My experiences in chastity.

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My experiences in chastity.My Mistress decided that I should be put into chastity at times when I was not with her and “Off the leash” and she sent me to buy one. The couple who ran the local sex shop were very helpful and showed me their stock. After some discussion, and knowing my Mistress slightly, they recommended the CB6000 as probably the most secure for her. The others they had were metal band types which the lady of the shop said were fine but would allow too much of the skin of my penis to show. She said that my Mistress would prefer me to be completely encased in the transparent plastic of the CB6000, and so it proved. Good buy, good boy!I put it on first with the largest ring size. It comes with five sizes. Obviously too slack and experimenting, came down to the middle size for the snuggest fit. I am probably built awkwardly for these devices as sahabet güvenilirmi I have a smallish penis of about five and a bit inches erect and a tiny acorn when slack, but I have fairly substantially sized testicles. This means that there is a high risk that I can escape my cock from the device when relaxed and so it proved.The next ring size down did prevent this, but was frankly so tight I could not wear it for more than an hour without loss of sensation, and any involuntary tumescence was incredibly painful. So what, you might say, that is the whole point isn’t it? Well no, my Mistress agreed, the whole point in my case was to wear it for the weeks I was away from her and there was no profit in my penis being completely destroyed when I was. The middle ring it was then.As for the spacer allowing the gap for my trapped testicles sahabet yeni giriş to bulge out, the shortest one fitted that comfortably, stretching them quite nicely and presenting them to her hand as a nice display. While I might possibly be able to extricate my penis backwards when soft, there was absolutely no way that my testicles could ever gain release so it would be both pointless and extremely inconvenient if I did so. I’ve seen this point made on other forums, they say that no cage is totally penis secure unless it is pinned in place with a PA and I’ve not got to one of those yet. They say though that the caged male would be foolish to even try to do this though, as then he would have a freed penis at an awkward and painful angle while his trapped testicles took the extra tension. It would be unlikely that he’d get his penis back sahabet giriş in and so the rest of his trip away from his Mistress would be really awkward with that mess in his trousers!So we decided that the middle ring was just fine for now. Ther is a web shop called “Kept for Her” that offers a device for the CB6000 like the tongue of a shoe to prevent backward pull, and we’ll get one of these and see if it works.What do I like about the CB6000?1. The way my testicles are spread out and held away from my body. This is better for sperm production anyway.2. The way the cage holds my shaft firmly downwards and grips any tumescence quickly as if to say “Thats enough boy!”3. The way the cage holds my normally soft shaft when I’m out in public, and I feel it slap against its constraint when I walk. An odd thing because actually being in chastity like this gives your penis more room to move than when it is normally tucked in your clothes. Its a good feeling.What don’t I like?Well nothing really, except the possibility that I can extract my shaft if I try hard. I’d like it if this were absolutely impossible, but we will work on this.

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