Mr,Mrs & Me…Our First Encounter


Mr,Mrs & Me…Our First EncounterAt long last my fantasy was about to be realized. I was at a hotel meeting Dave & Sarah who i had been chatting to online for a month or so. I am orally bi and love wearing lingerie and Dave is a bi crossdresser.We were both looking for our first full male/male experience and had developed a trust and understanding during cybersex chat and camming in the previous weeks.Dave had finally asked Sarah if it was okay for us to meet and she agreed immediately as long as she could be involved. Dave is ex army,62,slim but muscular,with a thick 6inch cock. Sarah is 57,very glamorous,blonde hair, medium build, with long legs and 34b tits.I knocked on their door and Sarah answered with a smile. I took in the view. She was wearing a white silk blouse definitely without a bra as i could clearly see her hard nipples poking through the soft material. She wore a short black skirt well above her knees and, as i discovered later, a pair of shiny black hold up stockings finished off with a pair of black stilletto heels.As i entered the room Sarah introduced me to “Davina” who rose from her chair and took my hand gently and shook hands with me. With long blond hair and full make up applied, the short skirt she was wearing let the tops of her stockings and suspenders show and full breasts were visible under the pink blouse she was wearing. She also wore high stiletto heels. My cock twitched and begain to rise in the small pair of white panties i had on under my jeans.Sarah sat in the chair and said it was now up to us and she would join in as and when she was ready. Davina pulled me towards her and placed her hand over my crotch feeling my ever increasing hardness. I kicked off my shoes and stood back unbuttoning my jeans exposing my bulging cock covered by my white panties together with white hold up stockings. I took off my shirt as they both looked at me before Sarah spoke. “well Davina i don’t know about you but that cock sure looks inviting to me” she said.Davina went to her knees and began to lick my lenght through the flimsy material of the panties already dampened by my pre cum. She drew the panties down and my released cock sprang upright and Davina immediately took me into her mouth sucking me hard and licking the pre cum pinbahis güvenilirmi from the tip. I looked at Sarah who was now fondling her tits and let out a sigh of pleasure.Sarah spread her legs allowing me a view of her perfect hairless cunt glistening with her juices. “a no pantie day” she explained “so i hope you like”. “Fuck me yes” i mumbled as i held Davinas head in my hands and continued to fuck her mouth “i will come in your cunt later, you know that” i said and Sarah simply replied “yes,i know”.I pulled Davina away from my rock hard cock and told her to lay on the bed. Sarah stood and removed her blouse and skirt and sat again just wearing her hold ups and stilletto’s. “don’t mind me” Sarah said with a smile as she slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and showed me the resulting wetness as she removed them again before slowly placing them in her mouth licking them clean.I ran my hands along Davinas stockinged legs until i reached her panties. The stiff cock protruding told me she was enjoying the show as well. I tugged at her panties and as she raised her hips i slid them down and felt the hardness through her skirt. I began to run the tip of my tongue along the thick shaft and around the bulbous head and was not surprised to also find myself licking up some pre cum. My mouth enclosed the full lenghth of Davinas cock as i stroked her hairless balls with a finger before exploring further along her arse. “oh my god” Davina cried out “that is so fucking nice, don’t stop,please don’t stop”. I heard the squishing sound of Sarahs fingers working her soaking pussy as she began to moan to herself, her rythymn clearing building, as she watched her husbands cock being sucked by a virtual stranger.I moved up the bed and sat astride Davinas thighs taking both our cocks between my hands and rubbing them together, our stiffness supreme, both leaking our pre cum. Suddenly Sarah was upon us and was taking both cocks in her mouth as she knelt and continued to pummel her hot wet cunt with her fingers. She stopped sucking, looked down at our two cocks rubbing together covered in her saliva and let out a moan as her fingers brought her to orgasm, her body convulsing with pleasure.”Damn i need a cock from one of you boys” she pinbahis yeni giriş hissed. Davina looked at me and nodded. Sarah laid between us her legs wide open,her cunt inviting. I