My Dream Job as a Dentist Pt. 02


The following day, after a good night’s sleep full of erotic dreams, I woke up at 7:30 am, took my breakfast and worked out for 30 minutes in order to be released from the anxiety. Afterwards, I had to get ready. I wanted to be perfect for the interview that was ahead. I took a long and warm shower, I couldn’t think about anything else than the DRC. I took my time to do my long-blonde hair and shave my legs and pussy. That day I wore my favourite lingerie black set, a mid-thigh tight black polyester skirt, black pantyhose to match the skirt, a beige blouse and black plateforme heels. I found the combination of black and beige stunning. I didn’t know why, but I was already a bit wet.

It was now 9:30 am and I was ready to leave for my interview at the DRC. I called a taxi which dropped me off at the address attached to the email. The centre was located not far from my place, the ride only lasted 10 minutes.

I arrived 10 minutes early in front of a very modern white building. Above the entrance, people could easily read “Dental Rehabilitation Centre”. No noise could be heard. I took a deep breath and entered the building. The lighting was perfect, and the design looked exactly like what I had expected. On the main wall could be seen a screen with a beautiful woman with a shiny white smile.

I walked towards a large desk on a black tiled floor, the sound of my heels was echoing through the entry hall, and I was welcomed by a nurse named Ashley.

Ashley: Good morning, madam. My name is Ashley, and I am the DRC’s head nurse, what can I do for you? Have you booked an appointment with one our dentists?

She was a pretty dark-haired nurse in her mid-twenties. She was wearing a white latex dress with a tooth on the right of her chest and a medical headband with a red cross. From the desk I could only see the upper part of her sexy outfit, but I was already imagining the lower part. She was surrounded by two nurses who wore the same white dress and who were staring at me with a gentle smile.

Me: Good morning, I am here for an interview with Dr.Linda at 10 am. I am sorry I am bit early. My name is Victoria.

Ashley: oh, I see, you should have mentioned it earlier. I will immediately inform her that you have arrived. She told us that she was expecting someone. By the way, I love your skirt. Winking at me

She bursa eskort picked the phone and announced my arrival to Dr.Linda. She then turned to the nurse at her right.

Ashley: Sarah, can you please accompany Victoria to Dr.Linda’s dental office.

As the nurse stood up from her chair and asked me to follow her, I could finally see the beauty of her dental attire. The dress was as short as my skirt, mid-thigh length, which in my opinion was perfect, not too vulgar but professional at the same time. I could see the silicone band of her white stockings from behind. It matched perfectly her white high heels. I couldn’t stop staring at the sexy nurse before me, she was my type and I would have gladly eaten her ass at that very moment. Unfortunately, not a word came out from her mouth as we advanced through the long corridor.

We walked through a long corridor with black tiles just as the entrance. There were many examinations rooms. It smelt of cleanliness and of latex. It is the kind of scent that enhances your arousal as soon as you smell it. Our corridor split into 3 smaller aisles. We took the one in the middle. Very soon we arrived in front of white wooden door. On the upper part of the door could be found a plate inscribed with “Dr.Linda, DRC headmaster and dental surgeon”. Nurse Sarah knocked on the door and after a few seconds, I heard clicking heels approaching and the door opened.

At that moment I met the person who had been at the very top of my thoughts and who made my dreams become true, Dr. Linda.

Dr. Linda: Good morning, Victoria. Finally, we meet, I have been expecting you. You are as pretty as I had imagined, and very elegant. Thank you, Sarah, I will take care of her from now on.

She was a woman in her early thirties with curly-blonde hair and sharp green eyes. Very classy. She was wearing a green tight mid-thigh latex dress, black high heels, and black stockings. In the same way as for the nurse, her stockings tops were visible, but she was also wearing a garter belt. I could tell because her stockings did not have a silicone band. She was a bit higher than me, approximately 5,5 feet and had red varnish on her fingernails. This was the DRC’s headmaster. I couldn’t contain the wetness under my skirt. I was craving her hands on my nipples and pussy. It took me a few seconds before bursa escort I came to my senses.

