My first bisexual experience


My first bisexual experienceTrue Story (I know, everyone says that, but this is true)When I was 20 years old I attended a small University in a small College town. I was a great experience. Over half of the town was College k**s so there was always a party or event to go to. I had been dating a girl that I was head over heels in love with for two years at this point. One day my friends let me know she was cheating on me and I was devastated. I confronted her and long story short, we broke up. At first I acted like any other immature 20 year old who just lost their first real girlfriend, very depressed. Sitting in my room, curtains drawn, listening to sad songs depressed. After a few weeks of that I started to get over it. I realized I was living in the perfect atmosphere to find a rebound and move on. Hell, even better than that, I was going to find someone better.So, I started going to clubs, parties and events Thursday thru Sunday. Reggae nights on Thursday, back yard parties on Fridays, Clubs on Saturdays and whatever I could find on Sundays. It wasn’t too long before I remembered that I was quite shy and not the best at picking up women. Well, to be truthful, I was horrible at it. I would get very nervous, start to stutter and eventually scare any interested woman away. I became depressed again.This was the late 1990’s (yes I’m old, 40 to be exact) and the internet chat scene was just starting to bloom. Not sure if anyone remember the old yahoo profile pages and messenger. At this point I discovered it and loved how I could search through local woman to chat with. Each profile page had the users basic information and a quick introduction paragraph. I had a few interesting chats but nothing materialized. One late evening I was on yahoo and there was only one woman who was also online at that time. I read her profile and sent her a message. This is before everyone had digital media, so no profile ever had a picture. You just had to go off of the description in the profile. She was in her mid 30’s described herself as a bbw and a Domme. I was not familiar with either term.She messaged me back and we had the normal introductory chat. What part of town we lived in, where we were from, interests and hobbies, stuff like that. I then asked her about what a BBW was. She explained Big Beautiful Woman and that she was a bigger woman. I had always been attracted to larger ladies, so that definitely peaked my interest. I then asked her what a Domme was. It took a little time for a response and when she did she asked for my phone number. Said it was something better explained verbally. Now a days I wouldn’t give my phone number out to anyone on the internet, but I was young and dumb, so I gave it to her.She called with in seconds of me sending the message. I was so nervous when I picked up the phone. She introduced herself as Cindy and we talked a bit about life. Finally she said “So you want to know what a Domme is huh?”“Sure” I answered.“Have you ever heard of bondage?”“You mean whips and chains stuff?”“Kinda. I am a Dominant Woman. I like to control my partner in and out of bed. I’m looking for a guy who is open to being led. Someone who is willing to open their mind to a different aspect of intimacy.”This intrigued me. Since I was the shy type, this form of relationship might be perfect for me. A woman who makes the decisions. Someone who knows what she wants. We had a great conversation. One of those that seems quick but when you look at the clock you realize its been hours. We talked over the phone for a few weeks. In the beginning it was fun conversations but eventually it became serious. She began to test me. I had to call her at the same time every day to check in. She then started to give me tasks I had to complete. One was that I had to go to the store, buy a pair of women’s panties and wear them the next day at school. I found this strangely exciting.A couple weeks later we met for the first time. We arranged a coffee date and I showed up early. She was already there and smiled when she saw me. This was the first time I saw her and was scared when I first laid eyes on her. She was beautiful. She was a larger lady but in an amazing way. Thick thighs, waist and beautiful face with a slightly evil smile. She stood up, hugged for a second and I started to sit down.“No, no. Not yet. You need to get me some coffee first” she explained.My first real task. I got her order and proceeded to follow though on her wishes. A coffee with 3 sugars and a half of crème. I had to get it right. Didn’t want to disappoint. I then returned to the table with her kaçak iddaa coffee. Sher took a sip.“Perfect. Thank you pet. Are you wearing them?’I lowered the waist of my pants to show her that I was wearing the panties that I had bought.“Good boy”We chatted and hit it off. She loved my shy side. After about an hour she invited me over to her place. I of course said yes.“As if you had any other choice pet”At her place she further explained the art of being a Domme. She showed me her toy collection, which was extensive, and talked about how she was a sensual Domme. Although she would use whips occasionally, she was more into physical side of things. I was so hard at this point. She could see the bulge in my pants and told me to take off my clothes. After disrobing began to take the panties of and she said, “Oh no, not those you keep those on cutie.” She was wearing a knee length dress and at this point she pulled it up exposing her vagina.