My First Time


My First TimeWell at last it happened. Years after the last incidents I previously posted…my first real experience with another woman. We had friends and families at our house for drinks and a classical music night around the pool. It was later in the night when it was only us adults in the pool, chatting and m, of course, drinking copious amounts of nice wine. My husband was at the other end of the pool chatting with several guests. I was at the shallow end with another couple of the wives. One of them, a very nice looking German woman and I were getting on very well. Her husband had left her a couple of years earlier and she wasn’t having a good experience being a single middle aged mother in meeting decent men. Lots of wine and lots of chatting and she said, half jokingly, I think I should leave the men alone and look for a woman. I was pretty tipsy by now and asked her if she had ever done that before. This was a definite no…I have never tried it but it has to be better than what kaçak iddaa is going on now. With more conversation, and wine, I asked if she had even kissed another woman before. Still an adamant no. I told her that I was also a 50 something woman who had also never tried that…probably pretty rare from what I have read. My husband was now out of the pool getting drinks and such, so I thought…now it never. She was next to me so I reached over, put my arm around her and pulled her a little closer. She never hesitated. I then took hold of her head and pulled it towards me and kissed her straight in the lips. Don’t get me wrong…there was some hesitation from her for about 2 seconds. She then kissed me back in the same way I was kissing her. This went on for what seemed like minutes…but most likely only several seconds. Then we kept chatting like nothing happened. About 5 minutes later, she reached for me and we kissed again for what seemed an eternity. This time, when we separated, I looked kaçak bahis up sheepishly and saw my husband talking with other guests…but watching me. I was definitely busted. Embarrassed, shy, and somewhat very turned on, I pretended that I had not seen him. A couple of hours later, the families were heading home and we said goodbyes. My new friend seems to linger and told me that her c***d had gone for a sleepover with another friend. It was just her, me and my husband eventually and I was very confused as to what I should do. My husband caught me alone in the way to the loo and brought the whole thing out in the open. He said straight out that if I wanted to be with her that he was extremely cool with that but wanted to be there with us. Now call me a hippocrit…but I certainly did not want him having any type of sex with her and told him that up front. He agreed very quickly but said that he was ok with that as long as he could watch. That’s not a bad deal really so I agreed. So cutting illegal bahis to the chase, we went upstairs to our bedroom…all very surreal really. Well me and my new German friend were very nervous but eventually relaxed and had the most amazing time. To be fair, my husband just watched, and played with himself. I did let him go down on me while I was going down on her but would not let him go any further than that with me. Although when she was going down on me, I caught him licking her from behind. I was going to say something but actually just watched. And WOW…that was so hot. Probably one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had whilst watching that and receiving from her. He never had penetration with either of us that night but h must have came several times I’m sure. Mind you…sex the next day was very intense. Next morning we all had breakfast and that was the last time I saw her. That was a few months back now and have heard she’s moved back home. Still though…a great night to remember for sure. I hope that something similar will happen again in the future…but it would have to be as spontaneous and random as that was. Well I hope that someone enjoyed this true story…or occurrence

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