Mrs Jones Makes A Plan


Mrs. Jones came home early one day, slipping in the back with some groceries. Walking down the hall she heard noises coming from the living room. The low rhythmic grunts reminded her of of the now rare love-making with her mate. Quietly she approached the doorway and peered in to find her husband lying on top of someone on the living room couch with his shorts around his ankles. As she watched, speechless, from the hallway she could see that he had his large stiff cock shoved between the legs of their 18 year old babysitter Katie. Her school skirt was pushed up around her waist and her blouse was open, and Mrs. Jones could see her well developed breasts, still partially covered by her bra, rocking back and forth as her husband’s thrusts pounded against her. One of her tits had slipped entirely out of its cup and the rosy nipple was wet with saliva.

Her panties were lying on the floor, a damp stain in the crotch showing evidence of her excitement. She could tell from the grunting that her husband was about to shoot his load into the girl and she was moaning and murmuring something to him as she wrapped her legs around him, urging him on. The girl was clearly enjoying her ravaging as well.

Mrs. Jones found the scene both disturbing and highly erotic. She watched her husband’s large fat cock sliding free of the girl’s slit, slick with her juices, and plunging into her again and again. His pace quickened and he began groaning as he spewed his semen into her pussy.

She retreated out the back without the couple on the couch being aware of her presence. In a daze she climbed back into her car and sat there, images of her husband’s half naked body thrusting his engorged cock into Katie’s pussy flooded her thoughts and she realized with some surprise that her panties were soaked with her own juices.

She hadn’t had sex with her husband hardly at all since the baby was born. She had been so busy that she had hardly noticed her husband’s lack of affection, but seeing him having sex with the girl had brought on a wave of horniness. She started the car and drove off, deciding to head to the mall to collect her thoughts.

As she drove down the neighborhood street she caught sight of Katie’s twin brother Rob out mowing the lawn. He was shirtless, well built and tanned, and as she admired his handsome teenage body an idea came to her. She bought some stockings and some new panties and a thin lace bra at the mall and on the way home she stopped at the neighbors and asked Rob if he wanted to earn some extra money that weekend doing some yard work.

He quickly agreed “Sure Mrs. Jones, I’m trying to save up a little money.”

Rob was pleased with the offer. Additionally, he thought Mrs. Jones was very attractive with her pretty face and full lips, her slim waist that emphasized her hips and the swell of her breasts. It would be a bonus to do yard work for such an attractive woman.

Mrs. Jones knew her husband would be out golfing and visiting a pub with his buddies both Saturday and Sunday till late, and that fit well with her plans.

After her husband left Saturday morning she dressed in a short dark skirt and a too tight blouse that emphasized her full breasts. If she buttoned it all the way the center button was likely to pop, so she left the upper ones undone which meant if she leaned over at all the tops of her breasts, her low-cut lace bra, and considerable cleavage were clearly visible. She checked out the effect in front of the mirror, smiling to herself and feeling quite sexy, and applied a little perfume.

The doorbell rang and she hurried downstairs to answer it. Rob stood there, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and looking especially handsome in a boyish way. She asked him in and served him some iced tea in the kitchen. He sat down at the counter and she could feel his eyes on her breasts, especially when she leaned over to hand him his glass. She lined him out with some mowing and trimming chores and told him she was going to rest on the couch and to just come in and wake her when he was done or if he needed something.

When Rob finished he put away the mower in the garage and made his way to the living room. Mrs. Jones was stretched out asleep on the couch with one leg draped over the edge. She had apparently slid down a little after falling asleep and her skirt had slid up her legs to the point that Rob was fairly sure he could see the glimmer of her panties between her slightly parted thighs. As he stared at her he also noticed that her blouse was open and he could clearly see the mounds of her breasts over the top of the white lace bra she was wearing. His cock sprang to life in his shorts and quickly became uncomfortably hard. He shifted it to a more comfortable position and wondered if Mrs. Jones would notice when he woke her.

He moved toward her and touched her shoulder lightly, unable to avoid staring down into her open blouse. “Mrs. Jones, I’m finished” he said, wrenching his gaze away from her chest.

“Mmm, ok honey” she said, sitting up. “Do you want some more escort bursa tea before you go? I know its hot out there.”

“Sure, thanks!” he replied, his eyes again drawn to her open blouse which she hadn’t bothered to close.

