My Favorite Aunt


From the time I was ten my Aunt Sally was always my favorite. She would come over and take me home, let me bake cookies with her and I loved to help her clean house. I’m sure all this sounds very odd being that I’m a boy, but she was always so friendly and really beautiful. I have a lot to thank her for and do whenever I can. You see, Aunt Sally is the woman that introduced me to the wonderful world of sex.

Let’s go back to the beginning and maybe you’ll better understand. Aunt Sally is and always was a pure blond. Not one of those dye jobs from a bottle complete with black roots every three weeks. Nope, she was a real dyed in the wool blonde and not the least bit stupid. She was then and still is the smartest woman I’ve ever known. It all began, like I said, when I was barely eighteen and she came to pick me up and take me home. My parents loved her dearly and not because she was my Dad’s sister. More about that later.

“Ready to go, Ted,” she asked in her small sweetly soft voice.

“I guess, Aunt Sally,” I sullenly replied. I wasn’t looking forward to a dull week-end with my aunt. It was Friday night and a couple of the guys from school wanted to shoot some hoops and mess around, but my parents changed all that.

“Oh, come on, we’ll have lots of fun. Trust me,” she said winking at my dad so I wouldn’t see. “You can’t ever guess what I have in store for you.”

I wouldn’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. Even at ten I was well aware of girls, even liked a few of them, but my Aunt Sally was something else. While spending the week-end with her didn’t appeal to me in the least I did appreciate how she looked. Her blond hair I’ve already mentioned, but her deeply tanned skin was even better. She spent a lot of time in Hawaii and had an enormous house a few miles from a small town called Apache Junction, Arizona. The house was in a place called Gold Canyon right next to the Superstition Mountains, complete with a huge backyard and almost as big a swimming pool. Oh, sorry, more about Aunt Sally. At this time she was an old woman, at least thirty-eight, but that’s where her age stopped. She was a little shorter than average height, about five foot three and could she fill out a dress. I had never seen her wearing a dress or skirt that fell more than mere inches below her crotch and thus exposing most of her gorgeous legs. Her waist was so thin as to almost not be there and above that came her chest. Oh, Lord, what a chest. Boobs to die for they were so huge. As for her face, even when she would wake up in the morning her face was more beautiful than most female stars wearing all their make-up.

We left Seattle and headed for the airport. It was close but we made the plane and took our seats. On this occasion Aunt Sally wore her “traveling” clothes. A one piece dress with the hem exposing her almost to obscenity. If it hadn’t been for her tiny panties she would have been arrested for indecent exposure. The dress hugged her body like a second skin and the top almost hid her voluptuous boobs, well, at least it did cover her nipples.

“Relax, Ted,” Aunt Sally said patting my knee and giving it a light squeeze. I began to wonder just a little when her hand moved up and rubbed my thigh. “We’ll be in Phoenix before you know it and then home.” By now her hand was almost to my crotch and I could feel my arousal growing.

That was it. I looked at her getting a big eye full of her almost bare breasts and felt her hand so very close to my newly aroused organ. I shuddered and did my best to relax, but how the hell could I? Man was I glad that the flight was only a little over two hours. We landed and Aunt Sally had made arraignments ahead of time. There was a limo waiting and a man to take our bags. Wow, I thought, she must really be loaded to afford all this. In fact and truth, she was. More money that she could ever spent in three lifetimes and all because her husband, they were only married six months, left her all his holdings and they were considerable. It was late when we got to her house and I was more than tired. I had dozed in the limo and Aunt Sally had to wake me.

“Hey, kiddo, we’re home. Get you tired butt up and come in the house.”

It was late and I was tired. Aunt Sally made sure I was comfortable and even came in to tuck me into bed. Now my own mother had stopped doing that more then ten years earlier. Well, in she came wearing the most outrageous nightie I had ever seen. The top didn’t nothing to hide the scanty panties she wore, nor did it do anything to hide her busom. Had I not been to tired and sleepy I’m sure I would have taken more notice. It didn’t seem to bother her as she helped me take off my shirt and pants. There I was standing with nothing but my boxer shorts on and she rubbing my chest.

