My Fake Mom – BBBBTS


My Fake Mom – BBBBTSBuck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….It was going to be another long summer living with my parents. I could not find a job after graduation. I wanted to move out. But I need to make some money. Both my parents worked. They were gone before I got up most days. They did not come home until after 6pm because of traffic. We live in a nice big development. There are a few house up for sale. The one next door just sold last week. I heard a moving van yesterday but I played video games all day online.I had a long distance relationship for 3 months. But over time we just lost touch. She sent me a text message breaking up last week. I just smiled and put down my phone. I opened the microwave to put in some frozen pizza to warm up. I got a Coke out of the fridge. My parents turned off the A/C when they left. It was hot outside and now it was getting hot inside the house. I ate quickly and went to take a shower. I brushed my teeth, shaved and put on some body spray. I took a pair of scissors to trim some hairs around my cock. I liked the clean feel of my skin.I skipped putting on some underwear. I just slipped on some long white swim trunks. They stretched down over my knees. I made a knot with the white draw string to keep them up. I played football all through school. I was still in good shape. I checked my 6ft 4 frame in the mirror. I was going to go lie outside in the back yard. Maybe I sneak a beer from the fridge to have while I got some sun. I had nothing to do all day but be a slacker. I checked the fridge to find we were out of beer. I grabbed a towel from the dryer. I walked out the sliding glass window into the back yard. There was a 8ft wooden fence that cut down the right side and the left side of the back yard. There was a big tool shed directly out back. I placed my towel in the grass. I closed my eyes and put on my black sun glasses.About an hour later I heard some noise from out new neighbors. It had been so long since someone had moved in to the place. I forgot about the old neighbors. I do remember there daughter. She was the same age as me. She had some of the same classes as me. She was not like the other girls in high school. She was the exact opposite. She was more curvier than all the girls at school. She had a big chest and a nice big ass. She was not into cheer leading and going to parties. She was a real book worm. I only saw her out of school once or twice. I never had the courage to ask her out. I was shy myself with the ladies. I was still a virgin. I had kissed a few girls and even got to second. Most of the girls I was attracted to were skinny in high school.I was thinking more about her. I was feeling my cock move inside my swim trunks. I was picturing her naked in my back lawn. She was mowing my grass on our riding lawn mower. Her bodacious body shaking on the John Deere. My cock flopped out the small white fishnet keeping my junk in place. I could feel the tip of cock getting wet. I was having a wet dream. It was just a matter of waking up and going inside to masturbate. I have a 4 times a day masturbating habit. Being young and lusting for voluptuous women just makes it better now.”Hey! How are you today????” said a loud woman’s voice. My eyes opened and I turned my head to our new neighbors house. I could hear this older lady talking on the phone. She was talking to her husband sister. My cock started to shrink now. I was loosing my erection listening to this woman on the phone. She was driving me crazy. Non stop laughing and making noise. I opened my eyes to see if I could see her. I finally got off the grass and walked over to the edge of the wooden fence, separating our back yards. Being almost 6ft 4 helps. I had a small hole cut out in the fence. If I stood on my tippy toes I could see in. I used to like to check out my old neighbor before she moved away. I pulled out the small knot hole. I leaned up to peek inside. I pulled my eye away. I rubbed my left eye. What the Fuck I thought. I had to peek again. My eyes were not deceiving me. OMG the new neighbor is smoking hot.She was probably in her late forties. Maybe 5ft 10. She was wearing matching small dark plum tear drop earrings. She had long curly blonde hair down to her shoulders. I could not tell if it was a wig or not. She was wearing a small dark plum bikini. It had small white flowers in the pattern. She had a small pink fishnet wrap around her hips. She was standing with her back toward the fence. She had a nice big ass that made her bikini bottom look two sizes to small. I leaned back up to take a peek inside again. My eye grew bigger as she turned around. The top of her bikini was stretched to the limit. I was not sure how the thin dark plum material could contain such huge breast. My mouth watered as she talked on the phone. My heart was racing. I was breathing more heavy. She was wearing some simple white flip flops. She had very long maybe 6inch finger nails. They were