She rose from the couch and headed for the kitchen with the boy following her. She felt he was staring at her ass now, though she didn’t turn to see. She knew she had given him an eyeful already and was pleased with his response. He had clearly been trying to hide the bulge of a very erect penis when he woke her. She made him tea, bending over to get the sugar from a lower cabinet in the process, her short skirt riding even higher up her thighs when she did.

Leaning across the counter to hand him his tea she caught his glance as his gaze headed for her open blouse. She smiled at him and asked if he was free again tomorrow as she had some more trimming in the back she wanted done. He nodded, his face flushed at being caught staring down her blouse. She smiled again, handing him $35, and asking if it was enough. He nodded again and she walked with him to the door, thanking him for his help.

Rob hurried home and locked himself in his bedroom and freed his swollen organ from his shorts. Gripping it in his hand he began to stroke it while closing his eyes and thinking about Mrs. Jones’ panties and Mrs. Jones’ tits. When he came his cum spurted up in a huge arc, splashing across the bedspread and drenching his hand. Wow! he thought, that was the highest yet! He wondered if he would get any more views when he visited her the next day.

When he arrived the next morning Mrs. Jones greeted him at the door. She was again dressed in a short skirt and tight blouse with the buttons undone down to her cleavage. As he followed her inside the scent of her perfume filled his nostrils, her bottom swayed slightly as she walked, and he noticed that she was wearing stockings that made her attractive legs look even sexier.

She offered him iced tea again and he noticed that she was drinking a glass of wine. She lined him out with some hedge trimming and mowing in the back and left him to his tasks, telling him if he got hot to be sure to come in for some tea or cold water.

After an hour or so of mowing and trimming in the hot sun he headed for the house to cool off. Mrs. Jones was busy in the kitchen with something and greeted him with a smile, her glass of wine in her hand. She sent him to the bathroom to wash up and when he returned asked him what he wanted to drink. He asked if she had any cold sodas and she went to the fridge to check.

“No, sorry” came the answer. “My husband has some cold beer in here – but you are a little young for that aren’t you?”

He flushed and answered boldly “A cold beer would be fine Ma’am.”

She brought out an import in a pint bottle and they sat down at the counter. Drinking and chatting with her he began to relax and his conversation became bolder as the beer had its effect. She was leaning over toward him as they chatted, the front of her blouse conspicuously unbuttoned, her eyes shining. He couldn’t help but stare at the tops of her breasts, but she seemed not to notice and chatted away, sipping her wine. He finished the beer and she asked him if he wanted another. He was feeling fine and said “Sure” without hesitation as if he did it every day.

By the time he finished the second pint he had a pretty good buzz and Mrs. Jones seemed extra friendly, smiling at him and laughing at his jokes. She asked him about school and what he would do when he graduated and if he had a girlfriend.

“No one steady” he answered.

“I bet the girls like you. Are you a good kisser?”

“I don’t know, OK I guess” he answered, his cheeks feeling a little warm.

“Well, do they close their eyes when you kiss? Do they let you get to second base?”

He was really flushing now. She had leaned closer and her breast was pressing lightly against his elbow. Her breath smelled like wine mixed with her perfume.

“Farther” he mumbled, finding it hard to concentrate and wondering what she would do if he tried to kiss her.

“Oh? Well, I’d say you must be pretty good.” She smiled and her breast pressed against his arm.

Feeling flustered he rose, hardly bothering to hide the lump in his shorts and said he would go and finish up. She smiled, thanking him for his help, and taking his glass brushed past him on her way to the sink.

His head in a daze it took him only about 20 min to finish, in spite of the beer buzz, and after putting away the tools he returned to the house. Mrs. Jones was in the living room reclining on the couch, her empty wine glass sitting on the coffee table.

“All finished” he announced.

“That’s nice Robbie” she answered “I’m feeling a little tipsy. Would you mind helping me to the bedroom? I think I’ll take a little nap”.

“Ok Mrs. Jones.”

“Here, help me up” she offered him her hands and he pulled her to her feet where she promptly collapsed against him, wrapping her arms bursa merkez eskort around his neck and pressing her breasts against his chest. The smell of her perfume mixed with the wine on her breath as Rob steadied her for a minute. The warmth and softness of her body pressing against him nearly overwhelmed him and he struggled to speak.

