My Daughter and her Aunty Ch. 01


This story is an attempt to combine characters and events from previous stories, so readers may benefit by reading “Adventures with my Daughter” and “Seducing my Niece”; but each story can stand on its own.


Donna sat on the couch and looked at her daughter. Summer had been in her bed for a few weeks now.

Not every night, but occasionally she would come to “visit”, as Summer lovingly described it. She didn’t even regard it as sexual, but instead it was erotic and sensual; and definitely arousing.

Ok, she admitted. It was often very sexual; exploring a young, nubile body, how could it not be?

She could still recall the moment she slipped her hand under her daughter’s shirt, lovingly feeling her breast; and her daughter whispering “Please don’t stop, mom.”

Sometimes, they would just sleep together; each to their side of the bed. But other times – quite often, Donna thought, smiling – they would explore and enjoy each other’s bodies.

Summer, of course had much to learn and her mom was a good teacher. The first time her mom touched her, was almost too much for both women. But it was based around a genuine affection and love for each other, which made it easier – and nicer – to go further.

Summer realised some of it was a pure sexual release for her mom, and that was fine with her. She would do anything to please her mom whom she trusted completely with her body, and her feelings. She felt safe.


But now, Donna had some serious thinking to do.

Her sister Katherine came around the previous night, and seemed to have something on her mind.

With Summer out for the evening, the two sisters sat down on the couch and Donna prepared herself to be her sister’s friend. Was it a relationship breakup, a work problem, her health?

“Donna,” said Kathy. “I really need to talk to somebody about this, but I don’t want you to judge me ok.”

“Sister,” replied Donna. “I would never judge, you know that. And I’m far from the perfect woman, as I’m sure you know.”

“Ok,” said Kathy. Taking a deep breath, she launched right in.

“You know our niece Becky came to stay last week?”

Becky was Summer’s cousin from Vancouver, a nubile college girl who seemed to have a long time crush on her aunty.

“Well,” Katherine said. “We ended up sleeping together. I didn’t plan it, but to be honest bursa yabancı escort I’m not regretting it one little bit. I know how that sounds.”

Donna reflected quietly on her sister’s words.

“It’s ok Kathy,” said Donna. “It’s natural; the two of you prefer women I know. And sure you’re her aunt, but you’re both consenting adults.”

Donna was thinking quickly; this was a big thing her sister was sharing. But Donna had her own secret; should she share it?

“Thanks, Donna.” The relief in Kathy’s voice was undeniable. “To be truthful, I’m getting aroused thinking about her right now, but I know it’s wrong and it’s stressing me out a bit.”

“But Becky’s ok,” continued Kathy. “She’s in a relationship with a lady up north and seems happy. We text now and again, but I’m guessing she would be happy to pick up where we left off, so it’s a bit tricky!”

Here it comes, thought Donna.

“Well, Kathy,” said Donna. “Perhaps if I share something with you, it might make you feel better?”

“Oh my gosh,” whispered Kathy. “What??”

Donna plunged in.

“Summer and I have been sleeping together for the last 2 months. And I think I did mean for it to happen, Katherine. I seduced her, my own daughter.”

Kathy moved closer to her sister on the couch and the two women held each other.

Donna pulled away from her sister and looked at her. Kathy leant towards Donna and caressed her face. She kissed her gently on the lips and the two women felt an intimacy they hadn’t felt since their time together in college.

“I have an idea, Donna,” Kathy said. “We need to be sensible; those young women are so pure and innocent.”

“You’re right, of course,” replied Donna. But deep down, Donna knew she could never give up her daughter; the sexual arousal she felt was just too strong.

“Ok, here goes,” said Kathy. “I’m thinking you and I should, well you know?”

The idea wasn’t totally out of left field Donna thought. What they were doing was wrong, but they both needed some comfort and love.

Donna realized there was a rising erotic tension between them, and recognized where it came from.

One drunken night when they were at college, the two sisters had a mild lesbian session on a couch, before being interrupted by visitors. But the kissing and feeling up had never been mentioned again.

“You bursa sınırsız escort know Kathy,” replied Donna. “I’ve often thought about that night in college, but assumed you didn’t want to go there again.”

