My first ever facial…have loved them ever since


My first ever facial…have loved them ever sinceMy first ever facial happened quite by accident. While I really love getting all dolled up and being treated like a girl by a man by going out to dinner, flirting, kissing, cuddling, making out and treated special, just like any real woman enjoys. I also love pleasing men and get immense pleasure in getting them off however I can. While I had been sucking dick and getting fucked for several years and had my ass cummed on, I had never up to this point let a man cum on my face. I loved the taste and texture of man jizz so much and taken great care with making sure my makeup was just right to look as much like a real woman as I could, I didn’t want to mess it up, and the idea of cum on my face never crossed my mind and never appealed to me. I had been with a lot of married men whose wives wouldn’t suck their dicks or wouldn’t swallow their load if they did that I was glad to let them experience that with me. At the time I worked Mon to Fri and would usually play on Friday nights and off and on all day Saturday and Sunday, I just couldn’t get enough cock on the weekends. Come the weekend I was a total slut. Many encounters were one on one, but occasionally would have 2 guys at once. I had started to chat online with this other CD that lived nearby and we made plans to get together the next weekend and invited a 3rd CD and then invited 3 guys to join us. Six people would be a crowd at my small apartment, but I figured I could handle it. So the invitations to all went out and at the last minute one of the girls cancelled on me, so I figured 2 girls and 3 guys would be fun.I took güvenilir bahis special care to look my best that night, took a long hot bubble bath, shaved my legs and everywhere else. I painted my toenails and finger nails to match my red lipstick. Wore a red lace thong and matching bra, black garter belt, sheer stockings, ultra short mini skirt and a low cut sexy top. I chose my 5” pumps and sexy long blonde wig (it really is true that blondes do have more fun lol). I put my bangle bracelets (love how they move and shake as Im stroking a cock) and long necklace. Finally some sweet smelling perfume and I was ready for my guests.So at the appointed time the guys all showed up within 10 minutes of one another and we sat around and talked, drank some adult beverages and waited for the other girl. Well she never showed, so now it was me with 3 horny guys, all wanting to bust a nut. I began making out with one of the guys and fondling him thru his jeans as one of the other guys caressed my sexy legs and up my skirt to my pretty little bulge. It wasn’t long before all of the guys were naked and hard and I sat in the middle on the couch, a cock in each hand and the 3rd guy kissing his way up my legs, under my skirt to my thighs. . I had had enough touching and kissing and I needed a cock in my mouth, so I leaned over and took the one guys 7 incher between my red lips. The guy on the floor was now sucking my little clitty as the other lifted my skirt and began playing with my ass and finger fucking me. It was a little cramped on the couch so I suggested we move to the bedroom and my king sized bed. I kneeled between the one guys türkçe bahis legs and resumed sucking his beautiful 7 inch cock, showing him how I like to go deep on it and hold there for a minute. The guy beside him had a nice 5 incher that I stroked and took turns sucking both of them, moving from one to the other. The 3rd guy was behind me and was now eating my ass pussy, which I absolutely love and makes me moan just like a real girl. Then he stopped and I felt the tip of his hard cock pressing against my tight little hole, and before I knew it he was inside of me. He began pumping my ass and slapped my bare ass and calling me his little bitch and whore. As he did this one of the other guys said, “suck my cock you little slut”. OMG, I love verbal men and love dirty nasty talk. He pulled out of my ass and told me to lay on my back. I laid down and he first sucked my clit which was hard as anything and then got on top of me, lifted my legs and resumed fucking me like this. If you’ve never had a man lay on top of you it is the ultimate in making you feel like a true woman. In the meantime the other 2 kneeled beside my face and took turns putting their cock in my mouth. The one guy kept telling me how good I was at sucking dick, the best he ever had he claimed. The 7 incher began pumping my mouth pretty hard, throat fucking me which I really do love, as the other kept on fucking my tight pussy. I was jacking the 5 incher as the 7 incher began to moan and grunt and knew he was about to fill my mouth with his load. It spurt out of his cock and into my hungry mouth and it was delicious, probably the best cum I had ever tasted, güvenilir bahis siteleri and I had tasted a lot. I gently squeezed his balls and milked his cock dry making sure to get all of his seed. He got off the bed and went to the bathroom and I turned my head to work on the 5 incher, but before I could put my lips on it, he was stroking his cock and began to cum onto my face. I tried to get my mouth on it, but his hand was in the way and he just kept on cumming more and more, all over my face. I had it in my eye on my cheeks nose and chin and I loved how it felt on my face, so warm and gooey, then he leaned over and began licking my face and kissing me, sharing both his cum and the other guys, which was still in my mouth. The guy fucking me picked up the pace now and began pounding me really hard and announced “can I cum inside you”? I asked if he was married, as I only let married men cum in my ass, figuring they are safer and clean. He said Yes, and I told him he could cum anywhere he liked. The cum licker was now stroking my hard clit as the fucker pounded me even harder and faster. I started to cum in this guys hand just as the fucker started to grunt and shot his warm jiss deep into my ass cunt. He collapsed on top of me, his balls drained and I was proud of myself, knowing I had done my part to relieve the world of horny men. He got off the bed and for the first time I had laid eyes on his cock and it wasn’t quite soft yet and it was a good 8 inches. I leaned over and licked the the remaining cum from his cock. The guys all got dressed and as I walked them to the door my ass was dripping cum, leaving a trail on the carpet. They all said they wanted to see me again sometime, but only one of them eventually met up with me again. It was the guy that came on my face and the next time we met he did the same thing. Said he likes cumming on my face.

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