My Dream Cruise


My Dream CruiseThe last of February my husband and I went on an all-expenses paid cruise to the south Caribbean. I want to share with you what happened on that cruise. All of the story is true, only the location where we live has been changed.To begin with, my name is Nancy. I am a 4th grade teacher in a community of about 2,000 so I have to be careful. I am bi and my husband David is well aware of the fact. He supports my lifestyle and wants me to be happy. We have a very open relationship and at least once a month I slip off on Friday afternoon and visit with my girlfriend in Indianapolis until Sunday night. He is well aware of what goes on and sometimes joins us, as does my girlfriend’s husband.David works for a major paint company and won this trip to Aruba and the Bahamas because of sales goals. The cruise was set and on Friday afternoon, we drove to Indianapolis to meet up with Dee and her husband supper and some fun before we flew out early Saturday morning. David packed a bag of special toys for our trip including nipple clamps, a feather duster, various rabbits and dildos, a one cup Tupperware container (more about that later), some rope, a cock ring and some masturbation cream.We got to Indy about 5pm and met our friends at a bar for some pre-supper lubrication. I was dressed in a red short skirt, not the kind most teachers would wear to school, and a white tight shirt. No bra and no panties as I wanted to be ready for my friends. After several drinks and laughter, Dee began to touc h my leg, both inside and up high. Her fingers would trace up my inner leg, touching my nice trimmed bush, but never entering. That was to be later, I presumed. During supper she flirted with me, as did her husband, and I could see his bulge. All the time David sat back and, as he often does watched what was going on. He likes for me to be happy and I was.A bit drunk, but not out of it, we returned to our hotel room. The men went to a nearby strip club and left me and Dee alone for about 2 hours. After some small talk, Dee wanted to make sure I would miss her and we engaged in some of the hottest sex we had shared in some time. No need for toys, our tongues and fingers were enough to get the juice flowing. As our breasts pressed together, our nipples grew longer and harder. Her tongue caressed my pussy lips and for what seemed like forever, her tongue teased my clit lips. After some 69 time, Dee finally entered my love box and made me explode. That was the first time I ever squirted and the feeling was overwhelming. I screamed and she dug deeper. 4 orgasms later, I collapse on the bed, only to look up and see David and Dee’s husband sitting in the corner. They had come in at some point and were massaging their massive tools. All four of us were exhausted, but David had one more thing to accomplish. It would be an ongoing “gift” during our cruise. He and Ron, jacked off into the plastic container, made me dip my finer inside and taste the love juice. He planned on collecting as mush cum as he could on the trip and furnish me with a refreshing drink before we came home. My mouth wateredDee and Ron left, David and I crawled into bed, made love and fell to sleep, only to be awaked at 5am to get ready for our flight. Again I dressed in a provocative way: no underwear, a pair of short paints and an extremely tight top. It was cold…about 25 degrees. But we left out coats in the car. By the time I was inside the airport my nipples were the size of dimes and ¾ of an inch long. I could care less. I just hoped we would not see anyone we knew as we were only 100 miles from home. We flew to Fort Lauderdale and made way to the cruise ship, boarding about an hour before the cruise was to begin. Finding our balcony can on the Aloha deck, we unpacked the clothes we brought, hid our suitcase of toys under the bed and headed for the bar.I am not one to drink exotic liquor or fancy mixed drinks. I love beer. As the song sung by Cheryl Crow says, “I like a good beer buzz early in the morning” that is my motto. But tonight was special so I began to load up on some of the tropical rum drinks the shipped offered. Our $300 bar credit would soon be gone, as I intended on being “buzzed” all week. And I was! Afternoon passed into night. The beer cans around me began to grow and I found it hard to walk. güvenilir bahis David helped me, and I am sure the other passangers thought I was just reacting to the rocking of the boat. But I was not. At home, with my being a teacher, things are rather restrained. If I drink, it is at home. And it is not often. But I love it, It allows my inner needs to be expressed to whomever is around. Thus, after dinner, I began my search for the fellow women on this cruise who I would try and seduce. In the Explorer’s lounge, we sat sipping…or guzzling ….my beer. About three tables away were two women who I had notice boarding the ship. They were dressed in long dresses, and it was obvious they were braless. The kept touching each other, flirting and arousing, and I came to the conclusion that they were bi also. I asked David to go to the casino while I introduced myself to them, but he was reluctant. I was rather drunk at the time, and I guess he did not think I could handle the situation. Instead, he took me to over to them, introduced us to them and ordered all the ladies drinks…of course I had another beer. He told us to say put while he went and lost money in the casino and to get to know each other. He left and Monica and Diane and I began to visit. Turns out they were from England, friends since grade school and my age (mid forties). We talked, laughed, looked at other women and fanaticized, drank and became rather loose. For more than 2 hours we visited, never once talking about the fun we could have, but in my