“Come here, let me show you how I like to be treated” she said. I then began to pleasure her as she schooled me on the art of cunnlingus. She was like the person who guides the plane in to the gate. “Touch here, lick there, a little to the left, that’s right, there you go.”I guess you can say we became fast friends. After a few meetings I was given instructions on how I was expected to act. I had to come to her house on certain days of the week to perform chores. I was given a few outfits that I had to wear. I guess a sort of uniform. Mainly short shorts, tight tank top, knee high socks. I had to wear it whether she was there or not. I had a key, so there were some days that I would be alone, washing dishes, cleaning out the cat box, etc. One day she came home early and I was wearing the outfit. She was so proud and that was the first day I got to actually have sex with her. The first day since we met where I was allowed to finish. The first few months went by fast. She was slowly moving me along throughout the submissive process. Introducing me to new things like queening, cbt, chastity, etc. Throughout she would subtly bring up anal. How she enjoyed watching gay porn and that if I was ever interested, she would love to introduce me to it. I was the jock type and the thought of anal was gross to me.I know this has been quite an introduction to a story but here’s where it gets interesting. One day she called me early in the morning. She had party the night before and needed me to clean up. I wasn’t in the mood but said I would come by later. “No, now” she commanded. I was busy with school and didn’t have time for it. So, I got out of bed, b put on my school clothes and went over to clean her house. No uniform, just normal clothes. She would be at work and wouldn’t notice. That was my mistake. As I opened her front door, there she was waiting for me. This was a test.“What god awful looking garment is that?” she asked angerly. “Pet, I don’t think your taking Me seriously. This is not going to work.”I begged her to give me another chance. “Well you will need to be punished.” This may have been meant to scare me, but for some reason I was very turned on. She led me to her bedroom and handcuffed me to her large bed. It was an older wooden bed with posts at each corner, each post was perfectly 2 arm lengths apart. Once handcuffed I had little wiggle room. “You want to make this right?”“Yes Ma’am”She then pulled out an oddly shaped item. “You know what you have to do.”I actually didn’t. I had never seen anything like it. It looked like a large pacifier. She then lubed it up and I knew instantly where she wanted to put it. “Do you want my forgiveness?”“Yes Ma’am”“Good”She then gagged me and proceed to place the large pacifier up my ass. It hurt like hell. Eventually the whole thing was in and my rectum closed around it. She then began to stroke me off.“You can’t leave until you cum” she advised. It seemed like forever, but the pain started to subside and I finally finished. It was the most amazing ejaculation I had ever felt. After she uncuffed me I told her as much and she smiled.“Finally, I can do what I want to you.”After that she slowly started to do what she called “opening you up”. She would place larger plugs in my ass to her enjoyment. She loved the pain it caused me and that I was so dedicated to her that I was doing something I didn’t like to please her. Soon she introduced me to her strap on. She was very delicate in the beginning, but soon moved on to pile driving me. She loved it. Loved whispering in my ear as she did it. “You are such a slut. This is bigger than I have ever had in my pussy. Such a good whore kaçak bahis you are. Imagine how a real dick would feel”. One day she told me to dress up nice. Suit and tie nice. She was going to reward me for my dedication. We went to a very nice dinner. A real date. She looked amazing in her dress and leggings. She talked about how she was falling in love with me and that although we had an age difference, she could see us being together a long time. I was in love with her also and loved our romantic dinner. After we pulled up to a place I had never heard of. It was a place that had natural hot springs. You could rent an area where they would fill up a large tub with natural hot spring water and sit. “I don’t have a swim suit” I joked.“Oh pet, you don’t need one” she responded. “You’ll love this. We can relax and you can give me one of those great back rubs.”We checked in, went to our area and started to undress. Each tub was surround by a tall wooden fence for privacy. You first entered a small room, took off your clothes and went out a back door to the tub. We sat down, started to make out and then I began to massage her. With out warning there was a knock at the door.“Cindy, you in there?” a woman’s voice said.“Come on in sweetie.” Cindy replied.I was in the state of shock. Are we going to have a threesome? Nope. Soon saw a couple enter our area and begin to undress. I was nervous and a little mad. I was in no mood to be naked in front of a couple I was not familiar with. Cindy could see I was a little put off and said, “Relax, you’ll love this”. The couple then entered our tub. They were both in very good shape. The woman was skinny with small features and the guy was built. Like six pack and huge pecs built. “So, this is the young man you have been telling us about” the other woman said. They sat down and we had some small talk. They brought some alcohol and we began to drink. I was starting to feel more comfortable (alcohol does that) and began to open up. We had some laughs and as time went by I thought “Maybe we are just going to hang out”. After a few laughs things became silent.“He’s so cute” the other woman said to Cindy, “Where did you find him”“Lucked out I guess” Cindy replied, “So are we ready for some games”. The other coupled laughed.“Games?” I asked.“You’ll love this” Cindy whispered in my ear again. “We are going to play a form of Truth or Dare, except you do get a turn. We just tell you what to do.”My first thought was to run. But I looked at Cindy and she seemed so happy with our current situation. I was in love with her and would do anything for her. Plus, what could be the worst thing to happen. She said she was falling for me too. So there’s no way she would make me do something I didn’t want to do.The guy spoke first. “Come sit next to me” he said. Running again entered my mind. I looked at the lady’s and they smiled with anticipation. I then shimmied my way over to the gentlemen and sat next to him.“My turn” the other woman said. “Have you ever felt another mans cock?”“No” I said. Part of it was an answer to her question, the other part was “No” I don’t want to. The gentle man grabbed my hand and placed it in his lap. He was already erect. He was slightly larger than me but not large by any stretch of the imagination. “Go on” the gentleman said.I then grabbed it and he slightly shivered as I did so. His face also lit up and he was truly excited.