My first couple experience – Part 1


My first couple experience – Part 1I’ve been asked about this a few times by couples I’m about to meet, so I thought I’d share it on here. All names have been changed to protect the identity of all people in this story. All meets are confidential and I only share stories, for which I have permission from the other participants.I’m going back to 2017. I was in Newcastle for a business meeting that was supposed to last 3 days, but because of a delayed flight from one of the parties, I was stuck in Blackpool for longer and had a few days to kill. So I extended my stay at the hotel, showered and decided to go for a night out. I was alone, but managed to make a few friends. I have always been very social and seem to make friends easily. We had had quite a few drinks when we entered our third bar. It wasn’t as busy as the other bars, but nonetheless it was packed. We were standing at the bar, waiting to be served. My eyes were skimming around the place when I saw a woman looking straight at me, sipping her drink without breaking eye contact. I didn’t think much of it as there were other guys at the bar and she may have been illegal bahis looking for her mates. After picking up our drinks, we managed to find a couple of bar stools free at a table. I started drinking my Black Label on the rocks, and turned my head and coincidentally we were sitting one table away from the brunette I saw earlier. I thought I’d tell the chaps and it went something like this:Me: “Don’t look now guys, but I think the girl with the black hair is looking at me”Friend 1: *Looking straight at her without trying to be inconspicuous* “SHE IS LOOKING AT YOU!”Me: *Facepalm* “Say it louder, I don’t think she heard you(!)” Friend 2: *Covering F1’s mouth knowing he is about to scream at the top of his lungs*While the two lads were wrestling with each other, I turned to look and she gave me a little wave. I waved in return. She then gestured me to come over. I turned to look at the lads to tell them I was going over to the lady, but seeing one giving the other a headlock, I realised they wouldn’t notice. I picked up my drink and went over to her. I went over to her and she gave me a one arm hug and a kiss on illegal bahis siteleri the cheek, as if I was an old friend. I offered to buy her a drink but she refused. We chatted for about 15 minutes – name, age, what we do, where we’re from, etc. Her name was Chloe, 31 from Newcastle. After two more drinks each, I came out and asked her:Me: “Was it me, or were you looking at me when I was at the bar?”Chloe: “You’re standing here talking to me. You tell me” *laughs*Me: “Fair point” *laughs*Chloe: “There is one question I have for you”Me: “Shoot”Chloe: “Is it true what they say about black guys?”Me: *laughs* “I don’t know what you mean”Chloe: “You know… big down there”Me: “It is!”Chloe: “I need some proof though”That is when she took me by the belts of my jeans and led me outside the bar. I grabbed her hand and she took me to a little park a minute away from the bar. I was looking left to right to make sure nobody was around. She sat me down on a bench and squatted down. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. At this point, my cock had already gone rock hard. I’m 11.5” and it was difficult to pull out, canlı bahis siteleri but as soon as she saw the base of my cock, she whipped my cock out. Her eyes were huge and her mouth open for a few seconds. She looked at me as if to say “It is HUGE!” Before I could say anything, she started to lick the head of my cock with her tongue, circling it slowly to tease me. Before I knew it, she had half of my cock in her mouth, coughing and gagging as she tried to take more. I vividly remember her eyes watering, from the mascara that was smearing down her face. She was rubbing my cock up and down with both hands as she sucked harder and harder. She urged me to cum and as if on cue, I gave her an oral creampie. My cock throbbing in her mouth as I felt my cum shooting down her throat. We heard a car approaching and we quickly fixed ourselves and left the park. After walking for a few minutes, trying to keep our hands off of one another, Chloe called for a taxi. We got in together, imagining all the things we will do to each other. It pulled up at a large house. She paid for the taxi and i followed her. She ran to the door and quickly unlocked it. I pushed my tongue down her throat, thinking I could taste myself on her tongue. As we went in, I looked to my side. I broke the kiss and saw a man sitting on the sofa watching TV. It was her husband.Comment and Follow for Part 2

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