Mrs. T and Me


I got asked if Mary was my first love and I have to say my first true love yes. The first one I felt love for or the first one I had sex with no. I had a few girl friends in high school and with two I felt genuine emotional attachment. We even got to do some experimenting but never all the way. That didn’t happen until the summer after I graduated more than 35 years ago. I was working at an agricultural supply company where farmers would buy fertilizers, pesticides, seed, and other things needed to farm. We also bought or cleaned and bagged farmers seed for them. It paid better than anything else in town because of the hours. A 5 day 40 hour week didn’t happen. I was working until I was exhausted and other than a card and a cupcake left on the table when I came in at midnight my 18th birthday when unobserved. But I wasn’t there for a career I was there to make as much money as possible for college. Too poor for my parents to afford to pay my way and they made much money for me to make a Pell grant. So for me to go to college was all on me.

We had been working all summer and the season was about to come to an end. It was Friday and the last trucks had been unloaded bagged and stored in the warehouse by 11. We were all told to go to the front office and we all shuffled up to get our final check. Mt and Mrs T were there handing out checks to everyone, thanking them for their work this season and hoped to see them again next year. A few of us were asked to wait to the side. After all the other workers had gone Mr. T called us over and said out checks were made out yet because he kept the best worked to help shut things down and clean the machines. He asked if anyone wanted to earn so more or just go home. One opted out but me I was looking for more money. I had a bus to catch Wednesday but nothing till then.

The 4 of us headed back and broke down the machinery and cleaned it all until midnight when all evidence of any work was all gone. Mr. T came back and said everyone was off till Noon tomorrow. Some of the guys headed off to get drunk but I was looking forward to some sleep. I woke up at 5:30 when my Mom was worried I was going to miss work. I told her I wasn’t supposed to be in until 12 and rolled back over. At 10:30 I rolled out of bed and grabbed some biscuits and sausage Mom had left on the stove. My brothers and sisters were laying on the couch and floor watching cartoons. Mom and Dad both worked half days today so I wouldn’t see them until late tonight. I hoped on my bike and peddled off to work. Hey I couldn’t afford a car.

I arrived at the plant about the time Mr. T arrived in his pick up truck towing a large bar-b-que grill. He got out of his truck and stood up. He wasn’t a title guy. I was just over 6ft 1in then and he was taller than me. He had blond hair and blue eye with angular face. Dolph Lundgren reminded me of him when I saw him later on in movies. Mrs. T pulled up behind him in her car and asked me to help her unload. Mrs T was tall too probably 5′ 10″ and well shaped with her long red hair and full face. When I first saw Kari Byron on Mythbusters I got an instant woody because of her resemblance to the young Mrs T was mirror like. We didn’t get to see her too much in the plant, she spent most of her time in the office charming the customers and letting them ogle her “Large American Breasts,” sorry couldn’t resist. Can’t say I didn’t sneak a look at her when she did wander by on occasion. You just had to be careful so Mr. T didn’t catch you or you didn’t get an arm caught and ripped off in the machinery from not paying attention. Today she was dressed in halter top and shorts which made my not looking so much harder up to impossible as she leaned in the back seat to grab a grocery bag. As she stood up she caught me staring at her ass.

She pulled her sunglasses down looking me in the eyes before she asked “Like what you see?”

I felt the fire rush to my face as my whole body blushed. I knew I was bright red despite my tan from working under the sun most of the summer. Mrs. T looked me up and down. I knew I was in decent shape. I had played sports all through high school hoping for that sports scholarship that didn’t come, so my muscles were firm and I didn’t have much body fat. The last weeks of throwing and stacking 55 pound bags of seed or fertilizer all day did rip my arms, shoulders and chest pretty good. The black T-shirt I was wearing let that show. My jeans were baggy due to having to bend and kneel at work so they didn’t show my thighs to the same advantage. However the hard on I had just gotten was evident.

Mrs T put her glasses back over her eyes and shoved the bag into my chest. I took it and the other two she handed me making my arms completely full. With my hands fully encumbered Mrs T looked around before reaching down and softly rubbing my hard on through my jeans.

As I gasped she smiled and said “Thanks Danny.”

