My Best friend’s Brother


My Best friend’s BrotherMy Best friend’s BrotherBy Dina PetroJulie told me, her parents would like me to join the family at the family dinner table, Julie is one of my very close friends, she is a lover in fact, we are both bisexual girls, we had sex encounters, she was bout my age and we both were in mid-twenties.I had met her parents while going in and out of her room at the house, she came from a rich family who lived in a very fancy, huge house, her parents were very nice, warm loving people. The reason for the dinner was the return of her brother Mark, late teens of age, who was on a student exchange kind of a program abroad for a few months.I had never met Julie’s younger brother Mark yet, but I admit hearing lots of rumors about him from other close female friends to Julie and I, Julie and I never talked about him other than normal brother sister things, she had warned me a few times of him being a real naughty boy, a big flirt and a woman lover who is not a one woman man at all, which sounded fine to me.The other rumors I heard about him from other girls were, he was a very handsome boy, skinny and he was super hung, I was told he had a foot long cock, very thick as well, but the rumors said, over and above being a big flirt, he was a good lover with very strong sex drive, things that would higher the appetite of a sex loving, naughty woman like me.Speaking of myself, Vickie is my name, mid-twenties, sexy, curvy body, I have an original dark hair and eye color and white skin, more of the European type of beauty, but of course all of you readers know the habits of girls in general and all over the world, almost always new looks, with the help of new technologies, changing eye color, hair color & style almost constantly, but I was a very attractive girl by then, that would turn necks of men, and of course interested women as well.Julie was an original blond, cute and very sexy girl as well.Back to our main story, Julie greeted me at the door; I was dressed in a light silky type, strapless top, low cut showing my cleavage and most of top parts of my big pair of tits, the top was dark reddish, some leaves on it with mixing and matching colors, the skirt was black, a little tight, short to mid-thigh, I was braless and Pantie less. Julie was in a low cut tank top, knee length soft material French type, loose skirt, braless and pantie less as well, as I have discovered soon enough, the first moment she bent over in front of me, I could easily and clearly see her mid-sized, cute tits and nipples, Julie’s tits were not small at all, but a little smaller than mines, we both had curvy, sexy bodies.Julie looked me up and down, side to side, whistled and saying “wow, wow Vickie, you look so sexy and gorgeous baby, as you always do, but you look smart as well this time, ready for a formal dinner?” I nodded, saying “well, look at you, you look exceptionally hot and sexy yourself”She smiled saying “well, it is not any were near a formal dinner Vickie, Mom and Dad are so sweet and wide open minded people, you will love them once you get to know them better” I answered “Oh, I do love them already Julie” while walking to the terrace to have a little chat before joining her family, she was whispering in my ear “My brother Mark is back, he is very naughty Vickie, the seating arrangements were for you to sit in the middle between Mark and I at the long side of the table, facing the food Buffet, while Dad & mom will take each end of the table, anything fishy that you cannot handle, just find a way to let me know so I can interfere”My arm was wrapped around her waist so was here’s while walking through the empty corridor, I slapped and pinched her ass playfully, saying “Shut up bitch, I am a grown up girl and I know how to take care of myself, unless you are jealous of me sitting next to your cute younger brother”As we were all alone at that corner, she looked around, making sure nobody is there, She faced me, getting closer, then hugged me so tight, placed a few light kisses on my lips, while doing that her hands were wondering over my ass, then up my skirt till she felt my bare ass, I was doing the same till I felt her bare ass as well, she laughed saying “and you are pantie less you fucking whore?”I pinched her bare ass saying “So are you sweet little whore, what is new about that, aren’t both always pantie less and braless?”She nodded laughing, kissed me on the lips again saying “well, I warned you and it is totally up to you honey, bursa escort if I could not keep my hands off of your sweet, hot and sexy body, how could, an always horny and hard naughty boy like Mark?”I giggled sarcastically saying “what is he going to do to me? Is he going to **** me over or under the dinner table? He is more than welcome to do that baby, as they say ‘you cannot **** the willing’ and I dare him to do it”Mary laughed loud saying “what a whore you are Vicky, you seem to be pretty prepared for my little hot brother, have you heard anything about him, I never told you anything about him so far?”I smiled, looking her straight in the eyes whispering “True, but I have my own ways to find out baby”Mary said “let us cut it off now, we will talk about him in details later, but it is time to go in now, they are all waiting for us”At the dinner table, I greeted and hugged her mom and dad, I shook hands with Mark, who was an exceptionally hot and handsome boy, skinny and tall, but he seemed to have lost control over his eyes and mouth and face expressions while he was all eyes all over me, checking me out top to toe, he was literally staring at my legs and tits, he did not seem to give a damn about the rest of his family around, but again, they all knew him well enough.His mother laughed saying “hey, mark, aren’t you overdoing it, you are embarrassing Vickie naughty boy” then she turned to me saying “don’t mind him honey, he is just a naughty c***d”Mark smiled saying “I am sorry, Mary told me she had a nice friend, but never told me