Mr. Basketball Ch. 03


Since the game was so far away we got a charter bus for the ride. We hit the road and started driving to the other school. The ride was quiet and I caught a quick nap. We arrived and off loaded and went into the gym. It was just about 5 so the JV girls started warming up and got ready to play.

Sam and I bought some food from the concession and talked about the game plan. It passed the time quickly and before we knew it the game was over and we were in the locker room discussing last minute prep.

“Guy coming in the room,” I called as I came in. I didn’t want to see naked girls other than the two I had been with. All the girls had good looking bodies but I wanted to remain as professional as I could.

“You’re good,” Sam called.

She started talking as the JV girls cleared out and headed to the seats to watch the game. I added some pointers and told them to play hard and play for each other.

They took the floor and warmed up. The game began and they all played hard except for Teagan. She was playing sloppy and not helping the team. She wasn’t sealing out and getting good looks. The girl that was guarding her wasn’t that good but it didn’t show at the moment.

“Pull her out,” I snapped at Sam.

“I’m letting her work through it,” Sam quipped.

“In the meantime you’re letting your team work themselves out of contention. You need this game. It don’t matter what your overall record is, it only matters what your district record is. You can make the playoffs if you win these games.”

“You don’t think I don’t know that,” she huffed. “Two more minutes isn’t going to kill us.”

I walked away from her and sat at the far end of the bench. Sarah, a short little redhead, looked at me and smiled a soft smile.

“I’ve never seen Teagan play this way,” she said. “Normally she is more focused. Something is bothering her.”

“She needs to get her head out of her ass,” I sighed.

“You should talk to her,” she said. “She listens to you.”

“Don’t worry I’m going too.”

The buzzer sounded and not a moment too soon. We found ourselves down by ten at the half.

Sam started barking out orders in the locker room. Yelling mostly about this and that.

I piped in near the end. “This is just like the last game. You don’t need to go out there and get it all back at once, chip away at it and play for the last two minutes again.”

They started out of the locker room, Sam leading them back out. I grabbed Teagan and pulled her aside at the door.

“What’s wrong with you tonight?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said not looking at me.

“Bull shit. Talk to me.”

“I’m just distracted.”

“About what?”


“Sam and me I assume.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

I grabbed her by her shirt right between her breasts and balled it up in my fist as I pushed her against the wall. Got right in her face, so close I could taste the air she panted out as she looked at me now. I could smell her slight odor of sweat as she stood pressed against the wall. Her hands trembled a little as they lay flat against the cold bricks as her chest rose and fell.

“Forget about Sam and me,” I snapped. “Focus on what you are doing on the court. Don’t worry about what I’m doing, worry about the game.”

Her hands curled into fists like she was going to hit me. “I’ve kept my word. You’re assuming things that didn’t happen. Get your head out of your ass and play like I know you can.”

She licked her puffy lips as she continued to stare and me. Green eyes cold with fear as she blinked. I leaned forward the remaining five inches and kissed her softly. She melted and kissed me back. Hands pulled my tie as she wanted me to press into her. I pulled away from the kiss.

“Get out there and play.” I let her go and stepped back. She looked at me with relief as she pushed away from the wall. Kissed me on the cheek before turning to head out the door. I slapped her ass as she pulled it open.

“Sorry,” she said.

“Just play the game, your team needs you.”

She sprinted out the door and got back in line with the team. I went back to the bench and watched them shoot.

“What was that all about?” Sam asked.

“Getting her head back in the game,” I said.

She rolled her eyes at me as the horn sounded. They took the floor and started the second half. Teagan refocused and started hitting shots. The game was tied at the end of the third. They pulled away in the fourth when they started using the wrinkle we had worked on Sunday. Sam was confused when they first went to it.

“What the hell is that?” she asked.

“I created that on Sunday, works good don’t it?”

“For not liking this gig you sure are putting a lot of effort into this.”

“Bite me,” I laughed.

“What else did you work on?” Had a serious undertone to it as she asked.

“What kind of question is that?”

She grunted her annoyance and walked off.

They cruised to a ten point victory and their first district win. They were one and one now in district play with a few more district games left to go. If they could win three halkalı eve gelen escort of them they would get a berth into the playoffs. That would be a big boost for Sam.

We boarded the bus and got settled. Sam was not talking to me now and sat way in the front. I sat in the very back as we started rolling down the road again. I got up after we got on the highway and worked my way to the front. I sat next to Sam to try and figure her out.