mind, the plans were already set in motion. Tomorrow, I would have each of these beauties for myself.By now, I was totally drunk. So were Monica and Diane. David came and took me back to our cabin, but not before making plans to meet the next morning. Our day was to be spent at the cruise ships private island, where the beach was the main attraction. The booze would flow as would my juices. I had plans for Diane and Monica. David was not in the picture. For as much as I cared, he could pound some other woman till his cock turned red. When we got back to our cabin, Pol, our cabin boy was in the hallway. David put met to bed and asked Pol to set into our room. I was passed out, but found out later the two of them had an agreement. Whenever I was in the room, and u*********s, Pol had free reign to use me. With one condition. He has to jack off into the cup in the refrigerator each day. David told me he showed Pol the masturbation cream and Pol smile. He then came over to me, kissed my tummy and said he would take care of things, just as requested. Off to sleep. Getting ready for Sunday. On Sunday morning we woke to a beautiful day. Sunny and in the 80s. We met Diane and Monica at the buffet and we had a quick breakfast. They were dressed in provocative clothes: red and blue bathing suits, cut low. I swear I could see pussy hair on Diane but time would tell. I on the other hand had on a wrap and underneath, a suit what was loose fitting. David, on the other hand wore a tight suit showing his bulge to anyone who would look.We spent the day on the Island on the beach. I sipped beer all day long while the other three shared mixed tropical drinks. We got to know each other better and I found out that Monica was a teacher too, in high school. She and Diana had known each other since elementary school and had found out they were bi after a high school evening out. Their relationship had grown since then, and now they shared a “flat” and each other on a regular basis. We flirted, to be honest. I wanted to find out more about the skills of these ladies, but now was not the time. I did find myself laying my hand on Diane’s thigh several times, and she did not move away. David had been gone for about 2 hours and when he came back, pointed to a striking blond about 50 yards away. He met her in the water and they talked, and he made a move on her…sliding his hands down her bikini pants. She slapped him, laughed and said, “ you wish”. We all got a kick out of it. Surely tonight would be better than that experience.David, Monica, Diane and I made our way back to the ship. I was on a pretty good buzz. Beer does that to me. It makes my voice slut, my steps uneasy, my nipples hard, my pussy moist and my mind dirty. When we got off the elevator I asked Diane if she would be able bahis firmaları to come and visit with me in my cabin later, after supper. She said yes, with a twinkle in her eye. I think Monica may have been jealous, but for one, it was to be one on one.About 8pm, David left for the casino. A few minutes later a knock on the door presented a lovely, tan Dinane. She was dressed to kill, in a cocktail dress, white. As far as I could tell, no underwear. I had continued to drink my beer and by this time, was a little weak on my feet. She too had consumed several adult beverages. To my surprise, once the door closed, she grabbed my waist and kissed me, full tongue. Pressing against me, I could feel her sexuality and her warm body. We tumbled to the bed and began to kiss every uncovered part of our bodies. We stripped off our clothes and I began what I consider my best action” munching pussy. On and on I went, my tongue sliding in and out of that wet clitty. Moaning and gasping Diane wanted more. I took out my nipple clamps and used two on each nipple, making them more and more erect. She loved it. We went on for about an hour until finally, between my mouth, her fingers and a pink rabbit, we both had huge cums. We lay there, looking at each other, giggling and knowing the rest of the cruise would be wonderful. We sat up in bed, ate some fruit, drank our beers and I got woozy. I eventually passed out, only to wake up with David by myside. When I woke, he came to me and pounded it home. I awoke on Monday, still a bit drunk. I put on sunglasses as we made our way to breakfast, looking all over for our new friends, but they were not around. We bought two buckets of Buds on the way back to the cabin, where we enjoyed each other until about mid-morning. I got dressed and made my way to the pool. It was a day at sea and I wanted to “see” what was available. David told me, before I left, that Pol had made a deposit last night, while I was passed out, but he had no idea what else he had done.From about 11 until 4 I sat with my legs in the pool, or on a lounger, sipping my beers. I was high as a kite and ready for any action that would be willing to allow me pleasure. Next to me was a couple. She too was drinking, and when her husband left to go someplace, I asked her if she would like to pop in the pool. Her breasts were at least 38dd and she bounced as she walked. We got in the water and started to talk when I suddenly felt a hand moving up my leg. It was her fingers; They went under my bathing suit. She told me to just relax and things would be ok. I grinned. After being finger fucked by this beauty, I had to repay her for the feeling. We made our way to the bathroom where I sucked her nipples and fingered her until she squirted all over me. I was drenched. We hopped back on the pool, rinsed off. I never got her name, I never say her again. Memories.We had room service that night because David said I was too drunk to sit at a table. But not too drunk to go to a bar and sing karaoke. It must have been a riot. I don’t remember it at all. My dear