“Where is your bedroom?” he finally managed.

“Upstairs, down the hall on the left” she murmured, her body still pressed against his.

He put an arm around her waist to steady her and helped her up the stairs. Her embrace and the continued proximity of her shapely body had set his dick to attention and he was aware as they walked that it was creating a prominent bulge in his shorts. Mrs. Jones seemed oblivious as she leaned on his shoulder, her left breast pressed against his side.

They turned into the bedroom and as he was helping her to the bed somehow, perhaps it was her arm draped around his neck, they both ended up on the bed, he on top of her, the bulge in his shorts pressing against her upper thigh, his face between the perfumed mounds of her breasts.

He staggered quickly to his feet, still feeling shy despite the beers still circulating in his blood. “Sorry Mrs. Jones” he blurted.

Ignoring him she said “Can you help me with my stockings honey?” and extended one of her legs up toward him. As she lifted her leg her skirt drifted down it toward her waist, and he was greeted by the sight of her stocking covered thighs joined by the white vee of her panties.

Without thinking he stepped forward till her foot rested on his chest. His hands, with a mind of their own, traveled down her thigh and pushing the skirt even further toward her waist reached the top of her stocking, perilously near the white vee between her legs.

He peeled the stocking down to her foot and pulled it off revealing delicate toes with painted nails. She replaced it with the other one and this time he slid his hands slowly down her entire leg, enjoying the sensation of the smooth stocking and the warmth of her calf and thigh. Her only reaction was a soft sigh. The skirt was now high enough that he could see the lace trim where her panties surrounded her upper thigh. He rubbed the soft skin of her inner thigh above the stocking, briefly brushing the white fabric before hooking the top with his fingers and peeling it off as well.

“Mmmm, your hands feel so nice Robbie, would you like to give me a massage?” she asked. She scooted back till she was lying on the bed and motioned for him to join her. He climbed up next to her expecting her to roll over so he could massage her back, instead she urged him to straddle her hips as she lay. “You could start with my neck and shoulders Robbie” she murmured.

He was beyond thinking at this point and merely obeyed her request. The fact that his crotch was now astride her’s and his dick was making a huge tent in his shorts and that in order to massage her neck his arms were brushing the mounds of her breasts hardly registered as he began to rub her neck and shoulders. The pounding of his heart subsided slowly as he rubbed and he began to focus on the body of the woman he was astride. Her eyes were closed and her face soft and relaxed, her lips partly open and she sighed softly as he worked. Her blouse was open to the tops of her breasts and he recalled the smell of her body and the feel of those soft mounds when his face had briefly ended up between them.

“Lower please, lower Robbie” she murmured as he worked her shoulders and he moved his attention to the area above her breasts. “Lower” she insisted again and moved his hands directly to her breasts. In a daze he began to massage the soft mounds beneath the fabric.

“Robbie, why don’t you unbutton my blouse?” she whispered.

His hands trembling, he fumbled with the buttons one by one down toward his crotch till her bare tummy was exposed below the low cut lace bra. The sight took his breath away as he placed his hands on the bra cups, squeezing and kneading gently. She pulled his hands away briefly and undid the clasp between the cups inviting him to remove them too. His dick was throbbing in his shorts as he pulled the cups aside and stared at the large white mounds with their large dark pink aureoles and erect nipples. He covered them with his hands, feeling their soft, fleshy warmth, he kneaded them and felt the nipples stiffen beneath his palms.

“Why don’t you use your mouth Robbie? I want you to use your mouth.”

He lowered his face to a breast, licking and sucking on the swollen nipple and Mrs. Jones moaned and pressed his face to her chest. Her breast tasted strangely sweet as he licked and sucked the nipple. Then as he continued sucking he felt her hands fumbling with his shorts.

“I need to see it naked Robbie, show me your hard cock!”

Her words came in a soft hiss, almost a gasp, insistent, demanding. He rocked back and unbuttoning and zipping down the fly he managed to work them down his thighs bursa sınırsız escort freeing his dick which sprang to attention, waving its 7 fat inches between them. Mrs. Jones gasped, her fingers reached for and encircled him, squeezing the hard shaft.

“Oh Robbie, its so big and hard! I knew you had a big one baby. Robbie, take off my panties and put this inside me” she said, squeezing him again. “I need to feel it inside me!”

