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My first sexual experienceThis is a story about my very first sexual experience when I was in high school, some of its real and some is fantasy…..My mother was really good friends with one of the neighbours, she used to pop round to her house quite often for a cup of tea and a chat. I really don’t know why she liked her company as she was a miserable old bitch. Always moaning at me anytime my football went in her garden.The neighbour had two k**s, a daughter the same age as my sister and a son who was about to leave for university, always seemed a little strange to me.As the woman’s daughter was the same age as my sister (2 years younger than me) , my mam started making us come over to.My mam and her miserable friend used to stay in the living room drink tea and chat away for hours whilst we were upstairs.At first it was just me, my sister and the daughter playing board games.Occasionally the weird older brother, Liam would pop in and say hello but not stay for long, always felt weird anytime we seen him.This continued over a few days until we arrived and the miserable mother told us her daughter wasn’t home, as she’s away for a few days, but that we could still go up to her room and play so we did, wasn’t long until Liam walked into the room and asked if he could join us.We started playing monopoly but it wasn’t long until he said it was boring and a k**s game, he asked us to play truth or dare, me and my sister were a little unsure, but he quickly said he would start.Started out innocently enough asking if I’d ever had a girlfriend which I said no, he asked my sister if she had a boyfriend, she said no too.He then asked if I’d ever kissed ankara escort a girl which I had, he asked my sister if she had ever kissed a boy, she said no.He responded straight back to my sister saying do you want to? I see where he was going and said, our turn to ask you.I asked my sister Truth or dare, I then said it has to be a dare as everyone has been saying truth, she begrudgingly said ok.I dare you to give Liam a kiss on the lips, she says I can’t, I say you have to as it’s a dare; she sheepishly walks over to him and kisses him on the lips.Just then our mother shouts to say it’s time to leave, as we leave Liam says it was just getting interesting.Two days later our mother made us go over to her friends again knowing full well the daughter wasn’t back yet so we got told to go upstairs and see Liam instead, as he said he didn’t mind looking after us when we were last around.We walked into his room nervously after what happened last time around, he was at on his bed waiting for us, as soon as he seen us he closed the door behind us and said it was my sisters turn to ask truth or dare.My sister looks at me and says truth or dare, I say dare then quickly try to change my mind but she says too late. She then says ‘I dare you to let Liam give you a kiss, since you made me kiss him the other day’. I say I can’t do that he is a guy, my sister says a dares a dare you made me kiss him now it’s your turn.Liam moves over to me and brings his face next to mine, he grabs my head, I feel his lips against mine then feel his tongue entering my mouth, instinctively opening my lips wider to allow his tongue access to my mouth, antalya escort lasting only 5 seconds but feeling like much longer.He moves away, I say that wasn’t how me and the girl kissed each other, that felt weird.Liam looks at us both and says must be my turn now, from now on no more truths only dares, he then dares us both to strip down to our underwear, me and my sister look at each other and say we can’t do that, Liam says if you don’t you both get a punishment.I strip down to my boxers and socks, whilst my sister strips down to her bra and panties.LIAM LOOKS US UP AND DOWN.He then starts to remove his clothes saying it’s only fair since we did, he then sits on the end of his bed with a visible bulge in his boxers.I look at Liam, and then I look at my sister, I then dare her to give Liam another kiss but this time with tongue. Liam pats the bed next to him, wanting my sister to join him, she tentatively sits beside him.I watch as Liam turns and kisses my own sister, they kiss for about a minute, Liam then whispers something in her ear, my sister gets up and picks up a cup from the bedside table and walks back towards Liam and passes him the cup.He takes out his semi hard cock and proceeds to piss into the cup; he shakes his cock to get the last few drops, put his cock back in his boxers and passes the cup to my sister.My sister hands me the cup and says I dare you to drink it, Liam thinks you’re a dirty freak and wanted to prove it.Liam looks at me and says drink it or the games over, I hesitantly start to drink it, feeling the warmth as I swallow it. My sister looks at me in disgust, Liam then whispers escort bayan in her ear again. My sister puts her clothes on and grabs the cup and walks out the room.As my sister leaves the room Liam pats the bed next to him, I slowly sit next to him, he says he had a feeling about me from the moment he met me and my sister, saying he has noticed the way I look at him, but also how I stare at his cock.Just then my sister comes back in the room, holding the same cup I drank Liam’s piss from, Liam looks at me and says drink it or I tell your sister what we’ve just discussed. I grab the cup and gulp it down, quickly realising it’s probably my sisters piss warming my throat this time.My sister looks at Liam and says you were right my brothers a dirty little freak, Liam laughs and says that’s not all he is, he then takes his cock out and says look how your brother looks at my cock, I know he likes it.No more truth and dare from now on I think your brother will do as I say anyway; he is going to start by reaching over and stroking my cock in front of his cute little sister.I look at my sister then Liam and say I can’t do that as I’m not gay, Liam grabs my hand and places it on his cock and makes me start to stroke it up and down, him guiding my hand, feeling his cock get harder.He removes his hand I continue to stroke his cock without his help, not realising I’m doing it of my own accord until I hear him speak to my sister and say ‘I knew he wanted my cock, look he is enjoying it without being told now’.Liam looks at me dominantly and says lick my cock, savour the taste before your sister makes you suck it, I lean in to lick it, not knowing why I’m doing as he says, licking it up and down, starting to enjoy the smell and taste.My sister starts to leave, Liam says get over here you’re going nowhere, secretly I think your brother is enjoying his little sister watch him get turned into a cock loving slut.TO BE CONTINUED.

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