My Boss’s Ass


It was always a chore for Peter to keep from grumbling aloud when he found himself stuck at the end of the line in the break room. It wouldn’t have been too bad if he’d been getting his own coffee but the only reason he ever wandered into the tiny room was because his boss, Kelly, was too lazy to get up off her finely shaped rump and get her own goddamn coffee. It might have been bearable but she didn’t even seem to appreciate that he was spending his break fetching her coffee. Thanks to the line caused by a combination of incompetent and worse inconsiderate coworkers who never set on a fresh pot when they finished it Peter rarely managed to do anything for himself on the break. There was barely enough time to even get her coffee half the time.

Somehow he managed. He always managed it somehow.

Some of his anger with Kelly wasn’t really her fault. It was, but nobody could really blame the twenty something girl for taking advantage of daddy’s good will to get her a job she was technically far from qualified to do. The blame would rightfully have fallen with her father who gave her the job knowing full and well that she was only qualified as a seat warmer because God had seen fit to bless her with a back end that was nearly impossible not to notice and appreciate.

Kelly wasn’t entirely blameless either. She could easily have quietly blended into the background until everybody forgot she was even around. After all she wasn’t the first person even at Sharpe Industries to have a job because of who they knew not what they knew. Only one of them however had the audacity to act like a boss though.

The office door swung open on its own when Peter knocked. He slipped in, an apology already primed on his lips but the target was absent. She probably went to the bathroom, Peter thought, taking the moment to really look around her office. Considering he was in there several times a day everyday he’d never really looked around. He was usually trying his best to get in and out as quickly as possibly both because Kelly was usually a bit snappish but he also only had a fifteen minute break and most of that time was spent fetching her coffee.

There wasn’t really a whole lot of note in the office. Despite the fact that she’d been there for more than a year Kelly hadn’t brought in much in the way of personal effects. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected Kelly to bring in. When Jason had been in the office his football trophies had adorned the shelves of the book case and he’d had a spider plant that the janitor despised because it was constantly dropping leaves onto the carpet.

By contrast the only thing that was decorating Kelly’s office were books that looked like they were left over from Jason’s stay and a single photo of her at her wedding surrounded by her parents and what Peter assumed must have been her in laws.

A quick glance at the clock revealed that Peter’s break was half over and he still hadn’t managed to make time to dart to the bathroom. He quickly decided that there wasn’t any point in waiting for Kelly. She’d probably have some snide remark about why he was standing around her office not doing anything constructive anyway but he also wasn’t keeping her coffee warm or anything. If she couldn’t find it waiting for her on the desk in front of her computer then she deserved to go without.

Peter stepped around behind Kelly’s desk and smiled. It was true; the world really did feel different on the other side of the desk. There was a strange sense of power he felt. That sense immediately went out the window when he noticed her screen saver was hearts and flowers raining down at random intervals. He couldn’t stop his eyes from rolling back into his skull. Her mouse cord was hanging off the desk and he brushed against it when he sat her mug down. It was only a slight movement but enough that it woke her computer from hibernation.

“Oh my God.” The words left Peter’s mouth almost immediately. On her monitor was a full screen image of a woman upside down on a couch. She was dark skinned even for an African American with large breasts nearly reaching her chin. She was wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings. The most glaring thing about her, the detail that kept Peter from looking away, was her gaping asshole with a stream of cum oozing out of it.

“What are you looking at?” Peter hadn’t noticed that Kelly until she spoke. He also hadn’t noticed that he’d sat down in her chair. It was anybody’s guess whether her face blanched first or a sadistic smile crept across his face like centipede to cause it. Either way the power of the desk instantly drained any and all authority from Kelly and bestowed it güvenilir bahis on its rightful owner, the man behind the desk. “I can explain!” She stammered shutting the door behind her.

