Mum me and greg after the party.


Mum me and greg after the party.It was a Saturday evening and we had just arrived at a friends 50th birthday party. I went with my parents and didn’t have much expectations for the night but I didn’t have any other plans and the free bar sounded appealing. When we had arrived it was like any other party, a few of the men were fairly tipsy and dancing badly and the women all dancing round there hand bags. We had a taxi booked for 11pm and the night was coming to an end. I had spent a fair bit of the evening propped up at the bar having a drink. The last half hour I got talking to my parents friend greg, greg knew my parents quite well as they use to do a fair bit as a 4some but recently greg had split from his wife. He was pouring his heart out for the first 15 minutes about his break up but I found after mum had came over asking for a drink our chat started turning to her. Your father is a lucky man he’d say, shes still looking good for her age, she can have a laugh he also dropped in. Little did greg know I was liking the thought of him fancying her. As we sat at the bar I was feeling pretty tipsy and fairly brave and as greg would comment on mum, id say how I felt. She looks like she has a good figure for her age he said. Yeah I seen her a few times now in just her underwear, shes in good shape for 54 I replied. Both me and greg laughed as we was looking over at mum dancing with one of her friends. Well I tell you what dave, he said, ive always had a thing for your mum, even when I was with my wife. I’m sorry to be so forward he said laughing. Don’t be greg I said, you no how she is, shes always up for a laugh I replied. We carried on chatting for another 5 minutes or so when greg cam out with, do you think your mother is game? game for what I replied, well you know dave, do you think she’d play away? I smiled, greg I don’t know that do I, but I know shes up for a laugh and you never know I said with a grin on my face. Just then me and greg were sitting on a stall each backs to the bar when mum come over, you alright guys she said. I felt mums hand rest on my thigh and as I looked down she had her other hand on gregs thigh, yeah not bad thanks mum, we going soon, yeah taxi’s outside mum replied. Sure lets go then, just as I went to get up and say goodbye to greg he asked if it was ok to jump in our taxi as he wasn’t fair from where we lived. Yeah that’s fine greg, mum replied simon is staying behind to help clear the hall, his driving so hell make his own way back. Mum done her rounds and started saying goodbye and me and greg walked out without saying the awkward goodbyes. Your dads a good helper like that, staying behind he said. Yeah, even more to the point, I noticed mums hand on your thigh I teased, greg laughed, a couple of inches higher she’d of felt something else he said laughing. We both laughed as we jumped in the taxi shortly followed by mum. As we got closer to home mum had asked greg if he was popping in for a drink before as you could tell he wasn’t ready to go home. As we pulled up outside the three of us got out and went indoors. Ill put the kettle on mum said as me and greg sat on the sofas in the lounge. Bit awkward being hear without the wife he said to me. Youll be ok I said back, I will be if I can take your mother upstairs he said laughing, you really do have a soft spot for her I teased back. oh I sure do, cant you bugger off he said jokingly. Well greg, I said, ill let you in on a serect, whats that, it might be my beer goggles but im finding her attractive tonight to I said with a big grin on my face. We both started laughing. Well fancy making a more greg said to me, I just laughed it off, sure I replied. Mum cam in with the drinks and sat on the other sofa, mum did you know greg fancies you I teased, oh stop it she replied smiling, greg didn’t say anything. I joked, he was saying what a good figure you have but I was telling him that you was getting on a bit and it wasn’t all so nice underneath, you git mum said, she knew I was only messing, we have a good micky taking relationship. Greg finally piped up, i bet its lovely underneath your clothes dave was telling me how his seen you in your underwear at its not a bad site for the eyes at all. Oh dave, mum said you shouldn’t be lieing she said giggling. I bet his not greg replied. Mum stood up, look its not very flatling she said as she pulled her dress in tighter. She then held her boobs ankara escort and said, they should be up hear, as she pushed them up, not sagging down as she then let them drop. Me and greg just sat there looking as mum arranging her dress. Mum, don’t do that i told you greg already fancys you i teased. Mum smiled as so did greg, you could actually almost feel a sexual tension between them. Well ive always said greg you was much better than shelly and you could do so much better, what do you mean he said back, well you know your a fit guy, attractive and lovely. Greg smiled. Ohhhhh i butted in, looks like you both have a soft spot for each other. We was having a laugh when mum said anyway dave, i must admit shelly has a better figure than me, ohh noo greg said butting in, im sure you do. Mum smiled, oh you charmer. But you haven’t seen underneath yet. Greg smiled is there a chance i will then he said cheekily. Mum get up took our drinks and walked out, just before she left she turned smiled and said play your cards right you might and winked at us both. As she now left me and greg turn to each other, we had grins on our face like youd never seen, wow mate do you think with got a chance he said, we?, i replied yeah i think shes up for us both. Dude that’s my mum, i said back, oh come on dave i bet youd love to he teased. Greg was right, id love to see where this goes. Mum came back into the room and me and greg we still sitting on the sofa, shall we settle this she said, settle what? Well ill let you judge and be honest tell me