“Stroke It” the other woman commanded. I then began to stroke it under the water.“Good! Feel his shaft, work your way up to the head and then back down.”I did as I was told. I felt the veins on his cock as I worked my way up to the head. His head was much larger that his shaft and I could feel it throb. He gave out a small moan as I stroked it. “Your good” he said.“Had a lot of practice on myself I guess.” I replied. The ladies laughed when they heard that.“My turn” Cindy let out excitedly. With out warning the guy got up and sat on the corner of the tub. Cindy looked at me with the most devilish grin.“You’re a good pet, right?” she asked.“Yes Ma’am.”“Good boy. Put it in your mouth”, she commanded. I hesitated. “Suck his dick boy!’ she then exclaimed. I did not want to do this but she had a way a about her. I was under her spell and would do anything she said. I placed my mouth around the head of his penis and tasted cock for the first time. Since we were in the hot tub is was clean and I would find out days later what a cock tasted like without the cleaning waters of the hot spring. I tightened my lips around his cock and started down the shaft. I quickly gagged and almost threw illegal bahis up. I was embarrassed, I couldn’t do it. I looked up expecting the ladies to be disappointed, but to my surprise, they loved it. They were now sitting on the edge of the tub also and playing with each other.“It gets easier” the other woman said. “Relax your mouth and throat. Just go up and down, each time you go down try to go a little further.”I was having a tough time. Cindy saw I was struggling and came up from behind me. She then reached around me and began to stroke my cock.“There you go pet, a little farther this time. That’s good.” I slowly started to loosen up and was able to go a little faster. She then grabbed the back of my head and began to guide me. “Lets see if you can go all the way down”I gagged again. The lady’s both let out a happy sigh. They loved it.“Wow, he’s getting good” the man said and then pulled his cock out of my mouth.“Suck his balls” the other woman commanded. I then placed my lips around one of his testicles. “Good, now massage it with your tongue while sucking on it.” I did as I was told. He then replaced his cock back in my mouth and I began to suck again. I could feel both women’s hands on the back of my head at this point. I continued to suck and was eventually able to take his whole cock in my mouth. I then tasted some precum that had just came out his dick. Very salty.“Such a good whore, isn’t he?” Cindy asked.“Yes” the couple said simultaneously.“Let’s move this forward.” The other woman recommended. I looked at her with his cock still in my mouth. “Yes, lets” the man said. He pulled me up out of the water and grabbed my cock. “You ready?” he asked as if I knew what was going to happen next. I looked at Cindy and said “What ever you want”.“Such a good whore” Cindy repeated. The man then turned me around and bent me over the side of the tub. I couldn’t see anything but the fence in front of me. I was so nervous. I then felt the head of his cock against my rectum. He slowly started to enter. I whimpered in pain.“Its Ok whore, just go with it” Cindy said.He then entered deeper. It was so painful and I pulled away. He grabbed my by my sholders and pulled me back. Cindy was beside me now and whispered in my ears, “You love me don’t you? Take it for me whore.” He then began to thrust, going deeper each time. I squeeled, which made the women moan with excitement. Cindy rejoined her friend and they began to play with each other. With each thrust it became easier, but was still slightly painful. The ladies were laugh and cat calling me.“Such a good whore, take that cock”“Go deeper, use that slut”“I think he’s starting to like it”Eventually he was able to go all the way in and I could feel his hips hit me as he fucked me. I was a good whore and I was surprisingly starting to like it. Then his dick felt like it slightly grew. His veins felt like the had enlarged and he began to moan. My hands were supporting me on the side of the pull. As I felt him begin to ejaculate I came also. It was weird. I didn’t know how I could cum with out being touch, but I did. He finished and feel into the tub with a splash.“I’m done how bout you guys?” he asked the ladies.“I squirted at least 3 times” the other woman said.“Me too” Cindy acknowledged.At this point I began to feel some sort of remorse. Felt used and dirty. Cindy could sense that and massaged my back saying “You did so good pet”. I then explained that I had come also and she shrieked with excitement. “Without touching yourself? You are a good whore.”That was my first bi experience. After that I slept over at Cindy’s house for the first time and cuddled the whole night. When I woke up the next morning I had such a pain in my ass. I was expecting it because I had felt that before with a strap on but this was slightly more painful. She opened her eyes and said “I love you”. She explained that this had always been her fantasy but never experienced it before. She expressed how happy she was that I did this for her and then told me that I was going to move in with her. I did not have a choice. I was her pet and id as she wanted. I moved in and became her bitch. We dated a little over a year. Things between us and the couple became frequent. Sometimes she would leave me a note telling me that the guy was going to come over while she was at work and to please him. I had to video tape it and she would watch when she got home. We would watch it together and she critiqued me on how to be a better whore. Sadly, after I graduated, I moved back home to help with the family business. Cindy and I had long distance relationship for a time, but it didn’t work out. I eventually settled down, got married and had a family. I have never had a bi experience again but often miss the feeling I had when I was with my lovely Cin.

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