Mummy’s Dark Fantasy



A very conservative Singaporean mother accidentally discovers her married son’s secret fantasy and, much to her shame, surrenders to his blackmail and carnal desires.


It all started quite innocently when May-Kuan’s home computer was waiting to be repaired and she decided to use her son, Eddie’s.

May-Kuan is the proud mother of Eddie who lives with his wife in the family’s apartment in Singapore. Eddie and his wife work every day, as does May-Kuan’s husband, leaving May-Kuan alone in the apartment on most days.

May-Kuan’s computer was temporarily out of action and so she quite innocently decided to use Eddie’s to look up a crossword clue. She entered his room and then sat down in front of his computer before opening the search engine. It might have been fate, nobody will ever know but as she started to type the clue, “Literary great of 1672,” into the search engine, a website called Literotica opened and topping the page of text displayed on the screen was the title, ‘How I fucked my Mother.’

May-Kuan reeled back in shock as she read the title and a cold shiver ran down her spine at the realisation that her son had been reading this; this filth.

She had led a very sheltered life. Like most Singaporean women of her age she had only ever had sex with her husband and that was always missionary position. During the time she had been married you could probably count the number of orgasms she had had on one hand. She had never masturbated and any suggestion of oral sex by her husband would have been flatly refused as she considered it to be very dirty.

However, despite her shock she felt somehow compelled to start reading some of the story.

Having been a professional woman in a managerial role she was used to getting her own way when she was at work. To be honest she was also used to getting her own way at home as well so, as she started to read the story, she felt shocked by the fact that the son in the story commanded his mother to perform whatever sex act he wished. This feeling of shock was not only because of the son’s depraved actions but also because as she read the story she found that the idea of being forced to perform sexual favours for her son was starting to arouse her. She pushed the thoughts away telling herself that it was wrong and immoral.

May-Kuan then checked her son’s browsing history and found many more web sites that featured mother and son incest stories.

Confused, and unsure what to think she hurried from her son’s bedroom and made herself busy around the house, trying to block out the recurring thought that her precious son Eddie was almost certainly having fantasies of having sex with her; maybe even imagining forcing her like in the stories.

Over the next few days she tried her best to be busy but kept being drawn back to the computer to read some more of these disgusting stories.

Even though she kept reminding her self that these acts she was reading about were depraved and immoral she could not deny the fact that each time she read some more she became aroused. Not just mildly aroused or titivated but fully turned on. One particular morning she got so wet that she felt she should change her panties because the gusset was soaked. She hurried to her bedroom, reached up under her skirt and pulled off her soaked panties. She stood motionless for a few seconds, fighting the urge that was filling her senses and then, for the first time in her life reached back up under her skirt and touched her wetness. Quickly moving across to the bed she lay down, pulled up her skirt and started to masturbate. As her fingers danced over her moist pouting lips, images of her son filled her mind. She imagined him standing at the foot of the bed; naked and holding his erection saying, “spread your legs mother, I’m going to fuck you.”

Her fingers delved into her wetness as she pressed the palm of her hand against her swollen clitoris, feeling waves of pleasure starting to surge through her body as she imagined feeing the weight of her son on top of her and his youthful erection penetrating and then pounding in and out of her oozing vagina.

She felt herself losing control, and, with two fingers plunged deep inside her she had the most wonderful orgasm.

Afterward, she lay there for a few minutes as she fought with her conscience. Finally, she decided that it was just a fantasy. Everyone must have fantasies and, after all, it would never happen in real life.

Despite trying to fight the urge, May-Kuan spent more and more of her time searching the internet for more mother and son stories. The only way in which she could rationalise her guilt was to keep reminding herself that her new found feelings were just the result of a fantasy that could not and would not ever happen for real.

After a few months May-Kuan was still enjoying her new found delight of masturbation. She began to look forward to the times when she was alone in the house sınırsız escort and free to allow the fantasies of her son to fill her mind whilst she brought herself to very enjoyable climaxes.

