My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 4


My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 4Here goes Part 4———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The morning after our film night I woke up around 5am and I went to go to the bathroom, today was the day that dad would be back he was hoping to be home around 10am.As I was walking to the bathroom my mom was in the kitchen on the phone, I thought to myself, who is she on the phone to at this time? as I approach the kitchen I realise she is on the phone to dad.They were talking for a good fifteen minutes so I got myself a glass of water and then mom put the phone down, I sat down with her and asked if anything had happened, she said “Dad won’t be home for a couple of days, there has been a big storm where he is and he can’t get back and it looks like the storm is heading our way too””Oh no, when will Dad be home? is he okay?””They have said he can’t come back whilst the weather there is bad plus the storm is coming this way so I doubt he will be back within the next couple of days” She said”Okay mom, lets enjoy the nice day that it is ment to be if we have a storm on the way””yeah son sounds like a great idea””Okay, I’m going to get some sleep mom its still only 5:30am!””See bursa escort you soon son”I went back to my room and I was looking forward to the next few days still with mom.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–I woke up around 10am after going to sleep, it was a nice looking day seeing as there was ment to be a storm on the way, I woke up and walked to the kitchen, it felt so nice being naked still, mom was saying how much she liked it too, we sat down in the lounge watching some tv.She said “Have you not masturbated in the last two days?””mom you cant ask that””we are close now son, have you? remember I said you can do it when ever where ever””i have twice mom but in my room””Okay son”I had my shower and came downstairs, for some reason I was looking at my moms ass as she was cleaning up it was wobbling slightly and I started to get hard, I went and got a drink but I was only semi hard at this point, I sat in the lounge and I then got a full erection, I did not know what to do, but I just started masturbating thinking of my moms ass wobbling again, and I cummed so quickly, I went in the kitchen to get some tissue and she said “cleaning up are we?” “Yes mom””Good bursa escort bayan Boy” she said Mom sat next to me on the sofa and said “Son, when I want to can I masturbate too?””Of course mom, if I can you can””Thanks son”we were watching a film and then I saw my mom was masturbating right next to me, I started to get hard and I heard my mom say”Looks like your getting hard son, masturbate with me”I started to pull at my hard cock, my mom was moaning louder and she said “Son your so hard, this is so much fun” “It is mom, I’m enjoying it”I kept pumping my cock and I cummed in the air, most of it landed on my legs but a bit landed on my moms stomach”Control yourself big boy that’s a lot””Sorry mom”My mom kept masturbating and then orgasmed and started shaking on the sofa, I was so turned on but remained soft she said to me”I enjoyed that son.”We cleaned up after ourselves and had some dinner, we sat in the kitchen talking for ages after dinner had been eaten, I started to grow hard under the table, I started to stroke my cock under the table, I think my mom knew but she did not say anything, I then felt like I was going to cum, I aimed up and when I came it was all over my cock, I did not know what to do, I got up and walked to my room, “looks like that needs cleaning up, big boy” she escort bursa saidIt got to about 10pm and me and mom were in the lounge, she just randomly started masturbating, one of her legs was over the arm of the sofa and the other leg she rested across my lap just above my knees, I got hard straight away.”Go on then, pump that big cock of yours”I had never heard mom sound like this infront of me, “Yes mom”All of a sudden she jolted but carried on masturbating but this moved her knee and it was on my balls this sent me crazy, I was wanking harder than ever, “Go on son pump it fuck that hand of yours”I then got up off the sofa and I was so horny, I put my cock in the middle of the sofa and started fucking it”OH SON, that’s so fucking hot!” my mom was masturbating faster and then she said “Look”she moved over the sofa and it looked like I was fucking her, she was about 4cm away from touching my cock I was so horny, I was fucking the sofa so hard”Fuck the sofa big boy fuck it”I pumped and pumped and then I came, I couldn’t control it I was shaking, mom came at the same time, that was by far the best orgasm I have had in my lifeI saw my mom smiling, I looked down and my hard cock was nearly touching her, it had slightly come out the sofa and I had cummed all up her stomach”Your a good boy, look what you have done””Mom that was crazy, your sure its okay?””Yeah son, I think it should happen again”As I walked away I saw my mom looking at my cock, tomorrow the storm was due so I knew she was nervous about it happening..To Be Continued….

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