My First Nudist Experience


We moved to southern Illinois in mid summer, and after a few weeks some neighbors invited us to visit their summer cabin on the weekend. We had been to their house for dinner, and they to ours, and it seemed like a nice idea. They had a boat on a lake and offered to teach us to water ski.

We were going to all drive up together, and the trip there was just as expected: good conversation. I was taking a new job as a hospital administrator and my neighbor was an internist, both our wives were nurses- his worked at “our” hospital but my wife had not decided if she was going to work or not.

It was a beautiful day and when we got to the cabin and put our stuff in their guest bedroom, we returned to the main room and found both our hosts totally naked. “I suppose we should have told you that we go ‘au natural’ when we are up here, but decided to let you decide what you want to do when you got here and realized how secluded it is.”

I looked at Paula and she looked at me. We barely went naked in our own home, much less around strangers. We retreated to “our room” and Paula said, “why not?” it’s not like they expect to have sex with us. I was thinking “how do you know that?” but didn’t say it. So off with our clothes.

Very quickly we didn’t notice the lack of clothing! Paula and Barb went outside to look at the wild garden they have, and I stayed inside to help Stan with cleaning up the kitchen. As soon as the girls were out of hearing, Stan said, “You know Barb wants you to make love to her, don’t you?”

“No, how would I know that?”

“I’m telling you, that’s how you would know.”

“Is Barb telling Paula that you want to fuck her?”

“No, I don’t do that kind of stuff, I’m impotent.”

“Even with viagra and all the new poker oyna technology- you’re a doctor- couldn’t you do something?”

“I could, but it doesn’t bother me and I enjoy not having the tension that being horny used to bring. I do like to watch Barb have fun, and I do try to please her with my hands and mouth, but she really likes to have a cock in her now and then- and nobody needs to know but the three of us- OK?”

“I guess I will have to think about it- I don’t cheat on my wife.”

“This isn’t really cheating because there is no emotional aspect, it is just pleasure and helping out friends.”

“Yeah, but I think it would be considered cheating by Paula.”

“Just stay up late with us, Paula goes to bed early- she told Barb that she always does- and sleeps soundly. As soon as she is asleep, you and Barb can use our bedroom. Don’t you like Barb?”

The problem was that I liked Barb too much! Everything about her was totally sexy, and with her clothes off she looked even better- a lot of women do not look better nude, but she did! And she didn’t shave her bush at all – I LOVE that. I explained that I couldn’t decide, but I would stay up the way I usually do when Paula goes to bed early.

When the girls came back in, I took one look at Barb’s gorgeous body as she bent over and her breasts swung free, and got a total hard-on. Paula noticed and waved for me to go in the bedroom.

When I got there, she was right behind me and asked, “do you want me to take care of that for you?” I agreed and all she had to do was bend over the bed, and I slid right into her and started fucking her. Her pussy was already soaking wet! So she must have either become very excited by the sight of my erection (not likely) or had become excited before canlı poker oyna I did? (by what?).

I finished too fast, but even so Paula seemed to finish before me. As I was getting my breath and watching my cock shrink, Paula explained, “I need to confess that Barb likes me and started kissing me while we were outside… and she asked if she could kiss my pussy and I let her. That’s not really cheating on you, is it?”

“Is that all that happened?” I asked.

“Yes, just kissing and oral sex…”

“Both ways? did you do her?”

“Sure, I just did exactly what she did to me- before we were married, my sorority sisters and I always used to help each other out that way so we didn’t get pregnant- we were never horny when on a date!”

“Did you just finish while I was fucking you?” I asked.

“Yeah- I guess I had not really come down from earlier with Barb – maybe it is seeing everyone naked?”

Now I had to decide. If I asked.. If I told… would Paula want to fuck with Stan? did she know he couldn’t do that? I decided that since Stan couldn’t get stiff, there was no reason to not suggest that we do some “wife-swapping”, since Paula had already started that.

“So what do you think of me with Barb? Stan said Barb liked me.”

Paula smiled and said, “Barb already asked me if I would share you with her. I said it was OK, but did Stan want to share me? Do YOU want to share me with Stan?”

I smiled as I said that I didn’t want to share her, but that if she thought she would enjoy having sex with Stan, and I was there, and having sex with Barb.. it would be fun and not cheating.

So we went back in the main room, and explained that we had decided that we were going to have an “open marriage” for the duration internet casino of our weekend vacation with them. Stan and Barb both laughed and said “WONDERFUL” at about the same time.

“Let’s start NOW” exclaimed Stan, as he walked over to Paula and took her in his arms, fondling her breast as he kissed her.

His hand was soon at her pussy and he stated, “You two have been fucking, haven’t you? Your pussy is all wet and sticky! Let me clean it up for you!”

As I watched, he set her down on the chair and spread her legs, and began to lick her clean- showing all my cum on his tongue as he did so. Just about the time I thought he was done, Paula had another orgasm… and Stan stood up, revealing a stiff cock that was half again as long and half again as thick as mine!

Before I could say anything, he slid it into Paula easily, as she groaned with pleasure and I knew she would have another orgasm soon. Stan really knew how to use that tool, and switched positions from the chair to standing- he had her impaled on that huge cock and walked over to me asking if I wanted a better view of her pussy being stretched?

I was still realizing I had been scammed- but nothing to do about it now. And Paula’s pussy did seem to be having a good time, based on her groans of pleasure and the way her lips got pulled out each time Stan withdrew- he was in there tight!

He put her down in doggy position, and by the time he finished, she had come again, and I realized I was stiff again. I wanted to fuck Paula, but I realized that Barb was diddling her pussy while she had watched Stan fuck Paula. I looked at Paula and she said, “I’ve had enough… really! Let me watch you and Barb.”

And so… it was a very different weekend from what we had planned. But I find myself worrying that Paula will not get the same pleasure from my smaller cock now that she has been really filled and stretched. My own fault for being so self-assured when Stan told me he was impotent! Just desserts!

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