painted dark plum to match her toe nails.She was still talking on her cell phone. “Oh! That sounds fun. I am so glad your on vacation this week and next. You should come and pay us a visit. I’m sure Tom would love to see you. It’s been so long….” she said. I looked around the yard to find something to bring her. I needed something to give her. Something that would make me come over to her back yard. Was her husband home? Did she have k**s? How about a Maid or a Gardner? I had to think quick. If she went inside, I might chicken out. I never seen a more desirable hot older MILF that was just next door.I ran back inside my house. I looked around. I went into the kitchen. I looked under the sink. There was a small plastic box next to some soap. I picked it up. There were some small tools inside the plastic box. I tucked it under my arm and ran back to the fence. She was still on the phone. I checked my breath with my free hand. I looked down my body. I just had on my white swim trunks. My skin was hot from the sun. I was wondering if I should go put on a shirt, when I heard her getting close to getting off the phone. She was saying something as I turned to stand in front of the wooden door separating our back yard.”Knock! Knock!” I waited a second. I reached down to pull the metal handle on the door. “Come one in!” said the hot older lady. I opened the door to walk in her back yard. I closed the door behind me. I pushed down the handle. I turned to see her on her wooden deck behind her house. I was maybe 20 feet from her. She was smiling as she looked my up and down. She motion for me to come over to her. She was still on the phone. “Goodbye! Kendra! I need to go. Call me later sweetie. Thanks for calling. Love you too.” she said. I walked over to stand on her deck in front of her. There was a big above ground pool to my left. Next to some lounge chairs was a covered hot tub. There was one big white wicker love seat and chair to my right. I smiled again. She was still checking me out. I was admiring her voluptuous body and big curves. I was only maybe two feet from her now. I could smell her sweet perfume as she clicked her cell phone shut.”Hi!” she said. “Good afternoon.” I said with a smile. She paused looking at the front of my white swim trunks. She licked her lips. “How are you young man? Do you live next door? I’m Mrs. Dorian. My good friends call me Lana. What do you have under your arm?” she said in a sexy voice. “My name Buck. I do live right next door. I just got back from a trip after graduation. I’ve been away for a few weeks. I thought you were the old neighbors. The Thomas family. They let me borrow some tools. I was just bringing them back.” I said. I then handed her the small plastic tool box. She smiled. “Tools??? That a first one for me. Where you next door working on your tan or do you usually walk around with no shirt?” she said as she bite her pinkie finger in her mouth. I finally noticed her big soft pink lips wrapped around her long finger nail.”Are you Ok? You look a little flush.” she giggled. “I’m good. Must be the sun.” I said. She moved the plastic box in her hand. She was having problems opening the box with her long nails. “Maybe I should keep these in case the Thomas family stops bye. If not. I like big hard tools.” she said as she winked at me. My cock was getting harder in my swim trunks. I gulped. “Then you better keep them. I see there in good hands.” I said. She smiled. “I could go for a glass of lemonade. Would you like to come in? Here carry these. I got my phone. Watch you step Buck.” she said.She turned to walk toward her sliding glass door. I followed her staring at her big ass shaking. She left the door open as I followed her into her big white kitchen. There were trabzon rus escort still moving boxes around the room. She put her phone on the white marble counter top. She reached into a tall white cupboard to get a glass. She stretched up showing off her large breast. They were about ready to pop out of her small top. “So do you live alone in that big house, Buck?” she said. “I live in the basement. My parents are at work until tonight.” I said. She smiled as opened the freezer. She put some ice cubes in two glasses. She then leaned into the fridge. She arched her back showing off her curves. She then pulled out some lemonade. “You can put the box over there on the counter next to the phone sweetie.” she said.I put the box down. I was at the far corner of the kitchen. I turned to feel the counter on my back and my left leg. Mrs. Dorian walked over to hand me some lemonade. She took a sip out of her tall glass. She licked the rim with her long tongue. Her pink lips were wet as she looked at me with her hungry eyes. “I live with my husband and daughter. They are visting my son today. He is in military school. He is about your height. But just not as ripped as you are. You must work out allot.” she said. She was now about a arm length from me. “Do you have a girl friend Buck?” she said. I