Slipping off the bed he lifted her skirt up to her waist and hooked the waistband of her underwear, pulling them down and off her feet. Now he could see the moist lips of her pussy between her thighs. She was shaved except for a vee of soft hair above her slit. As he took in the sight she spread her legs and reached for him. He kicked off his shorts and climbed between her warm thighs. He felt her hands on his cock, guiding it to her, and as he eased forward he felt the swollen head press against her flesh before she was able to maneuver it to the opening of her pussy. He felt her warmth and wetness as she guided his rock hard shaft into her, and with one final push he was inside, enveloped in her warmth.

“Oh god!” she moaned “Oh Robbie honey! That’s it, now fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me with your lovely hard cock!”

As he began to move he felt her hands pulling at his tee shirt. He let her pull it over his head and then pull his naked chest against her breasts as she rocked against his thrusts. “That’s it Robbie, that’s it, fuck me till you cum. Mmmmm, oh GOD!!! I love your cock.”

He felt himself quickly approaching climax, and as she urged him on his cock became harder and seemed to swell even larger. She sensed he was near. “That’s it, come on baby shoot your stuff, cum in mommy’s pussy!” and he erupted inside her, his cock contracting in spasms and shooting jets of hot spermy cum which quickly filled her and began squishing out between them. “Oh god baby! Yes! Oh Robbie baby!” she moaned and held him to her breasts as his spasms slowly subsided. “Mmmm, oh baby!” her soft lips found his and she held him tight, rocking and kissing him till his dick had softened enough to slip from her, followed by a flood of semen. He rolled off her and lay beside her, exhausted, one arm over her breasts.

“Oh baby, you sure came a lot!” she said using her fingers to trap some of the flow and then bringing them to her lips and sucking them clean. “Rest now, that’s it. Lie with me and rest.” She caressed his hair and ran her hands over his skin and a warm glow enveloped him.

He woke to the feeling of Mrs. Jones’ lips and mouth enveloping his hardening penis, sucking and massaging. When she had him fully erect she mounted him, lifting her skirt and placing the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and easing herself down as he slipped further and further inside her until she had fully enveloped him. He looked up at her, enjoying the sensation of being inside her pussy again. Her skirt covered their pubic areas so he couldn’t see her pussy, but her blouse remained unbuttoned and her bra was unclasped in the front so her breasts swayed free as she began to move.

First she began to rock back and forth, rubbing her pussy against him. He reached for her breasts, cupping one of the swaying orbs in each hand, caressing their soft flesh and pinching and kneading the nipples. She began to rock up and down, slowly increasing her pace. She leaned over him till her swaying breasts were close to his face.

“Suck baby, suck while you fuck me, suck on mommy’s tits.”

She put a hand behind his head and pulled his face to her breast. He opened his mouth and began sucking on the offered breast while he fondled the other and played with the nipple. As he sucked a sweet liquid began to fill his mouth and he realized she must still be nursing her baby. His cock began to vibrate as he sucked and Mrs. Jones rocked until the inevitable eruption occurred. He groaned and Mrs. Jones held his face to her breast while he came.

“Oh baby!” she cooed “That’s my baby! Cum in mommy’s pussy.”

She stayed on top of him until she was sure he had finished ejaculating, and then, lifting her breast from his still sucking lips she raised herself up off his softening cock. It slipped wetly from her followed by an ooze of semen. She used her pussy lips to massage his cock with their juices as it lay on his belly.

“Mmmm, that was nice baby. Why don’t you take a shower with me now so I can wash you up?”

He nodded as he lay, spent, on the bed. “OK.”

She pulled him to his feet and kissed him and he put his arms around her, squeezing her bottom and pulling her crotch against him. He followed her to the shower in the master bathroom where she laid out towels for them before finishing undressing herself. She looked beautiful naked as she stepped into the shower and beckoned to him to join her. The warm water felt good on his skin and he embraced her in the spray, kissing her and pressing her nakedness against him. She began to wash him with a scented soap, running her soapy hands over his chest and back and down to his crotch where she began to massage his ball sack and penis. Despite having come twice already he began to get hard again. She cooed as she felt him respond “Oh Robbie baby, you have such a wonderful big cock!” and she began to work his foreskin back and forth.

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