My First Real Scene

Family Guy

I have had a few opportunities to feel different sensations in my exploration of BDSM. Enough even to know that I definitely wanted to feel more flogging. The Saturday that just passed gave me the opportunity to get that and so much more. I would like to take the time right now to share with you my memories of that opportunity.

There was a fetish flea market this weekend in my hometown. I have never been to one and was anxious to go and see. However, when the hostess, Lady, posted that there would be a bake sale and she needed volunteers, I responded. I never was much of a cook in the summer, but more than willing to help out with some No Bakes. When I pointed this out, Lady then asked me if I might volunteer some time at the table to help with the selling of other people’s baked goodies. I was eager to help. So I showed up at the center to help set up the table and was told that I would be sitting at the entry table with the baked goods and my dear friend, lace. She and I have a lot of fun talking about trouble we could get into, but don’t. Getting to be at this table was truly an honor in itself. There was quite a bit of money to mind and it made me feel very good that they trusted me with it. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet likeminded people that I might not have gotten to meet otherwise.

Another opportunity that this presented me was getting to know my dear friend’s new D/s family, the hosts. I have always been one of those people that must see for myself that my friends are being taken care of, and it was wonderful to be able to see the interaction between her and her Master and His submissive. Now my mind is at ease that she is in good hands…excellent hands even.

How does any of this lead up to my scene? Well, in true form, I was my sassy self. And at one point, when my friend lace and I were a little unneeded, we began playing with the stamps that we were stamping entering people with. I first pulled my shorts down and told her to put one on my butt cheek. (This could only happen at an ADULT FETISH event.) Well, then later when we weren’t being watched again, she pulled her shorts down so I could stamp her as well. But I am an all or none sort of girl, and wanted to make sure her Master saw the puppy paws, so I put one on each cheek. She blushed and wondered what He would think of that. I thought probably that He shouldn’t leave the two of us alone anymore with ink. All through the day He would come to check on us. At one point He sneaked in and cracked a whip right at lace’s bum. Mostly He teased her, but He kept a close eye on me, and of course, remarked when I got a little too confident. It was really a fun time.

After the event closed, I headed home for my shower to get ready for the party after. I convinced my other friend, to join me back at the center for the party. When Tipobet we got there, we saw some familiar faces and went in to see what might happen. But we were then told that Prophett and Lady had gone back to where they were staying for rest and that they had decided not to come back up for the party. It was terribly disappointing. But I had an ace I wasn’t showing. Prophett had mentioned that we should join Him and His submissive and slave where they were staying later. So after we stayed at the center long enough to make an appearance, my friend and I left and headed over to the other place.

When we got there, there was a note on the door that told us they were all poolside and to come on in. So we let ourselves in and joined them at the pool. Introductions were made, and then conversations began. Prophett asked me what sort of things I like in scenes. I told Him I had experienced some spanking, violet wands, and flogging. He asked what I liked best and without any hesitation said floggings. He shook His head positively, and I got a rushed feeling that perhaps I might be getting a good flogging soon. Now, if you have ever suddenly realized that you might be getting ready to experience something you love, you know that immediately, my senses began to rise and a warm fuzzy sensation began to overtake me. We sat outside for a while longer and then the group came in.

We set chairs in places, and my friend told me she really was eager to work on my feet. She is a fantastic deep tissue massage therapist. Just as I threw my foot up for her to start, Prophett was at my side. He guided me over near the St Andrews cross. He was talking quietly in my ear. Asked me about limitations or concerns I have. He and I had actually already discussed my limitations that my husband and I had agreed on. I told Him I am pretty new to all the feelings and that my limitations as far as pain were unknown. He then asked me if I did anything odd when I head off to subspace. I laughed and told Him that I giggle a lot. I probably should have told Him I also tend to “shake off” pain before going to deep breathing. But I think He saw. He asked how I felt about having the front flogged as well, and I told Him I hadn’t ever experienced that. He was pleased to get the opportunity to give me that experience as well.