She started to feel jealous of her daughter-in-law; imagining her being mounted by her son and probably not appreciating how lucky she was to have his magnificent manhood plunging into her.

Eddie was in the habit of lounging around the apartment in just his loose-fitting boxer shorts and would often have a nap on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon sprawled out on the couch. With her newly discovered fantasies, May-Kuan started to take more notice of Eddie’s body or, to be more precise, his crotch. In the past she had often noticed a glimpse of his scrotum or even his erect penis as he lay on the couch oblivious to how revealing his loose boxers could be. Now, knowing about his secret fantasies, she wondered if he was exposing himself on purpose. Maybe he was getting a thrill knowing that his carefully arranged penis, peeping out from his loose boxers was clearly visible to his mother.

The more she read the more May-Kuan realised how inexperienced she was. One recurring theme in the stories was of the mother being penetrated ‘doggy style’. She wondered what it would feel like to be taken like that; to be kneeling in such a revealing and, in her opinion, demeaning position and then have Eddie grip her hips and enter her from behind.

These thoughts filled her head as she busied herself around the deserted apartment one morning. She was trying to fight the urge to masturbate but as she entered her son’s room she gave in. She looked at the double bed knowing that Eddie would have made love to his wife many times on it.

Knowing that nobody would be home until much later in the day and with a feeling of sudden daring, she decided that she would masturbate on Eddie’s bed.

She quickly stripped down to her bra and panties and stood next to the bed. Already feeling aroused she pretended that Eddie was there in the room with her; forcing her to do as he wished as he stood naked, stroking his erection.

She closed her eyes to concentrate, imagining him saying, “Take off your bra and show me your breasts mother.”

It felt almost real as May-Kuan unfastened her bra, slipped it from her shoulders and felt the shame and embarrassment of exposing her breasts to her son Eddie. Her nipples stiffened and tingled as the feelings of shame and embarrassment merged into one of thrilling excitement.

Despite her advancing years May-Kuan felt quite proud of her body. She was still relatively slim and felt that her best asset were her breasts which had always been a generous B cup making her larger than most Singaporean ladies. She reached up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples knowing that it would please Eddie.

With her eyes still closed, and remembering a particular line in one of the stories that had surprisingly aroused her, she imagined his voice saying, “Now take of your panties whore.”

As she slid her panties down over her thighs before removing them completely she felt the thrill of how it might feel to be completely naked in front of Eddie.

One of her hands had already slid down over her belly and delved through her pubic hair to her wetness as she imagined Eddie say, “Now kneel on the bed whore so that I can take you.”

Just imagining Eddie treating her like that was sending a strong thrill through her senses as she climbed onto her son’s bed.

As well as reading mother son stories May-Kuan had also searched for and watched a few porno videos and, after all these years of only ever knowing the missionary position, was now very familiar of what was required to be had ‘doggy style.’

Now completely engrossed in her life like fantasy she got into a kneeling position with her back side pushed up and her chin resting on the bed. She felt a huge thrill as the cool air from the air conditioner wafted over her fully exposed wet labia as if to remind her how revealing this position would be for a man standing behind her. As if to reassure herself that the presence of her son was just imaginary, she swiftly glanced back behind her seeing just a table and her son’s computer.

Closing her eyes again she tried her best to be the wanton whore that she had read about, moving her knees apart further and thrusting her buttocks up as high as she could; feeling her oozing labia starting to gape open.

With one hand bracing herself on the bed she reached under and between her open thighs, running her fingers through her soaking wet lips. She started to move her hips as she eased two fingers into her vagina, imagining it was Eddie mounting her from behind and eagerly thrusting his youthful erection into her.

She was soon rocking back and forth, pushing her fingers in as deep as she could whilst letting the palm of her hand stimulate her clitoris. Very taksim escort soon, and with a long gasping series of moans she reached a powerful orgasm.

Having finished she quickly got dressed, tidied the bed and left the room.