“What’s wrong now?”

“Justin is being an ass again,” she sighed.

“That’s nothing new,” I said. “That’s guys a douche.”

“Filter Jake, filter,” she hissed. “I still care about him.”

“You’re better than him,” I said bluntly. “You deserve better.”

“What, like you?” she sneered.

“I’m not having this talk right now,” I whispered.

I stood and walked to the back of the bus. Went to sit down and thought I had the wrong seat until I saw it was Teagan sitting there.

“What are you doing?” I asked sitting quickly without making a scene.

“Thought we could talk,” she smiled.

“You want to talk or do something else?”

“Kind of bold being on a bus surrounded by all these people,” she said slyly.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Do tell,” she smiled as she turned towards me.

“I had my friend’s sister give me head on the bus after a game one night.”

“Did he ever find out?” she asked.

“Not that I know of.”

“Sexy,” she cooed. “Sounds like fun.”

Hands went to my lap and found my cock semi hard inside my slacks. Looked up at me with her little puppy dogs eyes as she eased my zipper down. I wasn’t going to stop her. Her hand found my cock and worked to get it out through the hole.

“You take care of me later?” she asked.

“Depends on you,” I said.

“I’m a better cock sucker than I am a ball player,” she teased.

Lips parted and covered my head. Tongue swirled around my tip and teased my slit.

“I meant if you had to go home or not,” I moan softly.

She stroked me as she paused. “Nobody is home again. They went out of town to work on some business in Hart.”

She returned to my cock now, bobbed up and down on it working her tongue over the soft flesh.

“So they aren’t home?” I asked.

“Umm hmmm,” she vibrated my cock.

Pulled a hard suction on it now. Felt good as she slowly drew up and down on it.

“So nobody is home at your house,” I sighed at her good work.

She popped off again. “Just my sister.”

Raked her teeth on my dick as she tried slipped it back into her mouth again. Tried to get it all in but couldn’t. I wasn’t going to push her on it tonight. We were isolated in the back of the bus but there was always the chance she could gag and make too much noise.

“Well, that won’t work,” I sighed.

“You got a house,” she said licking up my shaft and teasing the tip again.

“That I do,” I gasped as she dove down and pressed me into her throat.

“Ummm hmmm,” she moaned on it.

Started bobbing quickly now, sucking hard and almost drawing the cum from my ball bag. Took me by surprise as she worked me quickly to the edge.

I tapped the back of her head. She tipped her head and knew what I was telling her. Didn’t slow up as I silently released into her eager mouth. My legs slightly lifting me into her mouth. She took all I gave her and swallowed me down. Kept sucking to make sure I was clean. Lick the extra spit from my length before sitting up and smiling at me.

“Well, put it away,” I ordered.

“Sure I can’t just drop my panties and take a ride,” she said so seductively.

“Now you tell me.”

She growled. Took my semi flaccid cock into her hands and stroked it a little before pushing it back into my pants.

“We got all night,” she said coyly.

“Isn’t it past your bedtime?” I teased.

“Fuck you,” she laughed.

She sat back and got comfortable in the seat before taking my hand into hers and wrapping her fingers around mine. Looked at her as she smiled. She was a sweet girl. Maybe a little to clingy but that just meant she was faithful. She was growing on me even if she was young. I had three really long and serious relationships in my life. I fucked up one of them and got fucked over on the others. Karma had a way of paying you back.

I decided then what I was going to do about everything. Teagan and I weren’t together but I was going to try and be good so I wouldn’t mess this up. Sam and I weren’t going to work. There was just too much that went along with that deal. I was glad nothing happened last night. It made this less complicated now.

We sat in silence and just held hands. She leaned on my shoulder and rested her head there. Smelt her soft flowery smell and felt relaxed. Remained this way until the bus turned off the highway and started into town.

“You got to get back to your seat,” I whispered to her.

“Ok,” she said.

We got off the bus and headed for our cars. My phone started blinking as soon as I got out of sight of both girls.

Come pick me up at my house halkalı grup yapan escort Teagan texted.

Be there in a minute I replied.

I pulled into the drive and she quickly got in. We drove to the house and went inside.

“What are you going to do to me tonight?” she asked.

“A little of this and a little of that.”

“I’m clean from head to toe,” she smiled.

Knew what she meant but I wasn’t sure I wanted to pop her cherry in the back door or not. I started off just kissing her and removing her pants. Moved her to the bed and pressed her onto it. Continued kissing her as she removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt.

