My Dream of What Could Have Been Ch. 02


TJ’s body was so soft and her skin milky white with hint of any tan lines. It had been a long time since she was in the sun. Her breasts were exquisite. Not huge but a good had full with nipples made for sucking. I cupped each breast again in my hands. Oh God how nice they felt. I held them feeling their firmness and soft roundness as her nipples pressed into the palm of my hands. I bent my head and as my lips sucked her right nipple her arms wrapped around my head and her hands held my head stroking my hair. God how I had wanted this for so very long, she did too.

You know if we would have had more time, I could have spent all night admiring and making love to her breast. I had seen them often in the many beautiful photos she sent me. But, seeing them now, real like they were right in front of me, and with her laying on the bed allowing me all of her body, I could have spent the night loving them and her.

She must have felt I was a little crazy. Here she was lying in my hotel room bed, fully nude, legs open and ready to accept me and I lay with her just looked and playing with her tits. But she was so beautiful so rip for the taking I wanted this to be so damn good for her. I wanted her to want me so badly after this first visit she would come back to me again and again.

I began to touch and explore each breast with my hands loving how each felt with both hands wrapped around one and my lips sucking the nipple. To me it was so fucking erotic. I stroked the soft skin and those small auroras and nipples with my fingers and lips. Finally after many minutes had past, I bent my head down and began licking and sucking on them again.

I licked under teach one and over each one and around each one loving every second of it. I licked all of her breasts taking my time and devouring each one. Making my way down and over each one to the hard red nipple that stood proudly up as if to tell me to suck it and make her and her nipple feel good. I did each one over and over and over again. God I was in a state of erotic pleasure with just her tits.

Finally she pushed my head down under her breasts towards her stomach. As I moved my mouth over her body I noticed there was not a scare or bad mark on her. She held my head and stroked it as she pushed and my lips moved further down her body. When I touched her Venus mound and my fingers touched the top of her slit and gently rubbed her clit hood she moaned. I felt her body jump just a little and a small soft sigh escaped her lips.

TJ had no vagina hair, she had shaved it completely off. Now as my face moved closer to her slit I could see her bald headed pussy slip shinning with her wetness. As I looked down between open thighs she bent her knees and opened her thighs more for me to see her cunt. God! Oh fuck it was so beautiful, a perfect pussy was looking back at me and my mouth watered.

I touched it for the first time. My cock jumped with total lust and excitement as I ran my finger up and down her slit a couple of times. I kissed and licked around the top of her pelvis as my fingers worked her slit. As my fingers moved downward over the top of her slit and between the folds of her vagina slit, I cupped her entire cunt in my hand. I could now feel her wetness on my palm and fingers. She pushed upward driving her cunt into my hand. We both moaned.

God I remembered how her pussy lips felt that first time I touched it, so soft so wet, so warm. I watched as my fingers stroked and stroked the slit and as I did I saw it began to open like a rose peddle. My hand moved down between her legs as my middle finger went down the entire slit and around the hole to her sex at the bottom. She arched a little as my finger entered her up to the second knuckle. Another soft cry came from her throat as I began to very slowly move my finger in and out and around the insides of her vagina. I lay my head on her pelvis my mouth right at the top of her pussy watching my finger enter her hole and come out wet. The smell of her musk filled my lungs as I took in her odor with a few deep breathes. God this had to be paradise, and fucking her would be pure bliss.

We lay like that for a while my head resting on the top of her pelvis my breath Tuzla Escort blowing on the top of her pussy slit as I watched my finger disappear in side her again and again and then reappearing wet and sticky. I had to taste her. I put my finger in my mouth and took her pussy nectar. She was marvelous, so appetizing so sweet and fresh.

TJ’s photos were always so erotic and they helped me so I jerked off to them almost every day when she sent them to me. Some days I would cum three or four times looking at her. She always showed me what she had wore to work that day or what she was wearing at home when she could take photos at home without her old man finding out. Then she would show me what she had on under her outfit. Sometimes she would snap a photo of her self under her desk with her legs open wide. Some times she would lie on the sofa and lift a leg and show me what her panties looked like that day.

It took a long time before she was willing to show me all of her body. But when she started it became a huge turn on for both of us. She would show me her secret places knowing that I would jerk off and cum for her. This excited her greatly. Knowing that I was masturbating and cumming as I looked at her pussy and ass and tits always made her hot and lustful. This in turn made her want to take even more lustful photos for me. Some of them were unbelievably hot and turned me on so much I wanted to fly to her town and fuck her until we both couldn’t walk. But we both had commitments and never did it.

