My Fantasy


It was hot that day, as I walked over the sand on my way to that special shady place that I liked so much. People were everywhere, the sun was beating down and the noise of the children playing in the surf was enough to remind me of my own youth, the smell of the suntan lotion mixed with the smell of the salt water and the faint odour of hot chips.

I walked down along the waters edge, my feet thankful for the cool touch that it gave me, as the waves washed over my feet, my skin tingled. I shaded my eyes and looked down the beach, I could see the small cove that I loved so much, no one seemed to go there, it was too small, to quiet. Not the place for noisy children, and just the place for me.

I smiled when I got there realising that it would be just me here today, I walked around to the large flat rock that hung over the water a little, it was like some huge sacrificial alter.

I imagined myself as the virgin sacrifice here on many occasions, laughing at myself, at the thought that maybe, canlı bahis şirketleri At sometime, some girl was taken here on this rock, taken and used. Mmmm that thought never ceased to excite me.

I removed my sundress and my bikini top, laying on the hot rock, baking myself; it felt good to soak up the heat.

I could hear the sound of the surf smashing against the rocks along the beach a little.

Closing my eyes I let myself indulge in a little summer fantasy…. My fingers trail lightly against my nipples as I imagine being layed on this rock, I can feel the hard rock against my back, my nipples harden and I pinch them, sending shivers of pleasure through me.

Licking my dry lips I let my hand explore further the body it knows so well. I play with the line of my bikini bottoms, letting my finger tickle my pubic line and imagine that it was some stranger, some one that wanted me like the virgin that was layed here so long ago.

I feel my bikini bottom soak with my canlı kaçak iddaa pussy juice, and imagine that it is this same stranger playing with me, rubbing my hard clit.

Forgetting where I am I let myself go with the fantasy remove my bottoms and let the sun toast my hot wet pussy, opening my legs to let the breeze cool me.

I moan, as my fingers slide inside me, I can see in my head a beautiful man, he is laying at my side, he is moving down my body and licking me, tasting me, wanting me. I feel his tongue press against my clit, just a light butterfly kiss, then harder, ooohhhh god, it felt so good so real, opening my eyes, I catch my breath.

God.Ohhh, God! It was real; the beautiful stranger was the lifeguard from the beach. He stops his ministrations watching me, waiting for my reaction. Grabbing his hair I moan and pull him back to my pussy, raising my hips to meet his magic tongue, feeling him eating me I open my legs wider for him grinding myself against his mouth.

It is, canlı kaçak bahis as if he knows me, as if he had been a part of my dreams, he knew me so well.

Placing two fingers inside me he fucked me slowly as he brought me up and up.

I was moaning now loudly, my head thrown back in shear pleasure, my nipples like small pebbles, so Hard, I pinched them as his tongue twirled inside me, flicking my hard clit and dipping back into my pussy.

My orgasm exploded inside me, my cunt muscles clenching together, the strength of it ripping through me, wave after wave of pleasure, I grabbed his hair and pulled him to me, fucking his face for all its worth, cumming all over his beautiful mouth, his magic tongue. It felt like it was never going to stop.

As I finally felt myself relaxing, felt him sit up and look at me, I opened my eyes. He was smiling at me, I was unsure what to do. What to say.

He stood up and started to walk away, Where are you going? I asked… Back to work…he said. Just thought I’d help out a lady in need. Thats what I do, help people. He smiled and continued to walk down the beach back to the world of small children and suntan lotion and the smell of hot chips. Me, I’m going back to my fantasy…Mmmmmmmmm

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