I thought I heard the door open as I paused and looked over my shoulder.

“What?” Teagan asked.

“Something ain’t right, stay here.”

I climbed from the bed and went out into the living room to see Sam setting her stuff down on the table.

“Hey Sam,” I said startled. “What’s up?”

“I’m sorry about how I acted tonight,” she said.

“It’s all good,” I said. “Why didn’t you call?”

“What, do I have to call before I show up now?” she asked with some anger.

“No but,” I started.

“Who’s here?” Sam asked. “Its Teagan isn’t it?”

“Why would you think that?”

“You have that look on your face,” she hissed. “Like that night I caught you fucking my best friend.”

“That was years ago,” I said trying to divert the course of the conversation. “I didn’t know you called dibs on her.”

“I know it’s Teagan,” she snapped back.

“How?” I asked.

“This,” she cried. Pulled a pale green thong from her hand bag. The same one Teagan had on the other night in the car.

“Where the hell did you get that?” I asked.

“Your car you asshole.”

“What the hell were you doing in my car?”

“I had to move it the other morning when I stayed here. It was sitting on the back seat.”

“That could be anyone’s,” I said.

“How can you do this to me? I asked you not to fuck her and you can’t keep it in your pants. What about us and what we did the other night?”

I was lost in the moment now. “Sam, you and I are cousins, I’m not sure what you are looking for between us. It’s not like I sighed a contract to become exclusive with you. We are just seeing where it goes from what I remember.”

“Where is she?” Sam now stormed into my room.

I quickly followed her.

Teagan was sitting on the bed fully dressed and looking scared out of her mind.

“I knew it,” Sam cried. “He’s using you Teagan.”

“That’s not true Sam,” I said. Here it was starting to blow up in my face. Knew this was coming just didn’t think it would be so soon.

“You fucked me and you fucked her, somebody is getting played,” Sam continued.

“I had sex with you before I had sex with her,” I said. “I haven’t been with anyone since her.”

“What about the other night?” Sam said. “You were going to fuck me but Justin was home.”

Teagan looked at me but remained quiet.

“Nothing happened did it,” I said firmly.

“No, but what if he wasn’t home?”

“That’s a big what if,” I said.

“Don’t go there,” Sam said. “Can’t hid your intentions now can you?”

Teagan now spoke. “We have an agreement, he can do what he wants and I can too. I’m letting him have his space.”

“Is that right,” Sam said.

“Yeah,” Teagan said uneasy.

Sam looked at Teagan then at me. Shook her head and didn’t know what to say next. I was always the guy who deflected the issues to keep the heat off my own ass.

“Yeah, like the thing you two have going on,” I mocked.

Teagan turned her head towards me now and had a devious smile on her face as I said this. Sam immediately saw what I was doing and almost laughed.

“Yeah, Teagan and I trade licks all the time. You’re so childish sometimes it’s embarrassing,” Sam croaked.

“Sam, hush,” Teagan hissed in a low voice. “Don’t tell him.”

What did she just say I asked myself? I didn’t expect that. Looked at Teagan and saw her face was half convincing. Turned to Sam now. Her face was dead straight, no smile, no cracking, nothing as I waited for something. Did I just stumble onto something by accident?

I turned back to Teagan then to Sam again. Nothing from either one still. It left me confused and moving my hands like I was directing a 747 into the terminal as I swirled them around trying to figure this out. Sam saw my dismay and knew it was her chance to pounce.

“Teagan, why can’t you keep your mouth shut? I thought we had a deal?”

I cocked my head around at both of them again like a dog does when you blow that stupid whistle that only they can hear. Sam finally smiled as she watched my distressed look.

“That’s right, Teagan and me. Now who’s getting played?”

It wasn’t like Sam to be like this. I called her bluff. “Yeah right, you don’t half expect me to believe that do you?”

Neither girl was cracking. “Why not?” Sam asked.

“Kiss her and prove it,” I said to Sam, further calling her bluff.

Now they looked at each other as I halkalı masöz escort waited. If they were bluffing, this would be the breaking point. Sam wouldn’t go through with it. Teagan might but Sam, not a chance. Teagan slowly got off the bed and circled around to stand in front of Sam. They were face to face but neither one was making the first move. I had them now.

“See, I told ya you guys were full of……..” I fell silent as Teagan leaned down and softly kissed Sam. It was a very soft and unsure kiss but it was a kiss. Shook my head to make sure I was seeing this correctly.

