My Daughter, Her Friends and Me Ch. 04


This is a complete fantasy. All participants in the sex are over 18. There are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned as part of the sexual activities.

I had thought this story was over but due to popular request, I am adding a new chapter. I have also learned my lesson. I won’t be announcing any more finales. One just never knows where the muse will lead you.


Eyes firmly locked on the teenagers making lesbian love in front of me, hands firmly wrapped around another teenagers alluring tits, and my cock acting like a heat seeking missile trying to find Tracey’s pussy, I wondered if I had enough cum in me for another go round.

Even twelve hours later, I was still fighting off the ravages of my activities of the previous day. I felt like the proverbial horse ridden hard and put away wet. It was a glorious day but far too intense for my old man ass. Sheesh, you’d think I was an old geezer the way I’m going on. Not a guy still in his thirties but with forty looming close.

There was just no way I could keep up with that many teenage girls, one of whom was my daughter. Believe it or not, my experience with the rotating pussies and tits went from being sublime to being a chore. I had not the energy to fuck all of them in one sitting as it were.

I was especially disappointed in myself as regards my treatment of Tracey. My performance with her had been far less than stellar. Exercising my voyeuristic tendencies I had watched Chastity and Becky work their way to a lesbian orgasm. Inspired by them, I had slipped my dick into Tracey’s pussy from behind.

With my cock sliding in and out of her tight, young, cunt and one hand mauling her beautiful C cup tits, the girl on girl action continuing on beside me on the bed, I fucked the teenager hard. And I came hard too. Unfortunately there was not enough lapsed time between the two events for Tracey to achieve an orgasm as well. With my softening cock still in her, I did the gentlemanly thing, I fell asleep.

And woke up this morning disheveled, disappointed, and dejected. I knew that if this were to continue, me fucking my daughter and her friends, I needed to assert some control. Multiple body orgies were for a young man, not me. Or would the girls decide this was a one time thing? Maybe I had my chance and blew it.

I didn’t hear any noises in the house that would lead me to believe there was anyone else home. A quick trip to take care of my morning urinary issues and to the kitchen to start coffee brewing proved my guess was right. I was alone.

Finding my phone on the kitchen counter, I checked for messages. There was a text from my daughter saying she was at school running some errands and wouldn’t be back until dinnertime. Another text was from Maya of the glorious breasts who thanked me for the weekend away. There was no mention of our sexual activities. A final text was from Tracey.

Believe it or not, the young girl was apologizing to me! She realised that I had been overburdened the day before with tits and pussies. Tracey would make sure it didn’t happen again.

Well, there it was. I had the grandest weekend of any man’s lifetime and that was the end of it. The girls would no doubt continue to play with each other and whatever males they graced with their presence and their pussies. But, not with me.

I wondered what it would be like having any of the girls in the house in the future. How would I react to them or them to me. Would they even want to visit Kim in her house? Fuck! What about my daughter? How would she react? This fiasco could destroy many relationships.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it was an extremely long day filled with bouts of anger at myself for allowing the activities to occur and feeling sorry for myself for allowing the activities to occur. I puttered around the house, read newspapers, and worked on a comfort food dinner for when Kim came home.

When she arrived home, I was in the basement rec room trying to lose myself in a movie. She didn’t call out a hello or anything, just went up to her room. I didn’t make any noise either, waiting for the recriminations to come.

Eventually, my teenaged daughter came downstairs to join me. I looked for any signs of her mood or attitude I could discern. Her face was impassive, her clothing – sweats and a t-shirt – revealed nothing.

Kim stood beside me facing the TV, checking out what I was watching. I was the first to speak, however tentatively it was.

“How was your day, Kim?”

“It was okay.”

“I’ve got baked spaghetti in the oven for dinner.”


This was not a promising start. Far from it, actually. Kim turned to face me, taking a couple of steps that placed her directly in front of me. Wordlessly, she straddled my legs and wrapped her arms around my neck. My teenaged beauty of a daughter placed her lips against mine, giving me a long and deep kiss. With tongue.

All beşiktaş anal yapan escort was suddenly wonderful in my world. All the worry, all the angst that had made it such a long day was wasted. My daughter still loved me. And wanted me in a sexual way as well. Hallelujah! My hands moved to her ass in order to pull my daughter tighter against me. Our kisses increased in fervor. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth.