what you think of my body. Me and greg were gob smacked, she was being serious. Mum stepped out the room and popped her head round the door, ahh im embarrassed she said. You could tell mum had taken her dress off as you couldn’t see the straps anymore but could see her bare shoulders. Oh don’t be silly greg said. Just then to our surpise mum walked into the room, she was in a black patterned bra and matching black thong. I didn’t even know she owned any thongs. Wow, both me and greg said, stop lieing mum said embarrassed. No really, smoking hot. Mum stood facing us and both me and greg were staring, mum was grinning. Turn round greg said, oh no i had a horrid big bum mum said back. I bet you don’t. Just then mum turned round slightly not the whole way, she was embarrassed but seemed to be enjoying this. Greg asked again and now mum truant round completely and both me and greg again were staring at her this time eyeing up her ass in the black thong. bloody great greg said. I suddenly see gregs hand reach out and give her bum a little slap, oi naughty mum said. greg laughed i cant help myself, mum grinned well aint you going to see how it feels. Gregs eyes nearly popped out and his jaw dropped as he looked at me. He didn’t need asking again he stood up and stood next to mum i watched on as he hand was now groping her ass, fantastic ass he said. I sat on the sofa just looking as greg was groping my mums bare ass in a thong right infront of me. I then looked on as with the other hand he was rubbing it up my mums back, i watched as he moved it round to the front of her, he was now rubbing her boob over her bra, i could see mums face in the mirror, she just had a big grin on her face, blimey dave these fill great he said. I didn’t answer. Greg was still doing this as i watched on, mum still had he back to me when i just heard greg say wow you nipples are beautiful. Greg had obviously had her boob out but i couldn’t see. look at these dave, he said as he tried to turn mum around. Oi im not showing my son my boobs she said smiling, oh im sure he wont mind he replied turning mum around. Now i could see what the fuss was about, he had pulled her bra up and one of her big 34dd tits was on show. I was watching as greg was rubbing her tit, pinching at her erect nipple. Mum seemed to be really enjoying that, with the other hand i could see greg rubbing it over her stomach, it looked like he was working his way down to her thong. I was now looking as he had his hand on the waist band of her thong. It looked like he went to put his hand down when mum grabbed in, greg you horny git she said smiling, sorry tina, do you want me to stop he said back. Mum paused, oh i don’t no she said. I was shocked she was actually thinking about carrying on. Greg didn’t stop and mum let go, i saw he now had his fingers down her thong stretching her thong. I suddenly then ankara escort bayan saw mum reach behind and unclip her bra, greg pulled his hand out as she took her bra off. Standing right infront of me i looked on and her lovely big bare tits, her nipples were erect. Dave come and have a feel he said. I paused, mum smiled really, she said. Oh come on tina im sure dave would love them he said. mum didn’t say anything.Come on dave he said again, mum just grinned, she seemed embarrassed. But yet she hadn’t said no. I stood up and walked over I stood the other side of greg, mum was in the middle. I reached out and grabbed her right tit as greg was gropping the other. Not bad are they he said grinning. Just then we heard mum say, blimey im horny, greg looked at me and we both smiled. Just then greg eased mum over to the sofa she sat down in the middle just in her thong and bare breast out. Me and greg knelled either side of her and carried on gropping her boobs this time, both licking her nipples, i looked up as her head rolled back, she slouched down on the sofe and her legs widen, i looked on as greg with his other hand started rubbing over her thong. mum let out a moan, i kept rubbing her tit but looking down when i saw a flash of her naked skin, were greg was rubbing at her thong. He moved her thong to the side and i got a glimpse of her pussy, slight bit of hair but you could see her bulging pussy. I stopped playing her her tit and sat back, i looked on as greg was rubbing her bare pussy, you could hear that noise, you knew she was wet. I looked on as he started fingering my mum. She pulled her own thong down to her ankles, greg stop looked at as both and smiled, he stood up and knelled infront of mum, he buried his head inbweteen her legs, i looked down as mum widen them and greg started licking my mums pussy. I was sat by the side watching, rock hard cock in my jeans, mum was fully naked getting licked out by my parents friend greg. I looked as mum had her eyes shut, panting rubbing her tits. Greg stopped and looked up at me and winked. He spun mum around and she laid with her back on the sofa and he head resting on my groin area. greg continued to play and lick her pussy. I looked down and mum still panting, oh that’s great she said under her breath. I reached over and grabbed her bare tit, she open her eyes and smiled at me.A couple of minutes went past and i watched on at greg licking my mums pussy as now i could see him, with one hand un buckling his belt on his jeans, i could see he was pulling his jeans down and i noticed he had a hard on trying to burst out of his pants. He stopped licking my mums pussy and she had noticed his jeans was off. She sat up and greg moved in, i watched on as she reached out and pulled his pants down, his hard 6″ cock sprung out, oh nice mum said as she grabbed it. She started slowly wanking him off whilst he had one knee on the sofa standing up. Mum was sitting upright wanking his dick. He smiled at me and mouth, go on dave get yours out, i didn’t need asking again, i wiped my jeans and pants off start away. I had a raging hard on which mum hadn’t