moved on top of her and pressed the head of my cock against her opening and slipped into her easily. I remained still for a moment before she raised her head and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth. I began to fuck her with smooth gentle strokes as she pushed her pelvic bone up to meet me.And then i felt Davina behind me,her cock rubbing between my arse cheeks. I stopped thrusting into Sarah as Davinas lubed cock sought out my virginal entrance. Davina pushed gently and i felt my resistance trying to stop her entering me. A little harder and i felt the head of this gorgeous hard cock begin to break down my defences and enter me.With a final push i had a hard cock inside me for the first time ever.”Davina, be gentle to start” i said over my shoulder. Davina remained still as i began to fuck Sarah again and my own movement made her cock enter and withdraw an inch or so every time i thrust forward. “Oh fuck that feels so good in my arse Davina…c’mon fuck me now i want you to”. I begain to fuck Sarah as hard as i could and as a consequence Davinas cock was also fucking me deeper and harder and i was loving it.Sarah pulled my head to a nipple and told me to suck it hard as she liked it that way. I sucked one in as i pounded her cunt and Davina pounded my arse. “Mmmm i going to cum” Davina shouted as i felt her cock go even deeper into me as the speed of her thrusts increased again. “Fuck me you bastard” Sarah urged “give me your cum NOW” she shouted at me. That took me over the edge and in a sweating mass of three bodies i released spurt after spurt of hot sticky saltiness into her cunt as Davina filled me with copious amounts of her own cum. As Sarah came on my cock i thought she had pissed the bed but she laughed and said “i always cum like that with two cocks”.Davinas cock began to soften and i felt it “plop” out of me as warm cum trickled down onto my balls. To my amazement, Davinas tongue began to lap at my gaping cum filled arse licking out her own cum from me. I began to stiffen again whilst still inside Sarah and she smiled. “you pinbahis giriş really like that don’t you,you horny bastard” she said “but let Davina clean me up now,okay”. Reluctantly i removed my cock and let Davina greedily lick my cum from his wifes cunt.We rested and chatted and then decided to have a couple of drinks on room service. Soon Davina began to kiss Sarah and watching them made me hard again. It wasn’t long before Sarah begged for Davinas cock and as i watched i rubbed my member to full hardness. I lubed my cock and went behind Davina spreading her cheeks with my hands. I pushed my cock into Davinas arse and it sucked me in, the tightness surrounding me.It felt wonderful to be fucking Davina whilst she fucked Sarah although i knew i wouldn’t last long as this was my first time as a “top” (and as a “bottom”). I thrust in as deep as i could then rested a second before withdrawing and entering again. As before the thrusting of Davina into Sarah also made my fucking Davina easier.A couple of minutes of glorious fucking and i was ready to come again. I placed my hands on Davinas shoulders and forced my throbbing cock in as far as it would go. “Thats a good boy” said this ex military “do me hard and come for daddy”. I continued to fuck this tight sweet arse thrusting hard and fast and she was loving it.”Mmmm baby come inside me please give me your cum” Davina urged. I was fucking him like a dog fucks a bitch as was laid against his firm body kissing his shoulder. I could see from this position that Sarah had her eyes tightly shut as Davina continued to pound her hard. Suddenly she opened her eyes and announced she was coming again. She nodded at me and mouthed “fuck him hard”.”Aaaahhh, take my cum you bitch” i shouted as i felt my hot seed leave my swollen cock “yes,yes,yes take it” i moaned. I have to admit this was the strongest cum i ever had as streams of hot jism enterd Davinas willing bottom. Sarah joined in “fuck me harder you sissy bitch…his cocks bigger and better than yours,you useless cunt” she hissed.This took them both over the edge and my cock slipped out as Davina thundered into Sarahs hole, They came together with moans of lust and delight calling each other names. “you two cock slut” Davina said. “Cock loving sissy whore” Sarah replied,their bodies locked together.We rested again and all had a cigarette before deciding to meet in the bar an hour later after freshening up. As i walked back to my room i was hoping we could meet on a regular basis and decided i would ask them about this later….

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