husband said I did fine, but there was no way I could. Funny how beer does that to one. I staggered back to the room. Slept and was used not only by David, but by Pol. I was told I had a smile on my face.On Tuesday we visited Aruba. We took a tour of a rum factory (tasted several varieties and bought some too) and ended up in the downtown area for a shopping excursion. I had no interest in jewelry. I kept looking at my husband’s cock. He told me he had a surprise for me at 1pm and that I should not get so loaded on booze but instead he wanted me to keep a clear mind. At about 12:30, he took me by my hand and we walked to a large white hotel, where he had made a reservation. I could only imagine. I was not disappointed. We went to our room and there was, Diane and Monica, and a man I had not met. He was a server in the dining room, from Argentina. David had arranged this rendezvous for my pleasure. Juan was 28 years young. He was a tall man, dark skinned and had blue eyes. As we all began to strip, he took out a rope and tied my arms and wrists to the bed posts. Likewise, my ankles were tied to the bottom of the bed, making me completely helpless. Over the next 3 hours, one by one, and then all in a group, I was ****d, fucked, whatever canlı bahis siteleri you want to call it. I had cocks in me, fingers, tongues and my nipples were stretched to the limit. All the time, being forced to drink rum after rum after rum. At one point, Diane and Juan stood at the foot of my bed and fucked while Monica fingered me. David was jacking off in my mouth. This was not the same woman who left Indiana a teacher. I was a slave, a slut and under their control. I was forced to suck cock until I was blue in the face. And of course, collections were made for my cocktail the last night of the cruise. I was totally wasted, shot, down and out. I do not think I had as many cums that afternoon than anytime before. We all showered, but I had to be held up. Juan had brought a wheel chair for me to ride back in to the ship. I could not have walked the ¼ mile. Diane and Monica laughed at me. And I loved it.Back on board I slept for awhile before waking up about 10. We went downstairs, had some more rum shots and I literally crawled back to my room. Waiting there was Pol. He helped me inside, told David to leave and fucked the hell out of me. I never knew such a small man could have such a massive cock. He came like there was no tomorrow.I remember waking up on Wednesday sad. The ship would be back in port on Thursday. This shy, reserved secret bi teacher had but one day to play out her fantasy. No food today. I started the day off with 3 beers and quickly was engulfed by its effects. I spent the day drinking, not drunk, but certainly on a high. I would flirt with anyone and everyone who came by me. Once again the girls and I, and this time David spent a couple of hours in their cabin. Between whips and clamps, I was sore, but happy. We made David use more of the ejaculation cream. His cock grew to twice its normal size and we took turns giving him hand jobs. The beer was flowing. The cum was cumming and soon it was time for a final parting gift. David left, only to find out later to meet a woman an fuck her crazy, while me and the girls played out our needs. Over and over we 69ed. We would get close to climax and stop…..pausing to make the feeling more intense. My friends were more than that. They were lovers. I have never had so much attention paid to my pussy, nipples and mouth as they did. I only hope I was able to give them the same.They helped me back to my room. Sat me in the chair. And opened the bathroom door. There stood David, as erect as ever. They made me watch as he fucked them. I could not help but finger myself and as I sipped my beer, things became cloudy once again. sleep overtook me while the three of them carried on.Thursday. Time to leave. I was in no condition to eat food. I was bruised. Worn down. Half drunk. I finished off two Buds in the fridge and David mixed me my going away cocktail. A whole cup of cum had been collected. He mixed it with rum, it was cold and thick. As I held it in my hand, I could only think of where it had come from and the men who has wanted me to taste their jizz. I closed my eyes, drank it all down and smacked my lips. David came to me and we made love one last time. Gently, but hard. It was perfect. And it was time to get off the ship.In the airport waiting for our flight, I made my way to the bathroom. The place was busy I had to wait for a stall and as I did my memories of the last few days were etched in my mind. The door to the stall opened and who was there but Monica. She grabbed me, pulled me in and kissed me hard. Her hands touching all of my body and making me remember just how good she was. Her hand reached up under my skirt and fingered me till I squirted all over the floor. I could have changed clothes, but didn’t have anything to change into. As we looked at each other, we knew this was special. She handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. Invited me to England, but I was not to bring David or let Diane know. It would be just us two, for as long as I could stay. Without a word, we parted and I headed back to meet David. I asked him to buy me a dress from on the shops in the airport so I could change..and he just shook his head and said yes.Home now for a few days. Im back to my usual lifestyle. Teaching 4th grade students, giving 9 year old boys boners when I bend down to help them with math and they look into my cleavage and see my nipples. I drink at home, not in public. David travels and I will soon meet up with Dee in Indianapolis. And oh yes, I have a trip to London to plan. Wonder what the weather is like there in June?

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