My Dear Brother Ch. 06

Big Tits

After that beautiful encounter in the woods I think it is fair to say that Michael and I were now totally addicted to sex. We couldn’t get enough. Almost every time we were alone together we ended up in each other’s arms, kissing passionately as our hands explored our bodies. Although we never discussed it, it was no coincidence that both of us started going without underwear so that we could get at each other more easily. Being brother and sister meant that secrecy was of paramount importance – we became experts at furtively stolen moments. Occasionally we were left at home alone, and then we could undress fully, and caress and kiss each other’s bodies. We became very adept at ’69’; lying side by side, Michael’s tongue lapping between my legs would bring me so beautifully to ecstasy while I lavished all the tenderness I could on the rampant organ between my lips until it erupted like a volcano. We learned to read each other’s signals so telepathically that on several occasions Michael flooded into my mouth just as my own orgasm reached its peak.

When time was short we found that a few minutes was easily enough time to hike my skirt up so that Michael could touch me and my nimble fingers could extract his penis from his fly. Remember the need for lack of underwear that I mentioned earlier? The feel of him in my hand became so familiar to me, and I adored wrapping my fingers firmly around his strong shaft, easing the skin slowly up and down, feeling the heat and strength of him radiating into my palm. I could tell from the subtlest of movements of his hips if he was nearing orgasm, sometime this meant that we had to stop, but if time and privacy permitted we would both look down so that we could watch his sperm jetting powerfully into the air as he came. Michael loved to show off, and would thrust his hips forwards as he came, trying to beat all previous records in terms of height, distance and volume. I learned how to flatter his male ego with little gasps of delight as the semen spurted, and exclamations such as, “Oh my God, Michael, look how much there is!” made him grow a foot taller (and perhaps an inch longer!). I am ashamed to say that at our tender and misguided age we got a wicked thrill from leaving his ‘calling card’ where it might be discovered, and we anointed park benches, alleyways, shop doorways, bus stops, you name it!

In situations when we could not afford such freedom the liquid evidence of our activities had to be disposed of. Catching it all in a tissue or handkerchief was not easy and I found that the most reliable method was to drop to my knees at the last moment and pop him into my mouth. No soggy tissues to dispose of and no fear of telltale white globules sliding down the bathroom wall. Needless to say, I never had any objections from Michael!

The event that would lead to a turning point in our relationship occurred when our cousin Jackie and her husband Ralph came to stay with us for a week. They had been married six months earlier in America and were taking a second honeymoon in the UK so that Jackie could show Ralph off to her family, most of whom could not manage to get to the wedding. Jackie had a little overnight bag with her toiletries in it and one evening I was sitting chatting to her in the spare room. The bag was on a bedside table and was open and being nosy I peeked inside. There was the usual collection of cosmetics, razor, tampons and so on, but I noticed with mounting excitement several packets marked ‘Durex Featherlight’. I quickly looked away, but my heart was pounding in my chest. I finished the conversation with Jackie and went to my room. My mind was reeling – if only I could get hold of one of those…

Over the next few days I kept hovering around the spare room, trying to find an opportunity, but none prevailed. Jackie and Ralph only had a day left with us and I was getting desperate. Then fate smiled on me – on the last Friday of their stay I went to the bathroom after breakfast to brush my teeth and there by the side of the bath was her overnight bag! I locked the door behind me and with trembling fingers opened the bag. The condoms were in packets of 12 and there were at least 8 packets! God they must be at it like rabbits! Surely if I opened a packet and took a few they would never notice. One packet had obviously been opened and had only one condom in it. That posed a problem; the solitary condom disappearing would probably be noticed… I knew I had to be decisive and so I took a whole packet and tucked it down the front of my panties. Thankfully the remaining packets still looked plentiful so I closed the bag, brushed my teeth and then went to my room and stashed zeytinburnu escort the condoms right at the back of my wardrobe where I knew no one ever looked.