During the past month or so Eddie had become convinced that someone else in the apartment was using his computer. His main cause for concern was that he had forgotten to delete his browsing history on more than one occasion and was worried that his wife might have discovered his reading habits.

Having given it some thought he decided to activate an old intruder program that he had downloaded a while ago. The program used the inbuilt camera to monitor any movement in the room. When movement was detected it would then record video footage covertly with the intruder having no idea that the computer was running.

As soon as the system was activated it would send an alert to Eddie via his mobile phone. The alert would show a still image of the intruder and then, if required would send live video of what was being recorded.

So, imagine Eddie’s surprise and delight when his phone alerted him to an intruder whilst he was at work.

He was alone in his office when he heard the alarm, reached for his phone and saw a still image of a mature but shapely woman at home in his bedroom.

He sat back behind his desk and then accessed the live video feed. To his total astonishment he watched as the woman slowly stripped completely naked. He wondered what she was up to; then, letting out a startled gasp the realisation hit him that the woman was his mother; the mother he often had fantasies about but whom he assumed must be almost frigid. That long held belief of May-Kuan soon evaporated as he watched in disbelief as she started caressing her breasts before sliding a hand down between her legs.

Eddie adjusted the uncomfortable bulge in his trousers and continued to watch as his mother knelt on his bed, thrusting her buttocks upwards before spreading her knees, unknowingly exposing both her anus and glistening labia to Eddie’s camera.

Eddie’s own hand quickly slackened the belt of his trousers allowing him to delve inside his underpants and touch his throbbing erection as he watched his mother thrusting her fingers up into her vagina and very quickly reach an orgasm.

He then heard somebody approaching his office so he quickly shut down the video link on his phone and withdrew his hand from inside his trousers. Much to his relief whoever it was then walked straight past his office giving him a chance to re-fasten his belt and re-gain his composure.

He tried to concentrate on his work but could not shake off the images in his head of his mother’s lewd masturbation that he had just witnessed. His mind was racing as contemplated how this might change everything. He quickly checked his phone to make certain that the whole video had been captured and stored. Besides the graphic images in his head the other thing that would not go away was his rock hard erection.

Eddie had always been very successful with women. He had a natural charm that seemed to attract females like moths to a lamp. Here at work it was no different and, although she didn’t know it yet, Ho-Ching, an older lady from accounts, would soon be on her knees in Eddies office.

Although married, Eddie had always sought out older women for one night stands or casual sex. He had always found them less demanding and much more eager to please than the pretty young things. Eddie had latched on to Ho-Ching at a company banquet. During the evening, she had drunk a few glasses of wine and when Eddie, using his natural charm, told her how attractive he found her, she willingly accepted his offer of a lift home.

They had left together and once in the underground car park standing next to Eddie’s car, she willingly fell into his embrace. If she had been sober then it would probably not have gone as far as it did. As they kissed and his tongue explored her mouth she could feel the bulge of his erection pressing against her. She felt flattered by the attention of such a young and handsome guy and, with the effects of the wine negating her usual straight laced demeanour, she just giggled as his hands roamed freely over her body. She felt her skirt being lifted up until it was rucked up around her waist. She knew it was wrong. She was old enough to be his mother but in the heat of the moment she felt more alive than she had for a long time.

Eddie quickly looked around and, satisfied that that they were in a far remote and dark corner of the car park, quickly grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Ho-Ching’s girlish squeals echoed around the deserted car park as she let him take off her panties and then push her back over the bonnet of his car.

Eddie pushed her knees apart and then swiftly buried his head between her open thighs. Ho-Ching was wriggling about as if to protest tesettürlü escort and escape but Eddie was confident that any protestation would cease as soon as his tongue found its target.

He could smell her arousal as his nose pressed into her pubic hair; then he confirmed her arousal as his tongue slipped between her parted lips and tasted the musky juices oozing from her vagina.

