Mrs. Martin Ch. 09


Ch. IX: Meeting Nancy
On Tuesday, Susan left school and stepped into her car to go to her appointment with Nancy Jefferson. Nancy’s words ‘Don’t do anything crazy’ rang through her head. Susan thought to herself, “I wonder what her definition of crazy is? I didn’t go off on Dave or anything like that, in fact I didn’t even talk to him.” On Sunday he dropped the boys at the door and did not even get out of his car. That was probably a good thing since she had not opened the envelope now on the passenger seat. She looked at the envelope on the seat and started to think about Saturday night and how she and Tom had made love while Judy drove.

“Now that was crazy,” she thought, “but no worse than the rest of my week.” She had become the sex servant to one of her students, made love to two women, and allowed Tom to completely redo her wardrobe. She now wore lacy lingerie with garters and hose, no more panty hose and plain white underwear. All her new clothing was far more reveling than she would have dared to wear two weeks ago.

Susan remembered how Tom had brought her a short leather mini-skirt and that when she bent over showed her bottom. Tom had not left the dressing room when he brought it to her and had not allowed her to wear anything but a garter belt and hose. When she put the skirt on he had her bend over. The dressing room was so small that when she bent at the waist it put her backside in his face. He spread her legs and licked her swollen lips. She bit her lower lip hard to keep from screaming out as he nibbled on her love bud, sending shock waves through her body. Somehow he found enough room to drop his pants. He had her turn around and sit on his lap. He placed his hard throbbing member into her hot love box as she sat down. She loved the way he filled her like no man ever had before, and she loved the virility his youth gave him. He then stood up, fully impaling her fully on his hard member. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he rocked back and forth. She bit into his shoulder as he exploded inside her and the waves of pleasure rushed through her body.

Running one hand down the soft material of her skirt and under the hem, Susan started to think about Sunday evening and how Linda had helped her clean all of her old cloths out of her dresser drawers and closet. She remembered how she modeled a few of the outfits for Linda and how Linda responded.

“Oh Susan that looks so great on you, and the material is so soft,” Linda said as she ran her hands over the material covering Susan’s breast. There was an instant response from Susan’s nipples as they began to harden. It didn’t take long and the two women were in bed together and spent the night there.

Her skirt had ridden above the top of her stocking and hand had slipped under the hem of her skirt and rubbed the bare skin at the top of her legs. When Susan reached konyaaltı escort the parking garage her hand brushed over her bald mound as she let go of the wheel to grab the ticket. She quickly pulled into a parking slot leaned back and allowed her fingers to dance over her clit. The warmth started to grow in her as the pictures of her lust filled week filled her mind. All of her nerves tingled as a wave of pleasure passed through her body.

Susan sat in the car for a minute to catch her breath. Then she got out and headed for Nancy’s office, stopping at the ladies room to ‘freshen up’.

“I’m Susan Martin and I have an appointment with Nancy Jefferson,” she said.

The woman spoke into the phone, “Mrs. Jefferson, Mrs. Martin is here. Yes mamm I’ll tell her.” She hung up the phone and said to Susan, “have a seat and Mrs. Jefferson will be right with you.”

Shortly an older woman with auburn hair came out of one of the doors behind the receptionist and walked up to Susan. “Susan, hi I am Nancy Jefferson.”

Susan rose and looked into the largest, round, green eyes she had ever seen. The woman she was looking at was about four inches shorter, and older than Susan was. The suit she was wearing hid the wide hips and thirty extra pounds Nancy had acquired over the years. Susan shook the extended hand and said, “nice to meet you.”

“Won’t you step into my office,” Nancy said and pointed to the door she had just come out of.

“Thank you” replied Susan as she walked into the office.

“Have a seat,” said Nancy pointing to a couch with a large oval coffee table in front of it in the corner of the office. “Now have you had any communications with your husband since we talked?”

“We haven’t spoken, but when he picked up the boy’s on Friday, he left this envelope,” replied Susan handing the envelope to Nancy as she sat on the couch next to Susan.

“Well lets see what we have here,” as she opened the envelope and took out the thick stack of folded paper. She read through the papers shaking her head, “I don’t believe it!! He is offering you everything. He is giving you the house, and he will finish paying for it. How much do you owe on it?”

“We put $50,000 down and only had a fifteen year mortgage, we took out ten years ago,” Susan replied.

“He only wants visitation with the boys every other weekend and on 26 December or on Monday if Christmas falls on a weekend. He’ll pay child support in the amount of $650 a month per child, and he’ll pay for the nanny until the youngest child turns fourteen,” said Nancy as she kept on turning the pages and reading shaking her head. “He will pay for you to have a lifetime membership at the country club, and for the boys college.”

“It sounds fair to me, but not like Dave,” said Susan.

“I can’t believe that George would let him do this. No wonder, he is kültür escort not even using George as his lawyer. He is using Robert Jones, I don’t know him but I think he is the new young man they just brought in.” Nancy got up and went to the phone and dialed some numbers, “I’m going to find out what is going on here if I can.”

