My Aunt Gert’s Heels


There was no doubt about Aunt Gerties appearance. Five foot five, full bosom, and curves in the right places, she is a pleasing sight for any man. She has a cheery personality, quite witty, and charming. Her wittiness came from her constant reading of newspapers, like the New York Times, Hartford Currant, and the London Daily Telegraph, and sometimes, The Boston Globe.

While reading the paper, she always wore a pair of ½ glasses. They were not the chintzy-ass 99 cent jobs. You know, the ones come in four or five different colors. She had a well made pair in silver and gold. The gold were 1/2 glasses, while the silver were oval.

Her mode of dress is great. No slacks on her, but a nice dress, or skirt and blouse, either white or mauve with ruffles. Honestly, I see her, and I cum in my shorts! Her heels are not 5-6 inches, but 2-4 inches. Pretty much all of them are black patent. She did have some hot pink patent and beige patent, but the black patent always turn me on.

There were so many hours I spent fantasizing about making it with my aunt. A bit of her clothing or sometimes her gold 1/2 glasses came into play. Whenever I take care of her puss, I always grab her black patent high heels for some fun.

One day, she called. She greeted me warmly, when I answered.

“Ray, could you please come over and take care of my pussy? I have to go on a business trip tomorrow, but will be back Saturday.”

“Sure, tell you what. I’ll come over now, and you can show me where the cat’s stuff is. I always enjoy your company.”

“Good idea! How is Greensleeves coming?”

“Oh, fine. That’s done. I am working on some of Fred’s stuff.”

“Fred who?”

“Frederick Chopin”

“Oh, classical music. That’s wonderful.”

“Well, I am on my way over now, Auntie. Want me to pick you up anything? Milk, OJ, skinless b’nanas?”

“Oh no! I am all set thanks.”

I stayed there for a few hours, and we played piano. She showed me where all pussies stuff was. Then, she said she had to take a hot bath and go to bed, as she had an early flight. I was really looking forward to going there to take care of her pussy, dress up as an older woman, play piano, and do a few other things, as well.

Monday was a busy day. After work I went home, washed, ate supper, then headed to my Aunt Gerts house to take care of puss. Then, it was time for me to relax for the evening. I changed into a nice pale blue gown with lace, a wig that was Escort bayan nicely brushed, and earrings.

I sat at the piano and played some of my favorites. Donning a string of pearls and black patent pumps with bows, I really loved dressing as an older woman.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday went the same at work, but always after work, it was back to the flat for a wash and change of clothes. Then, I grab some grub and head over to Aunt Gert’s place.

Can you imagine the surprise, when around eight thirty or so my aunt shows up? There I was in a black wool skirt, mauve blouse with ruffles, wig, earrings, silver oval glasses, and 3 inch, black patent with ankle straps.

“Ray, you look so nice.” She said it like she meant it.

“Course, I am not surprised. So many times I have seen you on my vid-cam recorder. I think you love looking like your Auntie Gert.”

A number of things went through my mind. Where were these cameras? Did she see me doing myself in her bed with her clothes on? Doing myself with her heels? Creaming my hog? Wearing her 1/2 glasses?

She walked into her bedroom and saw I was pretty much ready for a good time. Laid out were a few pair of her shoes on the bed, with a bottle of skin cream. She picked up a heel seeing it had a bit of use, because there were a few short’n curlies in it.

Auntie Gert looked at me. By now, I must have been crimson with embarrassment.

“Look dear, I know what happened. Don’t feel so bad. I mean. you are a man. A man who loves femininity and likes to dress like the aunt he adores. You love looking like me, but did not know you would be so aroused by it. So what, if you have a nice time with my clothes or heels.”

“Well… Thanks, Aunt Gert. I really did not know how you would feel about seeing me in drag.”

“It’s a lot more common than society wants to know or think about. You do it very nicely. Some guys are in their fifties, trying to look a lot younger than they are, which means they look ridiculous. Ray, your not married, and nor am I. I am not worried about getting pregnant, if you know what I mean.”

“So what you’re saying is that you don’t mind a good roll in the hay from time to time, right?”

“Exactly….we are old enough to know what we like, and frankly, when I saw you doing my heels. I was wishing you were doing me, instead. My pussy started getting wet with the thought of really being satisfied.”

“You did not mind at all?” Bayan escort

“How could I? I know you have always admired me.”

“You are very right about that. I mean I look at you at times and want to rip that blouse off, and give you a real good feel.”

