My Cruise was a Tug of War Ch. 01


Where do I begin…

My name is Glen, late thirties. I’ve just come back from a cruise, traveling for the first time as a single man around Australia. To say it was different from what I had experienced on earlier cruises with very loving female partners, is an understatement. Let me try to relate.

I have only ever cruised with girlfriends over the years, and that has been great with romance and beautiful love making. What made this cruise different was I decided to go alone and to maybe meet a single woman, but it was to mainly recover from a long relationship which had mercifully ended. It really was best for both of us, and it was time to move on.

I was lonely anyway, so I figured it might be fun to maybe drown my sorrows with another single. No expectations, just to get some sea air into my lungs and to reassess where I was heading in my life.

If it led to a one or two night stand, all the better.

On previous cruises, I’d often seen notice boards placed near the lifts encouraging singles to meet up and mingle. So, on the second night of this cruise, cruising on the leg between Brisbane and Sydney, after showering and dressing quite smartly, I thought I’d go along to see what goes on in this type of group meet up. I’d always been curious.

As I entered the room, I immediately was faced with numerous scattered groupings of singles, all chatting somewhat nervously. Unsurprisingly, there were mostly women aged 40+ and somewhat fewer men, aged 50+.

I felt I stuck out a bit as I’m a fit, 39.

I suppose to help people loosen up, the cruise had put on a spread of wine and light refreshments which seemed like where most people entering gravitated to first. Collecting what seemed like a chilled white sparkling wine and chomping into a small red savory sausage, I looked up to see a woman of about 50 walking up to me.

With a wide smile she said, “Hi, do come here often, or is this your first time at one of these?”

“Well, no,” I said feeling somewhat awkward with the boldness of her greeting, “this is my first-time cruising alone, though” As we began to exchange small talk on where in the world we’d both come from, a younger quite subdued woman with eyes slightly downcast, joined us.

Just as I was about to say hello to the shy woman, possibly in her mid-20s, a female convener in the front of the room introduced herself as, Cathy our host for the evening.

She then shouted out a welcome to everyone and commenced to invite people to enjoy the cruise company’s hospitality with the drinks and food provided and encouraged zeytinburnu escort everyone to mingle.

Casting her eyes over the 30-40 or so people who had come along, Cathy said, “I know it can be difficult to get to talk to many people at these types of get-to-gethers, so I’d like to conduct tonight a bit like a speed dating type of arrangement where each person get 5 minutes or so to talk to each other, and then with the ring of a bell, one side of the tables shuffles along to meet the next person on the opposite side of the series of connected tables, and so on.

“No pressure we just hope you all enjoy talking to new people with whom you can share the many facilities on the ship” she laughed.

This caused much nervous mumbling among the group, as everyone began to sit randomly on the chairs along both sides of the tables.

“Very good, lets commence and in 5 minutes, we’ll all shuffle along and you can all chat with the next person, OK?”

At the sounding of the bell, everyone started to talk to the person opposite. I spoke to 3 clearly lonely, but lovely, women and 2 disinterested men before the woman, who had welcomed me earlier, sat down opposite me. I noticed the other younger woman who had belatedly joined us earlier was seated next to her and that I would be speaking to her, presumably next.

The older woman introduced herself as Tara and looked to the younger woman seated next to her announcing her as her daughter, Samara.

“Tara and Samara, your names rhyme” I said somewhat amused.

“Yes, we’ve always been close. Samara is also my sub…”

Rocking back into my chair and taking in a gasp of air, I said, “I see, that’s different.”

I immediately sensed they came as a couple, who seemed quite open with their sexuality, and kinkiness.

“Relax, I’m not always so forthcoming about that to everyone, but this cruise is over 12 nights, and I think it’s best to be upfront and open about what we hope to get out of the cruise, don’t you?”

“Why, yes, I’m sure people like to couple up. There does seem many eyes scanning about, looking for prospective couplings, I guess”.

“Exactly, are you curious to know more about the two of us? We won’t be offended, if not.”

“Sure, I imagine some sort of threesome arrangement might be what you two are seeking. Is that right?”

“Almost” Tara answered with a sly grin. Tara added, “Look, if you like we could break away from this and talk over there in that seating alcove. We can talk more discreetly without being concerned aksaray escort that others might listen in.”

“Sounds fine,” I said, as Tara, Samara, and I too, intrigued, rose and backed away from the tables.

