My First Real Experience

Big Tits

My friend and I went decided to go to Atlantic City for the weekend. He usually gets free rooms, and this particular weekend he was able to get one at the Water Club. The Water Club is a nice, pretty upscale hotel that is connected to the Borgota, a little off the boardwalk. I have stayed at the Borgota before, and while the rooms are bigger, they aren’t as nice as the Water Club.

Days leading up to the trip, my mind was racing with all types of thoughts. I don’t really get much sex or action from my wife and I am left watching a lot of online porn and even goofing around in a gay chat program. A number of times when I was in college, I would go to adult video stores and meet up with men to suck cocks, but it was nothing more than experimentation. I am not attracted to men, like I am women, but I do get horny a lot. This particular week I had been thinking about messing around and posting an ad on Craigslist saying that I’d be going to AC for the weekend and staying in the Water Club, if any nice older men wanted to hang out. Only half intending to actually do anything, I received a number of emails from horny and weird men over the next couple of days. Most lived somewhere in AC or were staying somewhere else on the boardwalk. I knew if I was going to hang out with a man, it had to be someone staying in either the Water Club or Borgota. I wasn’t going to be able to leave my friend for an extended period of time, and didn’t want to venture out and about in AC.

Saturday morning arrives and my friend picks me up for our trip. While I had received a number of emails, I really hadn’t gotten anything that was worth talking about. When I checked my email during the drive down, I saw a message from a man who said he was about 47, was white, very nice and understanding and was staying at the Borgota. I figured that this “sounded” perfect, so I decided to email him back. We actually emailed back and forth for most of the morning, talking about what I was thinking and that I was really looking for a super understanding, clean man who maybe just wanted to talk and hang out in his room. This man seemed to fit the bill and told me to let him know when I arrived in AC.

When my friend and I got to the hotel, we checked in and then did a little outlet shopping. By the time we finished, my friend started telling me that he was going to have to crash in the room and take a nap… But he wanted to eat something first. I was hungry too, so we decided to head down to the food court area in the casino that connected the Water Club and the Borgota. When we finished, the plan was for me to go back to the room and relax for awhile, while my friend did some gambling in the casino. I knew my friend was a big gambler, hence the free room, and figured I’d be able to be alone in our room for awhile. We planned to meet back up in the room later on, so we could get changed before dinner.

I went back to the room, plugged my phone in and decided to check my email again. I opened the program and immediately decided to send the man who had been emailing me a message. I told him that I was in AC and that I just had gotten back to my room after some lunch. He asked me if I wanted to hang out, and told me to give him a time when I’d be available. I figured that now was as good a time as any, as my friend was downstairs, so I asked him if now worked. He told me that would be fine, and that we should meet in front of the Borgota entrance. He said he’d be standing in front wearing sneakers, jeans, a red and white polo shirt and he’d be holding his iPhone. He said to come up to him and and say ‘Hi Tom.’

After I read the email, I sat for a few minutes about the whole situation and thought about what would probably happen. I convinced myself that we could just talk and relax, and I shouldn’t be so nervous. I decided to leave my wallet and my phone in the room and just take my room key. I headed out my hotel room door and took the elevator down to the lobby. When I started walking through the casino in the direction of the Borgota, I tried to keep my eyes straight ahead and not let them wonder too much. I figured that when I got to the area that he’d be standing, I could walk by once or twice and see how I felt… But if I was seen looking around, he’d surely know it was me. When I got to the front of the Borgota entrance area, I saw a man in a red and white polo immediately. He was short, about 5’6 and seemed to be average build. I walked by once without making eye contact and turned around at the corner. I then walked back again to get another look, sort of taking Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort in the whole scene. I stopped again around the corner and decided to go over to a water fountain nearby. I took a drink and splashed a little water in my face to relax myself. I waited about a minute or so and headed back to where the man was standing. As soon as I spotted him, I made eye contact, walked up to him and said “Hi Tom.” He smiled, shook my hand and we immediately started walking towards his hotel entrance.

He seemed very nice and non-threatening and we just chatted calmly as if we had casually met in the casino somewhere. We walked over to the elevator bank and entered an empty elevator to the 37th floor. I started getting a little nervous at this point, but Tom didn’t say anything too forward, so I just asked what brought him to AC this weekend. He told me he was hear for some gambling and we both chuckled. When we got to his floor, we started walking towards his room… Which happened to be at the end of the hall. I knew as we walked as long as we were, he probably had a suite. My friend had gotten suites before at the Borgota and they were surprisingly large rooms with a huge bathroom. He opened his door and we both entered to a beautiful view of AC. I told him that this room looked like others I had stayed in, but his view was a lot nicer. He then asked if if I wanted him to close the blinds, and I told him I was okay with them open.

He then said: “So, we can just relax and talk for a bit.”

