Mum’s Friends Ch. 09

Next morning they woke up at six. Anji was all over Paul. An hour later they showered together then Anji made breakfast while Paul checked his emails. Lena was in New York and would be back in Europe next week. Paul was missing Lena. She emailed twice or three times a day, but Paul missed their lovemaking.

After breakfast, Paul drove Anji to the Center. They were first to arrive as it was eight twenty in the morning. Paul showed Anji all around the Center, Auction House and warehouse. Anji was impressed. She thought the props business was incredible. Anji said, “The annoying part of my estate business is the house clearances. We have many companies offering sixty pounds to clear a house. They then charge us a fee of two hundred pounds for clearing the house.”

Two months ago we sent out letters to every company we deal with for house clearances asking why they were charging this amount. We have not had one reply. Paul is it possible that you could do our house clearances for us. We have between twenty and thirty every week. I believe that this is a lucrative business. Occasionally you can come across some Antiques, but mostly it would be items for your props business. Would you be interested?”

Paul replied, “Yes, we would be interested. We wouldn’t charge for the service and make a cash offer for the contents. We have three furniture vans and ten porters. We also have our experts who would visit the properties to value the contents. Then the porters would package them and bring them to the warehouse. When would you like us to start?”

Anji answered, “As soon as possible. We have a backlog of over sixty clearances to do. Later we will go to my office, and I’ll give you details. I’m so happy that you can do this.”

Jean, Margie and Sue then arrived. Paul explained what Anji wanted. Jean said, “This is not a problem. We must have someone from management going to the houses and at least be taking pictures of the contents. If you left it to the porters, then all the valuable pieces will disappear. This could be a good job for Mags as she will be learning how to value pieces every day.”

May, Mags, Kay, Ann and Dot arrived. May, Mags and Dot looked stunning. May and Mags both kissed Paul passionately on the lips. Both pushed their pussies against Paul’s leg. Then Mags introduced Dot to Paul and Anji. Dot shook Paul’s hand pressing her fingers against his hand. She didn’t remove her hand at once. Dot said, “So pleased to meet you, Paul. I have heard so many interesting things about you. I would be interested in taking a share in the French part of the business and also renting space for my pieces. Would this be possible?”

Paul replied, “I’m going to the Chateau tomorrow. We can arrange that then. We will also need someone to help Mags in a new department we are setting up. I will discuss this with you over the weekend.”

Dot answered, “That’s wonderful. Mags and I are game for anything. Just ask, and we will do it.”

Kay and Ann were now helping Margie and Jean with dusting some pieces. Both of them looked happy. Paul phoned Gibson Air office and confirmed the flight for noon. May came to Paul and said, “I’m so delighted that we are going to the Chateau. It will be wonderful for Kay. Anji told me that she had a wonderful night with you. I think that she is very interested in you. Anji can help you a lot. We will leave for the airport now.”

May and Mags gave Paul a passionate kiss. Dot gave Paul a long hug. Paul could feel the weight of her enormous breasts against his chest, and the pressure on his leg as Dot pushed her pussy against his leg.

Paul invited Anji for lunch in the Bistro. Paul ordered a bottle of Apollinaris. They both ordered Coq Au Vin. Anji said, “There’s a fantastic atmosphere in the Bistro. It is twelve o’clock, and there are only two empty tables. The meals that I have seen served look excellent. You have a winner here.”

Their meals were served. Anji tasted hers and said, “This is the finest Coq Au Vin I have ever tasted. You have a very varied menu. The choice is excellent; there’s something for everyone here. Could we dine here tonight and then stay overnight in your apartment?”

Paul had noticed how Anji had been playing footsie under the table with his leg; he replied, “I would love that. I think after lunch we should go to the apartment for a little siesta then we will visit your office as I would like to get the house clearances settled before we leave for France.”

Anji smiled and said, “We think the same way. My pussy is so wet. I phoned my secretary, and she has all the addresses and keys arranged. We can give them to Jean. I am sure Jean will have all the clearances done quickly. I want to be fucked hard and rough.”