“You go to bed and get a good night’s sleep,” she cooed helping me in the huge bed. “Tomorrow’s another day and I promise it will be one you’ll never forget.”

Yeah, I was tired and more than ready for sleep, Escort bayan but when she bent over to kiss my cheek I got the most astounding sight of her boobs. It was enough to give me a huge woody under the sheets. I fell asleep and dreamed of her walking around naked in the house, just the two of us. Little could I have possibly thought of what was coming.

I woke the next morning to find the sun well up in the sky. The air conditioning was blowing lots of cold air and it was very comfortable although I knew it well over ninety outside. A pair of shorts and sandals were laid out with a note for me to get dressed and come out to the back yard.

I strolled out into the back yard and breathed deeply of the hot fresh air. The mountains in the back ground struck an imposing sight. Squinting in the morning sun I found Aunt Sally relaxing in a lounge chair alongside the very large pool. She was wearing what could be called a bathing suit, but to me it was nothing more that two strips of cloth trying to cover her voluptuous body.

“Just in time,” she called to me turning onto her stomach. At the same time she undid her top and flung it off to the side. “Come rub some lotion on my back. I really don’t want to burn.”

There I was, eighteen years old and looking at the naked back of my Aunt. It took me few moments to realize that there were absolutely no tan lines on her skin. The entirety of her back was one solid tan, deep and smooth. I sat on the edge of the lounge chair and spread sun tan lotion all over her back from the squirt bottle. My hands shook as they came closer and then touched her skin. It was just as smooth as it looked and very warm. I rubbing in the lotion until it was gone.

“Lower,” she said softly. “At the center of my back rub lower and down my sides.”

I hesitated, not knowing for sure what she wanted, but knowing and hoping it was what I wanted. I squirted a larger portion of the cream on both hands and started just below her shoulder blades, slowly moving over and down her sides. Within moments my finger tips felt the firm swelling of the sides of her boobs. I had no way of knowing at that time that the solid firmness I was feeling was to be even better in the very near future.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels good,” she cooed, “but you could go lower. Tell you what,” she said suddenly moving. Aunt Sally rolled over onto her back exposing her breasts to me. “Why don’t you rub the lotion on my breasts from the front. I hope you don’t mind, but it would be very painful if I were to burn.”

Within moments my young manhood jerked into an instant erection, poking itself boldly from the front of my shorts. My heart fluttered as my hands shook. Lotion in my palms I gently pressed my hands to her magnificently beautiful naked breasts. Never had I ever dreamed of such an opportunity. Now it was here and they felt more than great, they felt beyond heaven. Firm, almost solid, beneath my hands as I rubbed in the lotion. Without thinking I began to knead her breasts and felt the hard nubs of her swelling nipples poking hard to my palms.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” she suddenly breathed deeply and sighed. “You have no idea how good your hands feel on my breasts.” One of her hands strayed to my thigh and moved up higher, her fingers reaching inside the loose leg of my shorts. I felt her fingers touching my growing erection, then gripping it tightly. “Mmmmmm, such a young and still growing cock,” she murmured gripping even more tightly. “So hard, young and hot.”

I couldn’t say anything as her hand began to move. She was stroking my organ, stiff and very rigid. The more I rubbed and pressed her breasts the more and harder she gripped me, moving her hand more quickly.

“I’ll just bet you have lots of creamy cum boiling in you balls. I’d just love to see you ejaculate and spill your hot seed.”

Having said all that Aunt Sally sat up, her hugely firm boobs bouncing with her movements. I jerk back at her rather unusual movements. Her long slender fingers dug into and gripped the sides of my shorts and she quickly pulled down. Before I knew it my shorts were well below my knees. There, for any to see, was my young throbbing erection. Her long slender fingers curled themselves around my throbbing young organ and squeezed it tightly.

“I’m surprised and pleased you’re so big for your age,” she said smiling up at me.