shook my head “No!”I put my lemonade on the counter next to the small plastic tool box. “Can I see your tool???? Buck!!!” she said in a very sexy southern accent. It sent shivers down my spine. My cock twitched in my swim trunks. I reached for the small tool box on the counter. “Not those honey. The one you have been hiding in those white swim shorts.” she said. My mouth dropped opened. I was still a virgin. I was very inexperienced with woman. She must have sensed this. She dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached up to grab the white draw string holding my shorts up. She untied it with her long nails. Nothing came out of my mouth. What could I say? I had wanted this for so many years. What would she think of my cock. Was I big enough for her. Weird thoughts crossed my mind while she undid my swim trunks.She let go of the draw string. She then traced her long dark plum nails on the thin material separating my hard cock from the cold air in her kitchen. She smiled. I was breathing heavy. She put her free hand on my hard abs. She traced my six pack with her long nails. She put the nail of her middle finger in my belly button. She then put both hands on my hips. She slowly eased her finger nails inside the waist band of my swim trunks. I looked down at her sexy blue eyes. She licked her lips as she slowly pulled down my swim trunks. My cock bent down than flopped out and up, almost hitting her big wet pink lips.”Oh god!! Your very big Buck. So nice and hard. MMMMmmm twice the size of my husband. I just love young strong men. I thought it might take me awhile to find some new young cock. I see you found me instead, young man. You trim your cock baby. I love you have no hair on your big balls honey. They feel so nice in my hands. I just love it Buck.” she moaned. She looked up into my blue eyes. She stuck her big tongue on the end of my cock. She slurped up the big wad of pre cum on the tip. She then swirled her tongue down my long shaft. I grabbed the side of the counter to hold myself up. She then started to fondle my balls in her long finger nails on each hand. She had half of my 9 3/4 inch hard cock in her mouth. She was making very loud sucking sounds in her kitchen.Both her big wet pink lips were sucking hard around my cock. I had jerked off plenty of times, over the years. Normally I could last more than a half hour. But now after 5 minutes I was close. She could sensed it too. She let go of my cock. “The first time is the best baby. I know you have a big load in those balls. Just shoot it. Then we can go have fun upstairs. Show Lana how much you like it. Shoot a big load in my mouth. Put your cock down my throat baby.” she moaned. I clinched my ass muscles. Then held the top of her fake blonde hair. A second later a big surge of excitement flowed from the base of my cock up my shaft and into her hot mouth. Her eyes got big as I emptied a huge load in her mouth. Just a tiny amount fell out the side of her mouth onto her left breast.She stood up and drank my lemonade. She handed me hers. “Your going to need this. Ever eat a girls pussy before?” she moaned in my left ear. My hand was around her waist as I walked naked through her house. She got on her king size bed. She had me take off her bikini with my teeth. No hands. She showed me out to eat her pussy and lick her body from head to toe. I got to fuck and fondle her big breast. I gave her an orgasm with my mouth, my fingers and with my cock. She was quite a good sex teacher. It helped I was a good student. After cumming in her pussy for the second time. She handed me my white swim trunks. “That was fun Buck. Aren’t you glad you lost your virginity to me? I know! Don’t worry I loved taking it. You better go home now, before my husband gets home. I will see you tomorrow. Work on those tongue and mouth techniques, I showed you. Also no masturbating unless I tell you. A young hard cock is a terrible thing to waste. Give me a kiss sugar.” she said.I walked next door with my head swimming with sex. Would my life be normal again. I peeled off my shorts to take a long shower. My cock was getting hard under the warm water. I turned it over to cold to get out. I ate some pizza and headed to bed early.The next day I peeked out the window looking for any sign of Mrs. Dorian. I saw her husband and daughter leave, but no Mrs. Dorian. The next day was the just about the same thing. I got up early. I kept remembering everything Mrs. Dorian had said to me. I was practicing my tongue and mouth techniques. I had not masturbated in two days. I was getting to go stir crazy. So many thoughts were going through my mind. Was she bored with me? Did she not want to see me again? Had I done something wrong? Fuck!!!!It was just before noon, on the third day. There was a knock at my back door. I was wearing a black t-shirt and some tan cargo shorts. I had on some black sandals as I opened the back door. I gulped. It was Mrs. Dorian. She was standing in front of the door. She was