The rest of that day was torture. I kept thinking over what I had done. I had never stolen anything in my life! Would she open the bag and notice? If she did notice would she say anything? What would I do if confronted? My fears were unfounded. The day passed uneventfully and that evening Jackie and Ralph packed their bags, bade us all a fond farewell and departed. Watching them drive away was such a relief! After they had left I was still nervous and on edge and every car passing the house made me flinch. I vowed never to steal anything ever again!

The next day I awoke to a bright and sunny Saturday. When Michael and I had finished breakfast I took him by the hand and led him to my room.

“Jen, we can’t!” he protested, thinking I had taken leave of my senses.

“No, not that, I have something to show you”.

I sat him on my bed and instructed him to close his eyes. I retrieved the packet from the back of the wardrobe.

“Hold out your hands.”

I placed the packet on his hands.

“Open your eyes!”

Michael opened his eyes and looked at the condoms. At first he didn’t seem to know what they were and he turned the packet over – then his eyes almost popped out of his head.

“Jen, what… where…?”

“I stole them from Jackie. Don’t worry, she had dozens of them.”

I explained to Michael how I had got them, and all the while I was speaking he was staring at the packet, turning it this way and that. I sat next to him and he opened the packet. We found a little instruction leaflet and avidly read how to hold the teat to expel the air and all the other precautions, and how to roll the condom into position on the erect penis. Speaking of erect penises, it was difficult not to notice that Michael was now sporting a splendid specimen in his trousers! I took the packet and put it back in my wardrobe. I sat next to Michael again. Neither of us spoke for a moment and then Michael said, “Jen, are we… are we going to?

“Do you want to?”

“Oh yes,” he replied. “Do you?”

I nodded and gave him a kiss.

Again we sat in silence until Michael said, “Back to the woods?”

“I think we should,” I replied.

We told Mum and Dad that we were going to go for a bike ride and I got a blanket that we used for picnics, folded it up and tied it to the carrier of my bike with string. I retrieved the condoms from the wardrobe and Michael and I set off for the woods. We were breathless with excitement, and neither of us spoke much on the journey. When we arrived at the woods we chained our bikes to some railings and set off for our secret secluded place. It was so early in the morning that we encountered very few other people, and as we got deeper into the wood it was clear that we were alone. We suffered the same bramble scratches on our legs as before, but we hardly noticed the pain. We arrived at the little clearing, and it was as beautiful as ever. The sun streamed through the canopy of leaves and the water in the stream was clear and sparkling. Michael helped me spread the blanket and we lay side by side on it and kissed. My hand strayed down Michael’s front and came to rest on a very hard and prominent swelling.

“My!” I whispered in his ear, “He seems to be eager!”

Michael’s response was to slip a finger under the leg of my shorts, and he probed gently. He withdrew his finger and held it up for examination. It was very wet.

“And what about you; look at that.”

“Its a hot day,” I said, “Its just sweat.”

I took his hand and pulled it towards me and popped the finger into my mouth.

“Yes,” I said after a quick suck. “Its definitely sweat.”

“Jen, you are such a dirty girl!”

I laughed and pushed him onto his back and quickly undid his belt and started to unzip his shorts. Michael undid my blouse and I noticed that his hands were trembling. In less than a minute we were completely naked and we lay together on the blanket. We wrapped our arms and legs around each other and kissed, pulling our bodies together so tightly I could hardly breath. I felt Michael’s penis pressing into my stomach just below my ribs. He seemed bigger and harder than I had ever known. Michael pulled away from me a little and his hand moved to my chest to caress my breasts. My nipples were achingly hard, like little bullets. His touch sent a shiver down through my stomach to between my legs and I felt a sudden surge of liquid escape. I knew I was ready.

I aksaray escort sat up and opened the packet. I took out a foil-covered condom and passed it to Michael. He looked at me and I could sense his hesitance and the question that was forming on his lips.

“Yes, Michael, I want to do it.”