Me: Good morning, Dr. Linda. Indeed, finally we meet. Thank you very much for your kind words.

Dr. Linda: Please come in and take a seat. Would you like something to drink? Tea? Coffee?

As we walked in, I was mesmerized by her body, her nice ass. She was so sexy and at the same time so professional. Her dental office was divided into two parts. One section with a black desk, a computer, a few pens, and at my surprise a box of white latex gloves. Then 3 brown leather armchairs, on one of which I sat down. The other part was separated by a glass window and door through which one could see a dental chair and all the dental instruments. However, the chair had something unusual. It had leather restraints for the ankles, the shoulders, the neck, the thighs, the belly and the wrists. I was wondering if it was for some BDSM or something, in any case it didn’t bother me, dentists can have fun as well. On the contrary, I really liked this aspect.

Me: I am fine, thank you doctor. I have to say this is a magnificent dental office. What can I do for you?

I asked her, looking her straight in the eyes with a smile. What surprised me is that instead of sitting behind her desk, she sat just next to me in the other armchair. She was holding a file, about me I guessed.

Dr. Linda: Going straight to the point, I like that. Well, I would like you to join of our dental teams as a dental nurse. You have the perfect profile for the job. As I told you on my email, we know everything you search on the internet. We know about your great passion of dentistry. This is something that we highly value. You have the knowledge we are looking for, you just lack some practice, but don’t worry in no time here, under the supervision of our dental experts, you will learn everything you need to know.

Me: I will be honest. It is a lot to take in at once, it seems too good to be true. This means that you know about my fantasies, all my fetishes…

Dr. Linda: We know absolutely everything, but don’t worry. Your fetishes are shared by our teams, including myself. This whole facility is built on these fetishes. It is confidential data, if you agree to work with us, we will stop spying on you. In addition, my dear Victoria, bursa escort bayan you will have the opportunity to be promoted if you prove yourself and show your commitment to the cause. Maybe rise from a simple dental nurse to one of the head dentists. The salary will obviously go with it.

Me: I accept!

I couldn’t believe what was happening, these were the only words that could come out of my mouth.

Dr. Linda: I didn’t expect such a rapid answer. You are full of motivation dear. I knew from the very beginning that you were going to accept.

The aura she gave off, her perfume, her voice, all was perfect. I couldn’t contain my arousal as I now knew that I would be working as a dental nurse in the DRC. At that moment, she was so close to me, my eyes were focused on her beautiful legs.

Dr. Linda: I have decided to assign you to Dr. Monica’s team. She is one of our best dentists. I am sure you will get along very well. Can you start tomorrow at 9 am?

Me: Yes of course! Is there a dressing code to respect or any rules that I should be aware of?

Dr. Linda: Dr.Monica will tell you everything tomorrow, don’t be hasty. Regarding the dressing code, we are going to take care of that today. You will be given 4 sets of white latex dresses, with 4 pairs of white high heels, 2 pairs of black and white stockings. This will be your daily working outfit. You will be absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see you wearing it tomorrow for your first day. You will also be given reduction codes for every lingerie shop in town, in case you decide to buy new garter belts or new lingerie sets. As you exit, follow the corridor to reach the entrance desk. Nurse Ashley will measure your size.

Me : Thank you for this opportunity Dr. Linda, I promise that you will not be disappointed. I will do my best. See you tomorrow.

We shook hands. Hers were delicate and soft. Just when I was about to leave the room, someone knocked on the door. It was nurse Abigail. She was part of Dr.Linda’s private dental team.

Nurse Abigail: Dr. Linda, one of our “problem” patients is here. We are waiting for you to start.

Dr. Linda: Thank you nurse Abigail. Bring the patient in and secure her to the chair. Miss Victoria was about to leave. She will be one of us starting tomorrow.

I closed the door and saw another nurse entering Dr.Linda’s office, fully gloved and masked, bringing in a woman of about my age, completely restrained to a wheelchair. At that moment, I realized that the DRC was doing much more than just providing dental care to women.

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