They were still in my bedroom and still kissing at the foot of my bed. The kiss was more convincing now. They both started adding more force and even some tongue as I stood dumbfounded at the sight. I was about to open my big mouth and try to get to the bottom of this. Then I came to my senses. I moved next to both of them. I wanted to see how far I could take this.

Pulled Teagan away from Sam gently. I took her spot and kissed Sam now. Kept Teagan in reach and cupped her ass as I kissed Sam hard. Made sure it was clear what my intentions were. Teagan cupped Sam’s breast and made her gasp into my mouth. I knew how Sam got when she was worked up. She wasn’t going to back down now.

I pulled away from Sam and turned to Teagan. She smiled and winked as I moved to kiss her. Sam dropped to her knees and pulled my belt open. She quickly unbuttoned my slacks and pulled everything down. Took my cock into her hands and started stroking it. I moved and kissed Teagan’s neck high up by her ear. Sam licked the tip and started taking me into her mouth.

Whispered so quietly into Teagan’s ear. “You and Sam, really?” Saw just the soft turn of her head as she said no. Knew they weren’t but they sure had me fooled. “You ok with this?”

“Ummm hmmmm,” Teagan growled as I kissed her neck.

Sam took as much into her mouth as she could get. Teagan dropped down to her knees and looked at Sam working my cock. I looked down at both of them and couldn’t believe this was happening. I had had two girls at once but nothing like this. Sam and Teagan started kissing again. Deep, full, girl on girl kissing as they both stroked my cock.

They turned back to me now. Both taking a side on my cock and licking it. Their lips met at my tip as they kissed again. Teagan pushed herself onto my cock now and worked the tip as Sam worked my sack. Dam this looked hot. I had to focus on keeping from cumming so I could keep this going.

I started working my way back to the bed. Teagan released and stood. Sam followed me to the edge of the bed as I laid down on it. I watched as Sam took me into her mouth again. Teagan dropped her clothes quickly and rounded the bed to get in. She started kissing me again as Sam worked up and down on my shaft.

I shifted Teagan around and pulled her to my face. She quickly obeyed and straddled my face. Her wet little pussy mashed against my lips. I started working my tongue over her soft and excited lips as she moaned her approval. I loved the way Teagan tasted and I loved what Sam was doing to my cock.

“Right there,” Teagan yelped. “Fuck, I’m cumming.”

That didn’t take long I thought. Teagan was turned on by everything. Sam left my cock now. I wondered if she had come to her senses and decided this wasn’t for her. Felt her weight shift the mattress as she got on top of me. My cock quickly sank into the depths of her tight little hole. She settled down and rocked her hips with me buried into her womb.

“Turn Teagan,” I ordered.

She spun around and faced Sam now. They looked at each other as Teagan settled her creamy cunt over my face again. I went back to work on her again, tongue digging into her clit as I pressed a finger into her juicy cunny. I could hear both of them moaning as they both were being pleasured. Then the sounds of them kissing met my ears. I wished I could see them but I was focused on Teagan and her sweet little puss.

Sam started bouncing harder shaking the bed around. I pulled Teagan to my face and held her hips so I could continue to pleasure her. They were moaning into each other as they kissed.

“Fuck, cumming,” Sam cooed. Continued riding me until she finished then rested with my pressed into her.

“Cumming,” Teagan yelped now. Shook and wiggled as Sam pinched her nipples to add to the pleasure.

“You want a turn?” Sam asked.

“Only if you want to give him up,” Teagan said.

“Hmm,” Sam growled. “I can share even if I don’t want too.”

They both moved off of me and started to change positions. I quickly rolled over and looked at the two of them. They knew what was coming next. I wanted to see how far they would take things. Kissing and groping was one thing, would they taste each other?

Sam propped herself up on the pillows as Teagan got on her knees. I got behind her and pressed my head into her well lubricated cunny. Teagan leaned in between Sam’s legs and looked at her puss. Used her fingers at first to touch Sam. It was plain to see Teagan hadn’t been with a girl before.

“Lick that cunt,” I ordered as I pressed into Teagan.

She went for it. Tongue sticking out of her mouth and touching Sam’s lips. Sam cupped her tits and twisted her nipples as Teagan started focusing on Sam’s excited clit. What a view I thought. Teagan’s tight ass rippling as I softly fucked her. Teagan’s tongue and now finger working into Sam’s cunt as she cupped her tits and writhed in pleasure.

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