She turned and walked into the office adding a little more Kurtköy Escort sway to her hips as she did. Holding the door open she called out. “Come on.”

I followed her in the door dropping the level of the bags to make sure the front of my pants were hidden. I placed the bags on the counter and made my way out as Mr. and Mrs. T were talking in the corner. I hid myself in the warehouse for a few minutes until my boner was gone. By the time I made it back to clock in everyone else was there.

There were 12 of us waiting to clock in when Mr T showed up and announced, “Today isn’t going to be normal work day, we are putting on our Customer cook out and need you guys to help.” pausing and looking around he added, “We need you to help set up and tear down, a few of you will be asked to drive some of customers home after they have to much to drink.” Pointing to Mike the foreman he finished. Mike will tell you what we need done, you are welcome to eat but no drinking on the clock.”

We got our tasks and soon we had the tables set up and covered, beer kegs were placed and iced and the bandstand in place before the 2 PM start time. The band showed up, a semi successful country band that had a regional hit and a few record sales. Most of them wore jeans and cowboy shirts with their long hair tucked under their hats. I was helping them string the electrical cords for their amps and couldn’t help but notice the heavy smell of burnt marijuana and whiskey that seemed to be popular among the group. A second truck pulled up and the lead singer and his girlfriend the female singer jumped out. He was dressed like the others but she had on a denim mini skirt, with a red and white checked shirt that was tied under her tits showing her curves and white of her stomach. She topped of off with a white cowboy hat looking like a porn version of cowgirl. Her tits rolled in dangerous arcs as she moved threatening to pop out between the few buttons she had. They went into the office and soon everyone was focused back on their tasks.

With set up done and the customers starting to arrive Mike left his station at the grill and called us over to give more instructions. As he talked he handed out keys, “Danny, Abe, and Marcus you guys will be driving the guests as needed.”

Rocky, one of the workers that Mr. T hired every year barked out, “Hey, why do they get to drive?”

Mike rolled his eyes and replied, “Because I want someone that won’t try to fuck the female guest, Abe and Marcus are married, their old ladies would cut their ball off if they tried and Danny is a virgin.”

Everybody looked at me a laughed at the joke before I could lie and say I wasn’t, Mike added “just kidding Danny but I know you got scruples and wouldn’t take advantage of these drunk ladies.”

Pointing to Rocky he went on, “That fucker got to drive last year and got caught fucking Mrs. Langley on her couch, fortunately it was by me since I drove her husband home and he was passed out in the passenger seat. ”

Now everybody looked at Rocky and laughing because he always claimed to be a ladies man and boasted about how hot all the women were all over him. Mrs Langley was Roseann Barr’s twin sister in looks and attitude so the guys found that hilarious. Rocky turned and stomped off flipping everyone the bird as he did.

Mike ended with, “The customers are arriving, be helpful, be nice but do not mingle with them, do not hit on the women, girls , or guys if that’s your thing, and most of all do not embarrass Mr. T or me.”

With that we dispersed. I spent most of that afternoon and into evening either helping people pour beer, a task that got harder as the night went on, or helping hand out food. The music was loud and had the plant not been out in the industrial park the cops would have been called soon. It wouldn’t have mattered much as the mayor and chief of police were busy washing down ribs with free beer.

About 6 I got my first ride dispatch. The McHaneys were done and both were too drunk to drive and needed a ride home. That fact made evident when Ted McHaneys hand “accidentally” slipped into Mrs. T’s halter top. An event that was noticed by Mrs. McHaney who proceeded to beat Ted about the head and shoulders with drunken slaps. We got them separated into Mrs. T’s car with Ted in the backseat and his wife up front. They lived on farm about 20 miles from the other side of town so the trip took a few minutes.

About 10 minutes into it the drive Ted leaned forward and drunkenly mumbled into my ear “The missus and I like to space things up a bit, if you are interested let give us a call?” With that he shoved, what I found out was a 10 dollar bill with their phone number on it, into my shirt collar. He patted my shoulder and leaned back laughing. I looked over Laura, his wife, who was looking at the window. She was cute maybe late 20’s but a small lady. She reminded me of Holly Hunter. For the first time I noticed her Pendik Escort skirt was pushed up around her thighs. Not quite high enough to see her panties but high enough to get my teen hormones raging.