Time was at a standstill. My daughter and I were locked in a time warp. We were enjoying each other’s company and bodies. I had one hand on my daughter’s C cup tits while the other was exploring her ass. My rod was hard and snugged up against my daughter’s crotch. Kim, in turn, was dry humping my little buddy.

Eventually we took a break from our saliva exchange to catch our breath.

“You mentioned baked spaghetti, Daddy?”

We trudged up the stairs to the kitchen. Kim took care of setting the table while I took care of dishing out the casserole. Sitting at the table, stuffing our faces with one of our favourite meals, Kim spoke up between forkfuls of pasta.

“Tracey is coming over after work.”

“She is?” I asked.

“Why do you seem surprised? She’s here most nights.”

“I…uh…umm…after the weekend…I…”

Kim laughed at my obvious discomfort.

“Tracey says you owe her an orgasm. You let her down last night.”

What the?

“I owe her an orgasm?” I asked in an incredulous tone of voice.

“You sure do. Maya may come over too.”

“I don’t know what to say, Kim. When I didn’t hear from you or anyone else today, I thought playtime with you and the girls was over.”

“Hell, no!” exclaimed my daughter. “The girls were texting me all day long about how fantastic the weekend was. They don’t want to stop anything.”

Kim gave me a piercing look, “Do you?”

“Absolutely not,” I said.

This time with a chuckle, Kim said, “We realize that you can’t handle all six of us in a twenty four hour period though, old man. We are going to take it easier on you going forward.”

My daughter began to laugh so hard that tears were falling from her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. I had no choice but to join in. When we both had ourselves under control again, we finished our dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.

“Daddy, since we have a couple hours before the girls get here, do you think we could have a nap? I’m tired.”

Agreeing with her, we went up to my room. I stripped down to my briefs while Kim lost her top and shorts leaving her clad only in green, bikini panties. We snuggled up to each other under the cozy comforter on my bed.

I woke up to a hand groping my dick. Not bothering to open my eyes, I rolled to my back simply enjoying the sensations. There was no way I was going to interrupt my daughter and her caresses of my rod. When I felt soft, warm lips placed against mine, I returned the passionate kiss.

I felt movement on the other side of the bed as a body rolled to entwine itself in mine. With two mouths and tongues working in my mouth, I opened my eyes to see that Tracey had been the first girl to fondle my cock and that Kim had been the body that rolled into me afterwards.

Tracey looked down at me from above her old fashioned, horn rimmed glasses.

“I hope you are fully rested, Rick. There’s no way you are going to fall asleep on me tonight. Not before I get the orgasm you owe me!”

Tracey and Kim, the almost twin teenagers, giggled at me and the look on my face. It wasn’t a look of confusion, of consternation, or concern. It was a look of pure, unadulterated lust. I was going to nail my teenaged daughter’s eighteen year old best friend while my daughter watched and even helped. What a grand day to be alive!

I reached out to Tracey and, with no further ado, I rolled her on top of me. She lay between my spread legs, tits plastered against my chest, and we began making out. The intensity and passion of our kisses was simply amazing. Our tongues dueled with each other, finding their way first into one mouth and then the other.

My teenaged daughter was not going to be left out of this sharing of lust as she added a layer of love as well. Her hand joined the both of mine clasped to Tracey’s firm and toned ass. Kim didn’t join in the kissing so much as she added another dimension to it by kissing our necks, our shoulders, and the available pieces of our face not engaged with each other.

I was much too involved with both these teenagers to think very clearly and be able to count how many hours it had been since my cock last erupted into or onto one of my daughter’s friends. I did know, however, that it wasn’t going to be very long before my dick sprayed the innards and outards of this teenager between my legs.

My daughter seemed to be of a similar mind as far as that goes. She had lowered herself, tracing the path with her tongue and lips, to our nether regions. I’m beşiktaş bdsm escort not sure how she managed but I could feel both her hands jousting with mine for position on Tracey’s sweet, teenager ass.

There was no doubt that Tracey was soaking up the feelings of sexual desire my daughter and I were building in her since she was moaning nonstop around our tongues.

