Mutual Masturbation: Part Five “A New Friend&


Mutual Masturbation: Part Five “A New Friend&Please see my page for the first four chapters. We continued to masterbate together over the following weeks, but not as much as either of us would have liked. Our sessions had actually been pretty uneventful. Although fun, we really didn’t try anything new. Mostly we would jerk each other off while watching porn. He called me one day and said he was going to have the house to himself one Friday night and told me I should come over and hang out.  I agreed and told him I would be over around eight o’clock.  When I arrived I was a bit dismayed to find our friend John in the living room playing video games. Jeff (my mutual masterbation partner) invited me in and told me John would be hanging out as well. I was disappointed of course, I had really been looking forward to playing with our cocks tonight. I sat down between Jeff and John on the couch. It was a tight fit, but I squeezed in. The three of us played video games for a couple hours and to my surprise Jeff went to his room and brought back a stack of dirty magazines. He set them on the coffee table and took one for himself. John looked down at them and said wow. I took one for myself and told John to dig in. So there we sat, the three of us on the couch bursa escort looking at porn. I was not sure how far things were going to go at this point, but I was awfully excited. My cock was starting to get hard and being right next to John was trying not to let him see the bulge forming in my shorts. We weren’t saying much to one another until Jeff asked John if he ever masturbated. He didn’t respond immediately, but after a moment he did tell us he did. He returned the question to the two of us and we both told him we did. My cock was aching to get out of my pants at this point, but I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it with John next to me. Jeff was the one that finally got the ball rolling. He said he was really horny and asked John if he would mind if he could masturbate. John said he didn’t mind, but I’m not sure he was prepared for what was going to happen next. Jeff stood up pulled off his shorts and underwear exposing his fully erect penis. He sat back down on the couch and slowly start playing with himself. The expression one Johns face was a mix of nervous and curiosity. We watched him for a couple of minutes then I suggested that we join in. John thought for a second then said if I did it so would he. “Ok” I said as we both stood up bursa escort bayan to remove our clothes. We dropped our shorts and underwear and sat back down. What a sight it was! The three of us, completely naked, leaning back on the couch, stroking our rock hard cocks.  I looked over at Johns dick as he played with it and told him that he had a great looking cock. He said thanks and that mine was very nice as well. Jeff leaned over me to get a better look for himself. Nice he said. He leaned back to continue jerking off, giving my cock a quick brush with his hand as he did. John’s penis looked a lot like mine. Thick and decently long. I would later find out it was 6″ long and just about 5.5″ thick. His pubic hair was a lot darker then me and Jeffs and he was circumcised.We didn’t say much as we stroked, mostly we just watched one another.  I wanted so bad to reach over and help the other two, to wrap my hands around their cocks stroke for them,  but I didn’t want to move to fast for John. It was a tight fit on the small Our breathing was becoming much more labored as the three of us neared climax.Jeff was the first to cum with a nice big load oozing out the tip of his throbbing cock and running down over his hands. He even let out a few escort bursa audible moans of enjoyment.  I looked over at John who had been watching and asked him if he was close yet. He barely had time to say yes before he exploded himself. Cum shot out of his cock all the way up to his chest, his hips started pumping as his orgasim took control of his body. At this moment I was ready and started to cum myself. My legs stiffened, I let out a deep moan and came. The first four streams shot up to the top of my chest with the rest oozing out into my belly button. As I stated to relax I looked over to see Jeff and John watching the last drip fall from my cock. You shoot your cum just like me John said. The three of us sat naked on the couch for another 5 minutes as our dicks became flaccid, our cum still slowly running down our hairless chests. We talked about what just happened and how much fun it was.  Jeff and myself admitted that this wasn’t the first time we masturbated together.  John asked a few questions about our previous sessions and then said he had done it once before with one of our other friends. We asked him a few questions about that and if he would do it again with us. He responded with “absolutely”.  Finally Jeff went to his bedroom and then came back with the green towel. We took turns wiping up, got dressed, decided we should all get together again in a few days.  and then John and myself went home.   I love receiving comments. Helps encourage me to write more.  Thanks

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