My Daughter Comes Home


Hi folks.

I pointed a colleague in the direction of Literotica and he fairly soon told me a story about him and his daughter ‘which could have turned interesting’. Jackie and Brenda have read this but Dad didn’t want to before publication and Kim can’t read yet.

Hopefully I have added enough to it to make it interesting for Literotica readers.



With a jolt I looked at the big red LED’s of the clock; 02.34 and started closing my eyes as the phone rang again. For a second time I looked at the clock; still 02.34. The phone rang a third time and I realised the phone was ringing. Still laying there I removed my hand from my cock and waited for the fourth and fifth ring before convincing myself that the phone was ringing and I needed to shift myself to answer it. Stumbling out of bed I followed the sound of the sixth ring to find my trousers, seventh ring led me to the right pocket then silence…

“Good,” I mumbled to no-one, dropped the trousers back on the chair and fell back onto the bed, my eyes closed.

With a jolt I looked at the clock; 02.34 as the phone rang for a second time I dropped one foot to the floor, the third ring and my hand touched the floor as I rolled over. Ring four… I started thinking at five there must be a problem. Stepping over the duvet which had fallen, I grabbed my trousers, pulled out my phone and swiped across the illuminated face as the bright red LED clock changed to 02.35.

I awoke suddenly as I heard “Daddy, Daddy help me!”

“What? Ah? What’s happened? Where are you?”

“Hugh hit me and I pushed him down the stairs.”

“Where is he now?”

“He shouted at me and went.”

I clicked on hands free and dropped the phone on the bed, “Went where?” picking up my trousers.

“He drove away very fast, Daddy I’m scared he’s going to come back and do it again.”

Half running and half falling I landed at the bottom of the stairs with the phone in one hand, grabbed my keys in the other and tripped my way out of the door while slipping into some blue canvas shoes. My T-shirt was inside out.

Realising the van was at the front of the drive I returned for the van keys, slammed the door shut behind me and drove the three miles to Jackie’s flat, a place I hadn’t been welcomed for two years.

One of the gate posts, complete with bent gate was lying on the footpath and the front door was wide open. I left the van at some obscure angle with one wheel on the pavement and the engine running, went inside to find Jackie, my little girl who I’d not seen for eighteen months. Jackie was sitting on the top stair crying with a massive blood stain on the side of her head and right down one side of her skirt and jumper which was nearly ripped right open with her breasts exposed. There was a blood smear from the light switch down to floor level where she had fallen.

Running up the stairs two at a time, I was beside her in no time checking the injuries and ‘oh my god’, untying her hands. Grabbing a couple of pillowcases from the airing cupboard I created a pad against her head. I stuffed another pillowcase with some of her clothes and by 0319 we were back at mine.

I cleaned Jackie’s wound to find it was fairly superficial, then without any sort of thought I removed her clothes, dressed her in a massive T-shirt of mine and placed her in the only bed in the flat. She curled into a foetal position and I climbed into bed beside her, dragging the duvet across us both, by which time she was asleep. Glancing at the clock, it changed to 03.34, ‘exactly an hour’ I thought. I remember seeing the clock change to 04.34 before being rudely awoken at 10.17 by the dustbin lorry.

I had a piss, made two mugs of tea and snuggled back in bed with my daughter, the top of her head against my chest and her knees at the front on my hips. My left hand was between her shoulder blades and the right on her waist. 10.29, I should have been at work two hours ago but tough shit; today my little girl is more important, thinking of which I gave her a bigger hug, bringing my knees to her feet…

‘How could anyone do this to my daughter’ was running through my mind. What was also running through my mind was: this is my daughter and I was getting turned on.

“Morning Dad.” She uncurled and stretched out, sucked at the bad taste in her mouth a couple of times and yawned. The stretch and yawn ended with an “Erhaaaa.” sound.

“Morning Honey, how you feelin’?”

“Good… Thanks Dad.”

“What for?”

“For being there for me, for being here.” She turned and her hand landed directly on my erection, “Oh Dad, is that because of me?”

“Mmm.” Looking at the clock I saw the two mugs, “Tea?”

“Yeah, but first I need the loo.” Jackie pulled at the duvet and stood, the big T-shirt was creased up above her bottom, giving me a delightful view of her arse as she walked away, and my old John Thomas stood right to attention beşiktaş escort making the duvet into a tent.

