Mr B and Mrs P


Mr B and Mrs PWhen I was 28 I joined a large legal firm in the city which employed hundreds of staff. The company was formed in 1886 and still held traditions dating back that far. One of the traditions included no one calling anyone by their first name, but by using the initial of their surname, so I was known as Mr B.I was employed as a clerk who would sort out legal documents and feed them to the relevant departments. The work was full-on with a constant stream of cases arriving daily and at all hours so it was imperative they were passed on without delay.On my first day, I was taken to an office on the 7th floor where I was introduced to an elegant looking lady in her early 40’s who I was to address as Mrs P. The office consisted of two desks which faced opposite each other, several filing cabinets and a sofa by the window. Being so high up afforded amazing views of the city, although I soon found out there would be little time to look out of the window.After Mrs P had shown me a few basics, I sat down to start examining each case and just cracked on with the work without having the time to pay much attention to my colleague.It was only at lunchtime when we went to the canteen that I realised how attractive Mrs P was. She wore expensive-looking clothes with matching bag and shoes, had a nice tan and her blonde hair was immaculate, I imagine when she was growing up she was everyone’s favourite.Each day she would get dropped off at the front of the building by her husband in his Jaguar and each evening he would be there to collect her. Apparently he ran a successful building company and had plenty of money.Because our desks were opposite each other I had a fantastic view of her and each day she would slide off her shoes to reveal the most perfect pair of stocking clad feet. The first time she did this I couldn’t keep my eyes off them and had to leave to visit the men’s room where I pulled myself off into the urinal. Virtually every day I would pull myself off, once before lunchtime and once in the afternoon without güvenilir bahis her suspecting a thing.After working for three months I came to work one day when Mrs P told me that “today is the day we’ve all been waiting for” when I asked what she meant, she explained that today is the day we learn how well the company did in the last financial year and how much of a bonus we’re all going to get.At lunchtime, the company officially ceased trading for the day because every employee had to attend the large function room on the top floor to hear the chairman announce how well we had all done and to congratulate everyone on their bonus of an extra 4 weeks salary. Once the news was broke people got up to celebrate by eating canapes and drinking champagne, which was being served by a never-ending stream of hostesses.I took this as an opportunity to learn a bit more about Mrs P and was surprised to hear that she met her husband when she was 17 and he was 24. They started dating and 6 months later she fell pregnant, so without seeing anything of the world she reluctantly got married and settled down to being a mother and a wife, by the time she was 25 she was the mother of 4 k**s!She mentioned that her husband was hard working and always provided well for her, they lived in a big house and they had a villa in Spain where they would spend long weekends throughout the year, hence her permanent tan. Listening to this I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her because it sounded like he was the only guy she had been with and she was far too good looking for that.As the afternoon passed by she started to slur her words, I asked if she would like to return to the office so I could make her a cup of coffee and she thought that was a splendid idea so we left the room. When we got into the lift she slumped against the wall and I had to hold her up, “oh I’m sorry” she said, “the bubbles seem to have got the better of me”. When we got out of the lift I helped her along the corridor and unlocked the office door, as soon as we got inside güvenilir bahis siteleri I locked it and walked her over to the sofa. She was stoned out of her mind and mumbling what a kind and lovely man I am to help her. I sat her on the sofa then got down on my knees so I could remove her shoes before pulling her ankles up and lying her down. As soon as her head touched the cushion she fell sound asleep.My moment had arrived and I wasn’t about to waste it so I sniffed the soles of her beautiful stocking clad feet and oh my was it good. My dick was as hard as a rock so I dropped my pants and placed it between her feet and started moving my hips back and forth, I then ran it along the sole of her foot before pulling out my handkerchief and wanking into it. Once I put my dick back and zipped up my pants I pulled out my smartphone and took pictures of her lovely feet. I then lifted up her dress which revealed her stockings and suspender belt and a tiny pair of panties, I so wanted to slip my finger inside her but was afraid she might awaken, so I took more pictures of her for future wanking material.I sniffed the inside of her stiletto shoes and the combined smell of sweat and leather was intoxicating, I sure wish I could have bottled that smell because it was divine.She had been sleeping for about 40 minutes and I figured she would soon be waking up, so I put the kettle on and made us both a cup of coffee. She awoke when she heard the sound of me stirring the spoon in the cup. Wearily, she said I was such a kind man and she couldn’t thank me enough, she asked me to sit beside her and as she sat up and I sat beside her she put her hands on my face and kissed me on the lips. I’m convinced she only meant to give me a peck, but I wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity so I put my arms around her and french kissed her with all the passion in my body. To my surprise, she didn’t try to stop me and gave as good as she got, so after a few minutes locked together, I slid my hand around to her breast and started iddaa siteleri to fondle her, again she didn’t protest so I just kept enjoying myself until she broke away from me to ask if the door was locked. When I said yes, we carried on and I slid my hand under her dress to feel her stocking tops and suspenders. My dick was as hard as a rock and I was dying to fuck her as my fingers slowly slid inside her panties and my middle finger crept into her pussy and onto her clit. I rubbed her as fast as I could and soon had her nice and moist so I slid her panties down her gorgeous legs and over her feet before burying my face into her pussy. Moments later her body shuddered and her legs clamped tightly around me as the volcano inside her erupted sending the pair of us into heaven.I ripped off my clothes and pulled her body down the sofa so her ass was resting on the arm, I placed her legs up high so her feet were close to my face before sliding my dick inside her hot wet pussy. I fucked her with all my might and she took everything I threw at her, we were loving every second and I had the added bonus of worshipping her feet while my dick poked the living daylights out of her. After a while, we both cum and collapsed into each other’s arms. What a day! I’d fucked the hottest looking milf I’d ever seen in my life and been given one months extra salary, days sure don’t get much better than this.Once we cleaned ourselves up and drank coffee we discussed what we were going to do moving forward. She had too much to risk and could not afford to be seen out with me, so we decided to make an arrangement where we would lock the office door at 4 o’clock each Friday afternoon so we could fuck the living daylights out of each other without anyone being any wiser. This arrangement lasted for 18 months and we shared many happy times together until one day she broke the news that her husband had accepted an offer he couldn’t refuse for his company and with the proceeds, he was going to retire so they could both live permanently in their Spanish villa, my heart sank when I heard the news because by now I was in love with her and I do believe she was in love with me, but 3 weeks later we said goodbye for the last time, both with a heavy heart and never to see each other again.

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