Michael’s hands started shaking and he almost dropped the condom as he tore the foil open. He extracted the circular rubber ring and located the teat, put the ring against the tip of his penis and tried to roll it on. Poor boy! He was so excited that it made him ridiculously clumsy, and the condom slipped and slithered over the tip but progress in getting it on was zero.

“Let me do it.” I said.

Michael sat leaning against the fallen tree trunk, his penis jutting from his loins like a flagpole. I kneeled between his legs, held the teat between finger and thumb as in the instructions, and positioned the ring over the tip of his penis. It seemed far too small; his glans was hugely swollen and looked much too big to fit in the condom. I unrolled the condom carefully over the tip and then used both hands to ease it over the head. It was so taut that for a moment I thought it would fly off but then it slipped safely over the flaring ridge and snapped reassuringly tight around the head. I eased the rubber ring an inch or two down the shaft, straightened out one or two creases, and then worked it all the way to the base. I sat back to admire my handiwork. Michael’s penis looked beautiful; the tight latex glistened in the sunlight and we could clearly see his pulse as his penis throbbed and jerked with every beat of his heart.

Breathless with anticipation I lay down on the blanket and held out my arms. Michael bent over me and kissed me. I pulled him towards me as I rolled over onto my back; my legs parted and I felt his penis hard against my stomach. Michael wriggled down a little until the tip of his penis was between my legs. I was panting with excitement – would it hurt, would I be able to take him into me, oh God surely he was far too big! Michael rested on his elbows with his hands gently cupping my shoulders. I looked up into his eyes as I felt him nudging against me. He was pushing too high, then too low. I reached between us with both hands. I parted my lips with one hand and guided him with the other, oh yes, that’s it! I felt him between my lips, his tip nuzzled at the opening. My hands held his buttocks and I pulled him towards me. We stared fixedly into each other’s eyes as my dear brother pushed so gently against me. I held my breath, waiting for the pain that I was sure would come. I felt him slowly thrusting, almost imperceptibly, but with each push I was relaxing and opening to him. I could hear little gasps and groans escaping from my lips as I felt him gradually entering me. Oh God, yes Michael, keep doing it like that!

There was no pain! Michael pushed again and now his whole glans was inside me. It felt wonderful! I lay beneath him, gasping, revelling in the delicious sensation induced by the swollen head plugging my opening. Oh, yes – it felt almost unbearably tight, but the pain I was expecting just wasn’t there. Perhaps all those times I had experimented with the handle of my hairbrush had prepared me? Michael’s movements grew a little bolder and he was now thrusting an inch to and fro. I felt my hips starting to respond to him; as he thrust I lifted my buttocks from the blanket and then sank back as he withdrew.

Michael suddenly stopped moving.

“Oh God, Jen!”

“What?” I asked, thinking something was wrong.

“Oh Jen, it feels so good. I’m nearly coming”.

“Lie still, Michael. It feels good for me too.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” he asked.

“No, not at all, it feels wonderful.”


“Yes. I promise. You feel so big. I can’t believe we are doing it. What does it feel like for you?”

“Oh, Jen, it feels fantastic. You are so hot inside – it’s amazing. And so tight! I think I will come if I move.”

I stroked his back and lifted my head up to kiss him.

“Michael, if you want to come, then come. I want it to be good for you.”

Michael looked down at me. “But what about you, Jen. I want you to come as well.”

My darling brother! How many boys would have said that on their first time?

“Its OK, I don’t think I can come the first time. Just lie still for a while and then when you want to come, do it.”

Michael bent his head and kissed me, and we kept our bodies motionless as our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Michael’s tongue slipped deep into my mouth ataköy escort and I sucked hungrily on it; I soaked up the pleasure of feeling him penetrating me in two places; as I sucked his tongue I couldn’t help but lift my hips from the blanket, urging him deeper into me. Michael’s hips shuddered and I quivered with delight as I felt him sliding deeper, oh God he is barely half way in! I spread my legs wider and tilted my pelvis upwards. Oh yes, oh yes, that’s it Michael, Oh God yes I can feel you so deep… go deeper!