They went upstairs to the apartment. gaziantep bayan escortları Anji was horny. They were both naked within a minute. Anji said, “Fuck me on the dining room table.”

Anji was wet. Paul was able to fist her easily. Paul was sucking on Anji’s breasts as he fisted her. Paul was also using her cum as a lube on her ass. He had four fingers inside her ass now. Anji was moaning with pleasure. The rougher he was with her, the more Anji moaned. Paul then bent Anji over the table. He went into her pussy doggy style. After a few thrusts, he came out and slid his cock into her ass. Anji took it all with the first thrust.

For the next forty minutes, Paul pounded into Anji’s ass and pussy. When he was inside her pussy, the squelch of her cum was loud. Paul was fucking her as hard and as rough as he could. Anji loved it. Then Paul came inside her. Anji said,”That was fucking excellent. That’s the best fuck I have ever had. I love it when you are rough with me.”

They kissed and went to shower. Anji was paying a lot of attention to Paul’s ablutions. Paul was starting to get hard again. Paul said, “You arouse me. We must work, but we can have another session before we go out for dinner.”

Anji kissed Paul passionately. They left in Anji’s Mercedes for the office. Anji was a fast but safe driver. Anji said, “We have over six hundred partners in my firm. We have fourteen offices. I am the Senior Partner. You will meet Jane Grant today; she is the Managing Partner. We have young associate lawyers who work for us for between seven and ten years. They are then offered a Partnership. Our partners all earn more than one hundred and fifty thousand pounds per year. When an associate is offered a partnership, they pay the current rate for the partnership. Since the nineteen fifties, the rate has increased by the rate of inflation every year. It was seven hundred and fifty pounds. Today it is circa six thousand five hundred pounds.”

“It is the responsibility of each partner to arrange their own Pension. When they retire, the associate pays them the current rate for their partnership. The system has worked for over sixty years. It was set up by my late husband’s father. I own all the offices. All the partners pay a percentage of the rent. I keep the rents at a competitive rate, but each of the locations is in a prime position.”

Jane and I wield power. Jane and I have been lovers for years. In fact, it was my husband that first seduced Jane. Apart from yourself, Paul, no one else eats pussy like Jane. This afternoon after we have arranged the House Clearances we will appoint you as Deputy Senior Partner of the firm. I hope that you will accept this. I believe that it will be beneficial to you if you accept this offer.”

Paul thought for a moment then leant over and kissed Anji as he slid his hand between her legs which Anji opened for him. Anji was not wearing any panties. Paul slid three fingers inside her. Paul said,”I will accept with humility. I am going to fuck you so hard tonight, before and after dinner.”

Anji slid her hand down and slid three of her fingers into her pussy; she played with Paul’s fingers as she did this. Anji said,”I love how you think. I would like that tonight. I’m sure that you will want to fuck Jane but not today as I want you all to myself. Jane will love you. She is a first class lawyer. I am so happy. I feel my life is changing for the better.”

They arrived at the office; it was impressive, they had valet parking. Anji led Paul into her office. Jane joined them a minute later. Anji introduced Paul to Jane. Jane was gorgeous. She was one of the most fuckable women Paul had ever seen. Jane was tall and distinguished looking. She had blonde hair cut quite short which showed the cheekbones of her face to their full potential. She was dressed very conservatively. She had an incredible body.

She sat next to Jack opposite Anji who was sitting at her desk. Jane put a plastic container which had an awful lot of files in it. Jane opened one of the files and said, “Each of these files has a letter asking your company to do the House Clearance at the address noted in the letter. You also have the keys to the house and the code and key for the alarm system, if there’s one fitted. After the clearance is done and you have valued the contents then return the keys with the reference number on the letter and the amount of your valuation.”

“For speed, you can do this by email. You will receive a response within two hours. A hard copy must be sent by post, but the agreement can be concluded by email. If you have any questions, then please ask.”

Paul replied, “Thank you, I believe that there are over sixty clearances to be done. This will gaziantep eskort bayan take some time, but I am hopeful that we will have it all completed within ten working days. Do you wish to be settled on an individual basis or collectively on a weekly basis?”