her friend is an out of space angel”We all laughed and took our seats, things went fine throughout most of the dinner time, dinner was almost over, we were having some coffee, and the mother and father were taking turns talking, while we were all listening, laughing and participating in the conversations, when I felt a hand touching my knee under the table. I knew it was Mark’s hand, but I decided to ignore it and act as if nothing happened, then he felt my leg over my knee pressing his hand stronger, then started moving it slowly upward over my inner thigh, I kept self-control without saying or doing anything, which he might have taken it as an approval from me to what he was doing under the table, which was true in a way.The only thing I could say about his act was that it was kind of turning me on, making my pussy misty and somehow wet, my only reaction was naughty enough to spread my legs apart wider as if I was inviting his hand to go further up in between them, he was naughty and brave enough to bring his hand high up, all the way between my legs, finally it seems that the outer edge of his hand had felt my outer pussy lip.He must have been shocked to find I was pantie less when he touched my bare pussy, his lower jaw dropped almost to the floor, he looked at me as he almost jumped up, I did not totally look at him, I just smiled and barely moved my eye balls towards him, as if saying “I can feel you playing” then I looked back at the table in front of me.I guess the boy was going nuts, he did not hesitate to move his palm towards my pussy, cubing it with his palm and started pressing it over my pussy, he wasn’t stupid of course, it was so obvious that my pussy was so wet, he must have felt it and liked it as well, taking it as an OK to go on.Mark was literally rubbing my bare pussy and clit under the family dinner table at his family house, he started pushing a finger into my wet cunt, it was a very hectic and embarrassing situation for me, but I would be a big liar if I said I did not enjoy and love it at that moment.Of course it would not be easy for me to stay calm and act like nothing was happening under the table, I was being finger fucked under that table, Mary must have felt something fishy was going on, but she could not see anything, she did not want to say anything or interrupt her parent’s conversation, she just texted me on the mobile asking “what is going on, is everything OK?”I smiled while texting her back saying “your brother’s hand is over my pussy under the table and his fingers are deep in my pussy” She seemed shocked, looked at me, but when I had a wide smile looking her back in the eyes, she texted me back “do you want me to interfere and stop this?” I texted her back saying “No, I can handle it, but I am going to excuse myself from your parents, to go upstairs to your bedroom, to use the bathroom, if your brother follows me, I will fuck him in your bursa escort bayan room”She giggled while texting me back saying “you can’t be serious Vickie, are you? And my brother has a monstrous huge cock, can you handle it?”I nodded while texting her back, she could see me nodding and smiling of course, I said “damn right I am, how the fuck did you know your brother has a big cock bitch? don’t you worry about me, I can handle any cock”At that moment, I slapped Marks hand over my pussy, playfully, he jumped pulling his hand out, he was confused and embarrassed, he excused himself to go to the toilet, when he got up, he had to use the dinner cloth to cover his crotch, trying to hide the abnormal hard on he had under his jeans.I pushed my chair back slowly, trying to get up after pulling my skirt down covering my bare assets and saying “will you excuse me folks, I need to use Julie’s bathroom upstairs and straighten my make up as well”I got up and walked towards the empty corridor leading to the stairs, I looked around, noticed mark’s shadow, he was watching me as I expected, I started walking slowly, shaking my ass right and left like a real slut, or a street hooker, once at the first step, I looked back to find out he was following me, looking at me.I smiled in a naughty slutty way, started walking up the stairs one by one while lifting my skirt up, bending forward, revealing my bare ass and pussy to him from behind, at the top of the stairs, I turned at the corner and entered Julie’s room, in a split second I got rid of my top and skirt, I was fully nude when I stood by her door, keeping it wide open.Mark showed up as expected, when he looked at my nude body leaning on the door of his sister’s bedroom, my hand over my waist, his lower jaw almost dropped to the floor, he was clearing his throat, in fact I was trying to act braver and naughtier than he was, besides I wanted his cock as bad as he wanted my pussy.Taking the lead from that moment on with him, I said naughtily and in a very bossy, slutty way “Look boy, I hate to smell cocks, I just like to use them, if you have one, strong enough for me, then come in and let me use it”I held his hand, pulled him inside the room, locked the door, got on my knees in front of him and started unbuckling his built, trying to get his dick out, it was obviously rock hard under his jeans, my lower Jaw dropped to the floor when his dick sprung out in front of my eyes, he was over 12 inches long and very thick, his cock was about the largest one I had ever seen or had till that moment.I could not act shocked or scared of his cock size, if I wanted to continue taking the lead and being the boss, I held his cock in my hand with my eyes fixed on his, a big smile on my face, I massaged it a little, then I wrapped my lips around it, I could barely fit its head in my mouth, but I managed and started sucking on it, taking it deeper and deeper each time, but the best I could do by then was take only half of it’s length in my mouth.Finally Mark spoke softly saying “do you want that cock in you?”I smiled saying “I though you would never ask?”He helped me up, lay me on bed, I spread