wearing a low cut green top, that showed off her large cleavage. She had on a very small blond wig that just covered her the bottoms of her ears. She had on a big black belt wrapped around her waist. The green top hung just over a very tight black leather miniskirt. It showed off her sexy long legs. I was speechless again. My cock moved in front of her lustful eyes. She smiled. “I see your up for another round of fun. How’s my big tool?” she pointed to my cock.”Mmmm good. How are you?” I said. “I’m Ok! I’m sorry I did not come over the next day. I know how you young guys operate. You probably thought I was mad at you or something. I just had to help my husband sister out. She going through a bad divorce. Her husband left her for his skinny ass Secretary. She not feeling all that well. I’ve been there for two long days. I finally convinced her to come to my house today. Kinda of a girls getaway. Follow me next door.” she said. She was already walking as I shut the door behind me. She did not even ask if I wanted to come over or if I had plans. I was following her no matter what.We walked upstairs to her bedroom. “Sit there and watch honey. How that tongue of yours? You have not played with my tool, have you Buck?” she said in a sexy voice. “The tongue is good. Your tool has been in his box waiting to get out.” I said with a big smile. “MMMMmmmm…You tease me.” she said. She took off her small earrings to put on two huge gold hoop earrings. She had on some bright red lipstick to match her finger and toenails. “Get me some heels out of the closet, Buck. Do a good job maybe I will let you lick my fat nipples before I put on my new swim suit.” she purred. I walked over to pull out some 6inch wooden heels. There were two large white straps to put them on. Mrs. Dorian smiled. “Oh! Those are a great pair for my baby blue swim suit. They match your eyes baby.” she said.She stood there as I unbuckled her large belt around her waist. She rubbed her big ass on the front of my shorts. She arched her back as I unhooked the back of her big green top. Then I unzipped the side of her mini skirt. She was now naked accept for her small green thong. She took that off and put it in my mouth. It was wet and smelled of her damp pussy. I then put her wooden heels on her feet. She made me lick and kiss her feet. I massaged her ankles and calves as she stood above me. trabzon rus escort bayan I looked up to see she had shaved her pussy clean. Before there were a few hairs but not that smooth. She looked at her cell phone. “I got a few minutes before Kendra suppose to be here. Lick my pussy honey. Let me see those techniques I taught you last time. Oh! Your a bad boy not wearing under wear today.” she said as she rubbed her wooden heel into my crotch.I was eating her pussy as she put her hands on the top of my short haircut. I reached around to play with her big ass next. This was driving her crazy. She leaned down to let me suck her big fat nipples. I let go and put my face back between her legs. She gripped her amazing thighs around my face as she orgasm in my mouth. “Buck! Stop! I got to meet Kendra down stairs. She right outside. Stay up here. I’ll think of something for you to do honey…” said Mrs. Dorian. I heard a car door slam. Mrs. Dorian put on her small baby blue bikini and a white fishnet top, that covered her large breast and big ass from behind.I got to my feet. Mrs. Dorian was heading down her stairs to get the front door. I looked out her big window to see Mrs. Dorian sister in law. She had a black bag around her shoulder. She was maybe 5ft 6 with short light brown hair down to her neck. It was straight and curved around her face. She was wearing some big sterling silver hoop earrings. A big sterling silver necklace. There was a large pendant that hung low in her large cleavage. She was not as big as Mrs. Dorian. But still very large. She was wearing a black sleeveless top that showed off her new tan. She had a small black mini skirt that showed off her thick thighs and legs. She was wearing some 4inch black open toe heels. I could see she had just come from the nail salon. Her dark pink toe nails matched her finger nails. Her nails were half the size of Mrs. Dorian but just as pretty. I touched the front of my cargo shorts. My cock was aching to get out.I walked over to the open door of Mrs. Dorian bedroom. I could hear both woman talking. I closed the door almost shut. I then walked back inside to sit down on the bed. It was about a half hour later that I heard some heels clicking down the hall. The door swung open. It was Mrs. Dorian. “Hey honey! Miss me??” she said in a low sexy voice. I smiled. “Yes! How your sister in law?” I said. “Your not going to believe this. My mind is racing right now. Kendra sitting outside on the deck. She went to my nail salon and got all done up today. She just told me its been almost a year since she had sex with her husband. She had a baby a few years ago. She never quite lost the baby weight. He is been