That made me feel a bit more relaxed, so I slipped off my sneakers and we sat on the couch, in opposite corners. As soon as he sat down, Tom started rubbing his crotch through his jeans and began asking me about things I thought about and what some of my fantasies were. I thought he had jumped a few levels quicker than I thought he would, but I obliged and told him some things I thought. I told him that I thought about being sexual with men from time to time and that I really only did stuff in video stores. I said I often just resorted to messing around online with men. He then asked what kind of things I thought about doing with men… And I proceeded to tell him that I wanted to be naked with a group of men, servicing them and then having them cum on me. He made a bit of a moan and said that he thought that was good. He told me that I should just relax, that he was married with a wife and kids, but was attracted to men also. We sat for a little while, casually chatting… When I finally got up some courage and asked him if I could kiss him.

I had a man kiss me once in the video booths and I didn’t particularly like it… But I also wanted to try it again. He said, Sure… and so I leaned in to him. When I did, he put his hand on the back of my head and started sticking his tongue in my mouth. We french kissed like that for about a minute when I started to feel him touching my chest, back and legs. I leaned back and just said I wanted to slow down a bit, and he said that was okay. I didn’t really enjoy the kissing, but at the same time, something made me feel like I should try it. He asked me if the tongue was okay, and I said I was fine with it. Then he put his hand on my head again and pulled me into him once more. We kissed another minute or so… When I decided to just place my hand on his crotch to feel his dick a little. While I had never really been attracted to men, I have always been a bit interested in cocks. As I placed my hand in his lap, he let out a little bit of a noise and kissed me a bit deeper. I then leaned back and asked him if he wanted to get in the shower.

He said: “Yeah, okay…” and we both got up off the couch.

I went around the table, and then Tom said, “Can I watch?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant, thinking he thought I said “Can I take a shower…” so I said to him: “Aren’t you going to join me?”

He immediately said yes, and we slowly began to slip off our clothes. I took off my shirt first while Tom took off his and watched me. Then I undid my jean shorts and slipped off my underwear with them in one motion. At about the same time that I did that, Tom slipped down his pants to reveal black underwear. He took a step closer to me, and pulled off his underwear as well. Upon stepping out of them, he reached his hand out and gently touched my cock and then cupped my balls. I thought his hand felt very good and he was being very nice and gentle with me. I then caught a glimpse of his cock, and while it didn’t seem very long, I thought it was surprisingly thick. He reached out to touch my dick a little bit more and then gentle pulled me into the bathroom by my dick. I had seen women do that in porn movies, and always thought it was hot… But having someone do it to me got me very excited. When we got to the shower stall, he grabbed a towel off the rack and bent over to lay it on the floor. As he did, I gently patted his butt and noticed how surprisingly smooth it felt. It made me feel like I was touching a nice smooth girls ass and so I decided to squeeze it a little. As I did, Tom let out a moan, clearly enjoying what I was doing.

As I was squeezing his ass, part of my hand inadvertently went near his ass crack… And as it did, Tom let out a deep moan. He had mentioned that he was a bit of a bottom, and I took that moan as him really enjoying his ass played with. I continued to squeeze his ass and took a step close enough that my cock could just brush against his cheeks. With Tom still facing the shower stall, but now standing straight up, I stood behind him, squeezing his ass with my right hand, gently grinding my dick into his smooth ass and rubbing my left hand over his chest and stomach. Tom continued to moan and I absolutely was loving how his ass felt against my cock. I reached around with my right hand and grabbed ahold of his thick cock with my right hang. As I did, Tom let out another moan, and I pulled him into my cock a little rougher.

After about a minute, Tom stepped towards the shower door and opened it up. He stepped in first and I followed behind. As I got in, Tom turned around and took the soap in his hand. He started rubbing it over my chest, stomach and cock as I stood in front of him. He turned me sideways in front of him and began soaping my ass and reaching into my crack. I immediately started to worry he was going to try and penetrate me, but the feeling of him rubbing my ass and gentle brushing his hand through my crack was a feeling that reached new levels. I absolutely was in heaven feeling him rubbing soap in my crack with one hand and gentle playing with my cock in balls in the other. As if this wasn’t enough, Tom then turned around and pulled me into his ass again. Now, with a soapy cock, I grinded my dick against Tom’s incredibly smooth ass. As he was a good bit shorter than me, I had to slightly squat down to run it all over his ass, and as I did, my dick would often slip between his butt cheeks and up through his crack. Every time it did that, Tom would let out a deep moan. I began reaching around for his stomach and cock as I was before and gentle stroking him as I worked my cock against his ass.

In the heat of the moment, I slipped out… “Your cock is so big… Can I suck on it?”

