My cousin showed me how.


My cousin showed me how.When I was 16 I was attending my third year at the local high school. Summer was already at its best. June condemned school to an end and me to study hard with necessary private lessons in math and Latin. My mother decided to send me at my aunt’s house. At that time she was a teacher and she could help me out with my homework and my preparation for the repair exams. At the bus station my cousin picked me up. She was somehow better looking than the last time I saw her. She looked more interesting and attractive to me than ever. Her blonde hair was long and bright in the sun. She had some freckles on her breast that sent shivers down there.I passed few days studying with my aunt and playing with my cousin and her girlfriend in the garden. One night I was home alone because my aunt went to the cinema with my uncle. I was in my bedroom when I heard the main door open. I was too occupied to go and great my cousin because I was on a hard to solve problem. I think she didn’t notice me because my room was the last on the corridor. I heard my cousin laughing with her friend; they probably had a good time but they kept on distracting my attention with their bruise.After half an hour I didn’t hear them any more. I was thirsty so I decided to go to the fridge and have a soft drink. To go to the kitchen I had to pass in front of my cousin’s bedroom. Her door was slightly open. I still can’t recall the reason why I decided to glance at the inside but I will never forget what I saw.My cousin was laid with her leg up and wide open while her girlfriend had her head right there in the middle. She was licking and sucking my cousin’s most intimate part with no refrain. I clearly saw her tongue going deep in my cousin’s wet folds and lips. She gave her pussy plenty of attention and from time to time she went down at her asshole and licked it as well. I had serious difficulties to remain silent. I put a hand on my mouth but I could not move my eyes from them. My knees was trembling and between my legs I was experiencing a powerful erection.That lewd girl kept going on with her licking till my cousin’s face started to turn red. She was now moaning louder and louder. At a certain moment she almanbahis yeni giriş reached for her friend’s head with both her hands and arching her back upward she released the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen. The sheets under her ass were soaked with her juices and she was outrageously wet. They moved in a different position lying side by side French kissing each other very deeply and passionately.- My cum in your mouth tastes so good. – My cousin said- Yes, I love it too. – Her friend said. – But please don’t stop kissing me. –They embraced very strongly licking each other’s mouth. The scene was wetting my pants.My cousin moved down on her friend and started to caress her between her legs. She started to finger her in the pussy with two fingers because she was so wet and open down there. Her slutty friend was moaning loudly.- Yes, fuck your bitch’s big pussy! – She said – Yes deeper! Put one in my ass too. — Oh, you like it in the ass now. – My cousin replied.- Yes, since I know you I can’t get enough of the perverted things you do to me. –It didn’t take long for her turn to come. She grasped my cousin’s waist and pulled furiously while she was coming so hard against her.They fell spent as I slowly moved away from that unexpected and involuntary show. My penis was in agony. I had my cock so hard that my jeans started to hurt so much. I reached back for my room, I closed smoothly the door behind me and I unbuttoned my trousers. My cock jumped out from my pants in no time. It was so wet and a big deal of precum was flowing out uncontrollably. I fell on my bed and reached for my cock. I started to masturbate thinking at my cousin squirting pussy and when I imagined my cock sliding deep inside her I started to shoot my cum. I think I never came so violently and copiously before. I drenched my tee shirt and some large drops reached my face as well.The day after, I was in the garden playing alone with my basketball when my cousin showed in the porch. She came out looking to me in a different way than the day before. I was afraid that she could have seen me somehow so I tried to look as normal as I could.- Hi Mark. – She started- Hi Susan. – I replied not too fast.- almanbahis giriş Did you enjoy your time out last night? – She asked – Did you go out? Right? –- Yes. – I answered not too convinced. – And you? –- Well, yes had a very nice time with Janine. –- You love her very much. Are you? – She blushed and moved her eyes away. – Yes, she is a good friend. –The sight of her blushing face was having an effect and reminded me the red coming face she had the night before. My shorts started to lift visibly. She couldn’t help seeing me.- Tell me Mark. Do you have a girlfriend? — Well, no. – I replied. – I actually never had one. I am still a virgin boy. –- I see. – She said, looking straight to my unmistakable erect penis. – Come with me I want to show you something. -She guided me to her room and I started to sweat thinking a thousand possible things. We entered the door and I could not help to give a glimpse to that bed and I couldn’t help noticing that the sheets were replaced.She turned around and told me. – Don’t you notice anything, Mark –- No. – I replied a little anxiously.- I would like to sit on my bed please. –- Wwhy. – My voice was a little trembling.- You’ll see. – She replied with a grin on her face. – Now sit right there. –She pointed the exact position where she was laying the night before. So I moved there and I had a seat. I leaned back.- Well? – I said. – What am I expected to see? — Now, look in front of you. What do you see? –- I see your desk and a small library next to it. –- No you idiot. Have a better look. –Only then I realized what she was trying to tell me. I started to freeze despite the hot day. A tall mirror was on a side of the desk and looking at it from where I was I had a clear view of the door and what is outside!My face should have been eloquent because without any reply from me she said. – Yes, my darling! Last night I saw you peeping in my room. –I expected a scolding but she was looking at me very calmly. She moved to me and said. – I think there is nothing wrong with it. You are just a boy and its quite natural considering what you have seen happening here. –- I’m sorry Susan. – I said. – I didn’t know you were there. I just wanted to almanbahis güvenilirmi get a drink when I saw you two here and then I couldn’t move away. I’m so sorry! — You don’t have to. I understand. Don’t be afraid of me. – She said. – If you will help me maintaining my little secret with my mom, I’ll make you happy in a way you are going to enjoy very much. –- O-Ok. – I said.- Now. Let’s start with the little big problem you have down here. – She said moving toward me. – Do you have this kind of problem frequently? –- Yes, all the times. –- Do you masturbate regularly? –- Yes, very regularly. –- Let me see if I can help you some how with your constant erection problem. –She slid my shorts off to reveal my protruding immodesty. Then she started to masturbate me with her hand.- It seems you have a big problem here. A very hard to swallow one. -She leaned down with her head and then I felt my cock inside her hot mouth. Oh my, how good it felt! I started to get crazy. Her mouth started to move all the way down on my big shaft. She was so damned good at it. A lot of her saliva went down just to make that blowjob impossible to stand. I was starting to spasm as my orgasm was building uncontrollably.- Susan!. – I said. – I’m starting to feel funny down there! — Don’t worry Mark, your cousin will take care of it. –- I, I, I think I going to come Susy! –- Just let yourself go Mark. – She whispered. – Shoot your spunk in my big cousin mouth. –That said I could not resist any longer and I started to shoot the longest and biggest load ever! My orgasm was overwhelming. Susan went down to my balls with her mouth and swallowed all the cum I had for her. She sucked so good and deep that I was near to faint from the pleasure. She cleaned all my shaft and sucked away all the few remaining drops of sperm coming out from the very tip of my cock. I fell down exhausted.She came next to me and she whispered at my ear. – Mark. You know, you had so much cum. I really enjoyed it because you taste so good. If it’s ok for you, we could give a try tonight as well. And maybe, if you will last longer you could fuck Janine and me at the same time. –When I heard that I have instantly another erection.- Oh! You little pervert! – She smiled at me. – Let’s get back to work! I have to train you well for me Janine! Than it will be my turn… and her’s! – That said she went back to blow me. I could not count how my loads she swallowed that afternoon, but I had to take some vitamins to get standing!

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