I had matured rather early and knew, from seeing the guys in the showers in school, that my organ was something to be proud of. My nut sack hung heavy and my shaft was well above average in length and thickness, yet not quite so long that her hand almost covered the spongy head. Aunt Sally got down to business and began stroking her hand. She had put some lotion in her palm making her hand slip easily up and over the tip of my pecker. I stood and watched with amazement as she pumped faster and loved the sight of her firm breasts bouncing. Having done myself many times before I knew when I was about Bayan escort to climax and now was the time. I placed my hands on her shoulders to help keep my balance and felt my nuts pulling up tight. Aunt Sally must have known what was about to happen as she made sure the tip of my organ was aimed right at her chest. My seed boiled inside and raced up my throbbing shaft erupting hard. I watched as her hand flew in a blur pumping and jerking me, my cream splashing on her chest and dripping from her now hard nipples. When my orgasm ended she leaned forward and rubbed the head over her breasts spreading the slimy goo all over.

“You might want to cover yourself,” she said when my orgasm was over. She lifted her hand and licked it clean. “It surely wouldn’t be well if somebody were to see you standing naked in front of your aunt.”

Suddenly I was so embarrassed that I grabbed my shorts, pulled them on and quickly fled to the house. I went straight to my room, closed and locked the door. While it was true I felt so very happy and satisfied, I just knew I could never look her in the face again after what had just happened.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke not thinking of the night before. I got up and showered, dressed and went towards the kitchen. I was hungry and thirsty. Aunt Sally was busy fixing breakfast when I came in. She turned and smiled.

“Well, good morning sleepy head. I hope you slept well. Sit down and eat. We have a big day ahead of us and I don’t want you crying because you’re hungry.”

I had no idea what she had in mind, but the food smelled so good and my stomach was begging me. After breakfast Aunt Sally invited me to her bedroom. An innocent request if it hadn’t been for the night before. I hesitated then relented. Having seen and touched her breasts I really wanted more and her invitation seemed to be just what I would have wished for.

All I can really say is that week-end was not to be forgotten, nor was it. Aunt Sally introduced me to more than just feeling and touching, but not quite to the point of really having sex with a woman. That, she said, would come in time.

All that I’ve told you was more than five years ago. Now I’m twenty-three and know so much more about women and sex. Through the years Aunt Sally and I have become very close. She had taught me a lot and I respect her for what she has done for me. Now she is older, but not that you could ever tell. The years have been very good to her and she has taken care of herself. She still looks every bit as good and sexy as when she did that first week-end. In the years that went by she would come and visit twice a year. There were a couple more times when she took me to her home in Seattle and we had fun. Only three times when she came to visit did we have a chance to get together. Now Aunt Sally had come and college had just let out for the summer.

“Ted, I’ve spoken with your parents and asked if you would like to stay with me this summer. I sure will be a lot cooler in Seattle than here in the desert. What do you think?”

It had come as a surprise, but one that I liked. Sure, I was looking forward to spending the time from school bumming around with the guys and my new girlfriend, but spending three months with Aunt Sally promised to much better. We were talking in my room and when she slipped open a couple of buttons on her blouse and extracted one very heavy firm breast, lifted it up and licked the hard nipple I knew there was no way I could turn her down.

“Not a problem,” I nearly gasped reaching for her. “Susan will just have to take a number when it comes to you, Aunt Sally.”

“Back off, buster,” she scolded me with a laugh. “You’ll have to wait until we get there for any of that. Park your hormones and behave yourself. Good, now that we have that settled we leave day after tomorrow. Go visit your girlfriend if that’ll keep you satisfied for a few days.” One last time she lifted her boob to her lips and used her teeth to firmly clamp the rigid nipple, biting and pulling on it before shoving it back in her blouse.

Bright and early Friday morning the Super Shuttle picked us up and we were on our way to the airport. My folks thought it best to say good-bye at home and I was glad they stayed behind. Aunt Sally and I sat very close together in the back of the van. There were a couple of other passengers in front of us, but they paid us no mind. We must have looked like a matched couple. She would have easily passed for a woman in her early twenties. She encouraged me to put my arm around her and she snuggled even closer, her hand resting lightly on my thigh. I felt the pressing of one very large firm breast in my side as she rubbed my leg. Higher and higher it went until she gently cupped the growing bulge in my tight jeans. I managed to slip my hand down and she turned enough to allow me to squeeze her breast. I was becoming so hot and horny I really was glad when we stopped at the terminal. It was slightly embarrassing Escort to get out what with my woody hanging down my pant leg for all to see. I focused on something else and it finally began to give me relief, but refused to go completely limp.