“I guess it never went away,” responded Kathy.

“I would be ok about you and I doing this,” continued Donna. “But I have promised Summer I would always be there for her; and her alone.”

Donna sensed some disappointment in her sister.

“But let me talk to her, ok?” Donna smiled.


And now, Donna sat looking at her daughter.

“Summer,” said Donna. “I need to talk to you about something.”

Her daughter’s eyes widened. “Sure mom, shoot.”

Summer snuggled up to her mom on the sofa.

“Well,” said Donna, taking a deep breath. “Your Aunt Kathy came over last night and confided something to me, and I said I would discuss it with you.”

“Oh my gosh, sounds serious, mom!”

“Ok here goes then,” Donna continued. “Kathy has been sleeping with your cousin Becky. It started when she came to visit last month.”

“Oh!” replied Summer. “We can’t really judge her eh, mom; as long as everybody is happy, like us.”

Summer continued. “But Becky’s gone back to Canada now! Aunty Kathy must be lonely and Becky’s pretty hot I know that!”

Summer’s maturity sometimes caught Donna by surprise; she was not the innocent little girl anymore and took things in her stride.

“Can I ask you something Mom?”

“Sure,” replied Donna. “Anything”

“Why don’t you and Aunty Kathy get together? I know you kissed her one time in college. I wouldn’t mind, as long as you come and visit me in bed now and then.”

Donna thought long and hard before continuing. It was nice the suggestion had come from her daughter, but she needed to be careful.

“Well, Summer,” said Donna. “I’m not sure about that. You’re my little plaything now. Let’s you and I think it through a little.”

Donna leaned down and kissed her daughter.

“Mom,” replied Summer. “I love being your plaything, and I never want that to stop. You know I’ll do whatever you want, and love it.”

“You can do something for me Summer,” she whispered to her daughter. “Come and visit me tonight.”

“Ok,” replied Summer, smiling.

That night, Summer lay in her own görükle escort bed reflecting on the talk with her mother.

Well, this was a new development she thought. Her Aunty Katherine, sleeping with her cousin! She’d only seen pictures of Becky and chatted with her briefly on Facebook a couple of times.

And now, her mother and aunty together, sexually? How would she feel about that, she wondered?

Summer guessed it was a bit different being sexually involved with family members; but then she didn’t really know how other relationships worked.

Her mother was her rock, and always would be, she knew that. When they were together, there was no pressure, or stress. Sometimes they would just hold each other and sleep.

But sometimes, when they made love, she thought her mom was holding back a little; making sure Summer was ok with everything, never letting herself go completely.

Summer closed her eyes and imagined her mom’s hands on her aunty; kissing her, licking, finger fucking her.

Summer reached down between her legs, and realized she was very, very wet. She slid out of her bed and wandered down to her mom’s room.

Knocking quietly on the door, Summer walked into her mom’s bedroom.

Her mom would be naked beneath the covers so she slid off her own nightgown and climbed in beside her.

“Thank you, baby,” her mom whispered. “I need you tonight.”

Soon, her mom’s hands were gently exploring her. Summer would always remember the first time, but it was even nicer now.

Her mom was feeling her breasts, licking her nipples; Summer spread her legs, letting her mother know she wanted her fingers inside her.

“Oh my goodness,” said Donna. “Summer, you’re so wet.”

“I know mom,” smiled Summer. “I’m sorry, I’ve been imagining you with Aunty Kathy and I want you to be with her.”

Summer climbed between her moms legs.

Donna spread her legs wide for her daughter, who was fingering her gently; one finger, two and then a third, finger fucking her mom hard and deep.

“You’re very wet too, mom,” said Summer. “Are you thinking about Aunty Kathy too? It’s ok if you are.”

Donna closed her eyes and just nodded her head.

“Oh fuck, girl,” cried Donna. Then she gasped, because she never used those words in front of her daughter.

“Its ok mom,” said Summer. “I love you using those bad words and I love you thinking about Aunty Kathy.”

Summer’s words sent her over the edge and she came all over her daughter’s fingers.

The two women lay quietly together, in each other’s arms, the way they often did. But they both realized there was another person in bed with them, in their own minds, at least.

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