“Is that really for me?” were the opening words as she returned to bed and slid in beside me, grabbing my erection.

“Easy girl, that’s not a toy you should be playing with.”

“Sorry, where’s that Tea?” She moved her hand to take the mug I passed her and leaning back against the headboard I started drinking from the other. “Dad you always make the best cuppa.” She’d drunk her tea then she passed the mug to me, “Thanks.” Then snuggled her head onto the front of my shoulder and hand on my belly, “This is getting big.”

“Yeah I know it’s all that sitting at a desk, there’s too much dammed paperwork in carpentry these days.”

“This is getting big again too.”

“That’s still not your toy missy.”

We stayed in that position for the best part of an hour talking about the previous night and what had led up to it. It turns out her boyfriend is a real kinky bastard and she described in a fair amount of detail some of the things he had expected her to do ‘in bed’.

“So what went wrong last night?”

“He had these long spikes, a bit like screwdrivers which he said he was going to hammer through my breasts.”

I flinched, but the thought of my daughter with pierced nipples was a little more than arousing and I made the dumb comment: “Oh I think you would look good with nipple rings.”

I was a bit surprised when she replied: “I’ve already got those. No he had me leaning against the beds footboard with my boobs hanging over it. He was going to hammer them right through from top to bottom and into the wooden bed. He was telling me how good it would look to be stuck there while he deep throated me.”

“What nail you to the bed?”

“Yes exactly. I freaked out and ran for the stairs where he hit me and I fell backwards against the light switch. As he came towards me my legs were up and I was able to push my feet against him so he went flying backwards down the stairs. I couldn’t see him but he was shouting about if I loved him I’d do it for him and he was going to find someone who would.”

“So lucky you fought him off.” My mind was in overdrive going back over all she had been saying as I hugged her tighter. One thing suddenly hit me like a bullet. “You have pierced nipples?”

“Hugh insisted and he did them the first time I went to his; they hurt like a bitch for a while but that was two years ago.”

“How long did you have them for?

“Still have, he took the rings out last night so they didn’t get in the way of the spikes. That reminds me I need to get something back in them before they close up.”

It went quiet for several minutes. The silence was broken with: “Dad, do you know the term vanilla sex?”

“Yes of course.”

Then I was shocked when she asked: “Daddy will you fuck me?”

“What sort of dumb question is that? Of course I won’t.”

“In all the time I’ve been with the stupid dick, we have never once had straightforward sex.” While she said that she started stroking my cock and I admit the thought of sex with my daughter suddenly seemed like a nice idea, especially as she was so delicately playing with my cock and balls and bent her head down to nibble and lick my nipples. I laid there enjoying the lovely sensations as my little girl gently seduced me. My modest cock was standing tall and starting to get moist. I kissed Jackie’s hair a few times as she worked on my chest and nipples. “I love sucking on my boo’s nipp’s,” then looking up to my eyes, “Do you like it Dad?”

I was starting to feel so aroused I could only hiss: “Oh yeah, oh yeah.” Her next kiss was on my mouth, it was slow and tender. No tongue, no open mouth, no urgency, no fireworks, just a slow tender touch of lips. So gentle, oh so adorable and oh so sexy. So gentle that it was hard to tell when her lips moved away but stayed within a quarter inch and I could feel her tea breath on my lips.

I brought one hand to the middle of Jackie’s back and using the back of my fingers of the other I felt her soft cheek with the gentlest of touches.

“Daddy.” The whisper was so quiet I could have missed it, “Daddy, fuck me.” A gently blow on my lips, “I’m ready for you,” another gentle blow, “and you’re ready for me.” A gentle stroke of her nose across mine, “Fuck me?” her nose continued across my cheek to my ear, the gentle kiss on my ear lobe gave me goose bumps all over my body. My cock was now rock hard. The quietest of whispers possible came directly in my ear, “I want to fuck you… Now?”

I felt I was in some sort of trance, being fully aware of her actions but not comprehending what was happening to me. Jackie was no longer lying on the bed beside me; she appeared to be hovering, hovering over my legs. “Just sit there, let me fuck you Daddy.”

My cock felt warm and wet, I could feel something moving along its length. She beşiktaş eve gelen escort was no longer hovering over me, she was sitting across my groin and my cock had disappeared.

