My First Encounter with a Man (Part 1)

My First Encounter with a Man (Part 1)When I got to my late 20’s I had had a few girlfriends but nothing long term, a few one night stands. I had bought my own place which I took time doing up. The internet was up and running and I suppose if it wasn’t for buying a pc things probably wouldn’t have gone much further.I never forgot those first steps with my pal (first story) exploring and taking those first sexual steps. So at the time if I wasn’t fantasizing about Bo Derek I would still masturbate thinking about him and guys.I used to search for porn using the new pc. That was the time when you had to download stuff and then view it. It wouldn’t always be what it said it was in the description! Then I stumbled across a Gumtree ad. They did personals back then. Basically it was a married guy, who wanted to experience so fun with a male. He lived in my town!I replied to the ad and told about my limited experience and I was willing to give things a go. Discretion was guaranteed.About a week later I got an email! He said he’d nearly given up has he had time wasters and weirdos message him. He liked what I had told him. We started to email fairly regularly, he wasn’t pushy at all. In fact he was real patient and said I could take my time. I also told him I had a small cock …even this didn’t put him off lolIt must have been about 5 months, yes I know I’m slow!! We had swapped photos and I could tell he was keen on meeting. It was whatever I wanted. His house, or a coffee or beer somewhere else.I feel bad saying this but twice we arranged to meet at a pub …and I bottled it. One I didn’t go and the other I went to the car park but couldn’t get out the car with nerves, and drove off. Even then he said he understood, wasn’t annoyed and said just take my time.His reaction did reassure meThen must have been 3 weeks later …it was a Monday morning. We both must have osmaniye escort been off from our shifts, I don’t remember exactly. But an email got an instant reply. We realised we were both online. He said how about it? I had been out with my mates the night before and I am sure I must have had a bit of dutch courage inside me …I said yes!We arranged to meet at a car park we both knew for a cafe just off the main road. 20mins later I’m pulling in, heart is pounding!! This car pulls up slowly alongside with his window down, it was him. I remember thinking he looked ok …that sounds gay doesn’t it!?He said did I want to go in for a cuppa …or have one at his. I said his. So followed his car out and off behind him.We parked outside his house and went inside together. Even though we had been in touch for ages and talked about everything under the sun being face to face still felt awkward. He made us a tea and we went into his lounge. Making some chit chat, he then said he could put on a DVD.As he sat back on the sofa next to me, slightly closer this time. A gay DVD started playing …like a roman toga type of thing.He then started stroking the inside of my thigh, god my heart felt like it was going to burst out my chest. Even though I had drunk some tea my mouth was dry. “Are you into kissing?” I remember him saying. Now this seemed a really gay thing to do.I dunno was what I said. Then he just came in and started kissing me! Now I will be honest with …it didn’t actually feel that bad.One hand was on my stomach, then chest then before I knew it my t-shirt was off. Then he was into my jeans, feeling about all the time, still kissing me. My pants were soon down to my knees.I was getting a semi but praying it would get bigger …and quick too.But then he just stood up, moved into the middle of his room and whipped his t-shirt off. He was pretty escort osmaniye toned and muscley. I must have looked a sight. I was fairly skinny back then. Sitting on this stranger’s sofa naked apart from my pants round my ankles lol He was older than me, mid 30’s I’d say.Then he undoes his belt and drops his jeans and flicks then away.Now I can STILL picture the sight that was standing in front of me! He had these figure hugging black boxer short style pants on …but this bulge went horizontal to his hip!!I must have been transfixed because at one point he said “Come on then “!I pulled my pants right off now and got on my knees and moved across the carpet to him. I looked up at him as I reached to each side with my fingers and eased his boxers off.My god this cock just sprang out …my first man’s erect penis! I’d seen pictures he had sent me but they definitely didn’t do him justice. Made me feel very inadequate!I reached up and held it with one hand …it was solid! I moved in and place the tip in my open mouth. I remember it felt like rubber lolI was licking it trying to put it in my mouth and just looking at it as well. I’d pull out and down then let go and it’d spring back against his body.I think he must have tired of me playing with it because he then put a hand on my head. His cock was in my mouth and it wasn’t coming out this time. Thankfully I remember he was gentle. As I got it in halfway I could feel myself gagging so was pleased he didn’t force it. I persevered, even with my eyes bulging and more coughing and spluttering I did get it all in, and I felt my nose against his pubes.Both his hands I remember were now on my head and he began to pull me in and out onto his shaft. My mouth was aching!! But eventually he released me. I leant back, coughing and wiping saliva away from my mouth and then said the dumbest thing “I got it all osmaniye escort bayan in”He didn’t give me any plaudits lol …but laid down on the carpet and said “get on top of me in a 69”. Great I thought he’s going to suck me.I did as I was told and soon had his cock back in my throat but this time at my pace. Yes, he did put my cock in his mouth and started sucking. Wow I thought, and was actually now enjoying the whole thing….But what seemed like a short time, stopped sucking me, gave a little wriggle from underneath me …and now with a hand on each arse cheek spread me apart and started licking my arsehole.WHAT THE FUCK! Never knew such a thing occurred and it was being done to me!!I have to admit to you it felt bloody lovely….it’s still the only time that has happened to me ….and in what felt like less than a minute I heard him say “I’m going to cum”I just carried on sucking and gripping his cock with a hand until I felt this warm liquid in my mouth, I let it run out, over his cock and my hand and wanked him looking at his shiny cock and my wet hand.When I felt him moving, I took that as a hint to get up. As he rolled over and got to his knees I was in front of him. I held my cock which was hard thankfully he opened his mouth and let me put it in. Now I was getting sucked off …first bloody time, so wasn’t going to stop. I actually copied him (thinking that was the thing to do) and grabbed his head and went in and out of his mouth with it.I’m just under 5” when hard but its slim too, so didn’t feel too bad as I was now ramming his face. There was no struggle from him. Maybe I should have warned him but ….I didn’t and ejaculated into his mouth.He pushed against my thighs and my cock slipped out of his mouth, I looked down and saw a globule of my cum on his carpet. He stood up …I don’t really remember much else what was said but we did go to his kitchen naked and rinsed our mouths.I got dressed and thanked him for the whole thing, being patient and letting me come to house.There was a follow up to this encounter, which I will write up next. Thank you for reading and leave a comment if you like.

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