My First Sexual Experience Ch. 03


Chapter 3

My First Male Penetration

As I arrived at the beach, I noticed Henry; the handsome guy I had met the previous evening was on the beach as well. I wasn’t sure if Henry would remember me, so I was nervous about just going up to him, so I found a nice spot on the sand behind and slightly to the left of where Henry was stretched out tanning. If I lay on my stomach facing the sea, I could watch Henry. I removed my thin cotton dress to reveal my white 2 piece bikini. I lay down my towel on the sand, and got out my book. I made myself comfortable on the towel, lying on my stomach and supporting my upper body on my arms as I pretended to read. I watched Henry for a while as he just lay there tanning his body. I could see his stomach muscles and his upper body muscles. He looked stunning. Henry was wearing a red Speedo costume, which didn’t do a good job of hiding his crown jewels. The costume was tight, and even though I was lying down, I could almost make out the shape of his manliness. He rolled over, revealing a firm backside and more muscles on his back. Man, Henry looked good, and for the first time in my life, I got a funny feeling in my stomach over a man. What was going on here? I had had this feeling before, when I was nervous, and recently when I was turned on, but never had I had this feeling while looking at a man. The feeling of butterflies intensified as Henry propped himself up on his elbows and glanced my way. In fact, the feeling moved slightly to between my legs and I now knew what that was all about, but I was among other people on the beach, so couldn’t do anything about that feeling now.

Just then, Henry moved again, and my thoughts were back to him. He was standing up. As he did, he again glanced in my direction, this time throwing me a smile as he did. He then ambled across to where I was lying, and crouched down in front of me. I sat up as he approached, keeping my eyes on his rippling body as he lowered himself down to my height. He had remembered who I was, as he greeted me by name. I greeted him back, and he asked if he could sit next to me on the sand. I consented, and it wasn’t long before we were talking to one another as if we had known each other for years.

Henry was also on holiday, and came to this town every year. He worked as an accountant and said he was stuck behind a desk all day every day, so when he went on holiday he always went out side, to the beach, the mountains or some or other Pendik Escort game park. As we chatted, Henry asked about me and what I did, and where I worked. I told him that I was a boring secretary and mentioned that I worked for a particular company.

“No ways” he said. “There is a branch of that company just round the corner from where I work.” I told him that the company I worked for did not have any branches, as we were only a small business. I asked Henry which city he lived in, and to our surprise, we both lived and worked a few blocks from each other. Great I thought to myself.

Lunch approached, and we were both getting hungry, so we left our stuff on the beach, and went to the local beach restaurant for lunch. We continued to chat as we ate lunch, our conversation turning to more intimate things like boy friends and girl friends. We both had to admit that neither of us had had a boy or girl friend before although both of us had seen the opposite sex naked before. Me just the previous evening, and Henry a while back when he was at the beach and stumbled across two girls who where doing what I had done the previous day. Both of us admitted to pleasuring ourselves, but neither of us had actual penetrating sex with another person. I didn’t mention last night with Dave and Angela because although their tongues took me over the edge, I was not penetrated by Dave’s shaft.

As we chatted over a fantastic chicken wrap, I mentioned where I was staying. Amazingly, Henry was staying in a holiday flat across the road from my B ‘n B. Lunch finished, we left the restaurant and went for a Stoll on the beach. It was like we were long lost friends, for we just jabbered on at each other. Suddenly I awoke to the fact that we were a few kilometers from the main beach and that there was no one else around. I think Henry realized this at the same time, for suddenly he said, “I think we should turn around”. I consented, as we slowly started ambling back. One thing that impressed me with Henry was the fact that now we had been talking for a few hours and not once had Henry tried to hit on me or even suggest anything sexual to me. This in its own way was a real turn on. And so as we slowly made our way back to the beach, I looked at Henry and approached him slowly, and gave him a short quick kiss on the lips. Henry was slightly taken aback, but as I approached for the second kiss, he came forward to meet me half way. We kissed for a few seconds Kurtköy Escort before breaking it off. We looked into each others eyes and… well… we had to kiss some more. This next kiss lasted a full minute, with my tongue parting Henry’s lips and tickling his tongue. As our kissing intensified, I felt Henry’s hand running round the side of my body and caressing my breast. It felt really good, and I could feel my nipple pushing hard against my bikini top. As I hugged Henry, and as his hand fondled my breast, I could feel movement down around my hips. I moved my hand down to feel what it was, and was greeted by a very hard throbbing penis, that was doing it’s best to escape from the tight Speedo.