He grinned to himself as he felt her body respond to his tongue. He heard her try to suppress an involuntary groan as his tongue lazily licked over the tip of her clitoris. Any hint at protesting was now gone as she started to move her hips against his mouth. He felt her hips start to thrust eagerly against his mouth and knew that, like all the other older women before her, she would soon reach her first orgasm in years and be his to use as he wished.

With her buttocks now rising and falling on the cool metal of his car bonnet she finally lost control; sobbing and moaning with pleasure as Eddie’s tongue worked it’s magic.

Still whimpering, Ho-Ching willingly allowed Eddie to pull her back up into a standing position before turning her round to face the car and then, bending her over the front of the car. She heard the zip of his trousers being hurriedly pulled down and was in no doubt what was going to happen next as he kicked her feet further apart. She felt him move right up close behind her and then swooned as, with no further preparation, he penetrated her to the hilt. She felt his hands grip the flesh of her hips as he started to thrust deeply and urgently into her sopping wet pussy. She could feel him starting to thrust more and more urgently and, as he reached his own orgasm, flooding her insides with his hot semen her moans and shouts of pleasure echoed around the car park once more as she had her second orgasm of the evening.

That had been a few months back and since then, whenever he felt in need of sexual relief he called her and, with the mistaken belief that he really liked her, she would do whatever he wanted.

And so, having looked at the video of his mother for about the third or fourth time and with his erection almost bursting from his trousers, he picked up the phone and dialled Ho-Ching’s number. It was just past office closing time but he knew that she always stayed late.

He felt pleased as he sensed the excitement in her voice when she answered the phone, “Hi Eddie, what can I do for you?”

“Pop into my office on your way out Ho-Ching, I have an important task for you.” With that he hung up the phone.

Ho-Ching felt a surge of excitement and her cheeks flushed as she quickly tidied her desk and contemplated what Eddie would want to do. Over these past months it had become a habit for him to call her at short notice to call into see him in his office. Each time she yearned for him to repeat the cunnilingus he had performed on her in the car park; the first, and so far, only time that anyone had used their tongue so intimately; each time she had come away a little disappointed after he had just wanted a “quickie” and left her wanting more.

Despite this she hurried to his office expectantly, willing to do almost anything he wished in the hope of him giving her another orgasm.

She knocked on his office door and then entered as he responded, “come in.”

As she entered his office he said, “lock the door behind you Ho-Ching.”

She did as he asked and then stood in front of his desk feeling shy and a little foolish. Deep down she knew that he was just using her but it was a price she was willing to pay.

Eddie looked at her and grinned, noting the similarities in both looks and age of Ho-Ching and his mother May-Kuan. In his present highly aroused state all he could see before him was his mother as he said, “Take of your clothes and remind me how great your body is.”

Ho-Ching giggled and felt shy as she hesitatingly started to undress.

She then felt startled as Eddie said impatiently, “come on, I haven’t got all night!”

She was soon standing before him wearing only her bra and panties and feeling self-conscious as his eyes roamed over her, checking her out.

Behind the desk and out of sight of Ho-Ching, Eddie’s erect penis was already free from his trousers. He stroked it slowly as he said, “take off your bra and show me your breasts mother.”

Ho-Ching suppressed a gasp, shocked and bemused by being called mother. However, she did as she was told and removed her bra.

“Now take off your panties and let me see your naked back side.”

Eddie was looking directly at her with a weird glazed expression on his face as she obediently peeled down her panties, kicked them off and stood completely naked.

“Now walk around my desk and come to me mother.”

Ho-Ching walked slowly around the desk, feeling completely exposed as her unsupported breasts wobbled gently with each step until she rounded the desk and stopped in front of him.

“You like pleasing me don’t you mother.”

“Yes,” she mumbled softly, trying to ignore the weirdness of him calling her mother.

“Looking at your naked body is arousing me mother. Do you like arousing me?”

Ho-Ching looked at him stroking his erection as she replied, “yes.”

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