Susan looked over to the desk and could see a picture angled to the back of the desk. It was a young man and woman, but she was to far away to make them out.

“You have a date on the docket for the ninth of June? How?” Nancy was silent as she listened. “You want to meet on Thursday evening?” She looked to Susan with a questioned look on her face.

Susan nodded yes and held up all five fingers.

“How about 5:30,” Nancy asked into the phone. “OK great we’ll see you then.” She hung up the phone and punched a pre-dial button on her phone. “Hi hon, you remember the Martin case I told you about? You do? Great we’ll meet you at the Inn in an hour. Ok, love you, oh and bring that cute partner of yours. Bye.”

“Ok, it seems Dave is in a hurry to get this done and has pulled some strings to get on the court docket real quick. They want to meet with us to go over the agreement so there won’t be any hitches when we go to court. If there are no problems with the document they give the judge. We will walk into court and will be one of the first cases called. The Judge will ask if you both agree, and that will be about it, six months later your divorce will be final. Provided no one files any motions. I called my husband and he has some information to give us. He is a PI and I had him on the case to find out what is going on. We are going to meet him at the Gaslight Inn just down the street. Have you ever been there?” asked Nancy.

“No, I haven’t but I heard it is a nice place,” replied Susan.

“Oh it’s great, the food is excellent, and the owner, Abe is a friend of ours” Nancy said. “Let me make a copy of this,” as she held up the envelope and papers, “and we’ll head down to the Inn.”

Susan stood up and walked by the desk to look at the picture. She instantly recognized Shelly Simpson who had graduated last year, the boy in the picture she recognized but could not remember his name. She knew she he had to be Nancy’s son, he had the same hair and complexion. “Of course, your Shelly’s Mother. How she doing this year?”

“Great, thanks to your help last year, and Ed Jr. is finishing his first year of law school. He still talks about how your class prepared him for college,” Replied Nancy.

“My how time flies, he was in the first advanced writing class we had. I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to keep it but the demand has been overwhelming for it. How old is Ed now 23, 24,” Susan asked.

“23” replied Nancy, “let’s not age him to fast. I mean I was only 21 when he was born and big Ed markantalya escort can’t wait until I turn 45. He will probably ask you to my birthday party he is planning.”

The two women continued to talk as they headed out of the building and down the street to the Gas Light Inn.

Ed Jefferson and his partner Andy Chambers entered the Gas Light Inn and headed back to the corner booth where the women were finishing their second glass of wine.

“How’s my favorite ‘Bumps and Grinds’ player?” said Andy as he climbed into the booth beside Nancy.

As Nancy reached to slap him he caught her wrist and lowered his face to hers. His warm mouth met her soft moist lips as he pushed her back into the corner. His tongue darted between her lips and her resistance quickly subsisted as a flame of excitement started to grow in her. He let go of her wrist and dropped his hand down to rub her soft thigh as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close crushing her breast.

This turn of events had Susan mesmerized when suddenly she was awakened by “Hi, I am Ed Jefferson.” This big hand suddenly appeared before her.

“I’m Susan Martin,” she weakly muttered not taking the hand but still focused on the scene taking place on the other side of the table.

“Hey guys you can do that later,” said Ed as he sat beside Susan and reached across the table pulling up on Andy’s shoulder.

“Sorry,” said Andy, “you know Patty has been out of town since Thursday, and won’t be back until Friday.”

“She should go out of town more often,” chirped Nancy as she sat back up in her seat. “Andy, Ed this is Susan Martin.”

“We already meet, while the two of you were putting on a display that really shook-up this innocent young thing,” replied Ed.

“I’m sorry again we embarrassed you,” said Andy.

“Oh you didn’t embarrass me,” replied Susan, as she thought “no you didn’t embarrassed me, you got me excited and now I want some of that.”

“Well if it didn’t embarrass you then,” said Ed as his hand reached around her shoulder. “Maybe we should give these two some of their own medicine.” His lips reached hers just as he finished talking and she felt the pressure on her mouth. His tongue slicked into her mouth and she felt his hand cress her breast and her nipples grow hard.

“I tell the kids to go use lovers lane, we only feed people in here,” this heavy accented voice says.

“Abe” says Ed as he turns, “How you been?”

“Not any change since yesterday,” he replies.

“Are you going to the 4th of July picnic this year Abe,” asked Nancy.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” replied Abe, “now you behave and don’t make my help nervous.” A young girl appears and Abe turns to leave.

The foursome orders their dinner and after the waitress leaves Nancy says to Ed, “you said you had something for us.”

“The answer is right here,” ED replies as he hands a stack of pictures to Nancy.

Nancy lets out a whistle and says, “no wonder the son-of-bitch is willing to give her everything quickly.” She hands the first picture to Susan.

To Be Continued…

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