties, and picked them up. She picked up the shoe from the left side of the bike and then walked around to the right side, collecting her other shoe. She bent over and slipped her heels back on and then stuffed her dress and panties into the saddle bag where she had stuffed her purse before we started our ride. She picked up my helmet and handed it to me and then put her own helmet on.

“I’ve always wanted to try this!” She said through the helmet as she walked around to the left side again. She climbed onto the bike, facing me again, and hooked her heels on the back pegs, lifting herself and using one hand to guide my cock, her other hand holding onto the back of my neck to lift herself. She settled herself down on my cock and wiggled around until she was settled all the way down on me. “Let’s ride.” She said simply.


“I don’t care. I just want to ride with you inside me.” She said, wrapping her other arm around her head and leaning back enough for me to see over her. I dropped the bike in gear and gently turned around in the grass before slowly bouncing along the dirt track that got us here. “Ohhhhh yeah. ” I heard her say as we approached the road. I turned left and headed back out onto the road, continuing down the turning road, although much slower than before.

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