My foot fetish fantasy fulfilled.


My foot fetish fantasy fulfilled.On the Saturday morning of my 23rd birthday, I got woken with a phonecall. It’s my girlfriend Cara. She says “Baby, I’ve organised a surprise for you. I’ll be bringing it to yours shortly, so make sure you shower, and just lie on the bed with your blindfold on and your white robe. No taking off the blindfold till I say you can.””Oh wow!” I said “I like where this is going, babe.””Today is all about you, so of course you’ll like this is going. See you soon. I promise today will be a fuckload of fun.”I hung up the phone and walked excitedly to the shower, wondering what exactly my surprise would be. As I washed my naked body, I thought “If it’s a blindfolded blowjob, which it sounds like it will be, I’ll be so happy. I doubt Cara could convince anyone else to join in with us for my ultimate fantasy, cos her friends are so vanilla and aren’t into my fetish. But a blowjob from my girlfriend would be surprise enough.”I lay on the soft, freshly made bed, in nothing but my white robe and white blindfold that we bought in our early days of sexual experimentation. I left the door unlocked and waited impatiently but eagerly for my birthday surprise.After about 20 minutes, I finally heard the sound of heavy footsteps going up the stairs.”Must be Cara in her sexy boots.” I thought. But soon I heard more footsteps. Some that sounded like high heels, some like sneakers and some that could only be flip flops.”Could it be?” I thought. “Could it be that Cara managed to convince some of her friends to help fulfill my absolute fantasy?”I got more excited and hopeful as I heard the door creak open and what sounded güvenilir bahis like the removal of shoes. The bed started to sink a bit as whoever my girl bought with her piled on to the bed.”OK, baby.” Said Cara. “I know you’ve wanted this for so long.”My body shivered all over with anticipation.”I have convinced some of my friends to come help indulge you with your foot fetish.””Oh fuck!” I said “Thank you so much. You’re the best girlfriend ever!” “Don’t get too excited yet. I haven’t told you how this is going to happen yet.”I went quiet, but my cock was in full chub mode.”First, you have to guess from memory and touch and smell alone, which foot belongs to every one of my friends here today. Or you won’t be jerked off by any girls feet but my own. To help you I will tell you this. The feet in question belong to my friends Emily, Tessa, Kasey, Jessica, Sarah and Bridgette. But beware, they may try to trick you by swapping or giving you false clues.”Whether I did well at this or not, the fact I was getting to touch the feet of my girlfriend’s friends that I’d lusted after at every party I saw them at was still going to feel amazing and a fuck load of feet fun.”Girls, you can choose among you who goes in which order. I declare this foot guessing game….open.”Soon enough I felt the girls move towards me and the first bare foot of the day be placed into my hand.I began to squeeze and rub this bare foot and feel each toe, followed by the sole in the middle, and the heel at the bottom. This foot felt slightly rough on the heel and just below the toes. “Hmmm.” I thought “Feels like a foot that’s kept in flip flops a lot. Which of türkçe bahis Cara’s friends wears flip flops the most.I went through the glimpses of feet I had managed at parties of Cara’s and her friends.Come to think of it, Bridgette did seem to wear flip flops, even in winter. But remembering that girls could trick me, it could be a girl who changed what footwear they usually wore to change the feel of their foot. But just in case I was right I said”Bridgette?”There was silence and a bit of giggling followed by “Yes, Matt, you were just rubbing my feet. I was hoping you would guess right, cos I’ve always wanted to rub my chubby feet on your cock, but thought Cara would never let me near your cock.””OK, Bridgette, calm down. He still has more feet to guess.”The next girl placed her entire foot on my face and rubbed it against my chin, mouth and nose.”Mmmmm.” I thought “What sweaty soles she has. Must be from walking in sneakers.”But a few of Cara’s friends were sneakers, so it was just a question of trying to recognise which girl had this exact smell.I sniffed and snorted the heavenly smell.”Ooh. This must be Kasey’s foot. It smells like coacoa butter and strawberry soap. Just like Cara described your pussy as tasting when she had a 69er with you.””Damn! Your man is good at recognising and remembering scents. If he keeps guessing right. I have dibs on having my feet licked and sucking his gorgeous cock. Don’t care who jerks him first. I’ll suck cock and toes of any of you if I get a rurn with his tongue slurping my soles.””Wow!” I thought “These girls are really getting into this. I won’t even have to suggest anything. They’re coming güvenilir bahis siteleri up with shit I hadn’t even thought of.”Next was not one, but two feet. One in each hand.With three girls left, he’d have to think carefully ot riskmissing out on the full experience of 5 girls feet all over him.Both feet felt smooth and the skin felt younger than Bridgette or Kasey’s.”OK. I’m gonna need clues at this point.”Cara knew she needed to speak for them or their voices could give them away to easily.”One is pink, the other is pale, but the order of which could cause you to fail.”I held the foot in my right hand up.”Is this the pinkened foot of Tessa?””I’m afraid my pinkened foot is in your other hand, Matt.”So now I had lost the chance for any fun with Tessa’s feet.I heard her footsteps as she left the room with another girl to another room in my apartment. Only two girls left to guess the feet of. But I wasn’t allowed to touch the foot of the girl who I had just guessed wrong. Because the clue would have made it too easy.So the girl left whos foot I hadn’t touched yet, placed her foot on my leg and slowly raised her foot higher and higher to my thigh and then began slowly carressing my balls with her toes. I realised both the remaining girls had pale feet. So asked if both girls could place their toes on either side of my balls.To get this right, all I had to do was guess the first right and the other would be easy.One felt experienced with pleasuring balls with her feet, the other seemed hesitant. “Emily on the right?” I said, hoping I hadn’t guessed wrong again.I felt the foot on my right slide down and a hand reach my penis. A nice warm wet mouth engulfed my dick and pulled it up and down.”So, did I guess right or not?”To be continued….Find out next time whether or not this was a sympathetic bloejob or a sex act from a girl so happy the guess was right.

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