“Oh you can explain?” He slid the mouse over the screen to the corner. “I’m sure you have a very good reason why you’re watching ‘Cum in my Gape’ starring Jada Fire.” Peter raised a brow and looked up at Kelly.

Normally she looked confident, haughty even. Right then however she was trembling and looked like the insecure twenty something she was. “I-I-I,” she stammered trying desperately to come up with some possible reason for her activity but nothing came to mind, “-don’t tell my father.”

Peter wished he could stop the smile crawling across his face. He knew just how predatory he must have looked. His teeth and ambitions were bared and she looked like a delicious antelope to be devoured. She must have felt it too. Her trembling eyes came to his pleading for mercy. Just to see her reaction he lifted her phone from its cradle and started scrolling through the numbers. “NO!” She squeaked scampering around the desk. She squatted down resting her hands on his knees.

The sight of her looking up at him submissively, knowing that he had however fleetingly power over her gave Peter an incredible rush. If he hadn’t already been seated he probably would have collapsed. He didn’t quite trust his voice yet so he just glowered down at her. “I’ll do whatever you want, anything just don’t tell my dad!” She was creeping her hand slowly up along a trousered leg making her not so subtle suggestion crystal clear.

Peter felt his pulse suddenly double. Of course he’d considered the blackmailing her into sex. He’d had similar fantasies about Angelina and a few more of his bosses and subordinates over the years. What man hadn’t? Now that it was happening he was a little confused as to what he was supposed to do next. There she was wheedling at his feet and promising the world if only he wouldn’t tattle on her and he couldn’t trust his voice.

“You’ll do anything?” The words came out slowly. The change in her eyes was palpable as her fear turned to hope. Peter slowly put the phone back down on the receiver. “Well you can start by explaining to me why you were watching porn at work.”

Kelly’s face turned bright red. Actually it went beyond her face. Her blouse’s neckline plunged far enough that he could see the tops of her breasts were turning light pink as well. “My boyfriend broke up with me and I’ve just been really really horny lately.”

“And this is the kind of porn that turns you on?” Peter asked. She nodded quickly in response. “And you really don’t want me to tell your dad?” Kelly responded by shaking her head quickly whipping her reddish hair around with it. “Okay but I’ll have to be convinced.”

Immediately Kelly’s body language altered, her former slumped shoulders perked up and her eyes glimmered with a hint of mischief. “Just tell me what I need to do to convince you Peter.” Her hands finished their long slow journey to his groin closing around his shaft. “I’m sure we can work something out.”

Kelly swallowed slightly when her grip tightened around Peter’s penis. She’d never suspected that he was so well equipped. For a moment she regretted that she’d offered herself to him. From the feel of things he was a good bit larger than her boyfriend had been. “Well you can start with a lap dance.” Peter said.

“Can I get some music?” Kelly asked and Peter clicked onto a website and clicked on slow rock tune.

Rising to her feet Kelly closed her eyes and let the music start to flow through her. After a few seconds she could feel the drums commanding her hips to rock back and forth. Her hands started down at her thighs and glided up rising with the tempo until they were over head twisting around each other. An about face was followed quickly by her bending at the waist thrust her ass only a few inches from his face.

Peter had only been to one strip club in his life and the stripper wasn’t nearly as attractive as Kelly. Having her ass only scant inches from his face was a trouser tightening experience. That was before she reached back and grabbed the zipper key on her skirt. Each beat of the drum drove it another inch lower until it was low enough to let the rolling of her hips start driving the slip of fabric floorward.

Each inch the skirt dropped revealed a little more of her pastel yellow garter belt and matching garter belt. He hadn’t noticed until then that her stockings weren’t actually white but were instead a pale yellow that contrasted well against her lightly bronzed flesh. As soon as türkçe bahis her skirt touched the floor she spun in place a second time lifting her leg and dumping the square of fabric on his crotch. Kelly rested her foot on the armrest narrowly missing his arm and rolled her hips suggestively towards him. At the same time her nimble fingers unfastened the buttons of her coat tossing that to the floor, then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

Peter was completely mesmerized Kelly. He knew this wasn’t the first time she’d danced. The serpentine roll of her belly was hypnotic. She came so close that his nose brushed against her naval. and up her chest always just behind the last unfastened button until the last one conspicuously beneath her breasts was undone and she smothered him playfully between them. “You like that?” Peter said he did prompting the redhead to repeat it. “Good.”

