my best friends girl

my best friends girlit happened two years ago and i try not to think of it. i have this best friend named moe, we ment in high school and been brother every sens. the begining of the next year after that we ment his soon girl friend mandy. she was a short skiny latin chick that was sexy as hell. long blond hair nice fat ass if you see it and a good body. we both had feelings for her but i stepped aside to be a nice guy. well they got togther and got married a year after we all left high school. we were still close but i hid my feelings for her from them both. at this time there marriege was not doing well. alot of bull shit on bout sides. one day mandy called me and ask if i could come over to talk. i was ok with that so i went over there. it was early in the morning and moe was at work. he had been spending alot of time there then at home. she ansered the door in a night thin robe with sexy underwear but i could not see that at the time. i did how ever see she had on no bra by her nipples that poked out. she lead me to the living room and i sat on the big chair. she aliağa escort went to get me a drink and as she walked away i could see her nice ass . when she came back her robe was open just nuff to see her black pantis. it was a very sexy sight to see and i know my dick would show that soon so i tryed to hid it. soon we talked a bit she told me about how he had not been home and then had not had sex for months. i think she notied my boner cuz she started to talk a bit dirty to me about the things they use to do. about how she would love it when he would lick her then fuck her. this got me harder untill i had to releave myself so i said i needed to use the rest room. a smile came to her face and i left. when in the rest room i started to jack off looking at her panties that were still hanging up. i was thnking of how sexy she looked and how her body would feel. soon i was about to cum when the door opened. she stood there looking at me with a devilish smile and took off her robe. she stood there with just her panties on and her nipples poped out. before i could say escort aliağa anything she grabed my dick. she started to jack my 9 inc dick and it felt so good i said to my self fuck it i’m gonna fuck the shit out of her. she got on her knees and started to lick my dick as she jacked it. both my hands held her head as she licked and sucked my dick. soon i came and she swallowed it all. my dick was still hard so i puled her by her hair cuz i know she liked that and kissed her. as we kissed i riped off her pantis and she took off my shirt. she then jumed up and i cared her to the bed room. my dick found her wet pussy on the way and i sliped it in. we fell on the bed and i started to slam my hard dick in and out of her tight pussy. she would scrach and claw at my back as she screemed in pain and came. she was not use to my big dick yet but when she was she loved the feeling. she then wispperd in my ear she wanted me to fuck every hole. i got up and she quickly got on all fours and stuck out her ass. to just look at this fat ass got me harder then before. first i tessed aliağa escort bayan her by rubing my dick around her ass then i stuck it in hard and fast. she screemed loud crying in pain loving it all. in and out i fucked her as hard as i could cuming two time. then she pulled my dick out and turned to suck it. looking in my eyes taking me as deep as she could then going deeper. i came another two times before we droped on the bed and fell asleep. maybe three hours later i awoke to her on top of me. my dick was in side her wet pussy. she was trying to ride me slow as to not wake me but fast as to keep me hard. i reached up and grabed her tits as she keep riding my dick. i could tell she had cum before i had woke and she still wanted to cum. she rided faster and faster until we both came. i looked over at the clock and saw it was alomst time for moe to come home so i jumped up and grabbed my stuff and left. two months later i found out she was pregnet and 7 months aftr that here baby was born. everyone sens would make fun saying she looks more like me then him but then no one knows about me and mandy having sex. is the baby mine i dont know, moe is a good father and i dont want to mess up our friendship. nore dose mandy for that matter so i sit here as a uncle and maybe a father… the end for now

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