Jane answered, “Good question, weekly would be great, but you must state each reference number and the amount corresponding to it on your remittance. There would be no problem with that.”

Anji said, “Let’s have a coffee.”

She picked up her phone and ordered three milk coffees. Jane then opened another folder, which was not from the plastic container. Jane then asked Paul and Anji to sign where she had marked the page. She then signed herself. Jane smiled then said, “Paul, you’re now Deputy Senior Partner. I wish you all the best. I am sure you will be an excellent Deputy. Anji and I have a meeting once a month. We discuss all that has happened in the previous month.”

“We usually go out for dinner; it’s been a girls night out for years. I am sure we will all benefit from you being there Paul.”

Paul gave Jane his business card. Jane had her business card in her jacket pocket. Jane said as she gave Paul her card, “I’m on WhatsApp with my mobile number.”

Paul replied, “Not a problem. Just let us know when you want to meet. Anji and I will be travelling a lot in the next weeks. We can schedule an evening whenever it suits you. I’m on WhatsApp too.”

The coffee arrived, and they sat away from the desk on a sofa with a coffee table. Paul brought his mobile out. He called Jean, Paul said, “Hi Jean, I have just got a list of over sixty house clearances. Is it possible that we could use Pat, Isabel, Val, Margie, Sue, Jo and yourself to initially check the house to note the contents then the porters will clear the houses.”

Jean replied, “We can do that no problem. Jo has now more time as she has moved into her flat. I am still at the Center. Is it possible that you could bring me the list before five-thirty this afternoon as Margie and I are going to the Ballet tonight.”

Paul looked at his watch then said, “I will be at the Center at five. I have all the keys and relevant information. I don’t think it will be a problem if we organise it correctly.”

They finished their coffee. Paul and Anji then left. Jane said, “I’ll be in touch soon.”

Paul knew exactly what she meant. On the way to the Center, they stopped at Anji’s mansion. It was marvellous. Anji quickly showed Paul around then packed a suitcase. As they left Paul said, “This would make an excellent Hotel. How much land do you have with it?”

Anji replied, “Several hundred acres. We could build a golf course and still have two or three hundred acres.”

Paul replied, “When we come back from France we will look into this as I believe it has enormous potential.”

Anji kissed Paul. They made good time and arrived at the Center at four fifty. Paul showed Jean the plastic container and explained exactly how Jane wanted it done.

Jean said, “The problem will be with the porters. We may need to employ perhaps three more. We will start tomorrow morning, and I will let you know how the day has gone tomorrow night.”

Paul replied, “I will be at the Chateau tomorrow night but Whatsapp me.”

Jean answered, “When Mags and Dot get back this will be a good job for them. It will give them a lot of knowledge very quickly. We will clear the backlog as soon as we can.”

Paul then gave Jean Jane’s email and mobile number. Jean then kissed Paul and left for her ballet. Paul and Anji went upstairs to the apartment. They went into the lounge. Anji said, “We don’t need to drive anymore today, let’s have a bottle of Champagne.”

Paul went into the kitchen put the Champagne into a chilled ice cooler. He got two glasses and went back to the lounge. Anji was sitting on the sofa wearing an open crotch bodysuit and self-supporting stockings. Her vulva was swollen, it looked fantastic. Paul poured the Champagne and sat beside her. Anji said, “Jane likes you. I think that you will get a message soon. My calculation is that the monthly meeting should be the end of next week. Are you at the Chateau every weekend?”

Paul replied, “Yes, if not the Chateau then Jill’s villa in Sotogrande. May and Mags will still be there so that it will be the Chateau. How do you know Jane likes me?”

Anji said, “I know; you could have fucked her today, but I am hungry for you. When Jane writes to you; flirt with her, she loves that. I know that she enjoys online sex. Jane is on several dating and roleplay sites. She has several friends there, male and female, she enjoys doing peep shows with them. Jill and I are the only ones that have physical sex with gaziantep bayan eskort her. Jill is very fond of her.”

Paul replied, “Have you ever tried that?”