“Good boy, Daddy.”

I felt her hands on my cheeks. Her lips on mine, this time not so gentle. Absent-mindedly I started matching her movements on my cock.

“Oh no you don’t, just relax. I need to do this for me.”

The action of her mouth and tongue on mine was slow, hard and deliberate; it perfectly matched the movements of her pussy on my cock.

Very, very slowly backwards and forwards and all the time our tongues were doing their dance, their game of cat and mouse. Hell no! I had never kissed like this before, never! I knew exactly what I was doing with my mouth and hands but the action on my cock seemed a long way away. Jackie’s eyes looked so big and dark, so hot they were on fire. Her long natural red hair was everywhere and for a shortest of moments my mind wandered back in time. It was the mass of red hair that first attracted me to her mother and I used to spend hours playing with it. Jackie inherited her black eyes from me rather than the bright green of her mother and that was the only difference between them.

My mind came back to the present as Jackie pulled hard against my head, crushing our mouths together, her eyes went even wider and wilder, the pressure against my groin was intense and I was unable to move.

“Mmhm.” Jackie trembled a little, “Ahmmhm.” She arched her hips forwards and upwards, reducing the pressure on my cock and I came. “Oh Daddy, yes.” She relaxed to lay her breasts on my chest and her lips on my earlobe. “Yes Daddy.” I started humping up into her, cumming time and time again. “OH YES.” She started humping hard and very fast against me. “YES. YES. YES.” The front of the T-shirt was wet as she collapsed against me and I put my arms firmly around her arms and back.

“Wow that was amazing Jackie.”

“Thanks Dad, I needed that.”

“We need a shower, we’re soaked.”

“What?” She pushed up against my shoulders and looked down. “Oh FUCK, Kim,” and jumped off the bed.

“Who the hell is Kim?”

“My daughter, OH SHIT.”

“Daughter?” The sound of the penny dropping was like Big Ben ringing in my ears. “You have a daughter?” I too jumped out of bed. “At the flat?” Just as fast as the night before I dressed and found myself in the van racing the three miles in a big panic.

In our rush the night before we didn’t pick up any keys and through the letter box we could hear a baby crying. There was no sign of Hugh’s car and assuming he was not there, I picked up a brick from the damaged gate to smash the glass. We found Kim perfectly safe in the nursery, crying and smelly but perfectly safe.

While Jackie saw to Kim I found a piece of plywood in the van and using a cordless drill screwed it across the broken window, then I swept the glass into a dustpan and dumped it in the wheelie bin.

I found Jackie upstairs feeding my granddaughter, my four month old granddaughter who I didn’t know about. This was almost a touch of déjà vu, her mother and I divorced and I didn’t know about my daughter, Jackie, until she was eighteen and that was more than seven years ago. We had been in fairly regular contact after that until she met that dickhead Hugh, who I had never liked; he had always placed his Subaru and X-Box well above her in importance. Most of all I didn’t like the fact he was a drug user and I suspected a dealer too.

A neighbour helped me put the chest of drawers and the cot in the van followed by loads of bin bags full of personal bits and clothes. Finally I left him one of my business cards in case he needed to contact us and thanked him. I’d not had any experience with babies and was amazed how much paraphernalia was involved. The back of the van was full and I learnt how to strap a baby carrier into the centre seat; it seemed very awkward but under Jackie’s guidance I got there. We drove home and managed to find space for everything in my little two room flat.

Jackie made some toast as I finished upstairs then we sat in the two armchairs, I learnt how to hold a baby while I ate toast and drank coffee. Jackie was smiling as she watched us.

We chatted loads, well into the evening but time was irrelevant today and it came as a big surprise when I looked at the clock to see it was 10pm.

“Time for bed, I’m whacked out.”

“Me too, shall I sleep here?” patting the arm of the chair she was sitting in.

“It’s got to be a temporary arrangement but I suggest you share my bed until we get things sorted.”

“Don’t you mind?”

“Oh no, of course not darling. I’m just sorry I can’t offer you something better.”

“I couldn’t have expected what you have done for me so far Dad. I didn’t have anywhere else to turn.”

By this time we were both standing and Jackie snuggled up to me beşiktaş grup yapan escort with her head on my shoulder.

“Thank you.”

“Darling you’re welcome, you and Kim, I hope I can help with her too.”