my legs wide open, rubbed my pussy slowly saying “come on boy, lick my pussy, prepare it for your monster cock”Mark got on his knees between my legs, he started passing the tip of his cute, hot tongue over my outer pussy lips, then over my inner ones, then he sucked my hard clit, then he shoved his tongue deep into my slit and started tongue fucking me, he was rubbing my tit, pinching my hard nipple, while his other hand and fingers helped his tongue and lips into my slippery wet cunt.He held his dick in hand and started rubbing its head to my pussy lips, I said “No, wait, I want it the hard way first, I want to prove to you I am one hell of a slut, fuck me doggy Mark”He helped me up, I got on my feet, pending over while standing, leaning on the bedside, he was behind me, rubbing his dick head to my super swelled and wet pussy lips, he started pushing its head into my pussy slowly and carefully, it did not find any retaliation by my pussy, which was welcoming each and every inch of it deep inside.Mark was pushing his dick in me, which was sliding and gliding into my pussy, the inner walls of my pussy shocked me by stretching and adapting so fast to the monster stranger going inside, but he was still doing it slow and easy and very carefully, he knew he was big, so he knew how to handle a big cock and fuck escort bursa a woman with it, I may have shocked him by being ready to be fucked by his cock regardless of its length and girth.Once my pussy adapted to his cock, he was moving in and out of my pussy faster and faster, speeding up the fuck paste, till he was fucking me like a bullet, he even started changing positions, he fucked me missionary, and in each and every fuck position you may think of.I had at least four orgasms while being fucked by Mark using that lovely satisfying cock, Finally Mark was ready to cum, I got on my knees, took his cock in my mouth and started sucking on it till he started shooting his cum, load after another, in my mouth, on my face, my eyes, my tits everywhere, he was shooting very strong and fast, I could not keep up with him.Mark, wiped his cock, got up and left the room, while I washed up so quick, got dressed, straightened my make up and went back, acting like nothing happened, only a minute later Julie held my hand saying “excuse us, I need to talk to Vickie upstairs”She pulled me so hard and so fast till we were in her bedroom; she pushed me on bed on my back, got next to me leaning over her arms saying “do you want to say something my beloved whore?”I laughed loud in a naughty, slutty way, spread my legs wide, lifting my skirt up to my waist pointing at my pussy, saying “Ask my pussy bitch, she will tell you?”Julie leaned over, kissed my pussy a few quick kisses and started feeling it with the palm of her hand and her fingers smiling and saying “poor baby”I said “He fucked me Julie; your brother fucked me to the hilt with his monstrous, huge cock”She nodded smiling and saying “I know he did bitch, I heard your moaning and I saw most of it through the little hole on my room door”I screamed “you bitch; you mean you were sneaking on me being fucked by your brother, is that how you found out he had a huge cock, by sneaking on him changing clothes in his room?”Without thinking about it or any hesitation, Julie answered me saying “No, he fucked me with his cock”I almost screamed “What? You mean your brother had fucked you bitch? Why the fuck didn’t you tell me about it earlier?”She answered “Yes he did, well, I could not tell you, I was not sure of your reaction to family i****t and family sex things, I never knew what would you think of me spreading my legs and getting fucked by my little brother”I said “May be you are right for others, but as for me, I would have loved to hear it, I would have loved to share his cock with you any time sweetie”I hesitated a bit before asking “don’t tell me bitch, did you arrange all of this with your brother, did you want him to fuck me like that?”She said “No, honest I did not, true I wanted him to fuck you and I was dying to tell you he fucked me many times, maybe I had fantasies about sharing his cock with you, but I did not arrange it at all, it all came like that coincidentally”.Julie was silent for a moment, looking me straight in the eyes, then she continued saying “but I knew my brother well enough and knew he would harass you and hit on you, knowing how gorgeous and sexy you are and how much he likes women your looks and type”I found myself pulling her closer to me, we were hugging and kissing passionately on the lips, our hands browsing each other’s body, stripping each other, till we were both nude, we made out for a while till we both came, I looked her straight in the eyes saying “I wish I could share your brother’s huge cock with you Julie”Julie smiled back saying “me too, but it is not hard to make it come true, I could ask him to come in now and fuck us both together”I said “How could he, he just fucked me like hell and came all over me”She said “Come on, you do not know Mark, he is like a fuck machine, he fucks and Cumms endless, he could fuck all night long without going soft, want me to get his cock in here?”I nodded, smiling naughtily and saying “I could never get enough of that lovely cock of his, sharing it with you would be the best thing ever, don’t you agree?”She nodded, got up, put a rope on, left the room, she came back a few minutes later walking in, hand in hand with her brother Mark, and that macho boy was strong enough to fuck the hell out of both of us all night long, we both ended up with sore pussies and asses, he fucked us in every way a woman could be fucked.From that day on, I started spending more nights in Julie’s bedroom having lovely threesome fucks with her and her brother, once in a while, she would invite a female friend of ours, to join in and he was strong and good enough for all three sluts to fuck together same time.THE ENDWishing you all the bestDina

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