But we masturbated together many times over the phone. I sent her photos of my hard red cock and she would masturbate and cum for me. Many times I listened to her cumming as she masturbated and talked on the phone. Her soft sighs and moans made me cum even harder.

Once she started to show me all of her body she never failed to show me one or both of her breasts and nipples. And she always pulled her panties down or to the side and showed me her beautiful pink pussy. She would use her fingers to open her vagina and show me the insides of her cunt. How I loved it knowing she was doing it in the bathroom where she worked or at home with her old man in the other room. It was a huge turn on for both of us.

Many times she would sort of squat and use her fingers to open her pussy lips and let me look deep into her hole. She would put a finger in her hole and then show me its wetness. There were days when she climaxed and she showed me her cum. There were days when she wore a skirt and would take a photo of her pussy legs open skirt up around her waist as she sat in her car in the parking lot. That was so fucking sexual it drove me wild with lust.

I remembered how I moaned each day as I shot a huge load of cum looking at her and wanting her so badly. I would cum again that evening looking at that pussy and wanting it so damn badly. Some days when I was home and alone I would jerk off continuously during the day cumming four or five times. I jerked off each and every day and would tell her when I shot a load of cum for her.

She was just so beautiful, so sexual, and so lustful now showing me her body and doing whatever I asked her to do. It was like she wanted me to cum for her everyday so badly, as bad as I wanted to cum for her. She has to be the most sexual woman I have ever met. I mean the way she would take a chance and show me what she looked like under her desk as she opened her thighs and took a photo for me. God nothing could be better than seeing her photos each day unless it was seeing her in person like today in my bed.

Now with her laying there open and offering me her body she looked so much better than she looked in those photos. Yes, so fucking sexual I have no words to tell you how I felt seeing the real thing only inches from my eyes and lips.

As I continue to finger her hole and tasting her juices my mouth was so close to her slit she could feel my breath on it. I lick all over her pelvis and around the top of her slit teasing her. Again I felt her hands on my head. She gently pushed on my head again and said: “Please Bud! Please baby!”

I knew exactly what she wanted. I had told her a 100 times how I would and wanted Gebze Escort to eat her pussy and make her cum many times before we had sex. We had talked about this a great deal. She wanted to try me so badly. Her old man didn’t like doing it and when he did he didn’t do it very well or didn’t do it long enough. I told her I would stay between her beautiful thighs and make love to her perfect pussy until she pulled me up out of there.

So when I felt her hands on my head pushing it towards her wetness I obey and moved my mouth lower towards her hot wet and soft open cunt slit. I changed position and moved between her open legs now rather than kneel by her side. As I moved around I saw her pretty face watching me as I knelt between her open legs and ran my hands down her inner thighs. She watched as my body bent and my head came down over her pussy. She bent her legs at the knees again and spread her thighs wider for me. She was so open now!

There it was!! The perfect pussy, my perfect pussy! Right there in front of my face and it was so beautiful. I moved closer until I knew she could feel my breath on her wet slit and I could smell her sex. I kissed it and ever so slowly ran my tongue up the center of her opening from the hole to her clit. I looked up over her pussy and saw her breasts rise and fall as she took a deep breath in and then let it slowly exhale. My hands came up and cupped her breasts pulling on the nipples as my tongue began to dance over her cunt.

I watched her face as I made love to her pussy. TJ’s face was wonderful. Her lips were parted with a little smile on it. Her eyes were closed as she felt my tongue lick around her slit prying it open with the tip. I licked and sucked her juices as she moaned and arched and pumped from time to time when I found the right spot. She moaned out: “Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh God baby! Yes lick me! Lick me Bud! I need this so badly!”

My head came out from between her legs for a second and I told her: “Use your fingers and open your lips for me baby.”

She moved her hands down and under her ass so she could open her cunt lips without being in the way of my mouth. As she opened them I watched the wet pink insides of her pussy smile up at me. She looked delicious and I looked at her cunt and knew I was going to make her cum better than she had ever cum before even if it took me hours down there. I wanted her to know there were men in this world who would strive to please a lady regardless of what it took.

I moved in and placed my mouth over her cunt hole and pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could. I moved my tongue around licking the walls of her vagina and tasting her juices. I fucked her with my tongue and used my fingers to rub her ass hole. She held her lips open wide allowing me full access to her hole.