It became immediately noticeable that Tara was wearing a skintight pair of black tights, which formed what had to be an uncomfortably tight camel toe, or front wedgie. In contrast, Samara wore a simple dress.

As my eyes were helplessly drawn to her impressive and delving groove, Tara sensing my glare simply said, “I’m a woman, and I don’t care who knows it. If you enjoy looking at me, feel free, I love lust, and to limit it or recoil from it, loses it for me.”

Seldom have I met a woman who is so outwardly confident, which was quite the opposite of what Samara seemed. She avoided eye contact with me and seemed to have her lips partly opened when our eyes did occasionally meet. Tara, her mother seemed to be in charge, or possibly even a dominant over her daughter, her sub, as she had earlier introduced her.

As we all walked over to the alcove to chat further, I couldn’t help but think where this might all be going. I felt almost like I was being led, but into what? Would I end up spending some time with these two women on this cruise? Maybe her toe was there to ensnare me – der, ya thunk – I mused to myself. Weirdly, I kinda liked the feeling of that.

This was very different, and I was curious. Maybe cougars feel they need to try harder for attention these days, and what’s wrong about that?

As we sat down, Tara subtlety eased her tights mercifully out of her deeply parted cleft. “So, I see you’re attracted to women?” Tara grinned, again.

“Of course, women’s bodies are a work of art. You wear those tights, very nicely.”

“Thank you, Glen. You’re not bad on the eyes, yourself,” Tara smiled.

Feeling that Samara was being left out, and that I hadn’t even spoken to her, I turned to say hello to her. Immediately, she bit her lip and glanced away.

“I speak for Samara” Tara spoke promptly. “I created her, and I own her.” Tara said quite seriously.

Samara again looked to the floor. “Samara is my sub. Do you understand what that means?” Tara questioned, looking directly at me.

“Yes, that makes you her Dom, or is it Domme, doesn’t it?”

“Mistress, actually, and she does whatever I want her to.”

“She is a three-hole piece of fuckmeat…” Tara said plainly.

Before I could even look stunned with what Tara had just said, Tara commanded Samara to show me. ataköy escort

As if trained to submit, Samara slowly opened her mouth to reveal her moistened tongue commencing to slowly poke out to rest quivering on top of her bottom lip.

Now looking directly as me, Samara then slowly parted her legs to me, wider, and then much wider, though without revealing herself because of her knee-length dress

… and then, as if programmed, Samara then rocked onto her left buttock and commenced to lift high the right side of her bottom, clearly pulling apart her butt cheeks with her right hand, again, with nothing being revealed in this public place because of the covering of her dress.

“Samara’s three holes, are for thorough use… which, I alone determine, by how much and by whom,” Tara decreed.

As Samara regained her former subdued position, I could feel my pulse racing and I’m sure my face must have been reddening with no short measure of embarrassment. It was also dawning on me – rapidly – that this is why Tara had possibly chosen me, to service her daughter, quite deliberately… and yet, I felt weirdly flattered.

“Fuckmeat, that’s such a humiliating way to describe your daughter, isn’t it?”, I felt obliged to ask.

“Yes, it is, and deliberately so” Tara stated,

“Samara knows that her needs are not at all important. She knows that she provides pleasure when she is taken, used, and fucked in any way a man wants. Isn’t that right Samara?”

Samara spoke for the first time. “Yes Mistress, mother and rightful owner of all that is me.”

“Offer Glen your essence, Samara.”

At what seemed like more of a command, Samara discretely slide her hand up under her dress and soon withdrew it, presenting me with her middle finger which was now heavily coated in glistening and very creamy juice.

Yes, it was from, there. Right, up-from-there!

Seemingly spellbound myself, I didn’t think to stop Samara as she glided her hand with outstretched moistened finger to hover just beneath my nostrils, presumably for me to smell, and I did so, as slightly as I dared allow myself.

“Samara is ovulating, show Glen your webbing display”, Tara motioned.

Samara now allowing herself to slowly and greedily smile, spread apart all of her fingers to reveal her stringy stand-like juices stretching, web-like between her delicate and long slender fingers…

Again, mesmerized and – incredible for me – I felt my tongue take the smallest of taste of her intimate juices from the very tip of her finger.

I immediately sat back aghast with the realization of what had just happened.

Something had changed in me. I was becoming wildly aroused.

Tara then casually dunked Samara’s wet finger into my wine, swirling it slowly around, she just stared open-eyed at me, before saying…

“You like? Drink up.”

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