My Family: Cousin


Yash and I had been together for 6 months and we were deeply in love with each other. Yash was my maternal aunt’s son. We didn’t rush into sex like some teenagers but took our time and waited for the right moment. That moment came one weekend when my mom left for a business trip. She told me that I could never have boys over when she was gone but it was one rule I always ignored whenever I had the chance.

Yash and I had planned it out and were eager for it to happen, since we were feeling a strong love for each other and needed to take things to the next level. I had been anxiously waiting all week and feeling my level of horniness growing beyond control by the time Saturday arrived. I was totally ready for this!!

We returned to my house after going out and having coffee and just hanging out with a few friends. There was little doubt about what was on our minds as we quickly made way to my bedroom. I had never had sex and was feeling a little bit scared but very excited at the same time. I had full confidence that my beautiful cousin Yash would know how to give me pleasure in my initial act of lovemaking.

As our lips met in a fiery embrace I felt a shot of excitement shoot through me and I knew that this was going to be something very special. Our tongues gently entwined at first, softy seeking each other and then become more intense as our feelings were building up.

Yash stripped me of my top, leaving me bare from the waist up. His soft hands slid over my smallish but sensitive breasts and nipples, giving me ripples of a pleasure that was new to me. I started to pant and cry out as he lowered his head and applied his tongue to my now hardening nipples. I suddenly felt the telltale wetness forming at my female center, signaling that my body was preparing me for the ultimate realization of sexual pleasure.

Yash worked his tongue expertly on my breasts, nipples and down my torso. He would take the wet nipple and then just rub his hand softly over it. I moaned softly and panted as I took his hair in my hand and stroked him and giving him words of encouragement. It was a new feeling for me and I just wanted more of it.

Yash got to my navel and swirled his tongue inside of it. He then unzipped my jeans and helped me remove them, leaving me with only panties. My panties were now practically soaking from the wetness of erotic excitement.

He then spread my thighs slightly and kneeled down to the floor, with me sitting on the edge of the bed. He caressed me softly on the inner thighs all the way up to my female center. Then he applied his tongue there licking rapidly up and down my inner thighs right up to my panties. Needless to say, this was the best thing I ever felt as my panting and otele gelen escort moaning accelerated under his touching and licking.

I knew that the panties would have to go and I would be fully exposed to my cousin. I helped him strip them off and he was face to face with the very center of my female sexual pleasure, as he kneeled back on the floor.

His soft hands reached my wet opening, gathering my slick wetness, spreading it across the pink slit up to my clitoris. He then started to gently stroke the outer and inner lips and pressed against my clit, causing me to nearly jump off the bed. His hand slid down to my opening and he pressed his knuckle in about 1 inch, causing me to moan again, this time loud. These feelings were better than anything I could have imagined and they were just beginning.

He then spread my lips gently and moved his head forward. His tongue found the center of my slit and slid up to around my clit area and then down to my opening. He repeated this about a dozen times and by then I was actually getting close to cumming. Liquid fire was now surging through me, as if every cell in my female body was now burning with the fire of eros. His tongue dropped to my opening and starting sliding in and out. It was only going in about an inch but it felt incredible.

There is no doubt that I would have cum right then but I think that both of us knew what we wanted next and we wanted it right away. Yash stopped his tender assault for a second so he could strip down. He quickly got out of his clothes to reveal a truly stunning male body.

My hand ran over the head and took the slick fluid, spreading it over his tool and stroking it. Yash moaned as I felt his instrument stir and get harder under my touching. I wanted to take it into mouth at this point but I think it was time for him to get inside of me with that beautiful instrument of pleasure.

Yash positioned me on my back and got me to spread my thighs and lift my knees up a bit so he would have a good angle of penetration. He gently stroked my opening as he got between my knees, getting ready to enter me.

I pulled my knees up more and I felt the head of his penis making its entrance. It was very tight and hurt a bit. I cried out in pain and he stopped for a second. I told him “don’t stop Yash…it will be all right.” He starting easing forward and got in another 2 inches. It was very tight and gave me this burning sensation but the pain was starting to fade, to be replaced by fiery hot feelings of sexual arousal.

I told Yash to press forward. Another couple of thrust and he was all the way inside me. The last thrust did hurt and burn quite a bit. We just laid there pendik escort silently for a minute; we were both very happy about what was happening. His penis felt very tight inside of me and burned a little. But the pain had faded and I was now waiting for him to start slipping his hot organ in and out of me in a nice rhythm.