It was marvelous for both of us. For her the feeling of a man working hard to please her and eating her pussy like a lover would do. And for me, it was unbelievable I knew I was home. I was where I should be, between her wide open thighs licking and sucking her pussy and letting her feed me her cum and juices. I know I was making her feel so good. This was wonderful for both of us because I knew when I was done licking and sucking her and making her cum she was going to fuck me like only she could fuck me. It would be so good for both of us. We both needed this and wanted this and now lust ran thru pour veins not blood.

I inserted my finger into her hole and with my tongue still in there I used both to fuck her now. She arched up and began to slowly pump her hips as she began to fuck herself on them. In and out, in and out, over and over and over again, I fucked her hole with my tongue and my finger. I have no idea how long it was but I didn’t care I was going to make her cum for me. Something her old man had never done for her.

She moaned loudly and finally I felt her lift her ass up off the bed and cried out as she started thrusting and pumping and fucking my face like she and I had both dreamed it would happen.

I sucked her hole and sucked it. She grabbed my head and rammed her pussy into my mouth! I held her ass with my hands and lifted her lower body even higher Aydınlı Escort up off the bed. She began to grind her cunt on my face now and she climaxed again only a couple of minutes after her first orgasm. I could taste her cum now as it dripped over my lips and coated my tongue. I felt some of it drip on my fingers as it trickled down the crack of her ass. I lapped faster and faster trying to get it all and as I did she fucked my mouth faster and harder cumming again.

When her orgasms had finally subsided I let her lower her ass back on the bed. She sighed and took my head and lifted it up. I came up and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth. My hand was still slowly and very gently stroking her snatch. I ran my arm between her legs and under her ass rubbing her pussy with my forearm. Back and forth I moved it up and back continuously stroking and rubbing her hole and clit. She slowly fucked my arm now.

When she released the kiss I moved back down on her cunt again and this time I pushed two fingers into her hole. She was amazingly tight. I remembered she told me that sometimes after she climaxed she would get tighter. What a woman! She was as tight as she was when we started, maybe tighter. I moved over her now and positioned my body so she could get to my cock with her hand.

As my fingers pulled her slit open I saw her clit sticking out from its hood. I placed my mouth over it and gently began to lick and suck it. As I did my two fingers fucked her hole slowly. She told me it felt so good and I should never stop.

I felt her soft little hand circle my cock and begin to stroke it. I was supper hard already and throbbing with lust and desire. She pumped the shaft and made love to my cock with her hand.

Her cunt lips were open and sort of laying to each side so as to show me she was ready for a fucking now. As my fingers moved in and out of her pussy hole faster I sucked her clit and felt her arch up again and again. Her hand now squeezed the shaft of my cock and held it tight as she began to climax. Then she climaxed again right behind the first one. She squeezed my cock harder as she peeked.

Moaning my name and tell me how good it felt I just kept going making sure I was completing and filling my promise to her. I moved around again and sat between her open legs. I lifted her legs up over her head. She moaned and so did I when I saw her two holes. I was now kneeling directly in front of them and they looked up at me as if begging me for my tongue again. I didn’t disappoint them. I licked her ass and her pussy holes and shoved my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could make it go. I used my little finger on my right hand to push it into her ass hole. She didn’t try and stop me. She was moaning and sort of rolling her head from side to side in the bed.

I used two fingers on my other hand to rub back and forth over her clit. She used her hands to pull up and spread the lips of her cunt again this time without me telling her to do it. She learned quickly what I wanted. When she did it her hand pulled back the skin on her clit hood that semi-covered her round sensitive little pea. I stroked her full clit back and forth now with the two fingers. Faster and faster my fingers rubbed as my mouth sucked and my tongue fucked her pussy hole and my index finger now fucked her ass hole.

She screamed and climaxed so hard she almost threw me off the bed and out from between her open legs. She came as hard as I have ever seen a woman cum before. I sucked and sucked and sucked her entire pussy now drawing it into my mouth and making love to it. She simply held my head and fucked it like she was possessed. Her body moved like a witch taking control of her completely.

Again and again she came and again and again I felt her squirt into my mouth! She cried out and rammed up into me lifting me and her both up off the bed. Then she collapsed and released my head and laid there.

I moved out from between her legs and came up to her and wrapped my arms around her and held her. I stroked her cheek and face and kissing her gently on the lips. My face was covered like a glazed donut with her cum. She slowly opened her eyes and kissed me hard and long. We held each other kissing and cuddling for a long time. Just gently touching and playing with each other’s bodies. Finally TJ looked me in the eyes and spoke. She whispered hoarsely: “Oh God Bud, fuck me. Fuck me hard baby. Fuck me and make me cum again baby.”

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