So with the preliminaries taken care of, Prophett guided me to the St Andrews Cross. He pulled my shirt from me, and then reached around to unfasten my shorts. This was quite unexpected and I told Him I hadn’t had THAT done in a long time. He pointed to the ropes and told me that I could hang onto them and if it became intolerable that I should let go of them and move my hands to my side, that it would be a sign to Him for a regrouping. With that He chose a weapon. The first slapping of floggers was a gentle Tipobet Giriş massaging feeling over my back and buttocks. It was wonderful, and I found I had to resist the urge to push myself into the motions. The floggers worked over my backside and began to get slightly harder. Now I believe this is when my mind quit trying to figure out everything that was happening, and just let my body feel. It was also when the only thing I heard was the swishing of floggers and a voice deep inside that told me to breathe. So much of it is a blur of different sensations that I can’t be sure what was next or before or after even. There were floggers that felt as soft as fur on me, and then others that must have been soft suede. One set felt like strips of thick plastic. Those hurt pretty bad, and I must admit that I considered either safe wording or pulling my hands down. But just when I thought I couldn’t breathe through anymore, I began to hear Lady’s voice resounding in my head. First I thought she had come up beside me, but that wasn’t the case. Her voice was calm and steady and rhythmically telling me “Breathe.” It was the voice I had heard the entire time only a bit louder. I wonder if she is psychic.

Prophett took time to use a sword or two at one point for fear factor. He had turned me around for my front to experience what my backside loves. I can’t say for sure if it worked, because when I am fearful, I am sassier. Sassy the blowfish. PUFF UP! It makes them think you’re bigger than you are. I was however convinced that the owner of the home we were in wouldn’t like a big bloody mess on His carpet. I liked the feeling of the blade of the sword against my throat. I knew no harm would truly come to me, but having Someone willing to test my logic and a new curve in possible limitations was challenging. He whispered in my ear, asking me if I could tell if the blade was sharp enough to cut my head completely off. Or would it merely leave a spewing line across my neck. I mentioned my logic about the mess on the carpet. He quickly told me He had already considered that, and the carpet was due to be replaced soon, so no worries. Then He slid the blade quickly across my neck, leaving only the feeling but no marks. Another blade quickly replaced the first. Now, will this one be like the first? Or is it the one that will do the job? He whispers still. My eyes close and I wait for the feeling. No sass this time. Once again, the blade slides quickly across my neck, leaving only the sensation.

Prophett then moved to pick up the floggers of choice. It was a new sensation. It wasn’t as dramatic for me as it is on my backside, and I told Him this while feeling it. He seemed surprised, but continued for a bit. Now having had the opportunity to think on it, I think I would have enjoyed more flogging of my belly Tipobet Güncel Giriş (maybe it works like lipo suction) and less on my breasts, but I am a wimp when it comes to my boobs. OH! I forgot to mention the C clamps. He had turned me around and worked with the swords. Then came over with plastic C clamps in His hand. Now I could see the group of people watching me, and some even offered condolences as I excitedly and loudly asked Him “What are You going to do with THOSE????”

It was funny for them, but the fear of pain was racing through me. I have experimented alone with clothespins on my nipples. And have found that no matter how short of a time they are left on there, it seems to give me shooting pain for a VERY long time. This time wasn’t really different. He put them on and showed me the joy He gets of adjusting the grip tighter. I am fairly certain my face grimaced every time He showed me that. Sometime during this time, He used the floggers on my pussy. Part of me wanted to remain still and feel the sensation. Part of me wanted to make more of it available as I thought that perhaps that might be more pleasurable. And finally, the part that won out was saying, if you spread your legs, you will get those beautiful floggers gummed up with juices and that wouldn’t be cool at all.

Then I was facing the cross again. I have to admit that with my backside presented, I am more at ease, because I don’t have to SEE the people watching me, and I can focus more on how it feels rather than how I look. More of what I enjoy…heaven. Intense again, then softer. At one point one set of the floggers felt so incredibly wonderful, that I HAD to tell Him I loved them. He, being a Dominant of course, chose a new set. I wish I could tell you all the things He used on me for certain. I know there were several sets of floggers. There was also a plastic bat that made me say OUCH, but, felt very, very good. And He in good form took time between to make the gentle caresses over the freshly flogged flesh of my body. When He was finished with the flogging, I felt nails gently raking across my hot skin. My weakness is scratching. I had to work really hard at not having to beg to cum. I haven’t ever really liked asking permission for that particular pleasure, and find I am stubborn about it. It was the most challenging part for me, because to be quite honest, it doesn’t take anything to make me orgasm.

Then I felt Prophett take my hair and pull me from the cross. If I have a limit, it is my hair being pulled I think. He led me across the room with a grimace on my face. Finally I couldn’t stay silent and asked if we were going for a little walk. One of the people in the group looked at me surprised and shook her head no at me. I didn’t get an answer, but followed still where He led me to a chair and guided me to His feet to kneel. His slave, lace offered me a drink. I took eagerly. My scene was over, but the memory of it, will be sweet for a long time. And on a final note, thank you sweet lace, for making me test my control over orgasms, I will make sure to ask for permission to return the favor someday.

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