holding it over her head since then. That why he slept with his secretary. Can you believe that cock sucker. The balls on the guy. He is bigger than her. That little fucker.” she said. I smiled and tried to give her some sympathy. Truth be told. I just wanted to fuck her so bad. She could have told me the sky was falling or it was the end of the world. Mmmmm big curves!!!!”How can I be of help?” I said. She smiled. “I just had my first glass of wine when it hit me. I need your help in a big way. This might sound weird. I totally understand if you don’t want to do it.” she said. I was trying to think of the most wildest thing I could ever think of. But it did not come close to what she was about ready to ask me.”Kendra could really use a man in her life right now. But she still thinking about her husband. Normally I just have you sneak back to your house. Then come over later to meet her for the first time. But I don’t think she feel comfortable meeting a new man right now. Especially one so young and cute honey. I think this calls for something more naughty. Just hear me out. Play along. I need you to pretend to be my son. Your just his height. You have his short haircut. She not seen you in few years. You’ve been at military school.” she said. I gulped hard again. “She got a new two piece bathing suit, I got her today to cheer her up. I also paid for her to get a new makeover at the salon. You just come down and introduce yourself. Smile! Tell her how great she looks. I know it would really mean allot to a have a young man check her out. I don’t think she get weirded out by you being my fake pretend son. She only met my real son once before he went to school.” she said with her eyes closed.Crazy thought were going through my mind. I paused. She must have sensed something, cause she just blurted out. “I let you fuck me in the ass and cum all over my big tits if you do this for me. Mmmm…did I just say that…” She had with her finger in her mouth and her free hand touching her big left breast. I just smiled and nodded my head “Yes!” She licked her middle finger. “Thanks sweetie. Now take off your shirt and come down by the pool. Just say Hi! Then you can go back inside the house. Go upstairs and wait for me. Muah!!!!” she said. I closed my eyes as Mrs. Dorian left the room.I walked down the stairs in just my cargo shorts. I eased the sliding glass door open to the back yard. I saw both women laying on there backs looking in the sun. There was a six person hot tub next to them. Somebody had taken off the brown cover. I could see the hot water was just going in from the filter. I smiled as I walked toward them. Mrs. Dorian pulled down her shades when she saw me. Kendra was still looking into the sun. I walked over right to Kendra side. She pushed down her dark shades when my shadow covered them both.”Hi! Junior! (My Fake Name) Remember your Auntie Kendra?” said Mrs. Dorian (My fake Mother now) I smiled and looked down her voluptuous body. I’m not sure why Kendra husband left her but I was not going to ask. I wanted to do just what my Fake Mom had asked a few minutes before. “Good Day Ladies!” I said. “What nice manners. I guess military school is paying off.” said Kendra. “Oh! He is such the perfect little gentleman. He just got home last night.” said Mrs. Dorian. “My pleasure. Can I get you two lovely ladies anything? Anything at all.” I said. “I’m all good sweetie. How about you Kendra?” said My Fake Mom. Kendra kept staring at me as I moved my eyes up and down her bodacious body. I stopped right at her big breast. They were almost spilling out of her small black bikini top.Mrs. Dorian was smiling as I checked her out. Kendra was getting a little flushed as I kept undressing her with my eyes. “God! You really filled out since I last saw you. They must be working you real hard. When do you graduate?” said Kendra. “Thanks! They work us out all the time. I have to do allot of running and lifting weights. I just got done a few minutes ago. I’m kinda of tight at the moment.” I said. “What was that Junior? Don’t you have something to do in the house?” said Mrs. Dorian. “No! I’m good. That hot tub looks good. My body is kinda of sore and hard since my last workout. My mouth is even sore.” I said. With a big smile. Mrs. Dorian was moving her eyes to get me, to go in the house.I stood there flexing over Kendra. She dropped her left hand almost touching my leg. I looked down to laugh. Both older women did not saying anything. I took a few steps toward the hot tub. “Junior! Don’t forget the rules of the hot tub.” My Fake Mom pointed at the front of the hot tub. “No shoes! No Clothes! No problem!” I smiled. I kicked off my sandals in the grass. I reached down to unbutton the front of my cargo shorts. I then took two steps up as my cargo shorts fell around my ankles. Mrs Dorian gulped. Kendra almost fell off her lounge chair. Both ladies followed my muscular ass into the hot water. My cock flopped out and hit the water as I turned just in