It wasn’t long before Ted was snoring in the backseat. I kept checking out Laura’s partially splayed thighs as we drove down the road. While I glanced once I heard her gasp, as I looked up I saw I was caught, when she dropped her hands into her lap as if to hide what I couldn’t see anyway. I blushed in embarrassment and concentrated on the road. I braced myself for a tongue lashing that I expected to come.

It didn’t instead I heard Laura say, “Ted likes to watch me fuck other men.”

That sentence coming out of Mrs McHaney was shocking enough but she went on with, “He has a little penis so it doesn’t do much for me.”

Sliding over in the seat a woman placed her hand over my covered cock for the second time that day, a record for me. As she fondled she felt the breadth and length and added. “If you want to fuck me with our without him watching I would be OK with it.”

I was torn between not wrecking the car on the two lane country road and not coming in my pants as Laura kept rubbing. When she pulled her left leg up and exposed her flowered bikini panties then began to rub her crotch with her right hand both decisions were made for me. I didn’t wreck but I did swerve off onto the tractor access on the right. As she pulled the panties to the side then spread showed me her now red pussy lips and opening topped with a little furry brown landing strip the second decision was made for me. I tensed and shot loads into my jeans. Linda’s eyes sparkled as she felt my cock tense and spurt under the cloth. Her fingers continued to play in her pussy as I sat back panting and watching.

She cocked her head to the side and asked, “Are you a virgin?”

My beet read face was her answer and she smirked “Oh my gawd,” jamming two fingers in her twat before cumming and moaning out, “I would love to fuck a virgin.” The squishing sound went on for a few more minutes before she gasped and moaned out something unintelligible and passed out against the door. Feeling really guilty I looked back at Ted still snoring then got the car back on the road.

It took a bit to wrangle them into the house from the car. Both were passed out and dead weight. Ted went first, even as in good as shape I was it was hell getting his limp frame in the house and plopped down on the couch. Laura was easier, when I pulled her out, cradling her in my arms like a sleeping child the wind caught the bottom of her sundress pushing the hem up over her thighs and stomach exposing her panty covered crotch again. Only half was covered, the leg band was caught between her pussy lips leaving one side and her clit exposed. It was still wet looking and the wind pushed the her scent up to me. I really wanted to lay her down and put my cock in her pussy but she was passed out. I know she said earlier that it was OK but I didn’t want my first time be with a passed out slut. I plopped her down on the couch next to her husband and started to leave but her splayed crotch was calling to me. I walked around and slid my fingers under the band of her panties and palled them over her cunt. As I did her juices got on my fingers. Sighing I walked out the door and got in the car.

When I got back Mrs T was watching and came over, she was a little lit and didn’t walk as steady as normal and the clog sandals she was wearing didn’t help.

She asked, “I took you awhile, everything OK.”

I blushed again and and stammered out “Y-y-yeah, it’s OK, they both passed out and it took me a bit to get them in the house.”

She looked at me nodding as she said, “Well good we can’t let anything happen to our customers while they are drunk, that why we picked you Danny.”

I blushed again knowing I really didn’t do anything wrong but the whole thing was too weird to process right then. Answering “Yes, ma’am I head back over by the beer kegs.

Mike intercepted me and had me do a few more runs. These were a lot less eventful and everyone want ed to give me money at the end of the ride. So I took it. By 10:30 the customer party was over, the grill was out and reattached to the truck, the empty beer kegs were stacked in the back as well but there were still food and a few kegs of beer left. Mr T called us all over and had us all clock out saying our checks would be available Monday morning with the extra hours and a bonus for everything going so well.