Now at last I felt him fully inside me, deep inside, his balls were tight against me; he was buried in me to the hilt. Oh it felt so wonderful! I was impaled on his wonderful penis; he was stretching me so deliciously, now I was a real woman. My virginity was gone forever and I loved it, my darling brother was deep inside me and I loved him and I loved his penis and I loved the feel of him inside me surging in and out and… Oh yes Michael, move like that, yes, yes!

“Oh, Jen!” I heard him gasp and Michael’s hips moved faster and faster. I cried out in ecstasy and lifted my legs up high, wrapped my legs tight around him, my feet bouncing against his buttocks, oh yes… he thrust hard into me, slammed into me, oh yes, this is it, this is what it is like to be fucked, oh God, my darling brother is fucking me, oh I love it, oh Michael, yes, fuck me!

Then I heard him cry out and Michael suddenly thrust hard into me and stopped moving, his fingers digging into my shoulders.

“Oh, Jen, Jen, oh… aaaah, aaaaah, aaaaaah!”

I felt his hips jerking with each spasm and I knew he was coming. Michael’s eyes were shut, his mouth wide open, his face a tortured grimace. I could feel his penis pulsing as he spurted and I wished there was no silly condom, I wanted him to flood me with his sperm, fill me with it to overflowing. I wanted it to be the best for him that it could ever be and I clung to him, urging him to empty himself into me.

“Oh Michael, come, yes, yes, that’s it, come in me!”

Slowly his spasms faded and then Michael collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath.

“Oh, Jen, Oh God, Jen….”

We lay together, both of us panting as if we had run a mile. Then I remembered the instructions in the condom packet.


I put a hand down between us. Michael was still very hard. I held the condom in place at the base of his penis and slowly he eased back and withdrew. He rolled off me and lay on his side. We both looked down. I was very relieved to see that the condom was intact.

“My God, Michael, look at all that!”

The condom had partially unravelled during our lovemaking and an inch or two hung off the end of his penis, filled with sperm. The teat at the tip was woefully inadequate; Michael had filled the condom to a depth of about an inch and a half! I had never seen his whole ejaculation collected like that before – usually it was spread over a wide area.

“Thank God for the condom, Michael, I would definitely be pregnant with all that inside me!

“Don’t talk about pregnancy!” Michael admonished me sternly.

I reached for the condom and carefully eased it off him. He was still hard and his penis jumped and twitched as I touched him, making the sperm slosh about in the latex. I held the condom up, surveying the contents.

“Michael, there’s so much! Look at it all.”

Michael took the condom from me and tied a knot in the end. He looked around him and then tossed the condom into the bushes. We snuggled together on the blanket. It felt a lot colder now. Whether the weather had changed or we had just been too eager to pay any attention to it, but it was definitely quite chilly. We wrapped the blanket around us.

“Michael, what was it like?”

He was a little reluctant to talk, but I kept pestering him.

“Isn’t it strange that I didn’t bleed? I thought I would. Come on, what did it feel like?”

“Jen, you were amazing! It was the best feeling I have ever imagined. When I came I thought I would pass out. I have never come like that before.”

“I know, I could tell!”

My poor brother just wanted to cuddle but I quizzed him unmercifully. I was not satisfied until we had analysed the whole act at least twice over and established that he was the most considerate and wonderful lover with the biggest and hardest penis in the world, and that I was the best lay a boy could ever have, with the cutest, wettest, and tightest little vagina imaginable. I know that Michael thought I was just talking for the sake of talking, but I really did mean it when I told him how much I loved him, and how he had been so gentle and tender with me on my first time that I would never, ever forget it.

Eventually it was too cold to stay out and we got dressed and headed for home. Michael was still worried that I hadn’t come.

“I am sure I will,” I said, “and remember, we still have eleven more condoms!”

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