“Oh, well then, why don’t you?”

” I am too tired for a roll in the hay, but you could finish up your business with my heels.”

“Oh, that would be so nice.”

“As Red Foxx says, ‘You need a woman’. “.

We went in to the bedroom, and she told me to lie on the bed. Then, she takes a few pair of her 1/2 glasses

with the pearl like beads and wraps them around my hog, rubbing me underneath with them

“How does it feel to have my ½ glasses down there? The beads wrapped round that massive hog?” she asked, in a low sexy voice.

“Real nice, Aunt Gert. I don’t have any idea why those gold 1/2 glasses do something for me, but I definitely like what they do.”

I told her this, but I knew she already knew.

“How does my black, patent leather feel?”

“Just great, aunt! That cool smooth leather. I don’t know why I find them so sexy. Ever see them with ankle


“Yes, I have seen them with a six inch heel. I would not walk in them, as I don’t need to break my ankles, but as a fetish item, they would be quite useful. I’d stuff that fat ol’ tube steak between the heel and strap and jerk you off to no end. Then… lick the cum out of it.”

“You sound so crusty, Aunt Gert. I am getting harder just thinking about those ankle straps.”

“Aunt, please put your 1/2 glasses on and tell me to do what you know I wanna do with your heels. I mean my loins are ready to explode and would love to explode into something smooth’n sexy!”

In her best Mae West voice, she said, “Hmm, so ya wanna fuck your auntie’s heels, do you?”

She took her shoe, the black patent heel with the bow, and poured some skin cream into it. Placing it over my tube steak, so the head of the hog was looking into the toes end and started to slowly jerk me off with it. I began rocking’ back an forth, as well, feeling the smooth inner sole of that shoe. The shoe had him in all her black, sexy beauty. She wanted him, and she was not gonna be denied!

“You gonna fill my black patent heel with some of that pearly love sauce?” “So, I can lick it out?” “If I told you to lick the toe of my other heel, how would it taste?”

“I would have to Escort say sexy and sweet, only because I have done that before.”

“You sucked on my heels? Kissed and licked them, too?”

“Oh yes, Aunt, I had a wonderful time just thinking about what you could be doing for me! Wearing your dresses made it so much nicer, too. I really want you to know how much I love you, and I wanna fuck the Dickens out of your shoe! She wants me,” I said in a slightly raspy voice.

“That’s it, Ray! Fuck, Aunties heel. Fill it up with that lovely cum… that pearly love sauce! I want it so bad!” she said, in a sexy voice.

She had her finger up under her slip, and I knew she was doing herself. I handed her a heel and said, “Auntie, use this. It is nicer. Stick the toe up your love hole, and I’ll bring you off, as you do me with your other heel.”

“Are you serious?”

“This ain’t fuckin’ question time, Auntie!”

“Stick the fuckin’ shoe up in your pussy, and let me do you with it!”

My voice was hoarse by now, and I was breathing like an antique gas engine, deep an steady.

Looking at Auntie Gert with her gold 1/2round glasses, partly down her sexy nose, I could only imagine how I looked to her with my hog in her tight shiny black heel. That thought and the sight of the shoe sliding in and out of Auntie’s pussy caused me to blow my load a good way up into her shoe.

Gert was shuddering and moaning, like crazy with me doing her with her own high heel. She was biting her upper lip and breathing heavy,

“YES! Oh, fuck me with it! Do Aunt Gert! Fuck me with my high heel. OH YES! Umm.. CUMMING!

She was still jerking me off with her sexy black patent heels, and I was so surprised, when I came for the second time.

“Oh, that was so GOOOOOOOD!” said Auntie, “Geeeeez, where’d you ever learn that? A woman bringing her self off with her own heel?”

“Oh! I read that in some story I got online.”

“Well, I have to say I will look at heels somewhat differently now,” she said, with a laugh.

“I’d love to stay and mess around all night, but we both have to get up and earn a living though.”

I got washed up, quickly, and got dressed. She threw on a nightie and walked over to me.

“Ray, thanks so much. It was so nice to be satisfied, and we definitely have to do this again, and I’d like to use different heels, as well.”

“Saturday night?” I asked.

“Damn good chance!” she said, as she looked at me with what seemed to be a lot of respect.

I took her face in my hands and gave her a kiss on those sexy, sweet, red lips, and she gave me a check, and said, “Thanks so much, again, for taking such good care of my puss!”

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