I suggested we head back to my place to finish this off. Henry agreed.

By the time we got back to our stuff on the beach, Henry’s shaft was its normal size. The only reminder of our fondling was the dampness I felt between my legs. I hadn’t look down there, but I wondered if the dampness could be seen through the white panties I had on.

We headed off quickly to my room, and as we entered the room, and as the door was being closed, I felt Henry’s hand on my breast. It wasn’t long before we were kissing again, our tongues literally kissing the others tonsils. I could feel the wetness rising within my vagina, and as I had on the beach I could feel Henry’s penis pulsing against my leg.

I removed my cotton dress as Henry removed his shirt and shorts. I unclipped my bra and let if fall to the floor. Henry just stood there eyeing me out. I said to him he had better free that thing in his pants, so he quickly removed his Speedo. I could now see the full extent of his shaft, and it seemed bigger than Dave’s to me. Henry’s balls we pulled up tight and I could see he needed release. I seductively removed my panties, and the two of us stood naked and slightly awkward in front of each other. Each looking up and down the other’s body.

Watching Dave and Angela last night had given me some tips, so I got on my knees and opened my mouth and stuck Henry’s shaft in to it. I moved my head back and forth as Henry seemed to groan with the pleasure. It wasn’t long before he shot his load into my mouth. Being new at this, I hadn’t expected this, so in the fright, I swallowed all he shot in me. He relaxed, and within another minute his shaft had gone limp. I was still turned on, and could feel the juices running between my legs. Ümraniye Escort I lay on the bed, opening my legs wide for Henry to see, and told him that he needed to lick up all my juices, just like both Angela and Dave had done the night before.

Henry had never done this before, but as he licked my juices, he touched the right places, and soon I was groaning that I was going to cum, and boy was it good when I did. My hips continued to pulsate with his licks and I could feel my pussy lips contracting and opening with each lick. I lay there feel wonderful.

By this time, Henry was stiff again, so I motioned to him to climb on top of me and put his hard shaft in my wet slit. As I guided him in, I ran his shaft up and down my slit, feeling his head on my clit before he disappeared inside me. I felt him push quite hard and then he was in. My virginity was broken.

As Henry moved in and out of me, and as I moved my hips to meet his rhythm, we were soon on the threshold of cumming again. I was groaning quite loudly and Henry wasn’t too quite himself. I came again, and as Henry was about to cum, he pulled himself out of me, and shot his load all over my nipples and breasts.

We lay on the bed for the better part of an hour just smiling at each other. I think we dropped off to sleep at one stage as well, for the next thing I was aware of was Angela in the room. She apologized for just barging in, as she didn’t know I was in. She placed my clean washing on the chair and left.

Henry and I showered together, feeling each other off as we did, Henry shooting his 3rd load on the glass shower door, and me squealing as his fingers brought me to cum again.

Henry and I agreed to meet up again. But what disappointed me was what Henry said next. He was leaving tomorrow for home. We swopped phone numbers and agreed to phone each other every time we wanted the other person and would then masturbate ourselves while on the phone.

We opened the bedroom door, both of us fully dressed and Henry about to leave when I suggested to him that he spend the night here. Angela must have overheard as she came over to me and said, that if Henry wanted to spend the night, it would cost me extra unless, and he face lit up, unless he is willing together with me, to join Dave and her in a special evening tonight. We both looked at each other, Henry a bit apprehensive. But I had seen that look on Angela’s face before, the previous evening, and winked and smiled at Henry saying it would be fine. Angela told us to be back and ready by 7pm dressed in the most revealing clothes we would dare to be seen in public wearing.

He left to get his things and sort out his holiday flat.

To be continued…

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