We settled in bed together; I felt a little uncomfortable. The previous evening, well actually morning, was a lot different and there were no thoughts of the suitability of the arrangements. Tonight however I was getting into bed with a woman less than half my age, my daughter no less, and I had a hard on. That point had not gone unnoticed by my daughter and she was holding onto my cock.

“Seriously darling we should not be doing that.”

“Just once more please, I really needed what we did earlier.”

“Darling, I can’t do it. It just doesn’t feel right. Can we just cuddle together?”

Jackie snuggled to me but slowly we got closer until she was nibbling my ear and whispering: “I love you and I’ve missed you.” Her hand was alternating between my nipples and cock and we started kissing. Again I was lost in the dexterity of my daughter’s lips and tongue. I was soon ready to make love and my cock readily slipped into her moist pussy lips and deep inside her when she moved over me. She sat up straight, supporting herself on my chest and nipping my nipples between her fingers.

Raising her hands off me she said “Let’s lose this.” Lifting her T-shirt off over her head she tossed it to one side, her full round breasts looked delicious and the big rings were a surprise. I knew they were pierced, she said earlier, but the rings were massive, a good quarter inch thick and an inch across.

“Beautiful.” I said quietly.

She lifted her hands to the sides of her breasts and carefully pushed them together. “You like?”

I responded by lifting my hands and replacing hers by pushing them aside, gently squeezing, my thumbs were together in the middle and rubbing gently; I hadn’t expected them to start oozing milk. I felt my cock jump and so did my daughter. Like earlier she started moving back and forth on me, slow and firm. Her face showed a look of determination or concentration and her eyes were firmly locked on mine, and wide, like bottomless pools I was getting lost in them.

The milk was still oozing from her ringed nipples and ran down my arms, where some got into reach so that I managed to lick it. “Mmm salty or is that me?”

“I think it’s sweet when I’ve tried it Dad.” Her determined look continued and the grinding movements got gradually quicker, her black eyes got larger and the pressure on my cock increased. I started humping to match her then my daughter collapsed onto my chest with a big “OrrgHH.” She lavished kisses all over my neck and face, not the mouth wrestling from earlier but lots of rapid kisses which slowed as her hip movements slowed then stopped.

I cupped her chin and cheeks in my hands and kissed her mouth.

“AAarghh.” She rolled off to one side. “Aargh cramp.” Jackie rubbed her leg better before returning to kiss me on the mouth, then she worked the kisses up my head until her breast appeared in my mouth. The tongue wrestling began again but this time I was wrestling with a big lump of gold, this first experience of a pierced nipple soon got me hard again.

I felt her pushing her breast harder into my mouth then heard the words: “Suck it.” She was right, it does taste sweet, a bit earthy but sweet and I realised I needed to start swallowing as there was so much of it. After a few minutes she pulled her nipple from my mouth to replace it with its twin. “This one is leaking now.” I was so turned on I started humping, humping against nothing. “Let’s not waste this Daddy.” Jackie replaced herself on my cock while maintaining her nipple in my mouth. She allowed me to hump upwards into her until I came, even harder than before.

I relaxed down onto the bed with Jackie lying on top of me after her nipple slipped from my mouth and her mass of red hair covered both our heads. We were kissing as I felt my cock soften and slip from her pussy. Again, Jackie’s looks, especially the mass of red hair reminding me of her mother.

The red LED’s of the clock read 23.24. “Oh Kim is running a bit late tonight, she normally wakes about 11pm for a feed, I hope there’s enough for her.”

“Oh sorry darling, I don’t know how these things work and didn’t give it a thought.”

“What these things,” she placed her hands on her breasts and wobbled them, laughing.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Laughing too. I drifted off to sleep being vaguely aware of some movement a little later.

The next thing that happened was Jackie shaking me awake, looking over my shoulder, asked who was standing behind me. I turned to see Brenda glaring at me; I woke quickly and stood to kiss her.

“Oh no,” she backed away. “Who the hell is this?” pointing to Jackie.

“This is my daughter Jackie and Kim, my granddaughter.”

In the middle of that Brenda left with some sort of comment like: “Yeah right.” And the front door shut behind her.

“Go Dad.”

I stood there naked as the day I was born. “No let her go, I’ll call her a bit later.”


Thanks for reading, your comments are welcome but again not about editing unless you are offering to help.

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