Kelly straddled her subordinate and ground her hips against his groin. A genuine gasp escaped her lips when she felt his manhood lurch at her touch. She was certain now that it was a good bit larger than her ex’s. Kelly placed her hands on top of his lacing their fingers together and bringing their now combined hands to her breasts with an excited moan. Peter let Kelly guide his hands over her breasts expertly undoing the front clasp allowing the fabric to fall away. Still in control of Kelly slide Peter’s hand down into her underwear. Another gasp burst from her lips when his rough fingers touched across her clit. Taking the lead Peter slid a pair of their fingers into Kelly’s slick hole.

Together the two of them worked Kelly up to the very edge of her climax. She wriggled against him, trapping his cock between her firm buttocks and his thigh. The only thing keeping Kelly’s from letting the moan broiling inside her from erupting was knowing that just on the other side of the walls were her co-workers. That knowledge forced her to bite down on her lower lip keeping the majority of her pleasure muffled and in her throat. She kept pumping their fingers until she was certain she’d scream and then clenched her thighs down trapping him in place. “Is this really all you want?” Peter answered her with a single rough kiss. He pulled their fingers from inside Kelly and brought them up to her lips. There was no hesitation from the redhead, her lips parted and then wrapped around them noisily slurping her flavor off them. “Well I better get started. I don’t have you all day.” She slid from his lap to the floor and unfastened his belt.

“I want your ass.” Kelly replied by burying her head in his crotch undoing his buttons and fly with her teeth. Once his trousers were open and out of the way she went for his boxers pulling them down far enough for her to wrap her lips around the head of his cock. If he’d ever had one a cock sucker as enthusiastic as Kelly was he certainly couldn’t remember it. Her expert dispensation of oral delights had an immediate effect. Before he could get loud enough to draw any attention she had to reach up and shush him with a finger across the lips. Trying to hold back his moans only made him that much more aware of the way her entire head twisted each time she plunged down nearly to his root. “Stop, I’ll cum!” He hissed. He didn’t make any attempt to stop the redhead from bobbing up and down in his lap though. Peter really couldn’t do much but tighten his already vice like grip on the armrests.

Kelly didn’t treat Peter’s words as a warning. Instead she chose to take them as an invitation redoubling her efforts. She made a point to look up into his eyes. Kelly had always found that desperate pleading look men got in their eyes when they were right on the edge of orgasm to be positively intoxicating. Her fingers moved between her thighs all on their own frantically trying to bring herself to a crescendo along side Peter. She didn’t quite manage that. Peter’s grunted and pumped his warm semen into her mouth moments before own orgasm slammed into her. Kelly didn’t stop sucking until Peter’s cock completely stopped twitching and then she sat back riding the final waves of her orgasm and grinning up at Peter.

A few seconds passed. Peter smiled slightly his head still swimming in bliss. Like too many males in Kelly’s experience he mistook the hungry glaze in her eyes for satisfaction and started packing his magnificent tool away. “Who said you were done Peter?” His eyes focused for a moment falling away from his pants. “You said you were going to take my ass didn’t you?” She gently wrapped her fingers around his wilting cock and started stroking him. “Or are you going to call my Daddy and tell him you couldn’t satisfy his little girl?” güvenilir bahis siteleri A positively voracious smile curled her lips before her tongue started flickering back and forth over his scrotum.

“You can’t possible mean to hold me to that!” Peter growled. He resisted the urge to swat at her teasing his cock back to erection. “I was kidding.”