Before he even answered, I stepped back and sat down on the bench in the shower. He stepped forward in front of me and positioned his hard cock in front of my face. I grabbed ahold of it with one hand and moved my face towards it. When I was about an inch away, I stopped to think. I leaned back a little, took another look at it, thought for a second… But then leaned back forward and began licking the head. Tom began letting out more moans, so I put my lips completely around the head. As his cock entered my mouth, I began to think about everything and how I hadn’t done this in a long time. I also thought about how good it felt to pleasure another individual and loved hearing Tom moaning as I sucked on his cock. I kept sucking his cock for a few minutes until Tom stood me up, turned me around and pushed me to lean over. Again, I was worried Tom was going to try to fuck me, especially now that I just sucked his cock rock hard. Instead, Tom took the soap again in his hands and began working it over my ass and in my crack.

This took what he was doing before to a new level, as I leaned bent over against the shower wall as all those whores you see in pornos do when they are being fucked. I arched my back as Tom rubbed his hand through my crack and gently rubbed his finger over the rim of my asshole. I moved my hands from flat on the wall to gripping the towel bar right above. I held onto the bar to brace myself as Tom played with my ass cheeks and crack and even reached under to rub my balls a little. I couldn’t help but moan myself now as Tom continued to rub his hands over my ass. Then… Tom turned me around and sat down on the bench in the shower. As he did, he took me by the waist and pulled me in so I would be sitting in his lap. I knew what Tom wanted me to do. I positioned my ass so that it was against the shaft of his dick and moved myself back and forth to grind up and down for him. As I did, Tom would reach around front and grab ahold of my cock and rub it as I thrusted back and forth in his lap.

We continued to rub, touch and soap each other until I asked Tom if he wanted to get out and go into the bed. Tom had mentioned earlier in an email that he wanted to roll around naked in bed with another man… So while I had wanted to take a shower with a man, I thought it only justified for us to do something he wanted. We both grabbed a towel, dried off and dropped our towels on the bathroom floor. I proceeded to follow Tom into the living room and queen sized bed. I stopped, standing next to the bed, while Tom went over to the window and closed the curtains, making the once bright room relatively dark. Tom came back over and went to the other side of the bed. He pulled back the sheets and quickly got in. As he did, I pulled back my side and climbed in on my side. Tom quickly reached across and pulled me on top of him. Our naked bodies were now fully against each other as I lay naked on top of him. Tom reached down to squeeze my ass with both hands and I remember closing my eyes as I felt my cock rubbing against his. I lifted my upper body up off the bed and inched my way down towards his legs. I rubbed my hands over his chest and stomach, and finally down to his waist and cock. I grabbed ahold of it with one hand and put it my mouth while I rubbed his belly with my other. After a minute or so, Tom started turning his body around and got underneath me into a 69 position. I continued to suck his cock, initially not understanding what he was doing. As I felt Tom’s mouth against my cock and balls I began to have a hard time concentrating at what I was doing. I lifted my head up a number of times to let out a gentle moan.

Now, relatively hot from Tom’s moist mouth working its way around my balls, I got off the bed and hopped onto the floor. I told Tom I wanted to lay down on the bed and hang my head off so that he could stand on the floor and put his cock in my mouth. He didn’t quite process what I was getting at… So as we got into position, he climbed up on top of me. Tom’s entire body was on top of me in a 69 position now with his legs blocking my arms from reaching my face. With his balls resting on my face, I began to feel Tom gently licking around my cock, shaft and thighs. It was incredible how gentle he was being and it perhaps got me the horniest I had been the entire time. I was able to get an arm free enough to reach around and move his cock into my mouth. As Tom continued to lick around my cock, I fought to hold back my intensity. I told him a couple of times to “go easy” as I thought I might cum… But without notice, I started squirting cum into Tom’s face. Initially he kept licking the cum as it came out, but I quickly felt him put his entire mouth around my cock and suck the cum as it came out. When I was done cuming, Tom went back to licking and cleaning me up.

As I lay there shocked at what had just happened, Tom said that “this was incredible.”

He climbed off me and I got up on my side. Even though Tom had licked the majority of the cum off of me, I asked him if I could go to the bathroom and wipe myself. I went to the sink and splashed a little water around, and turned to find Tom standing outside the bathroom stroking his hard cock.

I came out and asked “do you want me to finish you off?”

At this point my stomach was hurting… Partly from guilt and partly from being nervous. We walked over to the couch and Tom laid his head back against a cushion. I took his cock in my hand and began stroking him up and down. He told me to play with his balls a little, so I gently began touching them with my left hand. As I would, Tom would let our a moan and his body would tingle. Tom would reach over to touch my ass and my side as I played with him. He asked me if I wanted to taste it some more… But he could tell I was nervous now and understood when I made a nod to say no.

I continued to stroke for awhile, and when it became abundantly clear that Tom wasn’t going to cum… I said “I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”

He said that it would be perfectly okay, and I asked him if it was alright if I left. He said sure and then asked me if we could hang out again later on. I told him that we might be able to, and we planned to email. I got up off the couch to get dressed and Tom sat there stroking himself and watching me. When I finished dressing, he got up to shake my hand and told me that he only locked the top lock. Before I left the room, I looked back and Tom was still standing there with his hard-on. I closed the door and went back to my room.

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