Anji said, “I tried it once. The Internet is full of strange people. I get bored very quickly. Most of the people, men and women, are married and looking for online sex. Paul, you will be the only man who will get inside my pussy now. I don’t mind sharing you. You will enjoy Jane. I know how to arouse her. In regards to the House Clearances, unless there are exceptional Antiques only offer fifty or sixty pounds. Every other company is charging two to three hundred pounds to do the clearance.”

Paul topped their glasses up then started to finger Anji’s pussy. Anji was wet. They began to kiss passionately as Paul fingered her. Anji was playing with Paul’s cock and testicles. Soon they were both ready. Paul bent Anji over the sofa then went inside her pussy doggy style. After five minutes he came out and slid inside her ass. He then rammed his cock into her ass and pussy for the next thirty minutes. Anji’s pussy was squelching with the orgasms she was having. Paul then squirted inside her.

Anji turned around and hugged and kissed Paul. They showered together then Anji said, “I’m going to wear something special tonight. I would like to surprise you. After you are dressed would you wait in the lounge for me?”

Paul replied, “I will do that. I need to check my emails as I haven’t had time today. I have left your suitcase in the bedroom.”

Anji started on her hair. Paul went to the bedroom and dressed. He went into the lounge topped up his glass then checked his emails. He had four from Lena. They were all keeping him in the loop. Lena was a fantastic administrator. There was a WhatsApp message from Jane.

It read,: “Hi Paul, it was great to meet you this afternoon. I am sure that you will enjoy your new position.

I have had a message from Jean saying that she will start tomorrow. Is that Lady Jean Smart from the television? If it is then, you have a wonderful asset there.

I have messaged you to keep you in the loop. I was amazed how well Anji looked today. She is in her seventies, but today I thought she looked in her fifties. Do you enjoy being with older women?

I had a Chinese takeaway for dinner. What are you doing tonight?

Kind regards Jane.”

Paul replied, “Thanks for updating me. I am looking forward to working with you.

Yes, it is Lady Jean Smart from the TV. She is a wonderful person. I love being with older women. Do you like being with younger men?

I’m taking Anji out for dinner. I am having a glass of Champagne in the lounge. She wants to surprise me tonight, so I have to wait here until she’s dressed.

I love older women that dress in risqué outfits, especially lingerie.

What do you like?

Kind regards Paul.”

Two minutes later Joan replied, it read, “I must be honest with you. I love younger men, but I haven’t had much experience with them. I am bisexual; I am totally immersed in my work. I have two girlfriends that I see for physical sex. One of them is pregnant, so I haven’t seen her for a few months. I enjoy online sex as it is so easy. I have several friends, male and female that I chat with. I get relief online when I need it. I hope that I haven’t shocked you, but I want, to be honest with you as I am sure that in time we could be friends.

Anji and I love the same type of clothing. I must wear conservative clothing in the office, but I wear very risqué lingerie underneath. I love oral giving and receiving. I love having long foreplay, so both my partner and I are ready for it. Do you enjoy oral?

Jane xox.”

Paul answered,”What do you like to do online? I have only done it once, but we just talked dirty. When I know you better, I will tell you.”

“I love oral too. I have been told that I am excellent at it. I am not a selfish lover. I liked how you were dressed today. You have a beautiful body.”

“I hate hair in my teeth. I hope that your pussy is shaved. I am smooth all around my cock and testicles.”

Paul xx.”

Paul topped up his glass. He had a reply from Jane which read, “I’m smooth. I must tell you this. Anji is my lover. We have been fucking each other for eighteen years. I think Anji wants to share you with me.”

“I love to talk dirty. I talk dirty online. I also love to watch my friends masturbate. I always wear a masquerade mask which completely covers my face. I use a voice distorter, which changes my voice so no one can recognise my voice. There’s a young lawyer in the office. I recognised him on a roleplay site. He brings me off twice a week, and he hasn’t a clue that I am his boss.”

“There’s also a senior secretary who’s on a dating site. She is an attractive old spinster. She doesn’t know who I am, but she is very submissive and does everything that I ask her to do. She brings me off two or three times a week. I have been tempted to invite her into my office for a coffee but haven’t had the nerve to do it yet.”

“What do you like to do?”

“Jane xx.”

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