time for both of them to see. I eased back in the water. I hit the jets inside the hot tub.Mrs. Dorian eyes got real big. She just smiled. She was now talking to Kendra. I turned off the hot tub jets. A few seconds later Mrs. Dorian leaned up on her arms and looked over at Kendra. “I just love lying out in the sun. I am so glad you came over today. The only thing is I just hate getting tan lines. I hope you don’t mind but my I need to take this off.” said Mrs. Dorian. With out warning, she untied her bikini top letting it fall off onto the wooden deck. My cock moved under the water. Kendra mouth fell open. “Lana! What are you doing? What about Junior your son?” she said. “Oh! It’s nothing he has not seen around the house. I guess, where just more open in this house. It’s Ok! A little peek can’t hurt. I’m sure it just natural for him to see me. We both just saw him naked.” said My Fake Mom.Kendra was still breathing heavy. She looked over at me. I gave her a smile. rus trabzon escort She then looked back at My Fake Mom, Mrs. Dorian. She gasped as Mrs. Dorian was licking her big left nipple. She then smiled at Kendra. “Aren’t you worried about your son watching you?” said Kendra in a low voice. “No! I’m proud of my body. Kendra! Don’t be so uptight all the time. Live a little. He is a hot young man. He is full of raging hormones. I think you should take off your top. Go ahead!” said Mrs. Dorian. My cock was moving under the water. I dropped my hand to jerk it a few times.I slowly watched Kendra lean up in her chair. She then reached around to unhook the back of her black bikini top. She was still trying to unhook it, when Mrs. Dorian reached over to unhook the back for her. Then she tossed it on her baby blue top next to her chair. Kendra was breathing more heavy now. My cock was fully erect. Both women were topless with there big breast just sitting high on there chest. I licked my lips when My Fake Mom looked over at me. She pushed her chair upright. Then turned to the side facing Kendra. She put her heels on the wooden deck. She looked down at Kendra. “Doesn’t that feel better. You really look good. Doesn’t she look great Junior (Buck)??” said My Fake Mom. “MMMmmm…You look really good Aunt Kendra. Wow! So natural…Very nice…” I said. Kendra smiled.Next Mrs. Dorian moved her lounge chair closer to Kendra. Now she was only inches away. She then put down the arm rest on Kendra chair. She reached under Kendra chair to get some Hawaiian Trop coconut oil in her right hand. She looked down at Kendra half naked body. “You don’t want these to burn honey. Let Lana help.” said Mrs. Dorian. She started to spray the coconut oil on Kendra big breast. She then used her long red finger nails to rub in the oil on her skin. I moved in the hot tub to look over the edge. My cock was against the inside wall of the hot tub. Kendra eyes were closed. My Fake Mom eyes were in lust for Kendra breast. My eyes were wide open, watching these two hot older MILF’s.After a few minutes Mrs. Dorian licked two fingers and pulled on Kendra fat nipples. Kendra moaned pretty loud. She then opened her eyes. Mrs. Dorian went back to spraying more coconut oil on Kendra big breast. She then sprayed Kendra thick thighs. She ran her nails, and hands up and down Kendra body rubbing in the oil. After a few more minutes, Mrs. Dorian dropped the half empty bottle of oil on the wooden deck. It rolled under Kendra chair. Mrs. Dorian kicked it over in front of the hot tub. I looked down and smiled.I looked at My Fake Mom. She had a big smile on her face. I slowly got out of the hot tub. I was dribbling water all over the wooden deck. I slowly bent down to pick up the oil. I walked over to the side of Kendra lounge chair. Mrs. Dorian looked up at my 9 3/4 inch cock standing straight out. She moaned. Kendra open her eyes when she head Mrs. Dorian moan. I smiled as I looked down her glistening body. I handed Mrs. Dorian the coconut oil. “Thanks Junior!” said My Fake Mom. “Nothing Junior about that…” said Kendra as she pointed at me erect cock. “Bend down. Give me your hands. Your Aunt Kendra could use some oil on that side. Such a good boy, my son.” said Mrs. Dorian.I put my hands out as I squatted down next to Kendra lounge chair. She smelled of hot coconut oil, along with Mrs. Dorian. I felt the hot oil on my hands. I gently put them on Kendra big breast. Her nipples were hard as a rock. I rubbed them with the palm of my hand. My knees were against the side of the chair. My cock was resting on the white plastic inches from Kendra left hip. I looked over into Mrs. Dorian deep cleavage. She sprayed her chest as Kendra moved her right hand to touch her brothers wife big breast. I smiled when Mrs. Dorian moaned. Her big fat nipples were twice the size of Kendra. I kept rubbing Kendra breast as I felt My Fake Mom hands on mine. She was really groping Kendra breast as she smiled.Next Mrs. Dorian reached down to untie Kendra bikini bottoms. She pulled them up to her face. She smelled