As well all exited the warehouse he called us back to the area around the office to tell us we were all now fired and no longer employees. I thought that was a little odd some of the guys that had been with Mr T over the years cheered and through their trucker caps in the air. I didn’t know for a few minutes that was our signal that we could eat all the left over food and drink the left over beer. Mutlukent Escort

All of including the band dug in and I even had a cup or two of beer. I didn’t want to get soused cause riding the bike home at night was hard enough without being drunk. I noticed Mr T was cozy with girl singer and the guy singer was busy passing a whiskey bottle around and following it with a joint. I passed on both because whiskey was worse than beer and grass always gave me a headache. Some of the guys that had worked there before knew enough to have their girlfriends or wives show up so we had more people laughing and drinking away. I just sat on the side and watched the people.

About 11:30 I felt a hand on my shoulder and Mrs T whisper in my ear, “I need to go in the warehouse but it’s dark and I need you to go in with me.”

I got up and followed her into the darkened warehouse, when I slapped the wall to find the light switch to turn on the lights she hissed “No lights!” I moved by memory since I palleted, stacked, and put most of the bags of seed in the one warehouse. As we got in the middle of the warehouse it got pitch black and she pressed up against me. I loved the feeling of her tits on my arm and the warmth of her thigh on my leg. Finally about two thirds of the way through the warehouse I could see a glow coming from the back and hear sighs and grunts that lead us to the sources.

Peeking around a stack of wheat seed I saw a flash light laying in the middle of a single pallet that was sitting on the floor. When you stack them they are about waist height. Laying on the pallet in the beam of the light, with her cowgirl hat now off and to the side, letting her blonde hair splay out, and her tits free of the tied blouse was the slutty cowgirl now living up to that image. She had her legs splayed wide and Mr T was standing between them thrusting away. As he did she mewed and her tits rolled with the force.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and felt two sets of fingernails dig into my shoulder as Mrs. T saw it too. I was afraid she was about to go make a seen when she grabbed my arm and pulled me back toward the front of the warehouse.

Breaking out of the darkness of the warehouse into the moonlight she growled “That fucking bastard.”

As she paved back and forth for a few minutes she kept switching between “fucking bastard” and “mother fucker” After a another few minutes she stopped looked at me standing in the moonlight grabbing my hand pulling me toward the office. Pulling a set of keys from her pocket she unlocked to door before pulling me through and locking it behind her.

She pulled me into the lounge area between to officers, it had no windows and had two leather couches for the customers to sit on while they were waiting for their order to be loaded. Two soda machines spilled subdues light into the closed space.

Mrs T pushed me where I sat down hard on one of the couches and then plopped down on my lap straddling my legs. She took my face in her hand pulling me up to where I was looking into her eyes. She leaned forward touching her head to mine and asked me in a whispered tone, “You are a virgin aren’t you?” I tried to avert my eyes in my embarrassment but she wouldn’t let me. I slowly nodded that I was.

Mrs T kissed my lips very softly before pulling back. As she sat back onto my thighs she said “Don’t you ever tell a fucking soul about this,” as she reached back and untied her halter top.

With the top untied she dropped it exposing her wonderful full breasts. My mouth was dry and I didn’t know what to say or do so I croaked out, “Mrs T.?”

She giggled as she leaned in whispering, “I think you can call me Michelle now.” With that she kissed me sliding just the tip of her tongue past her lips. I kissed back as best I could before she sat back up exposing her breast to me again. The colors of the soda machine lights make her breast look kind of grayish but I bet they were as tanned as the rest of her body. I didn’t see any tan line. Her nipples would have been almost invisible in the pale light if they were hard and pointed. She took my hands in hers placing them on her breast using my fingers to tease and caress her nipples as she guided them around her sensitive spots.

She was grinding down on my hips with hers mashing my already hard cock making me about to come in my jeans for a second time. Michelle took my hand to wet the finger tips with her saliva so she could rub her nipples with them. Pulling my hands up to her face I watched as a strange confused look covered her face. Instead of taking my fingers in her mouth like I thought she would her tongue darted out like a snake checking the air for danger. As her tongue brushed against my fingers I saw anger flare up and saw stars before I heard the smack and the pain of the slap against my face.

Michelle was now shoving my shoulders in to couch back with all her weight and she was once again face to face with me but instead of softness there was rage in her face. Grabbing me by the hair on the top of my head she screamed out “I thought you were a fucking virgin, you lying fuck.”

Now totally confused I stammered out I was and it infuriated her even more.

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