“Well I wasn’t.” Kelly leaned over her desk throwing one leg up on the furniture pulling Peter along at the same time. “I’m horny.” Peter winced slightly in response to a firm squeeze Kelly gave his member. “You’re not gonna say no are you cus I’ll scream rape.” Peter’s mouth fell agape suddenly aware of how completely the situation had changed. “I’m sure someone will hear me, you think Daddy is going to believe you?” Her grin grew even wider, “Actually he might believe the truth. I mean you did rape his little girl.”

“That’s not at all what happened!” Peter growled unsure if he wanted to caress her or choke her and unable to trust his hands he kept them glued to his sides. “I-“

“You came in here, found me watching porn and threatened to tell my Daddy and end my career if I didn’t have sex with you.” She hissed the last words. “What do you call it when you force an innocent little girl to satisfy your twisted lusts if not rape?” If she didn’t have a lustful, impish grin on her face her words would have crushed Peter. Even knowing full well she was teasing his stomach still dropped at the realization of what exactly he’d done to her. It wasn’t entirely wasted on him that she’d not only forgiven him she was returning the favor and she was fully aware of that. A fact only made clearer by the snide way she shook her head at him. “You already started Peter, so finish up. Rape my ass just like you wanted to.”

The horror faded just slightly mingling with a combination of faux rage and authentic lust. He snatched up a handful of her dark red hair and wrenched her head back towards him. “If that’s what you really want boss.” He snarled into her ear. He couldn’t tell if she was wincing or smiling but her eyes were sparkling. Shoving her face down onto desk Peter pushed his cock into her ass grinning the entire time. The air exited her lungs all at once. That was the only thing that kept her from squealing. Instead a soundless moan escaped her mouth. For a second Peter wondered if he’d gone a little too far. That thought exited his mind as quickly as it had entered because Kelly was pushing back against him.

Kelly’s hands crashed down on the desktop with a loud thud. Once. Twice. Thrice. Peter caught her wrists before they could come down again pinning them behind her back. With his weight on top of her she couldn’t do much more than wriggle and whimper while he started picking up speed. Kelly could feel her desk sliding just a bit with each thrust. If she hadn’t known better she would have sworn she could feel him in her belly. Her clit was pressed against the smooth top of her table each moving me pushing her one step closer. “More.” She breathed. She didn’t know if he heard her or not. What she knew was he suddenly brought his foot up next to her head and increased the tempo.

That was the first time that she’d been held in place when she came. She wanted to go as straight as a board but one leg was trapped behind his leg and the rest of her body was pinned beneath him. Her crushed chest could draw in enough air for a scream and her arms were still held in place firmly behind her. The only part of her body free to do as it wanted were her eyes and she swore she could feel them roll into the back of her skull.

There wasn’t anyplace for her to go and still she slumped over lying still while Peter finished rutting her. She felt his body spasm. Kelly cooed audibly when she felt Peter finish and then fall back into her chair. There wasn’t a single muscle in her body that felt ready to move just yet. “Oh lookie lookie.” Kelly lifted her head just slightly to turn towards Peter wondering what he was talking about. Then she felt it. Her freshly fucked asshole was stretched open. Peter’s cum was slowly oozing out of her and down her thigh. If she wasn’t still recovering she would have been flushed with embarrassment but she could only lower her head and squeak. “Well that’s good Kelly. I don’t think I’ll have to tell your daddy what a little slut you are.”

“Oh I already know Kelly’s a slut.” Peter just about leapt out of his own skin at the sound of his boss’s voice. Unfortunately the chair’s back was too high and instead he only managed to topple the rolling chair, roll over and land flat on his back. During the commotion he’d managed to bring the computer out of hibernation again and found himself staring at his boss’s slightly pixilated face and for the first time noticing that there was a camera on her monitor. “Kelly I want to see you in my office, Peter take the rest of the day off.”

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