noticed. I could still see from behind mum was wanking his dick. Greg smiled as he saw my cock. I looked on as he moved round infront of mum, she turned to, greg was standing in front of her as she sat on the sofa next to me wanking his dick when she finally noticed i had my cock out, blimey she said as she saw it, she looked at my hard cock pointing upright, wow she said looking at it wanking gregs cock still, i just smiled as so did she. I then looked on as she lent forward she suddenly took gregs cock in her mouth, i watched on as my naked mum sat on the sofa next to me sucking a cock, i watched on for a few minutes slowly wanking my cock, greg looked at me and smiled as he held mums head as she was sucking his dick.This went on for a couple more minutes, mum looked over and saw me wanking my dick, she smiled at me, she then looked up and greg and said, do you want to fuck me, greg grined, mum stood up and greg positioned her so she was bent over head down by me, he knelt behind her on the sofa and i looked as he guided his cock in her pussy from behind. I watched mums face as it entered her. ohhhh she said, greg held her waist, mum was bent over tits sagging down with her face right near my groin, my cock was inches from her. With my other hand i reached out and grabbed escort ankara her sagging tits, greg started fucking her slowly from behind, he got faster and faster as you could hear the slapping noise of him hitting her backside. She was moaning as he was fucking her, her forehead was now resting on my bare leg, she was in closer to my cock. Greg carried on fucking her hard from behind, oh yes oh yes mum moaned. She looked up at me and looked at my cock, that’s a bloody big thick cock she said as i let it spring out in her view, she bit her lip, that’s it greg fuck me she said. She carried on looking at my cock, greg was fucking her hard and she was getting closer, it was almost under her noise. I had stopped wanking when i looked down as her tounge poked out, it touch the tip of my cock, mmmmmmmm she said i held it towards her mouth, she put her lips round my cock, she now had my hard cock in her mouth. She raised her self up on all fours more and held my cock as she was getting fucked from behind. She was sucking my dick as greg fucked her from behind. Oh that’s it greg fuck me fuck me she screamed. im going to cum she scream loud, i could sense that she was cumming as she stopped sucking my cock and was pushing her self back onto gregs cock. Mum had just cummed learning over me.Oh wow she said as greg slowed down. She took my cock again, this time she eased away from greg, his cock popped out of her pussy, she stood up infront of me, she pulled my legs apart and knelt down. She knelt infront of me taking my cock in her mouth. Greg sat down next to me as she starting sucking my cock for a few minutes. She looked up, then stood up infront of me. I watched on as she rubbed her pussy, you could see it was wet. Can i she said as she moved closer. She suddenly eased her self round me, she was about to mount me and sit on my cock. I was sat on the sofa legs spread, mum had mounded me. i looked down as she held my cock and eased he self onto me. The tip of my cock touched her wet pussy, just as it enter she said, oh fuck its massive, i felt her wet pussy lips spread around my cock, she said all the way down on it, fucccccccccccckkkkk she said, oh my god its so big, i grabbed her waist and started fucking her. oh yeah oh yeah she scream, i started moving her up and down on my cock fast, oh oh she said, slow down its so big. I held her on my cock, full length up her wet pussy. mmmmmmmm she said, she started bouncing on it. i looked at greg and he was wanking as my mum was riding my cock tits buried in my face. She stood up off it and turned round, she eased back on my cock facing forward, back to me, she started bouncing on my cock again, greg stood up in front of her grabbing her tits. Oh fuck me fuck me she said, oh that’s it yeah there there there she said as she was cumming for the second time. She stopped bouncing on my cock, she had just cummed again, wow that was great she said as she eased her self off. Me and greg were sat side by side, she stood in front of us naked body, swallow pussy, well shall i finish you two off now she said as she knelt down infront of us. She took both of our cocks and started wanking the pair of us off. Just as i was about to cum as i was looking at her big tits wobbling from all of her hand actions greg said, shit im ready to cum, mum replied where, he stood up and said get on all fours which she did, she raised her ass up and greg stood behind her, her top half she spread out and laid her face on the floor ass in the air, greg knelt behind her. I was about to watch him cum over my mums ass when i noticed he had his cock right near her pussy. He was wanking fast, mum was grinning waiting for his cum, i looked on as he pushed his cock in her pussy from behind, she smiled oh your going to cum in me she said as greg just pumped about 3 times, yes oh yes he said as he was cumming in her pussy from behind. mmmmmmmmmm she said. Oh fuck, i just watched him fill my mothers pussy, im going to cum i said and with that mum jumped up and knelt infront of me, she obviously loved cum as she was in front of me as i started wanking, she was holding her tits out and had her mouth open, just as i let go of my cock, she learned in and took it in her mouth. I felt myself starting to cum in her mouth, she pulled back as i shot another huge load over her face and tits. Greg was watching on as she took a huge load. mmmmmmmm she said as she lent back dripping with cum. oh wow she said as she swallowed what was in her mouth. She stood up butt naked pussy swallow covered in cum. I best get cleaned up and off she went. Me and greg sat there and laughed, he said well she was defiantly game and laughed.

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