We both had to behave ourselves on the plane. I was never so happy in my life when we finally landed, got our luggage and sped to her house. At last, we were alone in her huge house. It had been more than a year since the last time we had fondled each other as we clutched together tightly just inside the front door. Without anything being said we pressed our bodied hard to the other and kissed passionately. Our tongues lashed out and fought, neither of us winning. My groin pressed hard to hers and she responded just the same.

“You’ll have to wait a couple of days,” she panted as we parted. “It’s my time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun like we used to.”

She ripped open her blouse with the buttons flying all over the place. I gaped at her very naked breasts and watched as she quickly knelt and opened my pants. Woody had returned and she grasped him tightly.

“Oh, my, but you certainly have grown since the last time. I hate to waste such a big thick cock, but this will have to do for now.” Her hand began pumping me, stroking my thick hard shaft as she gently cupped and squeezed my nut sack. Even though I had just bedded Susan the night before I still was more than ready and willing for more. Aunt Sally quickly brought me to climax and I covered most of her naked breasts with huge amounts of my creamy seed. As she had done before she lifted her hand when I was done and licked herself clean.

“Now, off to bed young man. Tomorrow’s a big day I want you well rested.”

I was really hoping for more, like getting to touch and play with her breasts, but all I got was her sexy smile as she rubbed my cream into her skin. She claimed it helped keep her skin smooth and young.

“Wake up sleep head,” she called out. Aunt Sally grabbed the covers and pulled them down. There I was naked. I had long before taken to sleeping naked and found it much more comfortable. “Well, look what we have here,” she said staring at my thick hardon. “Looks to me like you need to go to the bathroom.”

I quickly sat on the edge of the bed with my hands trying to cover myself. Aunt Sally scolded me saying I shouldn’t try to hide what nature has given. Be proud she said and let it all hang out. I got up and padded to the bathroom, my swollen hard organ bouncing and leading the way. She leaned against the doorway and watched.

“There, now doesn’t that feel better?” she asked when I was done. “OK, for now slip on a pair of shorts and come to breakfast.”

Ham and eggs, my favorite, was waiting on the table. I was famished and rapidly wolfed down the groceries. Full I pushed away my plate and Aunt Sally washed it.

“Now go take a shower and get all cleaned up and ready for company,” she turned and smiled to me. “I have a special surprise just for you.”

I tried not to think of what she had in mind. My mind kept going back to the ride to the airport and how nice her breasts felt after so long without them. I kept seeing her naked breasts last night and found myself growing rapidly as my hands reached down and soaped my privates. My organ was almost fully erect and thoughts of jerking myself off raced through my mind, but I didn’t want to spoil anything. I quickly finished my shower and shaved. There was some really smelly aftershave lotion that I slapped on my face and then I got dressed. Aunt Sally had laid out some clothes for me. A pair of rather baggy loose fitting shorts and tank top. I couldn’t find any underwear so decided to not bother. Socks and tennis shoes finished off my attire and I went to the front room.

“Well, Aunt Sally, what do you think?” I asked seeing her on the sofa and turning around so she could see all of me.

“Nice,” she smiled. “Very nice. Look, Ted, I want you to do something for me. From now on call me Sally and not Aunt. I expect to entertain quite a bit this summer and you’ll find out soon enough why I don’t want everybody knowing you are my nephew. Trust me on this and I’ll make sure it’s worth your while, if you catch my meaning.” This last part she said with a wicked grin. “Now, come sit beside me. I promised you a big surprise and intend to deliver.” She patted the cushion and I sat beside her.

The t.v. was already on when Sally picked up the remote for the VCR machine. She pressed the play button and the screen fluttered before becoming clear. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was us barely in the room and she was ripping off her blouse. I watched the replay of last night unfold all the way to her completion of jerking me off and licking my cream from her hand. I felt my pecker snaking it’s way down the loose leg of my shorts and that’s when I first noticed just how short the legs were. It only took a few minutes of seeing her whipping my rod on the screen to begin developing an erection, only instead up rising upwards it hung down. By now two inches of my organ was exposed and still growing thick and hard. Sally wasn’t watching the t.v. She was watching me.

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