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MY BEST FRIENDS WIFEMY BEST FRIENDS WIFEI was in my mid twenties and married but not happily married. My wife would give me sex about twice a month if I was luckey. We had only been married about 4 years.I was a sales rep and called on grocery stores in about 50 mile radius of home. I got to be good friends with one of the managers of one of my stores. We both liked country music so, there was a country music star in concert in a local town, so we decided to go and take our wives.This was the first time I had ever saw his wife and she was very nice looking with a good build. At the concert we were at a table for 4, his wife was to my left and my wife to my right and Larry was across from me. People were getting up to dance to the music, so Charlie asked my wife to dance which was fine with me. I sat there next to June and so I thought I better ask her to dance. It was one of the old country slow songs. So when we got to dance floor I didn’t want to seem to forward so I held at arms length, well she changed that and brought me in close to her, which naturally I didn’t object to. She was dancing very seductive kaçak iddaa so I kinda used my leg and pressed it to her crotch which I could tell she liked.After the dance was over we sat back down and a few minutes went by and I felt a hand on my left knee, Wow this lady has the hots for me. June had on a short skirt so under the table I reached over put my hand on her bare leg. She kinda gave me a smile so I knew she liked it.I was surprised that our spouses were not paying any atention. So I moved my hand up her leg and under the leg of her panties. Slowly slipped my finger in her soaking wet pussey and she started to squirm. This went on most of the night, I was so hard if I got up I knew my wife would notice. Well the night ended and we all headed for home. I had to take care of my willie went we got home.A couple weeks later we decided to go to another concert together, Charlie and his wife bought the tickets and I figured they would meet us and give them to us at the concert. But June called me on the phone and asked me to come to there house and pick up our tickets. So okay sounded fine with me. kaçak bahis Well I went to there house really just expecting to grab tickets and go back to work. However June came to the door and asked me to come in for a drink. Charlie was of course at work, so I figured what the heck. They had two small k**s that were playing in the back yard. June mixed me a drink and we sat together on the sofa in the family room. So as we sat there she began to talk about Charlie and there marriage. She told me that they had not had sex in 3 months. Well I knew that was a sign, she was acting down in the dumps and acted like she was crying. So what was a man supposed to do. I moved over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. That was all it took and she was planting kisses on me. Well what do you figure happened next. I reached my hand down her blouse and grabbed a luscious tit with huge nipple and slid it out of her blouse. Then I started to suck on it, her tits were not huge but bigger then average. We were both turned on by then. Before I knew it she was unzipping by pants and pulling out my hard dick. So I in turn illegal bahis finished removing her blouse and bra and she then slid out of her jeans and underwear. I had stuck my fingers in her pussey by then and her juices were flowing like a foutain. She then came right out and aked me to fuck her. I thought OMG what I have got into, screwing my best friends wife. So I got on top her and started to stick it in, but then stopped and asked her if she was on birth control, which she said no. I stopped right there and said to her I don’t have any rubbers and don’t won’t to chance getting you pregnant. So we were both so turned on by then it was hard to stop but so instead I started to go down on her and she said let’s 69. So right there on the sofa we took care of each other and came at about the same time.About the time we were finished her k**s decided to come in the house, fortunately we had atleast gotten on our underwear. The k**s both under the age of 5 never said a thing and went to there room to play. What a relief that was, I thought for sure they would ask what we were doing. I finished dressing got in my car an headed home, what a great memory. We never played around again, because her husband got suspicious so I knew it was time to stop, he was a butcher and threatened me with a knife no lie.. THE END

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