Kim’s tongue joined her hands on her best friend’s bum. I could feel her licking her way close to my hands. My daughter’s tongue seemed to disappear from the butt of contention. Yet, Tracey’s moans increased in volume and her loins moved even closer to me. I doubt you could have slipped a piece of paper between us, we were that close.

“Kimmmeeeee, Kimmmeeeee, Kimmmeee,” she moaned.

“Stick your tongue in, Kimmyyy,” moaned the teenaged girl between my legs.

“Ohhh, gawd,” I muttered. My daughter was rimming her best friend’s ass right here in my bed. Unfuckingbelievable!

My daughter switched from her girlfriend to me, darting her tongue at my balls and leaving small kisses on my rock hard dick. Her tongue disappeared a moment later. Tracey let out a small shriek.

“Daddy,” began my daughter, “this teen pussy is soaking wet and waiting for you.”

With that my young daughter took my rod in hand, rubbed the head up and down her best friend’s pussy, before placing it at the opening of her vagina. I gathered my legs beneath me and thrust upwards burying my cock into the wet, velvety feeling pussy of the teenager.

I thrust upwards so far that Tracey’s loins were actually lifted right off the bed. My cock head was buried as deep as it could be. Tracey screamed out my name. Literally screamed.

I released the tension in my legs allowing the teenager to rest her whole body on the mattress again. My cock retreated to the opening just inside her labia. Just as she was beginning to relax. I thrust upwards again. Tracey screamed my name yet again. The girl was obviously confused as she was linking me to a god.

I held her in the air that way for a longer period of time than previously. I had no choice since my teenage daughter was rimming me, her father. I wasn’t going to pass on that feeling. When Kim removed her tongue from my rectum, I let Tracey out of the air.

This three-way activity continued with my daughter alternating the asses she graced with her tongue. Sometimes mine, sometimes her best friend. There was no discernible pattern to who would feel the lustful tongue next.

When my daughter’s tongue left my ass a last time, she pushed her face in hard allowing her oral access to my testicles. With her kissing and licking my balls, I knew the time had come. Finally, after all the waiting, I was going to spray this teenager’s cunt with my cum. Accompanied by her roars of orgasmic pleasure, my cannon of a cock shot rope after rope of cum deep into her grasping cunt.

Eventually, my cock became flaccid and Tracey’s muscles relaxed. My daughter shoved her best friend on to her back and began to clean me up as I was covered in sweat, excess cum, and Tracey’s own juices. As always, I lay back with my eyes closed, just enjoying the bliss of sexual release. And my daughter’s mouth, of course.

My bliss was interrupted by the ringing doorbell. Putting on my robe hanging from the bedroom door, Kim went to answer the door. Tracey and I, still lying in silence heard shrieks and giggles from the lower level. It was then that I remembered that Maya of the bodacious boobs was supposed to be coming over as well that day.

Feeling as drained and complacent as I was, I hoped she didn’t have immediate sex on her mind. That thought was wiped from my mind as soon as I saw the teenager enter my room dressed in neon pink booty shorts and a barely effective hue matching boob tube. That short and petite body dressed so provocatively grabbed my cock and libido’s attention.

Kim returned to her place beside me on the bed while Tracey still lay immobile on my other side. Maya joined us on the bed sitting cross legged at the bottom end. Kim began to relate to her teenaged friend the happenings of the day. Returning to consciousness, Tracey joined her friends in the discussion.

With my head and back propped up on the pillows, I still lay quietly listening to the chatter of the three teenagers. They were all so involved in the tale telling of the tail that no one was particularly paying any attention to me. For the first time in a long time, when in the company of naked teenagers, there was not a female hand on my body.

Not that the girls were sitting still or quietly. They were absorbed with their chattering, laughing and giggling all the while. Having the luxury of examining Maya’s huge tits through her top was sufficient for me. The top in itself was somewhat translucent giving me glimpses of her boobs in a shadowed fashion.

I really wasn’t paying any attention to the content of the teenagers’ chatter but I beşiktaş elit escort knew the subject under discussion was still sex related since I could see Maya’s nipples beginning to poke through her top.

With another burst of laughter, Tracey adjusted her position, spreading her legs wider. There was a shifting of bodies, Kim lay on her side, halfway on my body. Maya panther crawled on hands and knees between Tracey’s long legs. The petite lovely put her face up close and personal to Tracey’s pussy.