After a pause Yash started to slide his penis inside of me with a steady thrusting motion. His first thrusts were slow but deep, as my tight pussy gripped his cock like a glove. Both of us were now moaning in a chorus of pleasure and having feelings that we never thought existed, in our ultimate act of love.

We worked into a steady and exciting rhythm as his cock started to move at a faster pace. I now rapped my legs around his back and thrust forward to meet his thrusting, until our rhythm was in perfect synch with each other. As I thrust forward to meet his downward push his cock worked perfectly to the right depth and with perfect timing. We were now fucking in a perfect rhythm and the level of fire was building up to an explosive level with each of us.

“Oh Yash, your cock feels so good inside of me, I want to do this all night long. Fuck your little cousin.” I was starting to talk hot. Yash was relatively quiet except for the moans and pants he was emitting and blending with my moans, forming a chorus of vocalized passion.

I think both of us would have stayed at this level of excitement all night, had nature permitted such a thing. But the sexual act was not designed to last forever. I knew I was getting close to my climax. My whole body felt encased in a fire-like cloud and I could feel contractions pulsing deep inside of me. First the contractions were slow, but now they were starting to get faster and I knew that my peak was approaching.

I knew it was going to happen and I was not wont to hold back now. The contractions grew incredibly intense and I cried out as my every cell in my body exploded like a volcano. Fire engulfed me as the intense contractions of orgasm swept through me for a good thirty seconds.

I knew that my transports would push Yash over the edge just as well. Although I was barely conscious of anything at the moment, I could feel him getting near. He was now thrusting faster and deeper into me than before and I could feel the electricity of orgasmic fury sweep through him.

I reached down to lightly squeeze his fluid sac just a second before his hot fluid started to flow from him. I could feel the semen moving through the sac and shooting deep inside of me, wave after wave. For the first time I felt hot streams of semen flooding into me and I liked the feeling. His whole body shook as if it were possessed rus escort by demons.

“Oh Yash, I love it when you cum in me like that.”

Yash lay there silent with his penis still entrenched in my wetness.

We just laid that way for about 5 minutes, trying to recover from the ultimate bout of pleasure that both of us just experienced. I could feel Yash start to harden a bit and my pussy was now tightening around his cock a bit, encouraging it.

Slowly his cock started to expand again, as his desire was returning. He began slowly with light thrusts, but they felt incredible. As his nice hard cock expanded, my pussy started to contract around it and my hips started to move with the rhythm of sexual union.

Our reprisal act started slow but intense and I knew it would last longer than our brief initial union. This time I pulled my knees all the way back to my shoulders to allow the deepest penetration possible and Yash responding by thrusting deeper and faster into my depths. The fiery sensations I felt in our first bout were returning quickly and I was now enveloped in a curtain of virtual fire as pleasure stabbed through my body with each thrust of Yash’s penis.

This bout of searing hot pleasure was much extended because of the slowing effects of Yash’s first ejaculation. Both of us were now accustomed to each other’s pace and rhythm and we were able to move in ways that enhanced our mutual pleasure to the extreme.

“I’m getting close now Yash, don’t slow down now…just keep going,” I panted in his ear as my fiery state reached near its peak. I felt like this one was going to be even greater than the first. Suddenly, pulsations deep inside of me just erupted in me like an earthquake, shaking my entire being with the greatest feelings I have ever felt. I cried out as I entered an orgasmic state that must have lasted close to a minute with pleasure contractions just ripping through me like a tidal wave.

Yash didn’t slow down but picked up his thrusting to a faster pace, indicating that we would be sharing another intense mutual orgasm. In the midst of mind numbing orgasm, I heard his vocal signal telling me that he was there. I felt his rock hard penis swell even more and start jerking inside of my love channel. The contractions of my pussy surrounded him as if to be drawing out his hot semen. He moaned and panted as he began to unload streams of his hot, white fluid deep within me. It felt really incredible to receive the essence of his love inside of me.

We both lay exhausted now with our sticky bodies entwined and drifting toward sleep. The afterglow was like a fuzzy cloud of contentment. As I drifted off I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up because I knew that Yash and I would be sharing these incredible feelings once more.

The End.


I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote on the story, but especially to those who commented (and many who contacted me directly to express their feelings about the story).

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