them. Then passed them to me. I smiled as I breath the heavy musk sent up my nose. I felt Kendra small fingers begin to touch the tip of my cock. Mrs. Dorian leaned down to whisper in Kendra ear. “MMmmm…look at his big penis Kendra. It’s so young. His cock is excited for you honey. Touch it. Feel how big it is. Taste his pre-cum on your fingers. Lick your fingers…” said My Fake Mom. I pushed my hips forward so Kendra could feel more of my cock.Mrs. Dorian took off her bikini bottoms. She smelled them. She handed them to me to smell. She then put them in Kendra mouth. Kendra gagged as she sucked on the wet baby blue bikini bottoms. Mrs. Dorian moved her mouth up to Kendra right breast. She started to suck on her big nipple. I leaned down to suck on Kendra big left breast. I looked down when Kendra moved to see Mrs. Dorian had put her left index finger inside Kendra tight pussy. I moved my hand down to play with Kendra big fat pussy lips. I then put my finger inside next to Mrs. Dorian’s. We started to finger fuck Kendra to her first orgasm. We both bite down on Kendra breast sending her into another long orgasm.I finally pulled out my finger. I put it between Kendra big breast. I started to finger fuck her breast. “Stand up honey. Take your finger out. Put that big cock between her breast. I stood up. Straddled Kendra body. I lowered my cock into her hot cleavage. Mrs. Dorian shot some hot oil on my cock. She then sprayed Kendra breast again. I started to fuck her breast. Mrs. Dorian reached down to push her sister law breast around my cock. She then pulled Kendra face toward the tip of my cock. I pushed my cock in her mouth. The baby blue bikini bottoms moved in Kendra mouth. She was gagging from the thin blue material and now my cock. I felt Mrs. Dorian slap my ass. Then I felt Kendra hands on my ass.I reached down to tug on Kendra oily nipples. They slipped out of my fingers. I then just grabbed them with my hands. They fell out. Mrs. Dorian started to kiss Kendra on the lips. She looked up at me fucking her sister law breast. She spit on my cock as I pulled out and slapped Kendra left nipple with the tip of my cock. Next Mrs. Dorian stood up next to me. She started to rub her big full breast in my face. I was biting on her nipples. Next she looked down at Kendra face. “God! This is so hot. Fuck! Let her have it baby. I know you got a big load for her. Cum for me. Flood her chest with your thick sperm. Shoot it for Mommy.” she yelled. A second later with her hand on my shoulder and her left breast in my mouth. I started to unload inside Kendra big breast. I pulled out and shot another load on her face. All over the baby blue bikini bottoms in Kendra mouth.My Fake Mom cleaned off my cock. She pulled out the cum stained baby blue bikini bottoms from Kendra mouth. She put Kendra wet black pair in Kendra’s mouth. She then licked my cum off of Kendra big breast. Next Mrs. Dorian made Kendra watch us fuck. I fucked My Fake Mom in the ass and shot a big load on her breast. Just like she promised. She had Kendra clean off my goo from from her huge breast. “Go turn on the hose Junior.” I walked to the side of the house to get the water hose. She had me clean off Kendra with the cold water. Once she was clean. I carried her up the stairs to Mrs. Dorian bedroom. I spent the rest of the day worshipping Mrs Dorian and Kendra body.A week passed before I saw Mrs. Dorian again. She invited me over to Kendra house. I showed up to see both of them naked in Kendra bed. They both smiled as I walked in and took off my clothes. I got on the bed. Kendra crawled over and got on my cock. She was bouncing up and down as I sucked on her breast. Mrs. Dorian got off the bed and walked over to a big closet near the bed. She opened the double doors to the closet. Kendra stopped for a second. She looked over at two people sitting in the closet. They had two big black hoods covering there faces. Mrs. Dorian got behind the two people. She pushed there chairs out next to the bed. She then pulled off the hoods.I had no idea, who the man or the woman were. But Kendra and My Fake Mom did. “Seems your husband always had a thing for me. Kendra! He brought his skinny bitch Secretary along to see me. He wants her to have big breast and a big ass just like me. I thought he like to watch my Son fuck his Aunt better than him. While you two are having fun. I am going to have fun with his bitch Secretary. I got a big strap on for her small pussy and ass. Oh! God! Look at his tiny cock. It’s all hard. Come her bitch. Eat some pussy. I better teach you the proper way to eat pussy. Your going to need some more tongue action. I taught my son how to eat pussy the proper way. I’ll have him show you his technique.” yelled My Fake Mom. Kendra husband was gagged with a pair of stained baby blue bikini bottoms that muffled his screams. I rolled over fucking Kendra to help eat My Fake Mom’s pussy.Love,The real Buck!!!!!xoox

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