Not diving right in, Maya slid her arms under the other teenager in order to latch onto Tracey’s ass. My daughter took control of one of my hands placing it on Maya’s delectable looking, booty short covered ass. Maya’s natural skin tone was olive and the neon pink outfit she was wearing accentuated it so very well.

With Kim and I both roving our hands over the petite teenager’s ass, Maya began to kiss Tracey’s thighs. Sucking and licking the languid limbs of the reclining girl, Maya was removing the still damp and sticky secretions from our earlier tryst. Watching the lesbian licking going on right beside me while running my hands over the plump teenaged bum of my daughter’s friend had my dick attempting to lift its head.

Tracey’s guttural moans were growing louder in tandem with her wetting again pussy. I was amazed to see that fresh trickles of fluid were flowing from her cunt. Obviously Maya could see and feel them as well since her face was also becoming wetter. Growing impatient, the big titted teenager jammed her mouth against Tracey’s cunt.

With no delay in her response, Tracey arched her pelvis up and tighter against Maya’s worshipping mouth. Kim’s hand was no longer on her friend’s plump ass leaving me full reign of those cheeks. Instead my daughter’s hand was between her own legs digging wildly at her own sopping wet cunt.

It was obvious that Maya was very talented in her diving on teenaged muff. Tracey was fighting a losing battle with her need to orgasm. Her yips and yikes were reaching the highest levels possible. Just watching the two young girls together and seeing my daughter frigging her own clit, my little friend had his head raised as far as it could reach.

I was beginning to fight a losing battle as well. My hand kept inching away from Maya’s soft and inviting ass towards my cock. I didn’t want it there as I wasn’t ready for a masturbatory cum. Not with all this teenage flesh available to me. In order to retain my grasp of Maya’s ass, I dug claw like fingers into the girl.

Fortunately, I didn’t have long to wait, to hold off the urge to jack my rock hard dick. Tracey’s orgasm was so loud and long it almost shattered the mirror in the room. Maya didn’t give up her oral hold on the other teenager’s sopping wet cunt until the screams died down. The same screams heralded my own daughter’s orgasm on her own fingers.

Even with Tracey collapsing limply onto the mattress, Maya continued lashing the girl’s clit, causing Tracey’s entire body to spasm in response. Eventually Tracey and Kim, two exhausted teenagers, started to calm down again as well. All four of us lay in a heap, our eyes roving over each other’s bodies.

Tracey was the first to break the silence. I expected to hear words of appreciation for the sexual romp she had just enjoyed. Instead, my daughter’s best friend announced she was hungry. The three girls conferred and decided on Chinese. Delivered, of course, no one was interested in going out to eat.

Kim found her never far away phone and texted in our order. It was decided that since she was fully dressed, Maya could answer the door when the food arrived. We all took turns in the bathroom before returning to my bed. It had been decided we would eat there, picnic style.

Kim was wearing my long, furry robe again, Tracey was wearing a short silk kimono style robe from Kim’s closet, while I had donned extremely loose shorts and t-shirt. When the doorbell rang, Maya grabbed up the money for our meals in order to pay for them.

It was a party like atmosphere with me and three scantily clad teenaged lust monsters sprawled out on my bed. Containers were passed between the group. Using chop sticks the girls would often feed each other and me tidbits of the tasty morsels. I shared as well but using a fork, not chopsticks. I never quite got the hang of using them.

Once we had all tamed our hungers, food hunger that is, Kim and Tracey announced they were going to relax in the multi person soaker tub down in the lower level bathroom. It was obvious that Maya and I were not included and that this was to be our time together.

On her way out the door, my daughter gave her friend a kiss on the mouth and whispered, “Have fun, honey.”

Maya and I lay facing one another, starting to talk. The big boobed teenager and I were not being overtly sexual at this point. We were just chatting. We had never really talked before. Maya was always busy doing something with my daughter when she was visiting. We had never spent any one on one time prior to this.

Much to my delight, I discovered there was more to this teenager than big, bountiful boobs and a real, mouthwatering badonkadonk. The young girl had a brain, a mind filled with hopes, aspirations, and plans. I was proud that she trusted me sufficiently to share all this with me.

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