My First Anal


My First AnalIt was the 70’s i was a young curious boy who’s parent’s never talked to me about. I was 10 and started to suck an older boys BBC in a shed down the alley. The shed was a hangout for older boys in my neigborhood. The older boy told me he and his friends would meet in the shed and jerk off to porn magazines. I sucked his BBC the first time when i seen him playing with it in another room in the shed. His BBC was 12′ long when i measured it and i was able to take 8″ of it in my mouth and down my throat. It toke me a while but i got used to sucking it with out gagging. I really started to enjoy the taste of his warm salty cum in my mouth and would swallow all of it. It was a Monday and he had told me Saturday, that he would have a suprise for me. I was so excited to see what it was. I slipped out the back gate in my yard, being carefull that none of my sister;s seen leaving. I walked down the alleyand headed to the shed. I would knock on the side of it to be sure he was the only one in it. He was and i entered and headed to the back room. He had already pulled his shorts down and was stroking his BBC. I pulled my tee shirt off and my shorts and got on my knees, taking his BBC in my mouth. I first kissed and lick on the head and then slide bahis şirketleri it pass my lips to suck on it. It was warm and i enjoyed feeling his BBC swell in my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth faster and pushing the back of my head forward. He jerked and shot his warm salty load down the back of my throat. I sucked and licked up ever drop of cum from his BBC. I kept it in my mouth tell his was limp. He set down in a chair in the corner and i set down in his lap. He started to French kiss me running his tounge in my mouth and sucking on my tounge. This made me get a 5″ hard on. It was not long be for his BBC, was hard again. He had a bag setting in the corner and told me to hand it to him, so he could gime me my suprise. I handed it to him and he reached in side and toke out a jar of vaseline. it was not the suprise i thought. i was wondering whar he was going to do with a jar of vaseline. He then told me to get on my knees in the chair with my little ass facing him. Like a good sisy boy i always did what he told me. Then he started to lick my asshole. It was nice and warm having his tounge probe my asshole and really made my little dick hard. He then rubbed vaseline on my asshole and started to finger me in my ass. It was felt even better bahis firmaları then sucking his BBC. It did not take him long before he had three fingers up my ass. He then pulled them out and said he was going to stick his BBc in my ass. He told me that he would put vaseline on his dick, so it would slide in nice and easy. The head slide in first it was really tight and hurt a little bit. He slowly slide more and more of his BBC in my ass. He told me to relax, as i toke more and more of his BBC. I finally had 6″ of his BBC up my ass and it was starting to feel really good. I Could only take 9″ of his BBC in my has and he started to fuck my ass faster and faster. I had a hard on and precum was dripping out of my little dick. He kept telling me how he loved fucking my tight sissy boy ass. I told him hoe i loved having his BBC, in my sissy boy ass. I had not realized it, but he now had all 12′ of his BBC in my tight sissy boy ass and i could feel his balls bounceing off my ass cheeks. We both were moaning as his hand gripped my shoulders and he thrust that BBC in my tight sissy boy ass. By now my little dick was hard as a rock and i was shooting my small cum load in the chair. It was the best feeling i had ever had. Tehn he told me he was going to cum. kaçak bahis siteleri He started to jerk as his BBC was sliding in my ass, i then felt his warm cum in my ass. He kept fucking me tell all of his cum was in my ass. He lay forward and i could feel the weight of his boy on top of me. His warm BBC was starting to get limp inside my ass. He raised up and slide his BBC, out of my ass. I could feel his warm cum running out of my ass and down my legs. He stuck his tounge up to my ass and started to lick the cum as it ran out. It was a lot and he started to french kiss me in the mouth, so i could taste his warm salty cum. As we kissed i notied his BBC was getting hard again. I bent over in the chair and told him i wanted his BBC in my tight sissy ass. He put more vaseline on my asshole and on his BBC. It was not long before he had all of his BBC up my tight sissy ass again. I could feel his balls again bouncing off the cheeks of my sissy ass. It did not take me long to shot my small cum load. It also did not take him very long to cum in my tight sissy ass again. The reat of the week we would meet in the shed and he would fuck my tight sissy ass. We would try different positions. My favorite positon was facing him setting in his lap, as he slide his BBC in tight my sissy ass. He would fuck me as we French kissed. He shot his cum in my tight sissy ass and i shot my little cum load on his stomach. I would always have him pull out so he could shot his warm salty cum in my mouth.

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